PETA Urges Rodeo Boycott After Horse Deaths In Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – An animal rights group is calling for a boycott of rodeos after two horses died during bronc riding competitions in Fort Worth.

“It was very sad,” said LeeAnn Nalls, a life-long rodeo and show participant.

Video shows each horse coming out of the gate and veering off to the right as it bucks. Both horses hit the wall head first, snapping their spines.

One of the incidents was captured on camera by Bruce Weidner, a rodeo fan from Benbrook.

“We all saw what happened,” an announcer told the crowd after one of the horses collapsed onto the ground in a heap. “I just want everybody to take a minute. Take a breath.”

“I’ve been going to rodeos since I was five” Nalls said. “And I turned 50 this year and I’ve only seen one horse die in an arena.”

But just days later in the same arena, another horse hits in almost exactly the same place. He too died.

“It’s extremely rare,” said Matt Brockman, Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo spokesman “This is just one of those odd situations we find ourselves in.”

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo immediately came under fire from animal rights groups like PETA. The organization called the treatment of animals in rodeos inhumane.

It said in a statement, in part:

“It’s 2017—a time when animal circuses are shutting down and SeaWorld is on the skids. Rodeos are way out of step with public opinion, and it’s time for them to be relegated to the pages of history books. PETA encourages everyone to stay away from rodeos and to support legislation that protects animals from this abuse.”

But the stock show said it follows nationally accepted guidelines for the treatment of animals and had veterinarians on the site around the clock.

“Injuries occur less than 5/100 of 1 percent,” Brockman said. “So it’s extremely rare.

“We adhere to more than 70 different rules that deal with animal welfare and animal care and handling. We take those rules very seriously we maintain a veterinarian on staff 24 seven through the 23 day run of our show. So I obviously animal welfare is something very important to us.”

Stock show organizers said there is still a strong public demand for their product. They expect to draw well over a million visitors in 2017.

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One Comment

  1. Pete Ewertz says:

    If PETA is boycotting I guess its time to go to the Rodeo.

    1. PETA boycotting the rodeo is like me boycotting MSNBC. How can I possibly watch less than I do now?

    2. Accidents happen,,,,, I still drive a car.

    3. Greg Hawkins says:

      Right on! We have some great Rodeos in Michigan – they are wonderful!

  2. IF peta had its way nobody would own a horse let alone ride it. They seem to forget that Horses are for work. Not pets. Cows are for food, not pets. Chickens are for food, not pets. Wake up people.

    1. odd. It’s 2017. Tractors are for work; not horses. And I don’t believe animal abuse is a widely approved sport. Grow up, little fella. Put your Roy Rogers gun back in the holster. Mommy is calling you.

      1. Steve Austin says:

        So I guess since we replaced Horses with tractors then we can just kill all the horses? Don’t need them anymore? Of course, that’s under the illusions that you know what you are talking about. How did tractors replace horses for work? How are tractors uses for rounding up and leading cattle? How are tractors used for riding the range to check on the property? And then we have the problem of tractors on the environment? Does PETA hate the environment and want us to use tractors? I’m confused.

      2. You need to grow up…it’s time for fools like you to put away your silly little fantasy about animals, princess…no Bambi is not real, there are no magical unicorns and no the GEICO gecko really doesn’t talk. Animals, particularly domesticated animal have their purpose in this world and a large part of that is to provide food, work and yes entertainment for humans. You can put your sanctimonious:attitude where the sun doesn’t shine.

      3. The best way to save the Tigers is to eat them. Meaning Horses thrive in an extremely comfortable environment because we humans value them. Same for Cows, Chickens, or any other creature humans value so dearly to raise them. americans are just so filthy rich that most of them have lost touch with realities.

      4. One of the more ignorant comments today. Horses can go where mechanical equipment, like tractors, can’t. Try repairing 100 miles of fence and do it all from a tractor or truck. It can’t be done. So try again fool. You didn’t convince anyone.

  3. Steve Austin says:

    well, ,since PETA wants me to stay away, where do I get tickets?

  4. Strange!!!……If a Bull died in the arena, they would award the rider Two Ears and a Tail……….

  5. Cestos Jack says:

    PETA and EPA are both out of control.

  6. ” Rodeos are way out of step with public opinion, ” – The stands and parking lot show otherwise…..

  7. PETA-eatas were embarrassed to see NBC’s Mad Cow debuting as a raging, bucking bull with a strapped on cowboy in the rodeo.

  8. Brian Humek says:

    I hate PETA.

