Mexican Citizen Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Voter Fraud

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DALLAS (CBS11) –  The family of a woman convicted of voter fraud is speaking out after a Tarrant County jury sentenced her to eight years in prison.

Prosecutors say the reason officials at the elections department in Dallas didn’t stop the voter fraud from happening is because Rosa Ortega claimed she was a citizen on her application.

Now the Tarrant County D.A.’s office is calling for those claims to be verified before handing out registration cards.

Ortega’s attorney said the mother of four will undoubtedly be deported.

“What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.

He points out his niece has spent almost her entire life in the U.S. Her attorney said she has a learning disability and was confused about the difference between being a citizen and a legal resident, so she thought she was allowed to vote.

“The jury didn’t believe that story. They believed that the defendant knew exactly what she was doing, and they responded accordingly,” Prosecutor Jonathan White said.

White told CBS11, when Ortega tried to register to vote in Tarrant County, she admitted she was not a citizen, so her application was rejected. When she told them she had already been voting in Dallas County, that’s when investigators started looking into her case. Defense attorney Clark Bidsall said his client’s case has been politicized and now Ortega has a difficult road ahead even after her sentence.

“Once she gets out of prison and she’s deported, does she bring her four minor children to Mexico? As a mother I think that would be a difficult choice for her,” Birdsall said.

“It’s going to be a big impact for them because now they’re going to have to go over there to visit their momma,” Felipe Ortega added.

Prosecutors said whether this case prompts elections officials to verify citizenship is an issue for the legislature. CBS11 asked Dallas elections officials to comment on the case, but they have not gotten back to us.

The jury also gave Ortega a $5,000 fine.

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One Comment

  1. Jack Steffen says:

    Good!!! This needs to happen more often, especially in California.

    1. Ethan Allenn says:

      no need to break up the family but – sad for the kids – sins of the mother and all that. So Trump was right? Voter fraud exists? Never saw that coming…

      1. Frank Morris says:

        Nobody cries about people in jail, how about their families? The law separates families all the time. Illegals has nothing to cry about, they can leave together. Nobody separates them.

      2. Do I detect a note of sarcasm?

      3. fuzzysdad01 says:

        Deport the kids with her

      4. Ed Tact says:

        Hey Ethan Allenn – where were you liberals when Bill Clinton and Janet Reno sent a SWAT-like federal team and broke into the home of a mother in Miami and took her Cuban child away at gunpoint and had him sent back to Cuba to his father against his will? I didn’t hear any of you on the left whine about that for some reason. Never mind they were both legally REFUGEES and not ILLEGAL Mexican immigrants.

      5. Hopefully Trump will institute Federal voting standards. IF you don’t follow them then the vote in your state has no integrity. These people all have ID’s, but they’e stolen. So you have an illegal (One law broken) then they have a stolen SS number (a felony), then they vote (Another felony) not to mention it cancels out the vote of a real American. All we’re asking is follow the law. Get a green card to work. Check in with ICE as you are instructed, leave when you are supposed to. Don’t break our laws. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so for most of them. Of course liberals don’t follow the law either. They riot, destroy public and private property, and think they should get away with, Things are about to change big time. There is a new sheriff in town.

      6. Trump said voter fraud by illegals. This woman isn’t one. She has her green card. You bet, she’s still guilty of voter fraud, but not as any sort of illegal immigrant.

      7. “What’s going to happen to the kids? …does she bring her four minor children to Mexico?” –So this article states and fails to provide the AGE of these Taxpayer leeches! As Ms. Ortega is sentenced to “eight years in prison,” her child leeches may no longer be minors by the time she gets out! By then, hopefully anchor baby laws will be repealed RETROACTIVELY! Then the no longer child Taxpayer leeches will be adults, and ORDERED to pay back the U.S. for their education, health care, food, and taxed extra for the jobs they took from U.S. CITIZENS! Ms. Ortega does us a favor, when you get out please take a few hundred of your friends with you!!

      8. She should have thought of her children before she broke the law.

      9. What many people have known and believed because of facts is finally being revealed to the absolute horror and hysteria of the left and those that promote/support open borders and illegal immigration. Most of the media sources who are biased and only report on stories that fit their narrative are avoiding these stories like the plague. Get the news out there… tweet it, facebook it, shame the media using their names and twitter handles or facebook pages. The people need to ensure that law and order is restored.

      10. This kind of behavior is exactly why Trump was elected in the first place. People are tired of this.

        Us “deplorables” had to live under 8 years of Obama’s tyranny. We watched our freedoms gradually being taken away. We saw the gun grabs coming. Conservative speakers were not being allowed on college campuses. Trump rally attendees being physically beaten…

        Thanks to Obama, we have expensive health insurance forced on all of us. Even auto insurance is forced on us (thank god for $25/month Insurance Panda coverage). What’s next? Mandatory phone insurance? We have taxes on top of taxes and our freedoms are slowly disappearing.

        If you wanted Hillary in office, you should’ve turned out in higher numbers. Period. You can protest all you want, doesn’t change the outcome.

      11. Jakob Stagg says:

        Hopefully she will be returned to her country of origin when she has served her 8 years.

    2. rufusvondufus says:

      I think she should be given a choice. Served the entire 8 years with no appeals or take herself and her four minor children with her BACK to Mexico. Also, I think her attorney must have a much worse learning disability than she has. Deport all illegals and their so-called anchor babies. Do away with the clause in the Constitution which they use (anchor babies) since it was originally meant for the black slaves. Mexicans and others are not/were not ever black slaves.

      1. Frank Morris says:

        Clinton has won the popular vote because illegals were voting. Obama’s DACA Army got driver license, temporary social security numbers, everything they need to vote illegally, THEY DID. And the bad news is, Obama’s executive daca amnesty is still on. Illegals are applying for it, renew it, every day. We better stop that. Leave a comment on Trump’s facebook page or Tweet. @realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls @SenatorSessions @Reince Stop Obama’s executive amnesties!! Keep your promise. #EndDaca

    3. Miami has tens of thousands non citizen voters some of whom I know. Voter rolls need to be negated and new registrations with proof of citizenship needed.

      1. Jose Ortega says:

        Half of Miami’s population are there illegally.

    4. I would almost BET that Houston is FULL of very similar cases!!! The city of Houston has IGNORED our U.S. Laws on both immigration and voting FOR YEARS now!

    5. It begs the question… since there is very little oversight on voting and she got caught, how many others are voting who shouldn’t be? And when I see politicians get agitated when the subject of voter fraud comes up, I instinctively think it’s more of a problem than is known.

    6. Dee Christou says:

      a gazillion likes…

    7. Chuck Blinn says:

      Same dumb question: what’s gonna happen to the kids? They go with their parents. If your employer brings you back from a foreign assignment, do you leave your foreign-born kids behind when you move back to the states? See what I mean. That’s how stupid this is. Why so hard for Leftists to understand?

