Wendy’s Employees Accused Of Refusing To Serve FWPD Officer

UPDATED | January 6, 2017 11:02 AM

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FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) – The Fort Worth Police Department sent a tweet to the verified account for Wendy’s restaurants Thursday night to report that employees at a location in the city had refused to take an officer’s order.

The Fort Worth police officer says he went into the Wendy’s on Interstate-20, near Trail Lake Drive. The man said when he made eye contact with a group employees, they all walked to the back of the kitchen and refused to take his order.

Wendy’s quickly tweeted back that they were, “Abruptly handling the situation.” There has been no word on exactly what action has or will be taken.

Many people have reached out to Fort Worth police online to offer free meals and gift cards to other fast food chains.

Here’s the original Twitter exchange between FWPD and Wendy’s –

wendys screenshot Wendys Employees Accused Of Refusing To Serve FWPD Officer

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One Comment

  1. …a “white-run” establishment refusing to serve a black woman !

    I thought those days ended when we busted through the blockade at the Edmund Pettus Bridge on our march from Selma to Montgomery

    1. David Birch says:

      Burger Loss Matters

  2. Should be posting some new job openings there soon.

  3. Doug Forbes says:

    Put Wendy’s out of business now.

    1. voodoodaddy1 says:

      It’s a franchise. That owner should pay for hiring idiots maybe but a bunch of other people did nothing wrong at thousands of other locations. Act like you have a brain.

      Now on general principles I refuse to buy food at fast food restaurants who hire Muslims, especially Muslim women wearing headgear.

      1. Franchise or not, if you boycott Windy’s the main line corporation will see to it that the franchisee fires the entire group of employees or loose his franchise. The same goes for the Muslims you hate. Just boycott the entire organization and if it’s large enough they won’t hire those people any longer. But nothing will happen unless you make it happen. When you don’t even try then that’s when you have lost.

    2. That is not corporate policy, it’s one moron. Sheesh.

      1. Stan Olson says:

        From what I read I think several is more than one.

      2. Lou Rodgers says:

        Is the employee still employed? This action usually results in immediate termination.

      3. Barry Hirsh says:

        Can you read? It was the whole crew.

  4. Paull Cudak says:

    Liberals are the most wonderful people in the world. They care about the down trodden like the handicapped person in Chicago. They support Justice for all the abiding citizens in this country as in Baltimore and Ferguson. AND how could how could I forget that safest city to live where there are no murders and strict gun control Chicago & Detroit.

  5. With the seriousness of this situation the PD couldn’t help themselves with trying to be funny with the hashtag #whatsthebeef

    1. Stan Olson says:

      #wheresthebeef would have been better for those old enough to remember.

  6. The way to handle these events is to fire every employee in the store at the time of the incident. Once word gets out that this will be the result of disrespect to customers, these minimum wage geniuses will police each other.

    1. Dey didn’ do nuffin’!!

  7. Tom Ronson says:

    The solution is simple. There are Wendy’s all over the place, so just boycott this one, until it goes out of business. Teach the franchise owner a lesson that he should not hire worthless minorities to operate his business.

    1. Tim Lampman says:

      help me out here…….what’s the difference between a “worthless minority” and a minority with some/much value……..!

      1. Actually Tim, it’s pretty simple. The “minority” in question isn’t one of skin color but rather one who doesn’t work as opposed to working. There’s a certain section of America who believes that they’re “above” all others and therefore are able to dictate their desires in serving or not serving. Their skin color has nothing to do with it.

  8. Just remember it wasn’t Wendy’s who refused to serve them, it was the dufuses who work at that particular store. If Wendy’s doesn’t fire those involved, THEN start blaming them.

    1. simon91956 says:


    2. Paul Trott says:

      You can bet the franchisee who owns the business is busy firing people and doing an Irish jig for corporate.

  9. If he fires them, he has done his job. At the time he hired them, he had no way of knowing they were your typical immature Democrats. He does not deserve to lose his business over the whining rudeness of a few Democrats.

