Lt. Governor Blasts Dallas County Resolution Welcoming Undocumented Immigrants

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DALLAS (CBS11) – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick blasted Dallas County Commissioners one day after they approved a controversial ruling that welcomes undocumented immigrants.

The Commissioners Court voted for the non-binding “Welcome Communities” resolution 4-1 along party lines.

In an interview via Skype, the Lt. Governor said, “What is it that they don’t get about following the law and the will of the people who do not want sanctuary cities in our country and most importantly in our state.”

The resolution calls immigrants and refugees, both documented and undocumented “integral members of our community.”

It also says, “providing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants would be a benefit to the United States.”

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, a Democrat, says the resolution is non-binding and is meant to make those here illegally feel comfortable enough to call police if they are crime victims. “It’s important that we don’t play politics and blow these things out of proportion because although it may play well to the political bases to do that, it creates a lot of confusion in those communities and makes those communities less safe.”

Another provision in the resolution “calls on local law enforcement agencies to end nonessential collaborations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Judge Jenkins says one example of that is when those who are here illegally become crime victims, they won’t be asked about the immigration status when they call police for help.

On Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, weighed in by issuing a statement:

“I rarely ever second guess or comment on decisions made by local officials but I feel that this unwise resolution puts our families and our community in direct harm and demands our immediate attention. It is completely irresponsible to pick and choose which laws to follow especially when it comes to turning a blind eye to the actions of criminal illegal aliens. I refuse to stand idly by and let this misguided, lawless resolution undermine our nation’s laws and endanger our families.”

Dallas County’s jail continues to work with ICE to detain inmates who may be here illegally.

A Dallas County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman said Wednesday that policy won’t change.

But the Lt. Governor says the resolution acts as a magnet and will make it tougher to end illegal immigration. “You don’t just say we’re just going to poke a finger in the eye of the President, the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Texas Legislature, and the people of Texas.”

Judge Jenkins replied, “Certainly, there’s no part on anyone to be less than respectful to any other person. The whole point of the resolution is we are a welcoming community that welcomes different people and different viewpoints.”

CBS11 interviewed the Lt. Governor minutes after Senate Bill 4 passed in the Texas Senate which would ban sanctuary cities and universities in the Lone Star State.

It requires local law enforcement and universities to work with federal immigration officials.

Patrick rejects concerns by Democrats who call it a deportation bill. “Senate Bill 4 is about law and order. It’s about being sure local officials follow federal law. It’s really that simple.”

But Judge Jenkins repeated concerns by Democrats in the Texas Senate who said there’s a genuine fear in the Latino community that they won’t be able to call police and firefighters when they need help. “I haven’t heard anyone in law enforcement, healthcare, the community at large or the business community tell me Senate Bill 4 makes us more safe. I’ve only heard that it will hurt local law enforcement. It will make witnesses and victims less likely to come forward.”

Patrick says the bill will make people safer because those here illegally who are sitting in jail will be detained instead of being released back on the streets where they may commit more crimes.

The Lt. Governor says he believes the Texas House will ultimately pass the bill and send it to Governor Greg Abbott to sign it into law.

During his State of the State speech last week, the Governor called banning sanctuary cities one of his four emergency items.

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One Comment

  1. Fred Doe says:

    These people cannot function as liberal seditionist officials from prison.

    1. Paul Tibbets says:

      Agreed you are an elected official of a local Government within the United States of America bound by the laws of the Constitution. What these people are doing is openly in violation of the Constitution of the USA, if you don’t like a law there are means to change it.

      What you cannot do how ever is openly violate the law, that is what these people are doing and they should be prosecuted.

      1. Mike Johnson says:

        I agree with you on this. The immigration law of the USA is set by congress NOT by cities. If the constituents that these people represent are demanding that Dallas become a sanctuary city, then they are in a tight spot. But I would like to see the numbers. Do the Dallas voters want this? I would find that very hard to believe.

    2. This is easy for me…People coming into this country illegally need to have a place to stay OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES. REFURBISH ALCATRAZ OR LET THEM GO TO GITMO.

  2. Mat Helm says:

    It’s not a viewpoint. Among other things (Logic, Math) it’s the law….

