Knives Needed, Attorney Says After Choking On Popeyes Chicken

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GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) – A Mississippi attorney is suing Popeyes after he says he choked when he had to eat a piece of fried chicken with his hands because a knife wasn’t included in his drive-thru order.

Paul Newton Jr., who filed the lawsuit this week, says the only utensil he was given last November at the Gulfport restaurant was a spork.

The lawsuit states that because Newton didn’t receive a plastic knife, his only option was to hold the chicken breast with his hands and tear off pieces with his teeth, causing him to choke.

The lawsuit says Newton underwent emergency surgery to remove the piece of chicken from his throat.

Along with knives for all drive-thru customers’ orders, Newton is also seeking financial compensation and punitive damages from several defendants.

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One Comment

  1. Don’t eat chicken and drive. Seriously.. you going to raise your pinky when you drink too? And this is why folks, that we need tort reform… NExt he will sue because its not fried enough.

    1. Grizz Mann says:

      That would be distracted driving. He did make the decision to eat with his hands. Love that chicken at Popeye’s.

    2. If ‘counselor’ needs “eating instructions”, he should stick with oatmeal and
      soft-boiled eggs.

  2. docfarmer says:

    Sadly, the attorney survived…

    1. Brad Owens says:

      What should have been a Darwin Award Winner that managed to survive.

  3. David Alster says:

    Chew your food before swallowing.

  4. I choke the chicken all the time and it never occurs to me to sue Popeye’s….or use a knife.

  5. dogsrock2 says:

    Someone’s mommy didn’t teach him to to chew his food.

  6. Dave Fay says:

    Did his mama never tell Paul Newton Jr. that you need to chew before you swallow? Too bad this jack wad just didn’t choke to death.

  7. Duh! don’t choke your chicken in a Popeye’s restaurant….


  8. You really need to choke the chicken in private my man.



    How DO they get through the day?

  9. Please, people, do not over-react. Remember, it’s only 99.99% of all attorneys who make the other .01% look bad. Don’t judge ALL attorneys on the actions of the few (99.99%) bad ones.

  10. Fayette West says:

    It’s not the attorney’s fault,….snakes, sharks, and reptiles don’t chew before swallowing.

  11. Popeye’s Chicken was very responsible to omit the knife. This allowed the driver at lease one free hand to drive.

    If Perry Mason here needs to eat fried chicken and drive, Popeye’s does sell chicken nuggets.

  12. yupiamright says:

    In Maryland what he did was distracted driving and he would get a ticket. Maybe he shouldn’t try to shove a big piece of chicken in his pie hole.

  13. Stuck a chicken bone to the throat of this moron so he will choke to death.

  14. Jack Inmanz says:

    The article was slightly wrong. Actually, he was “choking his chicken” while driving and thusly had an accident.

  15. Jerry Walton says:

    People have been eating fried chicken with their hands for 200 years. Sounds like this moron needs eating lessons.

  16. redruffansore says:

    The restaurant should counter sue for choking his chicken in public in their establishment. Friggin ambulance chasers.

  17. Pete Dosado says:

    What this slip and fall lawyer needs is a designated chewer to prepare his food for him and spit it into his mouth so he will not choke! What next; a civil rights lawsuit because Popeye discriminates against the stupid?

  18. Neuro Mancer says:

    How times change. When I was young “choking the chicken” had an entirely different meaning.

  19. Roger Smith says:

    Paul Newton Jr., ambulance chaser and idiot who isn’t intelligent enough to know how to chew his food. Paul Newton Jr. puts the DIM in DIMocrat.

  20. Bill Boyer says:

    Must be a Yankee, because people in the south know how to eat chicken with their hands. We also carry pocket knives, in case the need arises.

  21. Hahaha, another loser and corrupt attorney who is acting worse than the lady who sued McDonalds years ago. what is going to do when he dies. Is he going to sue the one that brought him into this world for this pain and suffering.Hope he loses and has to pay everyone that he has filed against as millions eat chicken everyday.

  22. Lawyers and politicians have brought us all the marvels of the modern world, thank God.
    They built that. Thanks, democRats!

  23. Wade Ward says:

    This is a frivolous lawsuit. He should lose his license to practice law.

  24. So this is the blackest attorney on earth right?

  25. Gary Bell says:

    If I was on the jury the lawyer would pay popeye punitive damages in the Billions and then be jailed for life and fed only chicken for 20 years.