    8. Bob Suyak says:

      Not only Ca, but the whole left coast: CA, Wa and Or they all give illegals drivers licenses and have DMV voter registration. To help illegals more, liberal circus WA has mail in voting.

    9. Chris Havens says:

      You are so wrong sir. That state ended some time ago, it is Calexico or Mexifornia.

    10. Jaymes Deen says:

      You see, president Trump was right, there are a lot of Shady things going around with voting and full investigation needs to be done.
      If its illegals that are voting, or even US Citizens registered in multiple states and voting more than once, this needs to be looked into.

    11. I guarantee you she knew where the Medicaid, welfare and food stamp offices were.

    12. (“What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.) Not fair that a person committing a crime vs our process for fair elections gets punished for that crime by being deported? She did the crime and got caught. Now she can do the punishment.

    13. just as Rosa explained I am alarmed that anyone can earn $5494 in a few weeks on the internet . try this

  2. Warren Rose says:

    Easy fix. Just take it to a federal judge and she will be released and given money for her inconvenience of being prosecuted for breaking the law.

    1. rufusvondufus says:

      This is both funny and sad. Funny because it is true and sad because it is true! Our federal judges are proving themselves to be extremely ignorant of the Constitution while at the same time extremely accepting of their own personal feelings. That entire three-judge panel which declined Trump’s appeal should be defrocked and deported to Mexico since that is the country they so much love.

      1. Mike Herman says:

        I thought the Ninth Circus WAS in Mexico?

  3. Send her to Gitmo for 8 years.

  4. Gregg Powell says:

    About damn time that the Federal Government and at least some of the States are upholding the law. As American Citizens, when we break the law, we are held accountable. When people who are not US Citizens break the law – why should they get a pass? They Shouldn’t of course. This is great.

  5. What a lying BS excuse. Good riddance. Take the rest of the illegal vermin with you. Good job ICE and Tarrant County DA.

  6. Bob Hood says:

    Again I ask why this woman — and parent — has to leave her children behind? I went where my parents went and sometimes this meant going to many different schools and living in homes too small — but always WITH my parents. If they said go — I went.

    1. Golly gee…she shouldn’t have broken the law!

    2. If you get a divorce, the kids live with one parent and visit the other. Same separation.
      If you break the law, some one else cares for your kids, same as all criminals.
      Why would we treat this criminal, guilty of at least two crimes or maybe four, be any different? It would be racist to treat her in any other fashion than society demands of other criminals.

    3. Bob Oneil says:

      Let her freeloading spawn go to prison with her.

  7. Walt Kay says:

    As a mother she should not break up her family, she should take her family with her where ever she should go. And of course she should not be allowed to remain in the US as she knowingly broke our laws and stole a vote from a legal citizen. Which is a very serious crime and should disqualify her from ever entering the US again.

  8. 8 years? That’s ridiculous when you only get 6 months for rape (Stanford case).

    1. serving only 6 months in jail for rape should never happen, I feel that is a crime. 8 years is also excessive, but do not do the crime if you cannot do the time. The Republicans, wakko right and some democrats say “letting out illegal felonies without deportation is/should be a crime, which is what President Obama encouraged.

      1. Mark, I agree completely with 6 months not unacceptable for a rape sentence,but your wrong about 8 years for voter fraud being to harsh. What is at stake here is control of our government buy non residents voting, and that is very important.

      2. sorry that “not Acceptable”

    2. Don Sjulstad says:

      That is only 4 years per vote? What if Hillary got elected?

      1. Walter Fife says:

        If Hillary got elected, we wouldn’t even be hearing about voter fraud. She would have her Eric Holder type AG telling law-enforcement to “stand-down”.

    3. Larry Smith says:

      She won’t even serve half those 8 years

    4. Funny. I live in Cali and my daughter was raped when she was 14. The perp got 1 year. I was appalled, until the next guy sentenced for raping an 8 year old boy got 1 year. You’ve been lied to. 1 year is the standard sentence for a first time rapist in California. The media doesn’t tell all the story.

    5. Jerry Jones says:

      Voting be an illegal or non-citizen resident should be punished by many years in prison, deportation and a permanent ban on every returning to the US. This is an intentional crime, you don’t accidentally vote when your not supposed to. It should carry the harshest penalties.

  9. Differing weights and differing measures: the LORD detests them both.

  10. Long overdue. American citizenship is a privilege and the past 30 years of open borders has diluted it for those of us who still respect how precious it is rather than just demand that it be handed over.

  11. Ray Dearborn says:

    Good job ICE, keep it coming.

  12. It is tough when something like this happens, for the innocent kids. As a mother her first concern should have been for them. She is old enough to know illegal actions put her stay her in America at risk. Shame on her not doing her diligence.

  13. Why do we have to bear the expense of housing her in prison for 8 years and no doubt providing welfare for her 4 anchor babies? Deport the immediately and let Mexico take care of her. Save that money for real Americans.

    1. Mexico just announced they can’t accept their citizens back, as Mexico is “…not ready…”.

  14. Send them all back. Low IQ welfare leeches.

  15. Learning disability my ass.

  16. Rick LaBonte says:

    Throw her out. If she cared about her kids she wouldn’t commit felonies but she obviously does not care about her kids so why should we?

  17. If they’re finally going to start implementing the voter fraud laws, they’re gonna need more prisons!

  18. Really? Nobody knows if she’ll take her kids with her when she gets out of prison? What will happen to them? Seriously? Of course she’ll have to take them with her. If they’re citizens, they can come back when they are 26.

    Step 1: Don’t break the law
    Step 2: If you break the law it’s your fault
    Step 3: If you break the law and have children, it’s still your fault

    1. Scott Smith says:

      Excellent point! That woman’s first crime was coming into the USA unlawfully, then her 2nd crime was the voter fraud…and I’d be willing to bet there are many more crimes that haven’t been discovered. She’s already got 2 felonies…and needs to go to prison and then get deported. The government is not doing this to her family….SHE did this to her family. Next question…is…where is the father of the children. It’s time to step up. Perhaps she has relatives in Mexico that can take the children. Then, when she is deported, her family will be waiting for her. She’s also had almost 2 decades to go through the proper citizenship paperwork, but chose not to. Again, this isn’t the governments fault…it’s all her fault. Bye Bye…no empathy here.

    2. Her kids are U.S. citizens so they don’t have to go anywhere, when she leaves, but on the bright side, taxpayers get to pay to raise them now.

  19. Rocky Harden says:

    There’s a new sheriff in town. Actually it’s now there is a sheriff in town. We didn’t have one before. All we had was one who claimed to be one, but he was an imposter. Illegal aliens got used to doing as they pleased. They found that one day even they could grow up to be president. ICE, keep up the good work.

