Drones To Keep Fans Connected At Cowboys Games, Other Events

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ARLINGTON (CBS11) – Staying connected while at AT&T Stadium is about to get a whole lot easier.

The communications provider has rolled out its new drone program with one mission… improve connectivity in all of the sections inside AT&T Stadium.

Art Pregler, the AT&T Drone Program Director explained the drones are equipped with mobile signal measuring devices and they fly over every seating section.

Those devices then gauge how strong mobile signals are in the areas they survey.

Pregler says the idea is to be able to identify which areas need a boost in signal service and then make the proper adjustments.

“We fly drones here so we can understand what is going on at each seat in the stadium so we understand the user frustration,” said Pregler.

The reality, according to Pregler, is that big event venues like AT&T Stadium get packed with people who are all competing for the same wireless signals.

“From that drone information we can target specifically where we need to make upgrades to our network, and we can add that capacity,” said Pregler.

AT&T is also using the drones to assess their outdoor free-standing antennas.

The company said the drone program is fully operational now and available to any venue serviced by AT&T.

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One Comment

  1. Rah rah rah! Oh yeah the NFL is for red-blooded American patriots! Woohoo.

  2. William says:

    The NFL is DEAD.

  3. grater man says:

    Of that is all a ploy to launch drones with Stingray capabilities that are forcing all the wireless traffic through their dummy towers and monitoring all wireless traffic….you know.. in the name of safety from brown people/

  4. hiram floss says:

    I have come her to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I’m all out of bubble gum……

  5. hiram floss says:


  6. All Democrats Must Hang says:

    Dear AT&T, just do what Verizon did 15 years ago. Put up more towers and use CDMA technology like they do too. Duh! Anyway, we all know ATT is being paid by Obama’s fed to spy on the people. Has nothing to do with phone service. This story is so ridiculous sounding it has to be made up by Democrat bureaucrats in the federal government.

  7. numberone joe says:

    Bust their cover … EVERYONE in the stadium SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE when you enter the stadium and LEAVE IT OFF THE WHOLE GAME.

  8. redknight says:

    Oh yeah…. nothing could go wrong with this idea!! Until a drone runs out of battery… and falls on a spectator’s head! I hope AT&T has good lawyers when their drones kills someone!!

  9. Haaywood Jablomie says:

    What good is a play telephone if ya can’t send mindless messages to the drunk next to you?? BRAVO AT&T!

  10. Not Disclosed says:

    …how stupid.

  11. George says:

    NFL? Really? Someone still spends time and money on this? Man, we have some stupid people in our country!

  12. do not want issues says:

    I don’t believe them. This is the first I’ve heard of drones providing connectivity issues. Sure it’s possible, but aren’t there more efficient ways? I’m guessing the drones are for surveillance.

  13. Who owns the liability when a drone crashes into a section and injures the paying customers?
    And they WILL crash.

  14. hitrestart1 says:

    “…the idea is to be able to identify which areas need a boost in signal service and then make the proper adjustments.”

    You misspelled “data-mining.”

  15. Rick Fischer says:

    Will this still seem like a good idea after some drone drops five pounds on Semtex on the fans?

  16. This should make it easier for a terrorist to sneak a bomb wielding drone into the stadium disguised as a wireless company gadget.

  17. Bruce Keener says:

    Yeah right… Provide more signal so customers can use more data? More likely they are monitoring “live streaming” of the Copyright protected game so they can go after subscribers and fine them. Much easier t to pinpoint/triangulate a person as in the Stadium then “on the street” using the data bandwidth.

  18. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

    Know what’s creepier than government surveillance?

    Private corporation surveillance.

  19. sailordude says:

    I bet they track where you walk through your cell phone. It’s an OK thing inside a stadium but you can be sure they are going to sell the refined tech to the government to track us better.

  20. Jack Kennedy says:

    just in time to catch obama’s thugs hating on America …………….

  21. RM says:

    Welcome to East Germany.

    1. Bart Drennon says:

      Maybe some of these former Iron Curtain countries can return the favor and start a Radio Free America Broadcast so we can find out what is happening in our own country. Hillary is apparently going to have Assange murdered, so we need to find a new source for the truth.

  22. Lord Ligonier says:

    The drones are used to shuttle in plays to Zack.

    God tells Landry, Landry channels Staubach, Staubach tells coach, coach tells offensive coordinator, offensive coordinator signals Zack.

  23. AKABillyBob says:

    In these troubled times with Social Injustice running rampant, it is time to ban these sporting events until Social Justice has been achieved. I am sure all the elite, rich athletes will forgo a few years pay to see Social Justice prevail.

  24. poetopoet says:

    Why attend Kneelers, who are against God and Country, if you are American

  25. Ted C says:

    ATT’s next project: An army of small Zumba like robots which will travel under stadium seating, prick each attendee and collect blood samples to make sure they’re all well hydrated and have good blood sugar levels, so they are in a position to use their phones to maximum benefit!

  26. .
    A slingshot and a bag of gumballs should even the score pretty quickly.

  27. dieter says:

    needy attention seekers…LOOK AT ME, I’M AT THE BIG GAME !!

  28. voodoodaddy1 says:

    OK-That is just creepy.

  29. Prelusive007 says:

    This article is SO much BS. Reads like a ploy to get surveillance into everyone’s face at the game masquerading as a “cell phone signal enhancer”. That is SO MUCH BS!!!!!

  30. Engineers cannot “crank up” the juice for better connectivity, It either has the Bandwidth or it doesnt.

  31. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  32. Freeland_Dave says:

    As a qualified Communications Engineer of long standing I state that AT&T is lying about the purpose of these drones. They don’t need drone technology to accomplish what they state they are trying to do. This, in my opinion, is nothing more than yet another coverup story to allow the government to abridge personal rights of privacy. As a communications engineer there are other less dangerous, less expensive and less intrusive ways to improve cellular connectivity.

  33. Denver says:

    The absolute best result would be if no one show up for the game.

  34. I don’t care about the NFL anymore. If they (the players) disrespect our nation by NOT standing up for the National Anthem, then I chose not to support the NFL by watching any of their games.

  35. tacotacorunfortheborder says:

    There is a little jumping to conclusions. They are not operating drone during game but, doing it in empty stadium to track signal strength anomolies created by the large structure and adjusting antennas. Another problem is just how much bandwidth they dedicate to stadium where 100k people could be using data at high rates, drones don’t help that, more money for bandwidth will. #BoycottTheNFL

  36. No need for a drone. This is simply a PR stunt. To capture the signals from the seat: Just go to the seats. Walk into each section. Ridiculous.

  37. Free Hat says:

    F cuk the NFL

  38. RETUSAF95 says:

    Ask the Koreans how to do it. They make phone calls and watch tv in their subway plus the whole country’s wired up from schools to public parks.

  39. Saul Lebowitz says:

    I stopped going to crowed venues like this a decade ago, when people lost civility and your right to even bring a bottle of water in was stripped away. When I USED to go, I was there to enjoy the event, not text message, tweet, or talk on my phone.
    The NFL has lost all apeal to me anyhow. I dislike spoiled, petulant half wits who cannot string along a sentence, get arrested constantly and show no caiber of spartsmanship. Ditto for college ball. Id actually prefer they just form a Penal Leauge and recruit among the prison inmates. At least then the pretense of them being anything but thugs would be gone. Maybe colleges could go back to being places for scolastics and stop handing out degrees to rapists who cant read or write.

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