  10. Tex Taylor says:

    The Lefties in this country are self-destructing before our eyes. All the much better as they will become all the more irrelevant.

    14 days until Obysmal is out. Good riddance…

  11. The truly sad thing about this is that this moron wasn’t fired immediately. Don’t worry manager. Soon enough the most racist administration in history will be OUT of the White House and you won’t have to worry about Loretta Lynchmob or Airwick Holder coming after you with the full resources of the United States government.

  12. Steve Senft says:

    I wonder how fast the cops will show up if that Wendy’s gets robbed? Maybe they should stop for a Whopper first…

    1. rufusvondufus says:

      Excellent, Steve! Extremely logical.

  13. I’ve worked more than a few service-oriented jobs in my lifetime, and I can’t imagine refusing to serve someone based on personal feelings. If you feel that strongly about it, then you quit that job in protest. But if you’re getting paid to do a job, you do it. People are dumb.

  14. Wendy’s will pay the price if they don’t quickly fix this problem.

  15. Jim Banks says:

    Wendy’s corporation must stop this at the corporate level, require the termination of the employees involved. Reimburse the franchisee for their training costs and make a grand gesture to the FT Worth PD.

    This will make statements to the public, the PD and the future hiring pool that Such behavior is bad citizenship and intolerable.

    My family will await Wendy’s public announcement on actions taken before spending any more money at Wendy’s. We have supported Wendy’s since Clara Peller asked, “Where’s the beef?”

  16. Hiram Floss says:

    looks like D’Quan’Travon’trius gonna have to find him a new j.o.b.

  17. larrykelly says:

    Let’s guess the color if we can. Winner gets a Big Mac.

  18. Well it looks like the unemployment rate is going up.

  19. simon91956 says:

    Some folks here are assuming the employee is a liberal. Possible, of course, but I think it far more likely it’s an African American who has bought into the BLM garbage and has decided they just hate cops.

  20. Suibne Geilt says:

    Low Retta Lynch and her fk mutt boss….

  21. $15 hr min wage wasted on ingrates.

  22. Every time someone treats an officer this way, attention is called to it, their hatefulness is put on public display, and officers receive more support, and offers of free food/services. So, these folks really only hurt themselves with this divisive behavior. I say, “Have at it.”

  23. Ted Striker says:

    Reprinting Tweets is now considered journalism.

  24. tonyome says:


  25. Bob Olson says:

    “former” Employee

  26. Tomas Cruz says:

    The left always calls the right Nazis. Yet they’er the ones who refuse to serve people food, ban words, books, speakers they disagree with, remove statues, rename buildings….. Nazis indeed.

  27. Tim Briker says:

    This is one of the many legacies left by Obama. He has successfully brain-washed black Americans into believing they are hated by whites. It’s not accidental either. 2 weeks cannot come quick enough.

    Wendy’s corporate better be as angry as most of us are..and they better act on it… or this will become a well-deserved PR nightmare.

  28. Kurt Frommd says:

    Maybe it is time to chose another fast food joint the next time you are hungry. I, for one, will remember the next time I am looking for a fast food joint.

  29. Make Wendy’s Great Again!

  30. Mike Arvand says:

    Funny how the libs think this is okay. But god forbid if it’s a christian that refuses a muslim. Oh the scandal!

    Sanctimonious freaking hypocrites. Being liberal is a hate crime in and of itself. And should be a felony, and prosecuted as such.

  31. You know…this is really getting ridiculous. Apparently firing is insufficient for people to get the message. What Wendy’s and any other restaurant needs to do is start suing these people in small claims court for loss of revenue. They need to do this publicly so people get the message that this kind of boorish behavior is unacceptable.

  32. Andy Howe says:

    Well, you have to look at it from the business’s point of view. One police officer versus hundreds of potential hater customers. They lose the business of the cop in exchange for getting publicity that will be eaten up and praised by the liberal community. Though there will be many who decide to boycott this restaurant, there will be a lot of liberal haters that go out of their way to buy there to support their cause of disrespecting the police and America. Such is life and business in a liberal-infested America.

