Homeowners Say “Stop The Noise” To TMS

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Several homeowners in the far north Fort Worth neighborhood near Texas Motor Speedway want it to put the brakes on concert festivals — including Texas Mutiny this weekend.

“I think they play it too loud. So if noise is the issue and people complain there’s got to be a way to turn that down,” said resident Steve Mitchell, who moved in near the race track 12 years ago.

Featuring Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, Chevelle and other heavy bands, “loud” is an accurate way to describe what people can expect from this weekend’s show.

One resident, Mike Baker said he expects the noise from Texas Mutiny to be so annoying that he’s going camping.

“We didn’t anticipate that when we moved here 14 years,” said Baker about the concert noise.

Sure everyone knows the decibel meter can get pretty high at TMS on race weekends… But the people who live nearby said the concerts rattle their ears even more. Some are so concerned about the noise from this weekend’s festival they’re leaving town — just like Baker.

Many homeowners who were in town last April can’t forget when the “Something Wonderful” electronic music festival came through. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience for them — at all. And they hit their social media pages to complain to TMS.

In response, TMS promised to make changes.

“We will utilize a different location for the concert and the stage,” said TMS President Eddie Gossage in a statement to CBS11.

Gossage also reminded homeowners the concerts will continue since the speedway was there “…long before any residential housing was located nearby.”

Some residents said they plan to call police if they hear music into the wee hours of the morning.

“As a neighbor I think we should be good neighbors whether we’re a business or an individual family and treat people with respect,” said Baker.

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One Comment

  1. G W says:

    When you take up residence near an entertainment venue, what do you expect?

  2. Ron Hunter says:

    This is similar to those idiots who expect DFW Airport to lower the noise level, even though it was there long before they moved in, and they MOVED THERE because the airport was close. What do they expect? And if the NASCAR racing isn’t too noisy, then the music shouldn’t be either. Suggestion, better sound proofing for your house!

  3. he didn’t know meaning what? he never thought about it happening or that it would be so loud? (live on the lake not realizing it could flood like this)

  4. Pam says:

    Well, maybe the homeowner’s should have considered noise prior to living in the area. As stated above, DFW, Love Field and TMS were there long before homes were built.

  5. O. Hemry says:

    I am the very closest neighbor to this! Been here sence 1979 ! I have seen and heard it all ! Sury your door turn TV on ! Address 2812 petty place ! The Train horns bother me all the time from GE ENGINE PLANT! Why don’t you complain about that ? I was here first ! Move !

  6. Chris says:

    I find it amazing how TMS decided to put the concert tonight “closer” to the neighborhood because now they located it at the entrance of 156 where the neighborhood is!! 😦 Not surprising lightening struck TMS last week…….maybe is will strike again……

    1. O. Henry says:

      Research a little ! Neighbors were there ! There were close to 300 homes removed due to condemnation.
      Research the facts of the Speedway coming to this area besides it was nothing last night compaired to the races back when they were king ! They are loosing busibess big time ! Which of the constructed across 156 do you live ? Few people today ! A flop ! The economic conditions are not what they use to be ! Maybe tonight they will rake in some cash ! ROCKFEST IT ISN’T IT IS NOT even Country Fest ! “I do not wish them bad luck “.
      156 Petty Place is the original Vip entrance ! (the noise maker GE and the track) Fort Worth Taxes and no services ! If Justin city council had listened to their Mayor this would have been Justin ETJ !
      When you say Track you say the city of Ft. Worth ! The Sports Authority! TSA
      When they want people to shut up and see their way there are the special favors !
      It is called “Pay For Play ” Clinton style !
      Just remember that ! The Track Owners/Renters NASCAR could have been taken down awhile back but they are to big to fail !
      Vote Clinton for more kingdoms Less jobs ? FLOODING THE COUNTRY WITH ILLEGALS ?

      No more money to Illegals . SUPPORT our Vets and SUPPORT for our own. TRUMP 2017 ! God Bless America Again ! Let the music flow ! Everyone needs to make a living …..

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