    However, I was at that rodeo taking pictures on MLK day (for when that first bronc hit the wall. Moments later, another veered to the left and nearly did the same, but hit that wall sideways instead of head on. My first thought was that I had never seen a rodeo arena with cement walls and then metal fencing on top of it. If only they could replace the cement walls with a typical fence one sees in most rodeo arenas, I don’t think injuries like broken spines would occur.

    That’s just my opinion. I’m all for rodeos. I love photographing them. But that wall with bronc riding? That just seems very dangerous. At least it has been this year at the stock show.

    1. KR Rayberry says:

      Nice pictures Brian, but you should photoshop the Obama images

  9. Shawn Lewis says:

    Off to the rodeo today!

  10. I don’t normally attend rodeos. But since America’s post-American enemies are on the warpath against them, I’m going to start attending regularly.

    As far as I know, rodeo is the one sporting even that hasn’t gone nutty PC, and I want to keep it that way.

  11. So, why did the TV station edit out the worst parts?

  12. What does People Eating Tasty Animals have to do with rodeos?

  13. Jeffrey Gee says:

    PETA should be more worried about their own employees driving around in kill vans euthanizing dogs without discrimination…

  14. Tony Konte says:

    PETA kills more animals daily then the Rodeo probably has die in years. Sometimes they euthanize pets that they pickup right outside in the vehicle in front of your house. Look it up!

  15. Bill Frood says:

    Maybe when PETA stops slaughtering over 80% of the cats and dogs they take in, then maybe we’ll listen.

  16. I Don’t like PETA, I go to Rodeos, this is very troubling. Two horses the same arena, something isn’t right.

  17. Yirmin Snipe says:

    Seems to me the problem is likely the color of the wall. That wall in the video looks like it has been freshly painted and is a solid white. Probably difficult for the horse to see it and realize it is headed into a wall. In the rodeos I’ve been too the walls were never a solid white like that one.

    1. Steve Austin says:

      I think you are right. They may not see a wall there because of the color. Paint it with some stripes or colors and see if it changes how the horses approach it. Good thinking. Good catch.

    2. I think you may be right. Usually they sell any area like that for adds or banners. It would be a good idea to put up some stock panels in front of the wall would help. I saw this happen once years ago but it was a young horse off the range who’d never been bucked before.

  18. Fred Stevens says:

    Classic liberal hysteria. It works like this:

    Wait for a once in a lifetime accident or tragedy, then scream about it as though it were an every day occurrence. Wail and cry about a crisis until a knee jerk reaction is obtained by your fellow liberals, which then inspires a liberal politician to action, and the liberal media to repeat the lie. Why do liberals do this? Because…

    Liberals hate America.

  19. Kurt Smith says:

    There are actually almost 4 times as many rules in place for the safety and welfare of these animals than there are for the riders. Yes it is very tragic but also very rare. Rodeo officials need to address and fix this problem with the wall, and I bet they’ll do it pretty quick. And PETA just needs to S T F U.

  20. PETA are nothing but communist bullies. Resist them at every turn.

  21. Ty Roark says:

    Now while we’re giving credit where we know the credit’s due
    Yes Freckles is a hero but Tornado gets some too
    Cause without the bull to show him off a cowboy’s got no call
    And the only time he’ll ever wins is he gets lucky in the draw

    And so if bulls have got a heaven and somehow we’re sure they do
    Let’s hope that Tornado’s up there and the Lord has let him through
    Hope his pasture is the greenest and his stock tank is never dry
    And I hope there ain’t a single spur to gouge his ugly hide
    And that he feeds on bunch grass belly high.
    And I hope them cowboys up there keep him fat and treat him kind
    And I hope he lives forever on bunch grass belly high.

  22. Mike Arvand says:

    The US needs a boycott of PETA

  23. Jerry Walton says:

    More horses die from being hit by cars than die in Rodeos. Fact. PETA members should all give up their cars.

  24. Frank Kubin says:

    Meanwhile innocent American citizens repeatedly get killed by illegal immigrants and the Left just shrugs it off as no big deal, nothing to stop illegal immigration over.

  25. David Rodden says:

    Go To Hell PETA…

  26. dogsrock2 says:

    Texas has some of the worst animal abusers. Texas has no tears to shed over the abuse, death, neglect of any animal.

  27. David Nesbit says:

    I wonder how peta feels about them eating Cows and Pigs ?

  28. Something inherently WRONG with people who think more of animals than humans. I’d be willing to wager MOST PETA people also support the woman’s right to choose…but God forbid if an animal dies….BUT IT’S OK TO KILL BABY HUMANS.

  29. Libbies go crazy when an animal dies but go out of their way to ensure that its ok to terminate an unborn human life.