  3. What part of the era of big fat sissy pants liberal rule is over…… Get in line democrats, we have had enough of you

  4. Are there any other US laws the Dallas county commissioner think ignoring will make other feel safe.

  5. If Dallas cant follow the LAW then take their funding from the state away from them.

  6. So anyone with kids or a family are now free to break the laws? It really is that simple. We are a nation of laws or we are not. Our officials are not free to decide which laws to enforce, period. I have kids does that mean I can now go rob a bank? Hey you can’t separate me from my kids right? These people had better be careful what they wish for they just may get it. It is only a matter of time before we realize laws are only for certain people and mean nothing. If it anarchy they want that is exactly what they will get. Enforce ALL the laws or be prepared for the public to ignore them all.

  7. If conscience rather than law is to be our guide, I can’t help but believe that I should withhold my taxes…. in all good conscience.

    1. Mike Johnson says:

      Don’t get carried away. Following ones conscience has to stop at the door of the IRS.

      1. Joe Chaim says:

        Not when your an illegal it doesnt

  8. John Fogarty says:

    Welcome illegals so they won’t be afraid to turn in illegals? Perfect!

  9. Patrick Cash says:

    If they feel less safe by this bill they are free to return to the safety of their home nation.

  10. Time to round up elected officials that subvert America’s laws. Remove them and their illegal policies…

  11. We should be encouraging citizens to call the police on suspected illegal aliens.

  12. Bill Loyal says:

    Looks like we need to take a page out of the democrat playbook, shut down his office, protest in the streets and be the loud ones. The left is not taking losing well, so its time to out shout them. Illegals are not welcome here, and yes, we as a whole will not deal with them, not serve them and not hire them

    1. Jack Davis says:

      Unfortunately, unlike Democrats, “we” have jobs.

  13. Dallas has sparred no expense getting rid of the “homeless” . Moving them out. Mostly to other counties. But .. WOW… if you are in this country illegally , Dallas will open their arms. Could it be they think all these billions$$$ the Obumo Adm was dishing out is still on the table. $15-3500 a person per month. Just think… a family of 6 could bring in $9 000 a month. Add food stamps, etc Plus all the billion$$$$$ that slides into these politicians pockets. The Dem Mayor of Dallas and the Dem Dallas County Judge fit the bill.

    1. Floyd Smoot says:

      But homeless generally don’t vote. Hispanics, however, do. Usually as a block, and usually democrat. The Dallas County Commissioner’s Court knows the base to which they pander, and that base will keep them in power. They are the people who brought you John Wiley Price and his ilk. Remember him and the “black hole’ incident?

  14. Cut their federal funding until they comply with the law.

    1. Jerry Walton says:

      Federal and State funding. Lets see how long they last then.

  15. The law is the law. Dallas democrats think they are above it. They should be impeached.

  16. Pike Guy says:

    If Dallas had no Illegal’s they could close their homicide division. Cut the force in half. That scares the workers.

  17. chuckyschmucky says:

    But Judge Jenkins repeated concerns by Democrats in the Texas Senate who said there’s a genuine fear in the Latino community that they won’t be able to call police and firefighters when they need help.
    Oh, well. That’s the price you pay for being a criminal.

    1. Floyd Smoot says:

      Next they’ll be concerned about the rights of people running meth labs, because they will be afraid of getting busted if they call the police or fire department to report something.
      Oh, wait, they SHOULD be afraid.

  18. Making illegal immigration attractive or facilitating illegal immigration is a felony punishable by 10 years in jail. Sounds to me that those voting yes on this are potential felons. If the government is serious about this they will prosecute them.

  19. chuckyschmucky says:

    It’s a new day, patriots. No longer will corrupt government officials be permitted to disregard duly enacted federal law out of political expediency.

    The lawless days of Barack Mugabe are over.

  20. Paul King says:

    I live in Fort Worth. It’s about 30 miles from Dallas. People from Fort Worth only go to Dallas if they have to. Dallas is like New York. Fort Worth is a conservative bastion. This is a perfect example.

    1. Floyd Smoot says:

      Not likely any more. I live in Fort Worth as well (inside the actual city limits, NOT in the suburbs), and it’s creeping right up there with Dallas. As of 2015, the population was 39.9% White alone, 35.4% Hispanic, 18.5% Black alone, and 4.1% Asian alone. The MAJORITY population in Fort Worth isn’t exactly the typical voting block that would make Fort Worth the “conservative bastion” you think it is (or was). Remember, the Star Telegram endorsed Hillary.