  33. should have been handled by a supervisor immediately firing the employee. So the supervisor has to go too.

  34. Andy Drayton says:

    It’s been said here several times, but for those who don’t understand how things work;
    “Wendy’s” is a corporate parent. While they supply branding, food, advertising & training they have virtually nothing to do with the idiot or group of idiots that refused this officer’s order. They are not employed by “Wendy’s” but by whoever the franchise owner is. To boycott a “Wendys” in Ohio or Florida over something that happened in Texas (or even another “Wendys” in the DFW are owned by a different franchisee) possibly penalizes franchise owners who go out of their way to support their local community.
    It would be helpful, however, to see a follow up on if or how this particular incident was resolved…..

  35. I want to see the security camera ‘footage.’ If it was a misunderstanding, then ok. If it was not, then they should all be fired, and the company should have to make restitution. Until there is proof the company letter is worthless.

    1. What sort of “misunderstanding” would you call “ok?” His skin color wasn’t acceptable? Or he was, in the employees’ vernacular, “a pig?” Please inform us what misunderstandings are acceptable to you!

  36. Mike Tierney says:

    When I worked at Dairy Queen back in the early 70’s the owner of our store told me that if the cops show up it is free. He liked the cops hanging around our shop because it kept trouble down the street. Right around that time an Officer James Sackett was shot down in cold blood by three Black Panther wannabees just less than a mile from our store. Fake call murdered cop. These Wendy’s employees need to find a hole to crawl back into.

  37. Bring on the tech and get ride of the thankless order takers. We have WaWa’s here and I love walking up to a monitor, click click and done.

  38. Morey Ladini says:

    Would replacing those dunces with touchscreens count as “Abruptly handling?”

  39. Jerry Walton says:

    Franchisee owner and all owners of such service industries need to make this announcement at hiring….” We do not refuse service to any law enforcement or fire/emt personnel. Refusal to give service will be considered your formal notice of quitting the job so no, you will not receive unemployment.”

  40. Fire them. Refusing anyone is discrimination. Refusing a policeman is pure stupidity. Stupid people make bad employees…

  41. This will save me a lot of money. I used to eat at Wendy’s at least twice a week. No more.

  42. You had one job to do…

  43. Immediately fire all of those involved.

  44. Mark Todd says:

    If i don’t read that these 8ssholes are all fired i will never go near a Wendy’s again.

  45. If I were a police officer I still would not eat there because they could mess with your food…

  46. As I understand it, if you are fired you are eligible for unemployment insurance (which the employer pays). Maybe this was the plan all along.

  47. Roger Jones says:

    The operator should invite several cops in for a free meal and require the workers to eat and converse with them in order to keep their jobs. All this hatred is based mostly in ignorance and as most prejudice is based in laziness. The best way to eliminate this kind of ignorance is for people to get to know each other.

  48. Dave Thomas, were he still alive, would strip that owner of his franchise…there’s an actual contract clause about bringing discredit to the name.

  49. Troy Dynes says:

    It was multiple employees; must be a cultural thing. Dave Thomas is spinning…

  50. The employees are black. I was there an hour earlier. Their eyes looked glazed, stoned.

  51. Stupid, ignorant, and getting fired from Wendy’s is no way go through life.

  52. unfortunately, it’s not smart to enter a restaurant in your uniform. things can be put in your food.

  53. Tym O'Byrne says:

    I;ll eat at these kind of places when robots take my order, make my food, and clean up after everything is done. Until then i;ll make my own food thanks anyways. Next time this place in question dials 911 y;all should do what they did to you, fair is fair.

  54. Harry Buskin says:

    If you take a job with such a franchise operation, you are are agreeing to do the job in exchange for the pay. You don’t want to serve hon-Halal meats? Go somewhere else. You refuse to serve Jews or Police? You are refusing to perform the duties you agreed to perform. You’re fired. No second chances, no pity. Get your @$$ off this property.

