Richardson First Grader Brings Loaded Gun To School

RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – Parents at a Richardson school are reeling after a first grader brought a loaded gun to class this morning.

Police took possession of the firearm and no one was injured.

A letter sent home to parents of students at Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet School says the gun was discovered in a backpack while a teacher was reviewing her students take home materials.

School officials said the 6-year-old child did not even know she was carrying it.

Word of the incident upset parents who were outside Monday afternoon to pick up their children.

“I think about all the kids who were put in danger because anything could’ve happened. I’m fearful right now,” said Tina Tatum, grandparent.

A school resource officer was called after the discovery and an investigation determined the student, “…did not intend to use the weapon or harm anyone,” according to the school letter.

Sources told CBS 11 News that the student’s mother put the loaded gun in the child’s backpack over the weekend because she didn’t want it in their house and forgot about it.

That excuse didn’t sit well with some of the parents interviewed by CBS 11.

“It’s really bothering me. Parents need to be able to more careful with their guns and what they are doing and it never should have gone in a backpack,” said Wyndie Badaway, parent.

Andrea Hauglie has a first grader enrolled at the school. She is more forgiving about the incident and praises the staff for how they handled it.

“I think it was an accident based on what the letter says. I don’t think any kids would purposely bring a firearm to school.We have really sweet kids here and it’s just a really unfortunate situation,” she said.

The student wasn’t identified but was pulled from class Monday and will be allowed to return.

Sources said Dallas Police are still considering whether to charge the mother with a crime.

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One Comment

  1. A.L. JACKSON says:

    Way to go you stupid, irresponsible,sorry excuse for a gun owner, not to mention mother!! I’m not sure if you shoukld go to jail or lose your child, although I would have to consider one or both of those things. Of one thing I AM sure: you damn sure should NOT EVER be able to possess a gun again!!! It’s because of irresponsible MORONS like you that these leftist liberal idiots have any leg to stand on when they start making their noise about taking our guns away!
    It’s because of irresponsible MORONS like you that children do sometimes get hurt with firearms!! It’s irresponsible MORONS like you that hopefully will die out early when the SHTF!!
    Thanks a lot you ignorant B****!!! Another MORON that we have to try to justify in order to KEEP our 2nd amendment rights. The problem with this is that you really CAN’T justify this kind of irresponsibility and ignorance!! So we ALL end up paying for YOUR stupidity. Personally, I think you ought to be sterilized to prevent you from breeding any more MORONS!!

    1. Jim C Corn says:

      I agree, kids should be allowed to carry guns to school. Part of being an American

  2. Lmaris says:

    Mother didn’t want the gun in the house, so whose gun was it? If it was someone else’s, both mother and that person should be arrested for child endangerment. At a minimum the mother should be charged.

  3. jon anthony says:

    I suspect that guns, dysfunction, and inbreeding are part of this poor child’s lineage…

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