  21. chuckyschmucky says:

    On the subject of reporting crimes, President Trump should institute a federal policy offering cash rewards to citizens who provide information leading to the capture of illegal alien criminals.

  22. Frank Walker says:

    Liberal communist Democrats are a cancer growing inside America. It is long past time this kind of bovine excrement should stop!

  23. A message to the good people of Texas. We love you — especially true patriots like Joe Horn. But unless you organize — and this means YOU — and get rid of people like these “Commissioners” — then I don’t want to hear any more whining about border troubles. Or farmers being killed. Etc. Etc. If you allow people like these to represent you every day — what can anyone else really do for you from a thousand miles away? LET’S GO!!!!

  24. Cut the head off the snake. Jail time for employers of illegals.

  25. John Dillon says:

    So, you promote breaking US law as long as you don’t get caught. Got it. I’ll be sure to say that next time I break the law and I’m caught. Oh wait, I’m white. Nevermind, still guilty.

  26. It’s simple, the Democrats who are left in the party don’t give a damn about lays. What’s left of it are tools funded and used by George Soros and a few other billionaires with special interests they are trying to protect.

  27. Lefties…do really care? If you really did, you would want them to come LEGALLY, assimilate, learn the language, then they would be citizens and have all the rights with no fear and do much better. This is hogwash. It’s against the law and you just keep the problem in place while keeping these people low for your cheap labor or simply because you think this is compassionate, which it is not. When might your compassion reach your fellow law abiding neighbors?

  28. Frank Lee says:

    LOL at all you “I-was-here-firsters”.

    1. Jerry Walton says:

      No sparky. It is “We are here LEGALLY” not first.

    2. Carl Edward says:

      That’s right, and the 1ster’s make the laws the followers-legal followers, must obey.

  29. Scotty Ray says:

    Lock up the commissioners. They are traitors to our country and guilty of sedition. Simple – it’s not complicated. Enforce the law – and our commissioners are not above the law!

  30. I’ve had my ID stolen twice now and it was a nightmare to deal with all the fallout and fraud. How about protect the citizens who get there SSN #s stolen everyday so that illegals can work and have tax payer benefits? This is BS!

  31. Iowa Chapman says:

    time to start arresting any city/town/state govt workers who approve or work with any law that is a crime against federal laws on immigration, these people who are refusing to work with immigration, customs and the federal government on federal law are breaking the law, acts of treason and therefore should be removed from power. Once that starts to occur by fed agents arresting them, maybe others will straighten up that they do not get to break federal laws without consequences.

  32. Dave Barlett says:

    Can we all say in unison: ONE WAY BUS TICKET TO DALLAS

  33. James Tabone says:

    There is a coming war between large urban areas and the rural citizenry. Some will call it “civil war.” Do we have to wall in these large cities ala “Escape from New York” scenario?

  34. Craig Hobson says:

    Goodbye to your funding.

  35. Why isn’t home invasion legal?

  36. There are two groups of people being terribly discriminated against throughout the United States and who have no voice to help protect them. Those two groups are Polygamist and Polyamorous. Will Dallas voice support for (and welcome) those who are being persecuted solely because of who (and many) they chose to marry?

  37. Pay no attention to the fact that Houston and Dallas are no longer American, much less Texan. Instead, tell yourself that once all of us non-liberal white Texans are finally marginalized that the rest of the world will come together holding hands, smoking pot, and singing We Are the World in perfect harmony.

  38. Bruce Taylor says:

    Dallas is the San Francisco of Texas and Jenkins is its Pelosi…

  39. Bob Lee says:

    Illegal is not a sick bird!

  40. Lazy liberals become politicians, that’s all that happened here. Vote them out.

  41. GET THEM OUT! They are all criminals for breaking US immigration law with intent! If they used any services they should be charged with “theft of service”. BYE! When you see a suspected Illegal call ICE; Report Crimes: Call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE or 1-866-347-2423. Call them and get them OUT!

  42. Steve Grant says:

    Not a citizen? Adios.

  43. MH Thomas says:

    The funds withheld from these cities/counties/states can used to… reduce the debt… build the wall… or a number of other beneficial uses. I wonder how the taxpaying citizens of these “sanctuaries” will like that?