  30. First it’s the circus, now it’s the rodeo. What’s next, pets?

  31. i think obama has allowed the selling of the wild mustangs for food …at least the horses in the roadeo were loved….and not destined to be a part of the daily diet

  32. JoJo Wasaman says:

    Typical white redneck inbred hillbilly comments here. All rodeos and circuses should be outlawed. These jackwads care nothing about the animals; it’s all about their personal achievement and the money.

    1. But we could end the entire problem if we just got rid of JoJo Wasaman. A lot cheaper and more humane for everything else that lives on this planet.

  33. Eric Liscom says:

    This is yet another sad, sad example of the madness of the left…Groups like PETA will continue to try to ban things that are not a problem, after all, they must justify their own existence….

    Conservatives must stay awake!, the Socialist leftys have only achieved the power they now cry about losing because we the conservatives have allowed them to fester, promoting and spreading their sickness….Don’t fall for their name changes, platitudes, b\s about “helping” the poor, etc, etc…it is all lies, They crave only power…The more power they get, the more they want or “need”…

    PETA is well known for being hypocrits….At shelters and such organisations they control 80-90% of those animals are put down, typically within 24-48 hours, How is that ethical treatment?

    For those who doubt my info, do your own research….dig a bit….you’ll be surprised and disgusted by what you find of the Left and the groups they represent…

  34. David Jansen says:

    I think we all KNEW this was coming!What next?A social worker assigned to everyone who owns a cat,dog or horse, to monitor how they are treated? You KNOW that’s their goal.It’s not about the animals, it’s about power!

    1. Well first they are going to have to deal with my dachshund as he rips into them, he’s very protective of my property and me. Then they are going to have to deal with Samuel Colt. And no, I don’t fire warning shots. I legally carry and if I have to UN-holster my weapon you had better get me with the first shot because I will get you with mine. Not bravado, just a fact. You are just fine until you do something stupid that will probably get you killed.

  35. Is that venue a hockey rink? Maybe not enough room for bronco busting? That said…there is no reason for horses in the modern world. If racing, rodeos and steeplechasing keeps the breed viable then please support it not be against it. PETA is showing exactly how stupid it is.

  36. Lots of creepy people on this site who seem to enjoy hurting animals. I bet they pull wings off of flies in their spare time. tj57101 (@tj57101) you are a special kind of stupid., little boy. When you hurt animals does it grow? Time for you, bozo, to realize that your kind of criminal abuse isn’t being taken lightly, anymore. Yeah, and I think meat grows in the supermarket. 35 years of working on farms for the USDA tells me that (@$$#ole).

    1. So, is that what you did while you were attempting to grow up? The reason I ask is you seem to have first hand experience.

  37. Give that horse a Darwin Award.

  38. And just how many dogs, cats and other pets the PETA slaughter or sell to laboratories that were supposed to be put up for adoption? PETA is the Planned Parenthood of the animal world only they are not aborting the births of animals, just slaughtering them in secret and claiming they are good, compassionate people.

    Nah I don’t know what I am talking about, I just worked next to one of their slaughter houses for 16 years and didn’t see anything in all of that time.

  39. Was I supposed to believe that there ever were many PETA members attending rodeos? Nice try.

    1. Question: Why would a PETA member attend a rodeo? Answer: To make stupid observations and then cause trouble for everyone else. PETA members are liberals. Liberals are insane. Any other questions you would like to have answered?

  40. peta kills pets. they believe its more “humane” than them being pets. shouldnt they be happy the horsed died?

  41. “Mamas don’t let you’re babies grow up to be liberals, they’ll whine and cry and pis/ in your dinner plate…”

  42. Yesterday two wild horses died in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado… Sometimes it just happened… Any news coverage of the black men who robbed and rapped a Vietnamese store owner in Dallas tho?…

  43. Gary Ferraro says:

    Lib kooks don’t go to Rodeos anyway. Ride ’em Cowboys!

  44. Gary Ferraro says:

    I love animals. They taste great!

  45. Donn Nieder says:

    PETA has no credibility as an animal rights organization (or anything else). Most of the dogs and cats that find their way into their “care” end up dead. Who is investigating the deaths of tens of thousands of animals at the hands of PETA?

  46. Greg Coe says:

    I was a bull rider in the PRCA in the 1980’s. I have seen how well their animals are taken care of. The animals are the stock contractors livelihood. I don’t believe in re-incarnation, but if there was such a thing, I would want to come back as a rodeo animal, that way I would likely die of old age. I have been to a lot of rodeos, and I have seen more human participants killed (2), than animals (0).

  47. They simply need to paint some contrasting graphics on that lily white wall – the horses cannot judge the distance of the wall without anything to focus on!

  48. Wendy Dee says:

    how about installing a shock absorbing wall around the inside of arena?

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