  20. Robert James says:

    She’s a serial criminal, starting with violating the law when she entered our country without permission. Deport her and force her to take her kids with her to Mexico.

    Otherwise, who’s going to pay for her irresponsible breeding? The American taxpayer, that’s who. Repeal the Anchor Baby rule.

  21. Paul Wain says:

    good and bad, great did they call her and convicted her but eight years is a little stiff plus deportation. I believe six months plus deportation would be sufficient but the deportation is the main thing always always

  22. Geo Rubik says:

    “The family of a woman convicted of voter fraud is speaking out after a Tarrant County jury sentenced her to eight years in prison.”

    A jury only convicts or acquits. A judge does the sentencing and fining.

  23. Kevin Brent says:

    One, of no doubt 5 or 6 million.

  24. Doug Day says:

    3.5 million times in 2016…

  25. I believe that is a felony to voter fraud and meddle in elections, that would be deportation asap! very upset that Illegals would meddle for the worst candidate for our country in our elections

  26. Ho Jo says:

    I didn’t see the father of the 4 children speak out only the Uncle

    1. rufusvondufus says:

      More than likely four fathers and I don’t mean forefathers!

  27. This I Know says:

    It’s time for people who disobey and disregard our laws, sometimes for YEARS or DECADES to pay the consequences. Just imagine how economically prosperous Mexico will be come with all of these highly skilled hard-working people headed back to their country.

  28. Kurt Frommd says:

    Not only did she pretend to be a citizen, but also attempted to vote at least twice. Tarrant Count and Dallas County. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  29. Unfortunately half the states work on the “honor” system requiring no photo ID to register and little in the way of proof of citizenship….the other half that do have ID and citizenship requirements allow multiple forms of ID/”proof”. And when you have a judicial system that essentially bans any proof of citizenship as a matter “discrimination” it is a system of voting that is designed to allow fraud as necessary to tip the balance in favor of the democrat party. This case shows unless someone inadvertently admits to fraud it is extremely hard to detect—therefore the democrat argument of “there’s no proof of fraud”. The courts are an obstacle to the rights of citizens.

  30. “Once she gets out of prison and she’s deported, does she bring her four minor children to Mexico? As a mother I think that would be a difficult choice for her,” Birdsall said.

    Boo frikkin hoo. She willingly broke the law. Don’t put her in prison (costing us tax $$$), immediately deport her. If she is willing to abandon her children, the more reason we shouldn’t have people like that in our country.

  31. Craig Book says:

    I’m confused. Are the kids not allowed to go to mexico? Why would there even be a question of what will happen to the kids?

  32. Thomas Arney says:

    This happens to US citizens ALL the time – single parent commits a crime, and gets arrested, the kids wind up in foster care. Stop feeling so sorry for lawbreakers – especially those who aren’t even US citizens. What is wrong with you people?

  33. David Knight says:

    I am good with a conviction. I am gtod with jail time, but 8 years is a bit steep. Maybe if you are organizing voter fraud 8 years would make sense, but 6 months and deportation is sufficient in a case like this.

  34. ..just like the illegal woman in AZ facing deportation, she’s a convicted felon and don’t understand why violating the law should have consequences.

    If these people don’t give a damn about their own children and decide to commit crimes, they may not be the best person to be raising children. If their family don’t want to step-up and help them, its just another example of them not being acceptable to people that know them best.

  35. Fixing the broken immigration system, one criminal at a time.

  36. What a shame, an ILLEGAL ALIEN finally serving time for FRAUD? Millions more to go…

  37. One down, about 20 million left to go

  38. No mother would leave their kids behind. No GOOD mother would leave their kids behind.

  39. “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.

    Actually, Felipe, she should take her anchor babies with her.

    Adios, familia.

  40. It’s about time anybody got convicted for voter fraud. Voter Fraud is a REAL problem here and I’m ecstatic she got convicted. Let’s convict some more!

  41. This is War. Throw them ALL Out.

  42. Matt Brooks says:

    Poor Uncle. No apparent sadness concerning breaking a Federal Law on his part. He is just wanting someone else to watch these kids instead of him. That is his remorse level. Since she was perceived to be an American citizen, what other benefits did she receive at out expense. Now, multiply that to the N’th with so many more Illegal Aliens.

  43. This whole break of the family thing needs to stop. Both State and Federal gov’s break up families daily. Yep, I have never seen a criminal not got to jail because he or she has children. They might work a deal out if both parents are convicted, sometimes. Oh wait, I’m talking about citizens that have broken the law. She is illegal, that is a special class that has a different set of rules. By the way, it is illegal for the gov to create special groups of people. Instead of putting this women in jail, deport the whole family. Then go after all the officials that aided, abeted and knowingly harbored and encouraged these illegals. Do that, put congressman Gutierrez from Chicago behind bars for break immigration law and all the support in the federal gov would simply go away and so would the illegals.

  44. ““What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.”
    What’s unfair is that she was able to come into this country illegally and interfere with our election process.
    Others who’ve done this are put on notice!

  45. There were millions of Illegal voters. We need to stop the madness and fix the system. There was no way she was confused. she has 4 kids and i am sure we are paying for them to live here. She needs to go.

  46. JL Newell says:

    the whole tribe should be deported, give all the cry-baby Soros protesters something else to whine about.

  47. South Mike says:

    If you think was lying when he said millions illegally voted for the email deleting criminal bi**h then you really are morons.

  48. Should have done it (citizenship) the right way. Nothing good is easy. Nobody forced her to break the law. If she’d been a drug dealer, the kids would have been affected. Her fault.

  49. She has spent nearly her entire life here – as a non-citizen. Living under the radar, but benefiting, no doubt, from this nation’s generosity. Then she commits voter fraud. What other fraud has been committed?

    I’m not a wealthy person but must support a tax system that increasing takes more from me at every level. Legal immigrants come to this country to assimilate and become Citizens of the United States of America. They work and pay taxes and contribute the to betterment of society as a whole.

    Illegal aliens do not assimilate, they live in social enclaves outside of our society, yet benefit from the same services you and I must pay heartily into in the way of federal, state, and municipal taxes.

    If illegal aliens can enter this nation and benefit from the same privileges that lawful citizens must work for, then where is the advantage of citizenship?

    This nonsense has to stop!

  50. Marsha Moore says:

    I find it interesting that the illegals seem to think they have a right to be in U.S. Lawlessness is going to end under Trump. Illegals are just part of the bigger problem. A fast way to end it is to stop all services to illegals. Obama actually called for illegals to vote. Soros ran a registration drive for illegals. THIS is why Voter ID cards are a Must.

