Foul Play Suspected As Cats Disappear In Arlington

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ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A dozen neighborhood cats have recently died or disappeared in downtown Arlington, and many business owners are turning to police for help because they suspect foul play.

“These cats of Main Street had a home,” said Sarah Hughes, who works nearby.

A long row of white crosses covers two streets along Main Street in Arlington. Each cross represents a feral cat that has either gone missing or has been found dead in recent weeks. Hughes stopped next to a cross with the word “missing” crossed out. It has been replaced with “R.I.P.”

“This was one of our missing momma cats,” Hughes explained. “We found her deceased under one of these businesses.”

For more than a decade, the community of business owners and employees along Main Street has cared for the colony of feral cats that call the area home. They make sure that the cats have plenty of food and water. And, through its trap-neuter-return program, the Friends of Arlington Animal Shelter has also ensured that the cats are vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

Hughes said that the cats even provide a service to their community — helping keep the rodent population down.

But, in the past two weeks, the cats have stopped coming around to their food bowls. Neighbors have reported finding a dozen of them dead, and many more missing. Suspecting foul play, one business owner filed a police report.

Neighbors said that threats had previously been made by someone in the community. Hughes said, “Something to the effect of ‘What would you do if your cats came up missing or dead?'”

Neighbors also noticed that the food in their cat bowls had recently been switched out. It may have been tampered with. “I’m pretty sure they’re poisoning them. Either putting rat poison or antifreeze — which is really easy to get,” Hughes said.

With less than a handful of cats left — perhaps just two — the group who cares for them is afraid that they will continue having to add crosses to an already long row on Main Street.

“Why would someone even do that? I mean, they weren’t bothering anybody,” Hughes said. “They’re well taken care of.”

This community of downtown Arlington neighbors has started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for a large reward. It is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of whoever is responsible for killing the cats. CBS 11 News is also waiting to hear back from the Arlington Police Department regarding this case.

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One Comment

  1. Doug says:

    Sounds like a pathetically bored cat hater to me. I know the type.

    1. k. huges says:

      The local police need to set up a watch to catch this cruel sick person who killed helpless cats who hurt no one. Local rescues need to get the cats left alive off the street, to save them asap. There is this thing called “karma” whoever is the sicko that did this will suffer the pain they caused because with karma what they do will come back to them. Find the sicko and lock them up and throw away the key, next they will hurt humans, they are sick.

    2. New taco vendor in area?

  2. You can bet it is a Hillary voter.

  3. Spayed, neutered, vaccinated, fed etc, does not matter. A sad story created by humans and totally avoidable. Allowing domesticated animals to live feral has never been a good idea. Wild animals should have a healthy fear of humans and of each other. That separation is what keeps all species strong and healthy.

    1. What about feral don’t you understand? Cats were never totally domesticated like dogs. They are basically wild animals who sometimes prefer to live with people.

      1. common sense says:

        Exactly. They are not owned by anybody and are wild animals. Therefore, if they are bothering somebody, that person can get rid of them.

      2. SnitchInTm says:

        Looks like we have our first suspect…

      3. common sense says:

        I’d gladly get rid of stray cats as long as it isn’t against the law. Whoever did this did the community a service. They even did a service to the crazy cat ladies who can’t think rationally I notice a lot of crazy cat ladies commenting here.

  4. Carolyn Plumlee says:

    My neighbor used rat poison to kill my cat and two of my neighbor’s cats. Two of them died in my yard. He admitted to putting rat poison out. Nothing has been done to him.

    1. responsible pet owner says:

      You should not have let your cats roam into your neighbor’s yard. It is irresponsible pet owners like you that creates such situations. You have no right to let your animal roam the neighborhood. That is probably why nobody did anything.

    2. Just me says:

      If a neighbour did that to a pet of mine, I’d make sure that at some stage they experienced a very serious “accident”. Life-changing injuries at a minimum.

  5. Denver says:

    It takes monumental ignorance to “care” for feral cats. Feral cats are invasive, destroy song bird populations, and only bring harm to the environment.

    1. Robert Cat says:

      Don’t get me wrong I love cats, but Denver, you’re right. The feral cats destroy other wild life. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are responsible for the demise of our songbird population. Feral cats should be euthanized.

    2. S G says:


      Your ignorance is unparalleled. Caring for feral cats means less cats will be present to destroy birds and varmints. I live in a sub tropical climate and every feral cat I find I get fixed, often at my own expense.

      Once they’re fixed they are less prone to hunt. For your information, domestic fixed cats kill just as many songbirds as ferals and I can prove it. I live in a protected oak canopy area, I have three backyard mega bird feeders. I spend at least $500 a month on seed, trust me, I see every cat in the area. Domestic, feral and abandoned.

      Out of all of them, there have been two murderous cats out of all the cats observed, and both of them were fixed family cats, both were tabbies, one was male, one was female, and both were well fed by their owner. Who happens to be a good friend and neighbor. Their male fixed cat also kills palm rats on a daily basis, and we appreciate that. In Florida we have no shortage of them.

