5-Star Resort For Those Preparing For Doomsday

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FANNIN COUNTY (CBS11) – Sixty miles north of Dallas, far away from the constant roar of traffic, there’s something going up in rural Fannin County that’s generating buzz.

That buzz is not just among the residents in the nearby tiny town of Ector, Texas, but developers said it’s also among those who live as far away as Europe, even Australia.

Developers call it Trident Lakes.

Richie Whitt, communications director for the community said, “It’s going to be one of America’s most fun, most plush, and also one of its safest neighborhoods. It’s going to be a five star resort with DEFCON 1 preparedness.”

The 50 foot, solid marble statue and fountain, costing $3.4 million being built just off Highway 56 offers a peek of what’s to come where developers lure potential residents who may have a bunker mentality and are preparing for doomsday, yet still enjoy the lap of luxury.

“It’ll be one of the largest fountains in the world, it’ll be bigger square footage than the Bellagio (casino) fountains in Las Vegas,” said Whitt.

Amenities in the $300 million development include a golf course, equestrian center, spa, gun ranges, stores, and restaurants.

There will also be a row of helipads.

When asked if it’s a resort or a bunker, Whitt laughed, “Yes. We hope we never have to use the bunker part of it.”

In a hilltop prairie, underground, earth-covered condos will be built with above-ground terraces overlooking lagoons and white sand beaches.

Whitt said as many as 1,600 people will live there.

Planners said the underground luxury condominiums will be connected by a series of tunnels that will lead to a larger gathering space.

Aside from food, developers said the community will feature off-the-grid sources of energy and water, so people can live safely underground.

“You lower the air-blast lock doors and you’re safe from the dangers,” said Whitt.

Developers said a 12 foot wall will be built around the community that will feature watchtowers, a DNA vault, and an air purification system.

The Fannin County Commissioners Court Judge Creta Carter said he met with developers earlier this year.

Carter said the county’s only oversight of the project will be to make sure the septic system is up to code and to make sure the platting of the development is proper.

There is no zoning in the county, and state law limits small counties ability to regulate developments.

Whitt said starting prices may be $500,000.

The first phase is invitation only — mostly for athletes and celebrities.

Phase two is for everyone else, and there’s already a waiting list of 500 people from across the country, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

The first residents may move in as early as the first quarter of 2018, even though the entire development won’t be completed by then.

Whitt said investors have already purchased property in an undisclosed location in Ohio, where they hope to build a similar community to Trident Lakes.

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One Comment

  1. Aleric says:

    Good luck trying to patrol that area without an army to man the walls.

  2. Vee Kay says:

    I thought they were all about BRIDGES, not WALLS!!!

  3. Jack Foobar says:

    Strange how Obama’s White House and the wealthy are the first one’s to build a 12 foot high wall.

  4. Arfy Warfy says:

    Good, then we’ll KNOW exactly where it is at.

    1. I know Right?! Here’s a huge statue! Here I am!

  5. Even waking up the morning after and being one of the few to remain after a nuclear holocaust doesn’t do anything for your soul. The only way to prepare for the Ultimate DoomsDay is to settle your affairs with God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Private ownership of fortifications has been illegal in the USA since the 1830’s

  7. It’s nothing more than a high priced jail.Walls can keep people in, too

  8. Don’t need to do anything to the underground, just block the exit.

  9. Zipp Rider says:

    Good grief, what a way to make yourself a target…

  10. jasonn13 says:

    At least with the 12′ wall they won’t be getting any short illegal aliens inside the compound. ; P

  11. Sounds like one of those Utopian societies that eventually turn into prisons!

  12. Lee Madison says:

    Welcome to Vortex 4!

  13. mostly for athletes and celebrities, funny as hell. these people wont survive a week . at 1600 residents where is the infrastructure to support the entilted group

  14. I see a premise for a good disaster movie.

  15. Trust me no doomsday prepper who knows anything about anything would go near that place.

  16. tngilmer says:

    It sounds like a concentration camp for the uberrich.

  17. iambicpentamaster says:

    The walls are to keep the nutjobs who love confinement in, not to keep paying clientele out.

  18. OK, its official. Things are getting weird…

  19. Q: what’s another word for an underground bunker?

    A: A TOMB!


  20. Missing from that the list of amenities and features was provisions for a sustainable food supply.
    Will there be underground green houses to provide even a meager vegan diet?

  21. Tim Allen says:

    We’ve heard from a claimed community member (foodassets.com). It’s unclear from our conversation just how extensive their preparations are, but some members are buying their own food.

  22. When the real doomsday comes, this place won’t help.

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