  51. Cassie Russo says:

    Amnesty for bank robbers! Especially if they have children! Amnesty NOW!

  52. and the very second she is let out of Prison she is deported under threat of a much longer prison sentence if she returns. problem will go away one way or the other.

  53. Clegg Jensen says:

    Birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens is a travesty against the actual meaning of the 14th Amendment. Sticking a toe across our border and dropping a baby is not a legitimate reason to be granted citizenship and access to benefits meant for actual US citizens.

  54. But, but, there’s no evidence of voter fraud.

    1. Clegg Jensen says:

      On the bright side, convicted felons are not eligible for citizenship or reentry into the
      US. We are sick of being used. This is the United States of America … NOT the Mexican Department of Welfare.

  55. “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.

    Well, the thing about sin is that it not only affects you, but also the people around you. That’s a fact of life.

  56. California Motor Voter Law insures that the State that gives illegals drivers licenses will also send them a ballot. See, no illegals voting in California. They have a legal drivers license.

  57. Myyne Gaime says:

    Remember. It’s racist to require proof of citizenship. Don’t let liberal threat tactics scramble your logic. This isn’t that difficult people. TO vote, you must prove you are legal to vote.

  58. Lee Lee says:

    There should be no question. If the parents get deported, the children should go with them. America should support the family, not break it up. We need to be a country of laws and everyone needs to abide by them. Trump is doing right.

  59. For illegals, the Age of Grace is over. Finally, comes the Age of Justice. And it there’s nothing unfair about it.

    The more the hubris of these anti-American illegal aliens who have invaded our land becomes apparent by their rioting, the happier I am that Justice has come.

    America first, which means Rule of Law.

  60. Ra Williams says:

    “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” TAKE YOUR STINKING ANCHOR BABIES BACK TO MEXICO!

  61. Her children’s citizenship should be revoked too. Children of illegals need to be illegal.

  62. Jeff Welch says:

    Let me make this clear. If you are here Illegally you are breaking the law. If you have been here for years it does not matter. If you are worried about breaking up the family, the family can go back with the parents. No one is stopping you taking your kids with you.

  63. Learning disability, 4 kids? No kidding. Good Catholic. Good for government workers. Perpetual poverty needing government assistance. This is public enemy number one. The legal theft of money, property, and time. A great country is not known on how it treats its poor. A great country has no poor.

  64. Roger Jones says:

    Thankfully, crime has consequences in this case. If crime does not have consequences, that is what is not fair. People that care about their families should stop committing crimes. It really is that simple.

  65. She enters the United States illegally and then commits a felony voting in an American election and she is the victim???!!!

    The liberal Democrat party is totally lawless.

  66. Andy Howe says:

    When did motherhood become a defense to every crime?

  67. Chicky Dee says:

    About time we start sending the message that voter fraud is punishable by prison time and deportation if you are here illegally. No Ifs, ANDs or BUTs.

  68. Yes, send her back to Mexico with her kids. We are not talking about sending her to ISIS or a war zone, just her home country which happens to be our neighbor, and last I heard was a democracy! She’s a convicted felon and proof of voter fraud. Finally our government taking action on behalf of Americans!

  69. asudad90 says:

    Trump is deporting the base of The Democratic Party, Illegals.

  70. Sunny Morgan says:

    But I thought that illegal aliens voting was all in Trump’s head? I thought the need for voter ID was all in logical people’s heads? Stupid, lying, liberal, media. It’s no wonder you’re tanking. Netflix reruns of Star Trek have more facts than you!

  71. What about the kids, cries the uncle.

    Well, either the mother takes them back to her home country or the uncle or some other family member raises them. No one in the media were concerned when Democrat Bill Clinton sent Elian Gonzalez back to communist Cuba after his mom died coming to the USA.

    BTW- where’s the dad? Are taxpayers the dad, paying welfare for this family? Things reporters dare never ask even though the public has the right to know.

    Vote or die!!!

    1. Ho Jo says:

      Actually that ruling set the precedent. Supreme court ruled Executive branch does have control over immigration, therefore Trumps 90 day vetting process on the 7 countries identified as Obama and then SoS HRC as high risk countries is valid.

  72. Elliot Foley says:

    An ILLEGAL dropping an anchor baby on US soil, let alone 4 of them, is NOT a get out of deportation free card….

  73. Kerr Puter says:

    But, but…..there is no voter fraud remember!

  74. Bob Forsberg says:

    Illegals vs citizens….and we wonder how liberals win elections.

  75. texasjimbrock says:

    Either we are a nation of laws or we are not. Liberals seem to believe that only the laws that they like need to be obeyed.

  76. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    WE need more. Many more.

  77. Lib Serum says:

    Bank robber caught and convicted. “But she has kids! What about them?!”
    Bank robber should have thought of her kids before she committed the crime.

    Reality’s a b*tch. Adult Responsibility can be too if you defy the law.

  78. Lib Serum says:

    Change “Anchor Baby” law this year, 2017.

  79. if this woman claims to have a learning disability so severe that she gets confused with being a resident and a citizen. maybe she should not be unsupervised with her children.

  80. Henry Crum says:

    This happens to criminals. It is sad for the children, but it is justice.

  81. gwsjr425 says:

    Liberals and democrats will tell you she’s the only one.

  82. hughglass says:

    Si Se Puedo, Felon

  83. Mike Johnson says:

    I really feel for her and her kids. It is a sad, sad story. One that could have been prevented. Had she only come here legally. If she only didn’t commit voter fraud (which by the way, never happens)

    My only concern is why wast tax payer money jailing her? Send her and her family back to Mexico and save us the money.

  84. Love these activists, and bleeding heart tools in the media. NO mention of illegal votes (all kinds) having a negative impact on our country, and NO mention of the Spanish media who specifically encouraged these unwanted “visitors” to vote. Of course the media interviews the uncle, who says it is “unfair”. Ah-hem!

  85. Bob JC says:

    This should have been her defense.

    1. That’s what I was thinking! Obama told her she could do that. Maybe Obama should serve her sentence for her. It’s only fair.

  86. Try telling Mexico that you are a Mexican citizen to vote. Your sentence will be based on how much $ you have to buy your way out of prison.

  87. Jose Jimenez says:

    What’s going to happen to the kids?……the kids can go to Mejico “lindo y querido” with her.

  88. Alan Smithee says:

    Why is the assumption in the article it would be harmful if the children went to Mexico with the mother? All are Mexican citizens. Doesn’t Mexico take care of its citizens?

    From the article: “Once she gets out of prison and she’s deported, does she bring her four minor children to Mexico? As a mother I think that would be a difficult choice for her,” Birdsall said

  89. It will all end happily ever after when the entire family is reunited in Mexico eight years from now.

  90. Andrew Kline says:

    Let me get his straight… they have no problem with her 4 kids not being able to see her in jail but God forbid she gets deported and does not take her kids with her and they have to cross the border to see her. ROFLMAO.