  55. Lkwgj Vjd says:

    If you have a problem with a fast food employee, just ask to speak with the manager/supervisor on duty. No one needs these clown cops to go complaining on Twitter so that they can get publicity. They should be busy protecting and serving the public, not griping about some teenage Wendy’s employee bad customer service skills. On the bright side. however, it’s refreshing to see that cops in Texas have nothing better to do with their time.

    1. You must attend morning kindergarten.

      1. Lkwgj Vjd says:

        Yeah yeah, and I banged your mom!

  56. It appears each of these cases only involves black employees Maybe no one should hire them to serve food to the public.

  57. Steve Hollar says:

    Time to fire every one of these worthless piles of pig dung.

    1. Lkwgj Vjd says:

      Agreed. Replace the officers with people who take their job seriously instead of taking to Twitter like some spurned teenager on her period.

      1. You speak like a racist child who spurned discipline as a child and now is a very sad, narrow minded, hate filled adult.

  58. now you know why black unemployment is so high. they want it to be…

  59. Dee Christou says:

    sooooooooooo tired of the black double standard…

  60. the employee should be named and shamed, then fired, It would be nice if she ever had an emergency and called the police the police would take their time to arrive

  61. From the manager on down, everyone who left their area must be fired and blackballed throughout the entire Wendy’s organization and let other Fast Food companies know who they are.

    Anything less, boycott Wendy’s

  62. John Hansen says:

    They hate police, america and white males yet live off capitalism’s invention (fast food, phones, cars, tv, internet, movies and sports etc).

  63. “Right of refusal” as bad as it was years ago when legal, was only permitted by the owner of an establishment – never by EMPLOYEES… More evidence of feeling of entitlement and expectation they are above the law. Moreover, next time masked gunmen enter this Wendy’s no need to call 911..

  64. I am not eating at Wendy’s until I hear that every one of these people is fired. I think that the race of these workers is relevant to the story. I’ll bet they were black.

  65. Rick Martin says:

    I love frosties but I will not be stopping by a Haye-cops-black-lives-matter outlet to spend my money.

  66. Peter Elliot says:

    It was a ‘misunderstanding’ all right. The staff misunderstood that if they disrespect those who protect and serve and refuse them service then their butts will be fired instantly.
    Wendy’s calling this a ‘misunderstanding’ is their own ‘misunderstanding’ that we don’t buy that bull. Fire those employees instantly or lose our patronage.

  67. Thank goodness the Wendy’s employees hadn’t refused to feed a gay or a Muslim. They could have gotten in REAL trouble then.

    Since it was a police officer, obama says it’s ok, “These oppressed minority workers – who look like my son and daughter would look like – don’t forget…they were once slaves, so they can’t be blamed for refusing service to their massas.”

  68. Joe Swartz says:

    Ya know, I’m sure there’s a few clever thieves close by that might just want to empty that Wendy’s safe and cash registers – think maybe that Wendy’s may get refused service when they call 911?

  69. What do the employees look like? Any descriptions released?

  70. Guess the race of the perps and win a Burger King Whopper. Memo to Manager: Fire every one of those morons or face a boycott. cc: Franchise owner. If I was on the FWPD, I’d take my sweet time responding to a call to that franchise. And these are the imbeciles that think they’re worth $15.00 an hour?

  71. Gregg Velosi says:

    #onlyblacklivesmatter is a terrorist organization

  72. Cory Carney says:

    Oh come on… Just stop this stupidity. If I said I wouldn’t serve cops in my restaurant nobody bats an eye. If I said I wouldn’t serve blacks in a store I’d be protested by the NAACP, the Nation of Islam, the Southern Poverty Law Center, random nobodies showing up for a burger, etc. People need to stop thinking they’re making a difference by doing this kind of foolishness. If the server knew this cop and he refused to serve I think this would be different but to say no to anyone dressed in blue then that’s just as ignorantly prejudiced as anything else.

