Snapchat Allegedly Leads To Beer Pong And Student/Teacher Sex

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PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – A new algebra teacher at Plano Senior High School was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student.

Alaina Danielle Ferguson, 23, bought the teen alcohol and exchanged nude photos over the phone, according to the arrest affidavit.

And it all started with Snapchat, according to the arrest report.

“The way it happened is he wrote his Snapchat name on a test and turned it in,” said Plano Senior High Student, Andy Flores.

The arrest affidavit detailed multiple sexual encounters during a two-month period on park benches and in the student’s pickup truck.

The encounters usually included a game of beer pong, too.

It seems many students were aware of the relationship between the new algebra teacher and teen after he reportedly bragged about it.

“I heard the kid was just talking about it to his friends and I guess a teacher or a student over heard it,” said Flores about the rumors that quickly spread around campus.

“She’s kind of good looking… so she’s attractive,” said Flores about the young math teacher.

Ferguson, who’s engaged, immediately received attention after she was hired, according to several students.

Another senior, Samuel Balderrama said the age of teachers the growing district keeps hiring may have something to do with the uptick in similar cases.

“It’s just more young teachers than older teachers,” he said.

Police said since several of the encounters happened in the apartment of the teacher’s fiancé, McKinney Police made the arrest and Ferguson resigned from her job in Plano.

Ferguson told the victim, according to the report that she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but felt right at the time.

She has posted a $100,000 bond and is out of jail.


One Comment

  1. Ted Bishop says:

    That’s carrying sex ed to the max.

  2. Young women of the general Millennial age group are as dumb as sh it these days. No moral compass, no self control and way too stupid to figure out the consequences of their actions. Any sane, intelligent person who follows the news and sees this parade of Millennial sl*t teachers plooking underage students, losing their careers and going to jail for it, would figure out that perhaps it’s not such a good idea. But nooooo there’s always some new, exceptionally stupid ho waiting in the wings to provide us with the next story. Millennials – dumbest generation in history hands down.

    1. I don’t think she showed any malicious intent here. I think the only reasons for criminal charges is to reduce or eliminate any settlement that the school district will be responsible for and to satisfy the religious “mental patients”. This girl knew that she would be in trouble- so she took the chance and got caught. People don’t necessarily do things that make sense when it comes to Love and/or Attraction to another and that is true for everyone. What would you do for someone you cared about? I don’t think the courts should be involved, with her, at all. The student was old enough to live outside of his parents home or drop out of that school or drive a car. This is not a case where a child was taken advantage of or abused. If she is guilty of something it’s gotta be for trusting a young kid who got lucky and was too stupid to keep his mouth shut. You have to remember sex is innocuous as nobody appears to be a victim who was preyed upon or went into anything unwillingly. Sex and beer are things that ALL high school kids are into, and always have been, I know that I was when I was a Junior in High School. I don’t know these people but I think everyone else needs to consider this before we start “throwing feces” and using words like ho and sl*t. I think your comment displays more ignorance, vitriol, and blatant hatred than this girl could ever be guilty of. You have also shown a lack of civility and respect for a person who had no malicious intent. Will someone please identify where the malicious intentions were, in this case, (other than the Chesney Park comment). We have to remember that it appears there was no harm done to anyone, at all. Whether or not we would choose to make the same decisions that this young teacher made is not the issue here and who are we to “Judge” her motivations for doing things that most people are doing at either of their ages and just don’t advertise it. Her job at that school is an issue between her and the school. Criminal charges are “nonsense” where nobody was hurt and there is an absence of bad intentions. Either way this poor girl is going to be tried in the public forum and become far more a victim than any of the parties involved.

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