  91. Can’t do the time? Don’t do the crime.

  92. Imagine the criminality of every freaking lib-commie-progressive-socialist-democrat elections department controlled vote in the last 10, 20, 50 years…

    Remember the Alamo!! F Latin America and Islam too

  93. Billy Bob says:

    “Once she gets out of prison and she’s deported, does she bring her four minor children to Mexico?”

    YES. 5 less illegals in the country.

  94. Didn’t Obama basically say this was OK? I hope this news quickly spreads among the illegal immigrant communities.

  95. Get rid of the anchor baby law immediately.

  96. todun says:

    Now go after the illegal alien that usurped the Office of the Presidency the last 8 years while using a stolen social # from the state of Connecticut and a proven to be forged copy of a birth certificate.

  97. Brian Punter says:

    It’s not the Russians undermining our election system it’s these damned entitled illegals, it’s time to purge the scourge by sending them packing for their home of origin!

  98. Bob She says:

    Get out. And please march in the streets waving your mexican flags, it will make identifying you illegals that much easier.

  99. all mexicans have learning disabilities.

  100. GOOD! And no early release. It’s time that this problem of Illegals Voting be taken seriously. Then after her 8 years in prison Deport her Felonious butt back to Mexico. I don’t care what happens to her kids — she created the problem, nobody else did. If she loves them she’ll have them come to her in Mexico because she *ain’t* ever getting back in the USA, not legally.

  101. Her kids need to go with her!! NO ANCHOR BABIES!!! Now to get the rest of the illegals out of here!!

  102. Mike Herman says:

    There really is voter fraud by illegals? Gosh, who knew?

  103. Su Yu says:

    Wow,….I thought laws were optional in the USA…..

  104. Mike Herman says:

    Now that we have a president, ICE is ICE again!

  105. So I should be able rob banks and my defense should be my wife and kids will miss me???

  106. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.. start packing illegals.. You’ve had plenty of time to figure this out.. If you wanna be mad at anyone besides yourselves for expecting to illegally stay in a country of which you invaded, be mad at the democrats who use you and black liberals to stay in power. figure it out.. We didn’t beg you to come, quite the opposite.. Should have listened to US, the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS who’ve had enough.

  107. “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.

    Take them with her. And I want Uncle Felipe to prove his status too!

  108. Once we go through a few of these heart-wrenching deportations of Mamas being tossed out, the rest will be easy.

  109. “He points out his niece has spent almost her entire life in the U.S. Her attorney said she has a learning disability….”

    Terrific… how much extra has THAT cost us???

    My GOD these people are freakin’ money pits!!

  110. deport now…deport often…time to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. hitrestart1 says:

    Finally! Someone is actually being punished for voter fraud!

    We need far more arrests and convictions to make a dent in the damage these invaders cause.

  112. Trump is right (based on True The Vote’s findings and others) – There are millions of illegals voting all over the country.

    I first discovered this when I went to renew my driver’s license in 1998 and they offered to allow me to register to vote in Dallas County. When I looked at the back of the registration application card – it was apparent that an illegal not only doesn’t have to provide proof of citizenship, but doesn’t even have to be able to read and write. They simply have to attest they’re a citizen, and sign with an “X.”

    I objected with the Secretary of State, who reported… “there is nothing we can do, it’s the law” enacted by Bill Clinton and the Dems in 1993 (The Motor Voter Law). They’ve known since 1993 that millions of illegals would eventually register and vote for “their slave owners / caretakers.” This was the grand design of the Dems to maintain their power. And the Reps were simply too stupid to figure it out. I know, because I contacted many of them to alert them to this huge problem – and they’ve ignored it… until… Trump!

    Trump is finally bringing this all to the attention of the “ignorant public,” who by and large are too stupid to vote anyway!

    So… hopefully… he will “get to the bottom” of this massive vote fraud, and stop it by requiring everyone to re-register with proof of citizenship, and issue biometric voter id cards, which are required to vote, registration in a national data base that voter has voted, and checking the data base to verify a voter is registered and has not voted elsewhere, prior to being allowed to vote. And automatically purging the data base of registered voters when they die. That will stop most all voter fraud.

    The Dems and their 5th column in the media will fight these reforms… but… hopefully Trump will WIN… BIG LEAGUE!

  113. What do say NOW libs? She was caught red handed voting ILLEGALLY. Now multiply that by 3 MILLION and you have Hillary’s popular vote “win”.

  114. And… yes… anyone who has voted illegaly should be publically prosecuted and deported – to serve as example of the penalty of voting illegaly. Hey… it’s better than being “hanged in the village square.”

  115. Samuel Green says:

    When you have a President that goes on TV and shows illegal and ineligible people how to vote, this is the result.

    Obama should be in the cell next to her along with other miscreants like Debbie Wasserman Shultz, for her unethical fraud, and Loretta Lynch for dereliction of duty, she turned a blind eye to Anthony ‘Show you my weiner’ Weiner when he was sexting with MINORS.

    I guess if Hillary set up Mr Weiner with Huma, and Bill Clinton performed the wedding ceremony, that gets you a get out of jail free card. That’s sad because sex crimes to minors is reprehensible.

    1 popular voter discovered, millions more to root out and arrest.

    1. Yes… I saw him do that as well – encourage illegals to vote illegally by illegally registering that they were a citizen.

      And… yes… he could be prosecuted for many violations of the law… and… could have been impeached and removed from office (even now) to allow all of his acts to be “nullified.” They could have removed him from office for not being a “Natural Born Citizen” (not being born to 2 citizen parents – his father was not a citizen) and unqualified to hold the office. But, the Reps are too weak to do that.

      Otherwise, he would be in the jail cell right next too her!

  116. Go to Mexico and try that and see what you get!!!!!!!!

  117. Sam Jones says:

    Reading the excuses (e.g. learning disability, confused, etc.) was laughable–made my morning. Regarding how “unfair” it would be to deport her . . . she’s here illegally and she committed a crime. Maybe she should have considered that first. I’d fine her the $5K, sentence her to 6 months and then deport her. Her children should follow–lest they become wards of the state. What do you think the odds are that they’re already are on welfare? Why should the taxpayers of Texas pay to support this criminal and her children for 8 years?

    1. Samuel Green says:

      I completely agree, fine her the max, but instead of making her serve the six months you suggested, instead, suspend her sentence but deport her with no entry back into the USA for at least 10 years.

      The cost to bring her to trial was surely costly, omitting the six month sentence is money saved to the taxpayer, and those funds could go to better helping LEGAL immigrants who follow the laws of our great country.