  44. Just squezze those Mexicans “pelotes” until they cry “Tio” no free frejoles for joo.

  45. If Dallas can flaunt federal laws, then can the citizens of Dallas flaunt any law enacted by the City Council or by the State of Texas?

    I would like to live in a city that provides sanctuary from having to pay income taxes, and I sure don’t like paying property taxes. Can we have those kinds of sanctuary cities?

    Or even better, how about a city that is a sanctuary from the sin of murder; specifically murder in the name of abortion. That’s a sanctuary I’d like to see enacted by some city council somewhere. It would be amusing to watch the Left attack that sanctuary city.

  46. This open borders racket is just that, a racket. Churches and NGOs get federal dollars to “help immigrants and refugees” regardless of their legal status. So, it’s a business to these groups. The more immigration, legal or otherwise, that they encourage, regardless of how much that influx damages our society and stresses its infrastructure and social institution. The send money to the democratic party which takes an interest in the racket because it brings in cash and new voters over time. No party in the racket could care less about the damage they’re doing to this country. All they care about is their little stake in it. And they get to sound all sanctimonious while they’re running the racket too.

  47. Open borders always claim that the illegals are afraid to come forward when they are victims of crimes but never produce any evidence and if they did it would be revealed that perpetrators were other illegal aliens. Out with the lot of them.

  48. Mark Todd says:

    we need to pass laws making it a felony for these officials to be sanctuary cities and breaking federal law. if i were trump i would put ICE on aggressive round up operations focused particularly on sanctuary cities.

  49. Time to cut off ALL Federal Funding to these Cities violating US Law! Hit them in the pocketbooks where it will hurt.

  50. Jeff Hall says:

    Sure, welcome illegals here, I bet they will be settled no where near the white liberal gentrified ares that used to be predominately Hispanic 🙂

  51. Clegg Jensen says:

    “The power of Congress “to exclude aliens from the United States and to prescribe the terms and conditions on which they come in” is absolute, being an attribute of the United States As a sovereign nation, through the action of the legislative department, can exclude aliens from its territory is a proposition which we do not think open to controversy. Jurisdiction over its own territory to that extent is an incident of every independent nation. It is a part of its independence. If it could not exclude aliens, it would be to that extent subject to the control of another power. *** The United States, in their relation to foreign countries and their subjects or citizens are one nation, invested with powers which belong to independent nations, the exercise of which can be invoked for the maintenance of its absolute independence and security throughout its entire territory.” — SCOTUS 1889
    >>>>>“If Congress can forbid the entry ***, it can punish those who cooperate in their fraudulent entry.” — SCOTUS 1909<<<<<

  52. Ford Hanson says:

    Cut all federal funding immediately to these ass-hats who are trying to go around the law and do their own thing. Money is the only thing that hurts them.

  53. I hear Mark Cuban is opening his doors to anyone and everyone out at his place.

  54. asudad90 says:

    The process for entering the United States legally should be straightforward and not terribly difficult – But politicians good friends, the millionaire Chamber of Commerce along with the Farm Owners Association say measures like reform only ‘discriminate’.

    What makes illegal immigration outrageous is it has been protected by politicians on both sides, Republicans and Democrats, because of money from the Chamber of Commerce business owners and crop farms who exploit this low wage workers.

    Only Trump is not in the pocket of business, he is not bought.

  55. This just in Bank Robbers are now welcome to make withdrawals at any bank in Dallas regardless if they have an account or not.

  56. Jack Webb says:

    The reason illegal immigrants are made welcome is that illegal aliens are the new slave class. These cities and the state of California know that Illegal aliens are less likely to question their employers or authority and have an effect of suppressing wages and worker’s rights. Why else would organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce be against enforcing immigration laws? None of these laws are new. They have been in place for almost one hundred years.

  57. asudad90 says:

    I live in Phoenix and while I do not have a problem with Mexicans working here in Dignity, I don’t want them here ILLEGALLY, without proper authority.

  58. OK, You want illegals, you can have them BUT, if they leave your city or state and they hurt someone, you are personally liable for damages. Deal?

  59. This sounds eerily like the same thing that the slave states just before the civil war. They too didn’t want to conform to the new reality that gave freedom to the southern slaves so they eventually ended up going to war over it,

  60. Judging by the comments here I’d say they are out of step with the population. This should explain why the DNC is a shrinking party. 1000 seats in federal, state houses all kicked out. South Carolina is next to turn red. Mock me.