      Out of all the feral cats I’ve seen in the last ten years, only one was a murderous bird killer, but not as bad as the other domestic pet cats, one of them would kill at least a bird a day. But my feeders ensure their is no shortage of birds. Sometimes I’ll see 50 or more cardinals at dust. I also have a bee hive by the pond out back, the wrens and finches love eating bees. Wrens and finches are way to fast for a cat to catch, the only birds that these cats catch are cardinals and blue jays. 90% of the time, its a domestic cat killing the birds, the one or two feral that did kill a bird here and there was rare, although I adopted her and she stays indoors.

      Other ferals in my area I have never seen catch a songbird once fixed. So taking care of them HAS DECREASED the songbird deaths, so your blowing hot air my friend. Caring for them fixes the number, caring for them decreases the bird mortality rate.

      A few months back I was in the mid east, they have no shortage of feral cats, dogs as well. One area I was in recently started a mass fixing and daily feeding of the pure ferals. Guess what? The bird population exploded and now is a problem.

  6. DMONIC says:

    There’s a special place in Hell for people like that. Even the Devil likes cats.

  7. battleborn says:

    Crosses? They were Christian cats, really?

    1. jose says:

      must have been christian cats if they were mooslim cats they would have been tearing the throats out of other cats and destroying everything around them

    2. Johnny says:

      What difference does it make, jag-off? You so damn intolerant you can’t let people grieve how they want?

      1. battleborn says:

        So you approve of mocking religion? Bigot.

  8. Jan Vones says:

    What were the cats doing roaming outside with no owner? End of story.

  9. david says:

    Is there a new Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood?

  10. t says:

    Cat lives matter……..NOT

  11. RTUT says:

    Coyotes, probably.

  12. Its a neighbor that prefers rats to cats.

  13. Muhammed Steinberg says:

    So all of “The Cays of Main Street” are spayed or neutered and they control the rat population. Uh, OK,

  14. Dammitt says:

    Look in the local chop suey.

  15. DTOM2 says:

    People who hate cats were rats in a previous life…Nuf’ said.

    1. cat hater says:

      Do you really believe that? That is silly. There is no such thing as reincarnation. Also, why are you so hateful just because somebody doesn’t like cats? They are pests.

  16. wouldnt you like to know says:

    There are so many things wrong with this story (1) why put up crosses for stray cats? This woman has far too much time on her hands. They are just stray cats. Back when americans were sane, they rounded up stray animals and killed them. (2) how can it be a crime? Nobody owns the cats. And if somebody does own the cats, aren’t they liable for letting their cat run loose? If arlington has no law against letting cats run loose, it should. (3) cats may kill some mice, but they do far more damage to birds, frogs, lizards, and all sorts of other animals that are not necessarily pests. (4) cats destroy property. The scratch cars, pee in cars,etc, etc. Maybe the person was just tired of the cats coming on their property and tearing things up? I’d like to thank whomever is getting rid of the stray cats.

  17. Ima says:

    “Hughes said that the cats even provide a service to their community — helping keep the rodent population down.”

    Prove it.

    1. SnitchInTime says:

      Cat colonies don’t control rodent populations and snakes? Well about 1000 years of experience in the West argues against you notion. Other than the mongoose, Felis Domesticus is the greatest killer of snakes including poisonous varieties. This is undisputed. Feel free to hate cats and drive them from your presence. Don’t blame me when Willard-like numbers of rodents and “Well of Souls” like hordes of vipers are visited upon you.

      Show me a house that doesn’t feed a cat or two, and I will show you the house of a scoundrel. – Old Italian Proverb

      1. common sense says:

        People who feed stray cats are irresponsible and causing problems. Italian proverbs probably arent a good thing to quote. It is a pretty backwards country.

        So what about the birds, rabbits, frogs, lizards, and other animals that cats kill? And are snakes really an issue in urban areas? Not really. And how hard is it to put out some of those sticky traps to get rid of mice? Not hard at all. In fact, very easy. We don’t need stray cats.

        People who get so upset over somebody getting rid of stray cats, doing the community service, really have issues.

  18. Sane Person says:

    To all the heartless “cat haters” out there wondering why murdering innocent animals is a problem:

    1) If people are willfully killing animals in a community, for no good reason, then they have homicidal tendencies. It is also common knowledge, at least to educated people who aren’t stupid, that people who are animal serial killers can graduate to become human serial killers. No big deal, though, cat haters, right?

    2)Cats are not pests; they control pest populations. It’s basic knowledge. Look it up. No cat colony is going to make “song birds” disappear from the world, especially if they are spayed and neutered.

    3) Killing animals that have feelings is cruel, whether legal or not.

    4) The story described above, if cats are indeed being killed by a person or people, is a case of animal cruelty, not “someone dealing with a pest population.” That’s what the Humane Society and animal shelters are for. The reason they aren’t in the picture is because the cats were cared for and coexisted with the human population.