  118. This woman is an adult who’s been here practically her whole life. Nothing prevented her from 1) applying for citizenship, 2) registering to vote and 3) abiding by the laws of the land. Instead she lived here illegally, popped out four anchor babies and fraudulently represented herself at the voting booth.

  119. Of course her uncle brings up her children and says it isn’t fair…

  120. Michael Rice says:


  121. Joe Mellon says:

    “she has a learning disability”, yet having four kids was not a part of it.

  122. Chris Taylor says:

    The best thing to do here is have her work the chain gang building that wall along with any other illegal who wants to break the law and come her illegally. Once their time is up deport them. If they still want to come here illegally give them another eight years. If the wall is built by then we have plenty of farms that could use the labor provided by the prisons to pick their crops. Before the liberals cry that is slavery. It is and the Constitution provides for it. If you don’t buy it read it.

  123. Chris Hanson says:

    The length of the sentence punishes the victim, our country, in the process. The endgame of some prison time and deportation of all involved seems enough.

    We really do need voter ID and to have it confirm citizenship.

  124. Yirmin Snipe says:

    If the kids have no legal father in the US and the kids were born here then put them in an orphanage and let someone adopt them. If they aren’t US citizen then deport them. Send a message to these women that try to create anchor babies that the kids will stay but they wont and they will never see those kids again. See how quickly that ends the anchor baby BS.

  125. If the illegal “ILLEGAL” had not broken “BROKEN” the law, then they would not need to ask “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.

  126. Ben Jones says:

    The illegal aliens think that breaking the law is justified for them. Someone should explain the word “ILLEGAL” to them.
    Let’s say I break into your house.
    Let’s say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave.
    But I say, “I’ve made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors. I’ve done all the things you don’t like to do. I’m hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house).”
    According to the illegal aliens:
    You are Required to let me stay in your house
    You are Required to add me to your family’s insurance plan
    You are Required to Educate my kids
    You are Required to Provide other benefits to me and to my family
    (my husband will do all of your yard work because he is also hard-working and honest, except for that breaking in part).
    If you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my RIGHT to be there.
    It’s only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I’m just trying to better myself.
    I’m a hard-working and honest, person, except for well, you know, I did break into your house.
    And what a deal it is for me!!!
    I live in your house, contributing only a fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about it without being accused of cold, uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, and bigoted behavior.
    Oh yeah, I DEMAND that you learn MY LANGUAGE!!! so you can communicate with me.

  127. eriklen says:

    I wonder which party she was registered with? Hmmmm.

  128. Bubba Bubbas says:

    No voter fraud say the Dumbocrats. This is just the tip of the iceberg

  129. Don’t care, quit making excuses for her, she broke the law, deport her! And I don’t give a craap about her children either, anchor children I bet!

  130. Peter Russo says:

    Though some of my recent ancestors were immigrants, I have no sympathy for these folks at all. Everyone here illegally knows full well that they don’t have legal status. Just because they foolishly assumed that over time their illegal status would ‘evaporate’ doesn’t make it so. I am disgusted, as are most Americans, with the crying children bemoaning their family members’ deportations. No different than someone committing a non violent felony twenty years ago, changing their ways and becoming a model “citizen” and then being apprehended. The passage of time and their subsequent good deeds doesn’t diminish their criminal culpability. In fact with illegal immigrants, they and their families have illegally benefited from their presence every day they have spent here. They have NO valid reason to complain.

  131. Elis Garrett says:

    Poor thing she is not alone believe me , but their use that as an example , I’m a resident in USA and by the way I live at Trump Tower for 6 years , I know Donald Trump , But I not vote because I know it just citizen vote ,, and I had no made my yet , living in US for about 21 years legal. But I’m sad for heard that because is much more people out there

  132. As a lawful Hispanic business owner why wring our hands on this when this will be happening, as well it should, to millions of other illegal immigrant felons.

    Dear fellow Hispanics: If you haven’t filled out your immigration paperwork that shows the feds your doing what is expected then get on it like yesterday. If you believed U.S. politicians that your stay would be in perpetuity and haven’t processed any paperwork? Good luck.

    it took my Mom and Dad, both from Mexico during the Carter Administration, a total of 10 years to become U.S. Citizens. You have got to do this correctly so get online, secure your paperwork and submit it as quickly as you can. Just MHO…….

  133. Joel Barr says:

    Fair? What does that have to do with anything? Is it fair that her (and many others like her) voting cancels the votes of lawful citizens?

    The reason they are doing this is prior to purging the voter rolls of the millions of illegals on them, the Gov’t wants to send a chill through the illegal alien population so they self-abandon voting altogether.

  134. If she is an illegal then your headline is wrong. She’s not a “citizen” of US. Misleading headline, awkward, re-write it to clarify.

  135. Watch all the “concern” freaks come out of the woodwork!! Absolutely hilarious.

  136. Keith Panco says:

    If democrats are so concerned about breaking up families, there would be no prisons. Sending any criminal to jail breaks up a family. This is just a talking point. Do not be fooled.

  137. Watch all the “concern” freaks come out of the woodwork!!! Absolutely hilarious.

  138. jcx2 says:

    Voter fraud is serious, and lying about being a citizen to commit voteer fraud only makes it worse. What happens to American children when one of their parents go to jail? Why should an illegal have our sympathy if we don’t worry about the children of a citizen who committed a crime? She is guilty of breaking two of our laws, the first by illegally coming and staying here, and the second by voter fraud. How many other laws has she broken?

  139. Paul Trott says:

    Hillary losing voters one at a time.

  140. How many more Illegals are voting in America? The Democrats say it’s not a problem.
    This lady needs to be deported because she broke the law anything less is an insult to people like my mother and father who came here legally. Heaven has a wall and gates- Why can’t America? There is a process to enter Heaven – We are Vetted before we can enter- What’s wrong with Vetting anyone that enters America?

  141. R.d. Holland says:

    Did she say she saw Obama’s interview where he said that if you are here illegally, you have a bigger obligation to vote in this election.

  142. Walter Fife says:

    It’s amazing how after just less than a month we are finding out that there actually was voter fraud. After listening to Obama and the Democrats ridicule the Republicans for “having no proof” of voter fraud, now that the lid is off the corruptly Run department of Justice by Eric Holder and the other lawless defenders of crime, we get to see what has been going on. The defense attorney claims the woman “has a learning disability and was confused”. Could part of the confusion be because the Democrats, including Barack Obama, organized these people and had them convinced “no one would come after them” (an actual quote by Obama)?

  143. ‘“What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.’

    Was it fair when a non-citizen invalidated my vote?

  144. Walter Fife says:

    And yet Texas continues to create Sanctuary Cities to enable these people to hide out doing their lawless un-American, un-Constitutional deeds! What happened to Texas?