  73. Sayit Once says:

    How many donut shop owners would do this to a policeman?

  74. When they get robbed, call BLM

  75. Easy fix. Don’t hire Ghetto Rats.

  76. Just you typical self-radicalized leftists spread throughout the country.

  77. If it was me I wouldn’t say a word and leave. Then I would be back at closing time to make sure they drove home safely and obeyed all the traffic laws. There are a lot of traffic laws…

  78. All the employees at that facility needs to be fired and replaced. Otherwise their racism will just go underground and every burger to be served to a cop will have spit, snot, boogers or some other bit of filth in it.

  79. Another hate-filled liberal who thinks Cops are the enemy. Relocate her to South Side Chicago and let her take her chances!

  80. Sue Kelley says:

    The restaurant fires all those who were there during the “misunderstanding” (i.e., that they should have been WORKING). Whining starts, leading to riot. Same individuals who cannot seem to lift a hand in order to flip a burger can be seen carrying a 65″ flat screen in each arm as they run down the street.

  81. This Wendy’s deserves to be shot up big time…full auto!

  82. Spike Malloy says:

    Gee, who will the morons at this Wendy’s call the next time they get held up or want to chase some homeless person out of their establishment? Presumably not FWPD.

  83. Obviously the answer is to raise the minimum wage.

  84. Kim A Kirk says:

    If they haven’t been fired yet… then I’d say the response wasn’t swift enough…

  85. Thank You Obola for promoting Black Hate Matters!

  86. Ava Hutchens says:

    Perhaps the police department should refuse to serve this Wendy’s next time there is a robbery.

  87. TA Anders says:

    Obama is proud tonight! Another police officer disrespected,another white teenager attacked in Chicago and another Jihadist massacre in Florida!

  88. doctorfixit says:

    OK I am done with Wendy’s and I WILL NEVER GIVE WENDY’S ANOTHER DIME

  89. Paul Trott says:

    Now where do you suppose a bunch of low rent employees would get such an idea? Barrack, any thoughts?

  90. It is ILLEGAL for police to accept gratuities of any kind. Everyone knows this, especially the police.

  91. I will write to Wendy’s corporate headquarters and let them know I will not go to any of their locations until I hear the thugs at this particular restaurant have either been fired or made to abjectly apologize to the entire Fort Worth Police Department for their hateful and disrespectful behavior. Such an apology will definitely change them or send them out the door!

  92. Jack Webb says:

    The FWPD should send in an undercover cop to rob the place and hold hostages. And when someone dials in to 911, they could say, “Love to help you, but we’re on break. Call back in, oh, five days?”

  93. Joe Mellon says:

    Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Simple answer to problem. One is to pay your workers more and you will get a better class of people to choose from rather then the person that just checks off on the application that they are willing to work weekends and late nights. Two make employees sign a pledge that they will serve everyone, unless that customer is drunk or unruly and if you don’t serve them you are fired.

  94. Kerwin Hieb says:

    This isn’t the first time Wendy’s employees have pulled this kind of stunt. I’m done with them… for good.

  95. Bokshil Kim says:

    Add one question to all job applications. Do you support Democrats?

  96. Elisi Newell says:

    Funny when I was running a convenience store, the Chief of police where I lived told me that it was against the law for him to even accept a cup of coffee from my store for free. It is basically an ETHICS violation. So now they allow the cops to be bribed with coffee and doughnuts? Goes to show why this country is in the shape it is in.

  97. Tom Jones says:

    Wendy’s food tastes like rubber cement anyway. I’m actually surprised they are still in business.

    1. Because everyone should sit down at a fine restaurant and pay minimum $30 per meal for food that Tom thinks doesn’t taste like “rubber cement”, right?

  98. Dirt Diver says:

    BLM/SJW’S strike again…….

  99. They were only doing what everyone knows ALL police do, selective service. All court rulings on the issue state that police can refuse service to any member of the public. They’re only required to protect the property and interests of the state.

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