  61. Well, looks like Dallas is a little slow on the up-tick. Rushing water always finds the lowest spot. San Francisco, L.A., Chicago all see an influx of the collateral damage that accompanies these decisions. So, sleep well administrators knowing you are abandoning those you are sworn to serve, the oath you now violate and hope that fuzzy feeling-or-anticipated political bump is all worth it. By the way, it’s your quality of life you are reducing as well…

  62. Dell Thomas says:

    Good for Dallas. Can’t wait to see what it’s residents think when they start taxing them to make up for the hundreds of millions of dollars they will forfeit with their stupidity…

  63. This entire commission should be dismissed for encouraging criminals to continue to break federal and state immigration laws. The governor should step in and take over Dallas County government until new commissioners can be appointed to replace them. The commission should also face charges of incitement.

  64. Laws are only to obeyed if they are socially responsible…That is a liberals view…Most common sense people think the law should be obeyed or try to change it.

  65. So, by that logic, a brugler injuring himself in a burgled re not your or our jub tosidence should not be afraid to call 911 and the police should not be allowed to arrest him…same thing. These illegals likely are using false ID and SSN too, and that’s OK with these politicians? Remember, the ilegals are not allowed to vote for you. It’s not your job to make law violators feel safe. Their families need not be torn apart, all of tham can move back to their home country together. Stop the thousands in support payments and see how fast the cities ans NGOs change their tune. It’s a money making opportunity for tham paid for by the taxpayers.

  66. I moved to the Dallas area in 1963 and it was a nice place to live because it was very conservative. I watched over time as it became more and more liberal and a terrible place to live. I left in 2002 and never looked back. I feel sorry for those conservatives who still live there and have to put up with liberals.

  67. I have always love the logic that the best way to get people to follow the law is to break the law.

  68. Irrationalism, a new disease which has afflicted Democrats.

  69. They think it’s fine to flood their schools with non-English speakers over crowding the classrooms, taking people’s jobs, doing work for less money, increasing the tax burden for social services, unlicenced drivers without insurance……… They will get what they deserve.

  70. Amazing how these liberal cities welcome illegals into their cities while minority citizens go with out jobs and job training opportunities Millions are spent on illegals making fewer resources for citizens and those who entered legally.

  71. Sanctuary cities are ILLEGAL under the Constitution. There are no “safe places” for criminals. Only democrats could dream up such madness.

  72. There already is a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. It involves returning to their home countries and applying to enter our country legally. Millions of immigrants have come to the US this way.

  73. RT Mtn says:

    when they were elected did they not swear to uphold the laws including the laws of the US?

  74. Jim Morrison says:

    Come here legally and you will be welcomed with open arms, but, why would Illegal Aliens be recruited by Liberal Politicians???

  75. Mark Lozano says:

    Hmm, I don’t think they would have to worry about reporting crimes if they were here legally. If they are here illegally, as far as I’m concerned, any crime that happens against them isn’t actually a crime. If their criminal activity of being here wasn’t continuing, there would be no chance to perpetuate crimes against them.

  76. Glenn Nelson says:

    These individuals came illegally. The LAWS were in place but not enforced. This is the problem of our federal government. Over the years, more came. Now we have a government that will enforce the law and these people MUST return to their homeland country. ITS THE LAWS OF OUR COUNTRY. Get them changed if your against them, but remember until changed, these laws are in effect.

  77. Poor dumb Commish will get this broken off up his a$$ pretty quick.

  78. Kim A Kirk says:

    As a resident of Dallas…. I’m rethinking if I’m welcome here…

  79. Dre Pep says:

    So Dallas is basically a lawless city then. Have at it boys, there is no rule of law in Dallas.

  80. Dan Thomas says:

    I was looking forward to coming to Dallas this Fall for the Florida vs Michigan game.
    I guess I’ll be giving up the the tickets and canceling our hotel rooms.

  81. Jim ONeill says:

    Time for all GOOD Texans to get together and crack some skulls.

  82. Tom Thomas says:

    housing costs will go down if there are 15 million vacant apartments. Yay!! think of all the skilled protestors Mexico is going to be receiving.

  83. James Carter says:

    All of these liberal activists judges should be impeached for dereliction of duty.