  145. Walter Fife says:

    is there now anyone left who think we don’t need voter IDs? But of course there are, they’re called liberals. This is how the left tries to win. I am reading now how this is sending a shock wave into the illegal community. I say good. Get your affairs in order and get your life right with God. The days of having protection from Obama and his merry men of lawlessness are OVER!

  146. Larry Jones says:

    “It’s not fair.”

    That the illegal POS got caught.

    Kick them all out, man, woman and child. America is not the world’s dumping ground for human trash,

  147. Dell Thomas says:

    Pshaw! For the last time there is no such thing as voter fraud…

  148. “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,”

    Maybe that is something everyone who commits a felony should ask themselves before they commit what they know is a crime!

  149. Dee Christou says:

    as a victim of identity theft, I think that this is the most humane punishment for this illegal. If it were up to me ……well, afterwards, she would beg to be deported…

  150. She’s qualified to vote – in Mexico. How about those 3 million who voted for Hillary that supposedly gave her the popular vote? Any unqualified voters there? You bet. This is why the sanctuary cities mayors are defying the feds on this. They were NOT legally elected by US citizens!

    1. “…when Ortega tried to register to vote in Tarrant County, she admitted she was not a citizen, so her application was rejected. When she told them she had already been voting in Dallas County, that’s when investigators started looking into her case.”

      How many hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of illegals have been voting like this for years unnoticed only until they say something stupid to incriminate themselves?

  151. What happens to her kids? FUKC HER ANCHOR BABIES

  152. Total POS. All illegals need to go back to their homeland and if they want to come here do so legally and honorably, not as a criminal. People like Ortega deserve what they get. It undermines our nation she is sucking off of! The disrespect for this nation these illegals have. Thankfully we have a President that respects the rule of law to protect our borders and is willing to move these trespassers out.

  153. John Tarter says:

    What’s going to happen to her kids? She can take them with her when she goes back to Mexico. No one in America wants to break up families, and since they are also Mexican citizens because their birth mother is a Mexican national, there should be no problem with them getting into the country.

    1. And that’s something the pro illegal activists lie when they complain about “breaking up families”. Their children can go with them, legally. They just prefer to stick around in the US but the children might really end up liking their lives in Mexico. They shouldn’t knock it until they try it.

  154. But the Democrats and media (i repeat myself) assured us their was no voter fraud; that illegals were not voting.

  155. “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,” Rosa’s uncle, Felipe Ortega said.

    The kids can go with her to Mexico. You should know that and that is very fair. On the other hand what’s your status in the US, Felipe Ortega?

  156. Dan Payne says:

    Just the tip of the iceberg. Opps, I meant its the tip of the North Pole. There are far more of these people.

  157. Some people are so concerned about their children’s well being that they simply don’t commit crimes in the first place.


  158. If I committed a crime of any kind I cannot believe a question of what would become of my children would arise. Why would it?

  159. This is the wrong approach to an obvious problem. There should be mass deportations all at once so that those not eligible for deportation are grateful. They will be thankful for following our laws and become a part of our culture learning English and dropping all aspects of any former existence. They will become Americans.

  160. Millions of Mexicans have no problem bring their children illegally in to the United States, What is so wrong about going the other direction? Don’t tell me because Mexico is an inferior country, that would be racist.

  161. I’m sure she voted straight party line (R) – all 5 times.
    Boo. Effing. Hoo. If I committed a crime, I would be solely responsible for the distance between myself and my kids.

  162. Ok, Mom robs a bank. Gets a million dollars. Gives it to her kids and then is caught.
    “it’s unfair the kids don’t get to keep the money,” says the uncle. “They are used to living the high life.”

  163. Paco Jimenez says:

    Maybe she shouldn’t have broken the law. This is her own fault. Come here legally like the rest of us.

  164. It’s becoming clear that these immigrants do not respect the U.S. Mexican President demanded Trump respect Mexico, but these immigrants believe they are entitled to ignore U.S. laws. Perhaps were are importing a culture too used to corruption.

  165. We don’t care about her, OR her ‘children’, OR how “unfair” it is anymore
    than she has respected America, and her Laws, by Illegally ‘squatting’ in
    this Country and Illegally ‘voting’ while hiding in plain sight. Prison and out.

  166. Bob Suyak says:

    I bet there are a lots more on the Left Coast: Ca, Wa and Ore give drivers licenses to illegals. Liberals do not care about the laws or security of the USA, why? I know.

  167. Tom Ronson says:

    This woman and her family knew exactly what she was doing. She had been in this country for a long time and was determined to vote even if a violation of the law.
    The story sounds a lot like the old tale of a young man, who murders his parents and then tells the court through tears, that they should go easy on him because he is an orphan.

  168. Mike Herman says:

    HiLIARy’s voters were a basket of deportables.

  169. Treason and sedition… trying to undermine the government of the USA. Death penalty is the usual sentence.

  170. Mike Herman says:

    My grandfather immigrated legally, and was subject to strict screening at Ellis Island with the possibility of not being allowed in. Those were days when laws mattered.

  171. Doug Quinby says:

    I would appeal IF this story is accurate. No way a jury should decide the punishment, that should be left to the judge.

    Then again, I would think since this is the media reporting It’s probably false.

  172. Bob Suyak says:

    Another one of Mexico’s finest, send her back.

  173. Finally, finally getting our country back. Thank God for president Trump. He is my hero.

  174. “What’s going to happen to the kids? So it’s not fair,”

    She should have thought of that before breaking the law…. TWICE.

  175. EIGHT YEARS? That judge is a lunatic. Prosecutions for voter fraud are certainly appropriate but that sentence can only be handed down by a judge out of touch with reality. There’s way too little oversight of and accountability for judges.

    1. Bang Stick says:

      Before you get all teary-eyed about the “unfairness” of the sentencing….Let’s remember that the consequences of messing with the vote has and does cause Civil Wars to break out.

      Mess with the vote…you deserve what you get!

      1. Voting illegally is serious and there should be serious penalties. No argument there. But even three months without freedom, in prison, is a plenty painful sentence. This isn’t a crime where you’re sentencing hardened criminals who can do multi-year sentences “with their eyes shut.” Eight years is nuts. If he really wanted an extra-harsh sentence to send a message, half a year in prison is *amply* harsh for this. Eight years should be reserved for significant property crimes and medium-level violent crimes where the victim(s) aren’t significantly injured.

  176. dt60093 says:

    I don’t understand. Obama told illegals there would be no repercussions if they voted illegally and advised them to do so. I guess they can try suing him for giving them faulty legal advice.