  26. Broke ambulance chaser.

  27. Not only that, the original Popeye had absolutely NOTHING to do with fried chicken. He was strictly a spinach man. Just sayin’…

  28. hammerstamp says:

    The teeth are in our mouths to chew the food we eat before swallowing. This guy is responsible for his own gluttonous stupidity.

  29. Jeff Johnson says:

    He must be a Hillary supporter.

  30. Is he representing himself? If so he’s a double fool, and if not there’s another attorney that took the case who is equally as stupid!

    1. The fact that the attorney is representing himself tells you all you need to know about the potential for this case to be lucrative.

  31. Kurt Smith says:

    What did the lawyer say when he found dog manure all over his shoe?
    A: Oh no! I’m melting!

    What do you call 500 lawyers buried in cement under the ocean?
    A: An excellent start

  32. “I’m stupid, so somebody’s gonna pay!!”

  33. We’d all be better off with a lot less lawyers.

  34. Giving lawyers a bad name …

  35. And lawyers wonder why they are the most hated profession on the planet….ALL lawyers should be rounded up and beaten to death like baby seals!!

  36. randja57 says:


  37. Dumb Attorney, You are suppose to choke your chicken, not choke on the chicken. 🙂

  38. Sim PleFacts says:

    Another entry into the Law Suit Lottey. Thank heaven for lawyers; they provide some great comic relief with their escapes from reality and they use their talents to drive up the price of virtually every item commercially sold with their ridiculous claims. Not only that but they ensure employment from disgraced and discredited scientists, who would otherwise be wandering our streets looking for global warming handouts.

  39. Chicky Dee says:

    Attorneys. They are the lowest of the low when it comes to professions.

    Do you know why a rattle snake won’t strike an attorney? Professional courtesy.

  40. Ken Chapel says:

    the chicken gave it’s life for this bottom feeder??? not fair…….life is rigged!!

  41. A Southerner that uses utensils to eat fried chicken out of a box has to be genetically deficient.

    1. Stan Goody says:

      I was thinking the same thing. What a dope.

    2. Michael:
      There’s a word for folks who can’t eat chicken with their hands and that’s YANKEE!

  42. Kevin Vozar says:

    Dumb ass…that’s what you get for shoving a whole piece of chicken in your mouth – that’s why we have incisors…typical lawyer…

  43. Sounds like the attorney bit off more than he could chew..

  44. Another candidate for the Darwin award. Newman also reportedly tried Viagra — but it only made him taller.

  45. Stan Goody says:

    Love that chicken from Popeye’s… urg… gack… hack… blfff… pfffhhhhhtt …

  46. Mark Meyer says:

    Hopefully he will die next time he eats chicken. This is the kind of attorney that needs to go away.

  47. If you take too big a bite of anything, even if it was cut with a fork, it can hang in your throat. A lack of common sense should NOT be rewarded, and this lawyer should be punished by the court for his stupidity, not rewarded.

    Or maybe it’s because, being a lawyer, he is a snake, and snakes swallow their food whole?

  48. Words to the wise. To insure your chicken goes down smoothly, don’t chew the bones and never choke the chicken, simply strangle it, then pop the head off.

  49. Harry Buskin says:

    He’s from Mississippi and doesn’t consider chicken edible as finger food? He “had no choice”? Where was he eating his bird? If he’s that dumb, I’d bet he didn’t have hot sauce either. And, the spork is for the watery slaw they serve, not the chicken. Case dismissed, with prejudice.

    Moral: Do not eat chicken while chasing ambulances.

    1. Harry Buskin says:

      Interesting questions: (1) Had he ever eaten there before? Did they provide him a knife? (2)Was he not aware that places like that serve chicken breast with rib meat, AND RIBS! (3) Having discovered that there was no knife, why did he eat it anyway? Where was he when he ate the bird? If he choked, how did he get to a hospital?

      Life is tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid. Did he burn himself also? Does he support BLM?

  50. Words to the wise. Never, ever chew the bones and don’t choke the chicken, simply strangle it then pop the head off.

  51. Ferd Berfel says:

    I thought choking your chicken was something private.

  52. This guy needs to be disbarred.

  53. Bruce Smith says:

    Airlines aren’t providing knives with their paid meals. I guess they’re next.

  54. Wil L Haynes says:

    Is this attorney a smoker? Does he have a medical condition that causes him to be short of breath or did he start coughing? Does he have false teeth? Perhaps he had nearly had an accident and sucked air in relief. The majority of choking happens to older people.