    1. common sense says:

      You are not sane. You are thoroughly confused. A cat can’t be innocent. It has no moral capacity. Only people can be innocent or guilty. Everything you are saying is just wrong. Cats are pests. They kill all sorts of other “innocent” animals and tear up peoples’ property. The fact that cats won’t totally wipe out some type of bird doesn’t mean they are not harmful to the population of birds. Also, that same argument can be used about mice. Cats wont’ totally wipe them out. Also, if crazy cat ladies are feeding the cats, the cats have no need to kill mice or other animals for food. They just need to sit and wait for their next meal. Free roaming cats should be illegal and eliminated. The only person who thinks it is wrong to kill stray cats is a person who can’t think straight.

      1. Johnny says:

        Your 6-month supply of Zyklon B just arrived, Herr Himmler.

      2. johnny is clueless says:

        Johnny, Hitler loved animals. Did you not know that? He would probably agree with the crazy cat ladies. Maybe you need to educate yourself a little? And your logic goes very wrong when you equate animals with humans. There is absolutely nothing wrong with killing stray animals. That is what a human country does instead of letting them suffer. It is no different than killing animals that have invaded your home or are tearing up your yard.

  19. nunya says:

    Anyone have the same concern about homeless humans?

  20. Jerry Findley says:

    I’d question Frank and Betty Auth from Arlington. They are self admitted car haters AND known cat killers….

    1. g2422807 says:

      So they are environmentalists that kill cats?

  21. Fed Up says:

    Hmmm, I’m guessing a new Chinese restaurant has opened in the vicinity?

    1. g2422807 says:

      Don’t fall for the Cat Woking Service!

  22. Kat got my tongue says:

    Have you tasted the Kat Dim Sung?
    Best Chinese meal in Arlington, Texas!

  23. All cat killers should be Shot and Shoveled over.
    No marker needed since no one will miss them.
    Identify yourselves and whereabouts and I’ll be right over (with my shovel >)

    1. animal lovers are sicko says:

      Cats are pests. If they aren’t somebody else’s property, they are fair game to be killed. And if they are somebody else’s property, but they are on your property, they are also fair game. You are a sick person if you really think a person who kills cats should be killed. I hope that is a joke because if not, you are seriously deranged and should probably be institutionalized.

  24. SmellyPooSay says:

    Cats suck, should be fair game if running around outside.

  25. SmellyPooSay says:

    Shrillary would fill the White House with cats, she likes poo-say.

  26. Wilder says:

    I have something I would like to feed the person or persons that are doing this. What even the poison they are using should put in all food and water they are given and told it is poisoned. That way they experience slow death of dying of thirst or starvation or the quick way out and eat drink and be merry……….

  27. Kathy Dowling says:

    My guess is that there is a coyote nearby.

  28. Mary Moss says:

    Same thing has been happening in my neighborhood.

  29. HolierThanThou says:

    If the killer had no reason to kill them, then they “murdered” them. That’s messed up, even though cats are destroyers of urban eco-systems, murder is murder.

  30. Ken Simmons says:

    Question: how long after “refugees” invaded did the cats start disappearing?

    1. continued:
      Who would do something like this? Look – I’m a dog person who now has 2 cats. I never realized how loyal and helpful cats are until I raised a couple. We gave them a lot of attention as kittens and they now respond (mostly) to verbal ‘suggestions’.

      Whoever is doing this needs help. Preferably behind bars.

  31. Any new Korean restaurants down that way? Just a thought.

  32. Juju says:

    Wow!! What a bunch of despicable people live in Arlington. Glad I moved away from there 30+ years ago. I had one of you people living across the street from me. Horrible, horrible people. We had RATS in our neighborhood. Now I live in the “country” , have approximately 27 feral cats but I have NO rats, mice or snakes. I also have lots of birds I feed too.

  33. jerry snaper says:

    I feel sorry for those who have never known the pleasure and love that a cat can give.

  34. Yarply Twelve says:

    Feral cats kill billions of birds and other native wildlife each year, so I have little sympathy for them.

  35. Sandu the Magical says:

    Me thinks that Charlie is in the area getting the main course prepared for his customers.

  36. Cats frequently claw and disfigure children’s faces. Maybe this is just some parent removing the threat.

  37. Matt says:

    The article states exactly who is killing these cats…the rodents. The rodents are the ones who are benefiting from the cats being killed.

    I suspect that possibly small snakes have also joined the rodents in an uneasy alliance in order to rid themselves of their common enemy.

    One can only surmise what will happen once all the cats are eliminated, the alliance will fall apart and it will be rodent vs snake world war III.

    I will not cheer for either side in this senseless rodent / reptile apocalypse. I pray for a broken world.

  38. Obama eats dogs.

    If cats are disappearing I suspect that he’s expanding the menu.

  39. Some Dude says:

    Could be a young serial killer in the making. Reveling in his first kills. BOLO.

  40. SortYourPriorities says:

    Approx 500 homeless people in Arlington according to the 2015 census. How many meals did you feed them?

    ..and crosses, no less. You cat people are self-absorbed nutjobs.

  41. Ramrod says:

    It takes a very depraved individual to do something like this to an animal. I hope that they find those responsible for this and punish them to the greatest extent allowed by law. A message needs to be sent that this kind of behavior will not be condoned.

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