  84. I live in OK and would often go to Dallas. Not anymore. I will not be visiting that city until they stop pampering to these lawbreaking immigrant criminals. Nor will I be visiting other cities like Austin that does the same thing. Neither city deserve not a penny from me. Ft worth & San Antonio is my likely places to visit. Its time to boycott these cities in order to send a message that if you’re pampering these criminals you don’t deserve any tourist dollars from anyone. let these places suffer & maybe they will change their mind.

  85. The looney left will blame Trump, but that’s untrue and not fair because the blame lies with the parties who allowed illegals to break the law. Reagan’s amnesty was a bad move too. The commies who wish to conqueror America used that to flood more and more illegals here while crying the immigration laws are broken, we need to fix them. No, we need to repeal the 1965 Immigration act written and pushed by Jews.

  86. Hank Naizer says:

    What do you expect from fascist Democrats who also believe it is lawful to abort babies who are still in the womb.

  87. Arfy Warfy says:

    Let it start… Leftists, Marxists, anarchists will be extinct in a week!

  88. Joel Barr says:

    Take a poll yourself by just reviewing this message board. It’s pretty clear that the Dems are out of step with most Americans.

  89. Bob Glosson says:

    I voted for one democrat in my life time (Jimmy Carter). If Dan Patrick is for something I am TOTALLY against it not matter what. He is worthless to me

  90. callen34 says:

    What would Christ do?

    1. Joe Jacobs says:

      Not what you think he would not get involved

  91. Joe Jacobs says:

    I live in los angeles county and i do not remember voting to make my county a sanctuary county. Lets putt this to,a vote and see what happens but the dems will not do that they need the votes and that is all what this is abojut. In the past when immigrants came here they made their own way but now the dems use MY money to buy votes

  92. What do we have to do to impeach Clay Jenkins and get his law license revoked?

  93. Where did Texas go???

  94. Once law and order is the theme and attempted to be reinstated, those who are lawless and who dismissed and ignored the law scramble to protest, riot, judicially block, and throw temper tantrums – which include economic bullying, attempts to silence, harassment, and further violations of the law. That’s the automatic result of rolling back progressive gradualism.

  95. Granting benefits to millions of illegal immigrants is unconstitutional, illegal and immoral. American citizens are working hard just to get by in their lives and this president will allow millions of illegals who do not work in “the system” but will be able to get benefits from “the system”.

    Obama clearly does not care about your average struggling American worker. Almost a majority of us are on public welfare programs like food stamps, section 8 housing, and SSI, because of low wages. Health insurance is unaffordable (mine is $450/month… contrast this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda… or my $15/month renters insurance from Eagle). Two thirds of young adults have student loans to which they cannot pay back due to lack of good jobs in the community.

    How the Democrat voters sit by and allow their benefits to be taken away and given to people who do not provide those said benefits just shows how far the US has destructed.

  96. Dirk Pearson says:

    Most people don’t know how much illegal immigration costs the taxpayers of their own states. Mainly because the leftwing propaganda machine of the news media never reports the truth or only reports half truths. Here is an instance back in 2004 where the truth was reported.
    Illegal Aliens Cost California $10.5 Billion Every Year.
    You can just imagine how much they are costing Texas and other states.
    The TRUTH will make you free!!!
    God Bless you President Trump!!!

  97. Dirk Pearson says:

    Most people are not aware of how much illegal aliens cost America. Mainly because the leftwing propaganda machine news media doesn’t tell the truth, or only tells half truths.
    But back in 2004 the truth was told. Here is that news article:
    Illegal aliens cost California billions
    You can only guess how much illegal aliens are costing the taxpayer in Texas and other states.
    God Bless You President Trump!!!
    Never surrender!!!

  98. Robert Baker says:

    Employers that hire illegals should be prosecuted using existing US laws. No Jobs = No Illegals and more work for US workers. You might say US workers will not do those jobs but how would we know. Take away the illegal competition that does not pay taxes or any other support in this country and you might be surprised how many US people are willing to work for a fair wage instead of 6 part time jobs. Good for ICE – Deport anyone that is not here legally.

  99. I am from Dallas, and I’ve seen first hand what illegals have done to my hometown; it’s not pretty, and it’s not better. I will not vote for anyone who does not abide by our Constitution, and I believe illegals are a detriment to our society.

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