  55. Ed Cole says:

    In before the new warning labels: “WARNING: Chicken with bones in it may contain bones.”

  56. Ian Ferguson says:

    First, kill all the lawyers… (William Shakespeare)

  57. This is no laughing matter folks. This lawyer is one of thousands of a new virulent breed that escaped from a Brazilian laboratory back in the 1990s and who have been gradually working their way north. According to statistics from the American Pesticide Institute, prior to 1990, world-wide lawyer populations were controlled through the judicious use of feeding them unground chicken bones in their chicken. This new breed however has a rudimentary understanding of the use and purpose of knives to overcome the chicken bone approach. Worse yet, some have even petitioned the courts to either require all chickens to be grown without bones, or to force all chicken retailers to sell knives with their sporks. The results of this suit could impact world history. Just one more reason to BUILD THE WALL!

  58. This is why Shakespeare said “kill all the lawyers first”!

  59. Al Mount says:

    Lousy lawyer was probably choking his chicken,
    when he choked on their chicken. CASE DISMISSED

  60. He graduated from law school and passed the BAR?

  61. Did he ASK for a knife? Did they intentionally PUT the bone in HIS throat? What a tool.

  62. If he had to use a knife he would have had to use both hands, his eyes to watch what he was doing, steer his car and chew his food. He probably would have wrecked possibly killing many innocent people, oh the humanity. I f he is that reckless I want to sue him for endangering the peoples lives of Mississippi.

  63. Stinking lawyers…… always looking for a scam. He was probably running his mouth at the same time he was shoving chicken down his gullet.
    This fool needs to learn to chew his food.
    A knife wouldn’t have done any good, he was driving.

  64. Joe Horn says:


  65. Mark Em says:

    what the article didn’t address….

    Mr. Newton weighs over 450 pounds and was trying to inhale the chicken breast in one piece.

  66. Al Garth says:

    Maybe he should have had emergency surgery to have his head removed from his ass instead.

  67. Well Pilgrims, At least he didn’t try to choke … …. his own chicken……….

    Just Sayin’

  68. What a pansy/pu**y! Can’t even eat chicken without hurting himself. If he found that the order came without a knife then go back inside and get one, stupid lawyer.

  69. Doesn’t this “lawyer ” know it is illegal to eat while driving . It’s on the books people look it up

  70. Not much of a lawyer since he doesn’t apparently understand the laws that govern the sales an consumption of foods. Chicken does not require the usage of a knife, provided or not and can have feathers, skin, bones or a crust that can cause choking. This is usually covered in Law 101 in any university. The greedy ambulance chacer should have slowed down to properly eat his food without choking.

  71. Marcus Twain says:

    I bet this guy is in debt big time. If it is proven that this guy is trying to shakedown Popeye’s. Put his ass in jail and revoke his license.

  72. Paul Zinni says:

    who thinks it is a bright idea to give the man who can’t eat and drive without choking to death (literally) a knife….

  73. Hugh Dalton says:

    Jackie Chiles is ready to take your case!

  74. John Vance says:

    If you weren’t such a pig you would not have had a problem.

  75. Well, if fried chicken is too hard to swallow perhaps he should stick with his regular fare. Juicy Tube Steak.

  76. Did his mother not tell to chew his food when he was a child? Another hair brained idiot.

  77. Well a member of America’s most dishonest profession proves he is too stupid to eat chicken.

  78. Note to Mississippi bar association – disbar this idiot.

  79. Poor slip-fall cuck lawyer must be down on his luck. Look it, Shyster, go back and eat some more and choke out properly.

  80. Had there been a knife with the meal, and the moron cut himself using it, he would sued Popeye’s for giving him a dangerous utensil.

  81. iratenate says:

    let me guess – a white dude?

      1. Thomas Wise says:

        Let me guess. A crybaby?

  82. Thomas Wise says:

    Choke that chicken

  83. Anyone from Mississippi who’s too damn stupid to know how to chew their food before trying to swallow it must be a lawyer. Please let him choke. The average intelligence of the state will increase after he expires.

  84. Send the attorney an amil and tell him how you feel:

  85. theotherhanddude says:

    If he doesn’t know well enough to chew his food, he ought to stick to the soup kitchen.

  86. I effin-hate lawyers! All of them! Even the ones in my own family, and the ones I used to call friends who later became lawyers. I effin-HATE’EM ALL!!!

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