    1. This woman is in no way an illegal. She has her green card.

  177. Fred Doe says:

    Praise the Lord! Are we in backwards world?! It seems the law is actually the law again!!!!
    I never thought that I would see the return of SANITY!!!!!!

  178. Fred Doe says:

    Does anyone want to bet on who she illegally voted for in the last election?

  179. They’ve been breaking the law for so long without fear of consequences that they’ve taken our kindness for weakness. This sends a strong message that there is a new sheriff in town and illegal actions will not be tolerated.

  180. Troy Dynes says:

    They break into our country then commit felonies and tell us they’re above the U.S. Citizens. Throw their [expletive deleted] back over the border!! Power to the People. Viva President Trump!

  181. Chris Havens says:

    8 years is not enough. Her actions undermines the basis of our great Representative Republic.

    The Uncle asked what happens to her kids, well that is her problem and his. Seems to me she chose not to care about her CHILDREN when SHE decided to commit voter FRAUD.

  182. One down Five Million to go. We HAVE to institute a NATIONAL PHOTO VOTER ID for national elections. Voter Fraud, and it is REAL, HAS to STOP! Also no illegal alien should EVER get to choose who WE will have for president, nor FELONS either! THAT should be a FEDERAL LAW!

  183. All of these stories are starting to sound the same… someone breaks the law and now WE are supported to cry over it?

    Her family says “IT’S NOT FAIR!” Oh really? Seems pretty fair to me. She broke the law, got caught, hired a lawyer, had her day in court, and lost. Now it’s only fair when you get away with crime?

    Whenever I read these stories about illegals being deported, I think of this same movie scene… (Jim Carrey, a huge lib, from ‘Liar Liar’)

  184. Vonnise Cobb says:

    This site needs a “Like” option!!! These are great comments!! I hope she and her family get the message!!

  185. Keith Diggs says:

    But but, liberals have assured us that this NEVER happens!!!

  186. It’s about time that the officials start checking on people who register to vote. I have been voting for more than 47 years and always had to show id when voting. The reason this woman is in trouble is because she flaunted the law and got caught and convicted by a jury. Voting in this country is a right for all citizens of the United States of America. Time to drain the swamp!

  187. John Pepin says:

    What this article failed to mention is that since she voted, legal US citizens were denied their Right to vote. How? Because every fraudulent vote disenfranchises a citizen by negating his or her vote.

    If voting is made irrelevant by fraud… what is the quality of democracy?

  188. I just do not understand why so many immigrants are not following the law and learning the English language, the history of the USA and it’s laws and finish the immigration program.
    If these immigrants just come here to get money skimmed off the social security system as welfare, and avoid taxes, and never apply for citizenship, then they are the cause of this hardship now, no one else.


  190. Jack Frost says:

    This story illustrates well how the MSM is grooming the news to smear those who don’t support the progressive agenda to turn the USA into a banana republic, i.e. to finish Obama’s transformation. They drag out “poor immigrant woman” stories, “breaking up families” stories, and on and on with NO MENTION of the OBVIOUS counter arguments : 1) the poor illegal woman is FREE to bring her kids with her; 2) the violation of the rights and liberties of LEGAL citizens when illegals are allowed to stay / vote / suck govt services, … 3) exactly who’s money are they so willing to squander to buy their votes and self-gratification.

    The MSM is purely an echo chamber of progressives patting each other on the back – very similar to interlocking boards of directors in the private sector. The MSM is acting as an enabler of propaganda for the progressive agenda – it’s who they are.

  191. Jon Stimpson says:

    What’s really “not fair” is the money stolen from hard working American taxpayers to pay for her 4 little anchors we’ve undoubtedly supported since their first breath.
    No one is “breaking up a family” deporting her; she can take her children with her and get them off our backs.

  192. luxomni says:

    It wasn’t a problem until she told them she voted for Trump. Then the world fell in.

  193. Alan Whitney says:

    “What’s going to happen to the kids?”

    Who the eff cares?

  194. Richard Head says:

    Voter fraud needs a bunch of stiff sentences like this so that people will think twice about doing it in the future. Up until now, there have been very few consequences.

    Next up for stiff sentences, should be the anarchists that are breaking windows during the “non-violent protests” by the left. If they start spending 10 years in prison, it will be harder to recruit these miscreants.

  195. Susan Sabin says:

    Not fair? She is an illegal, she broke the law. She committed voter fraud. It is about time that actions had consequences. I am so sick and tired of these parasites, and yes they are, sucking our taxpayer monies to the tune of 313 billion a year.

  196. I hope this Article is also in Spanish…. This is a great start hopefully those illegal will self deport
    and save tax payer money and them possible jail time…..

  197. Rob Howarka says:

    Sent her whole family back including Tio

  198. Mark Meyer says:

    The hubris of these illegals and their illegal organizations is astonishing.

  199. Jeff Livesay says:

    Here is a NEW IDEA for Mexico and illegal immigrants. Instead of coming to OUR country to use our toilets and hospitals, how about BUILDING YOUR OWN? If you spent half the money you spend defending illegal immigration on improving your own country, you might have a NICE PLACE TO LIVE with GOOD JOBS. Look, we don’t want you here unless you apply according the the legally approved process. You tried to take Texas and we sent Santa Anna out in a woman’s night gown. President Trump is Sam Houston on steroids. We are going to send your illegals packing home with all the anchors they’ve dropped here. Your freeloading time on Yanquis is coming to and end. New Gringo sheriff gonna send you home.

  200. We all have learning disabilities of one sort or another. I for one cannot carry a tune, cannot play a musical instrument and can’t color inside the lines. Notwithstanding, IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE. The jury was correct in its decision. The woman should serve her sentence and then be deported to her country of origin. If she has young children, they should go with her.

  201. Tim Flynn says:

    A white women near DesMoines Iowa was busted for voting twice for Trump. Wonder what happened to her?


    2. Here, I did you due diligence for you:

      Her name is Terri Lynn Rote. She is charged with First-degree Election Misconduct, a Class D Felony under Iowa state law. She was arrested and is out on a $5,000 bond. Her case is still winding it’s way through the Iowa court system. The latest word from her attorney is that he is pursuing the same BS legal defense as this illegal alien is in TX: Mental problems. Of course, this is complete B.S.

      So it doesn’t matter whether you are an illegal alien or an American citizen; If you get caught committing voter fraud, you get arrested, thrown in jail, and charged with a felony. Only difference is, the illegal alien gets deported after they serve their sentence. 😉

  202. Neuro Mancer says:

    What? I thought we were told that this kind of thing doesn’t happen.

  203. Ron Traguer says:

    But liberals keep saying voter fraud doesn’t exist…

    We need to throw the book at people and publicize it.

  204. 14th amendment sec 1 All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    The key words is “subject to the jurisdiction” illegals are subjects of another country. Anchor babies shouldn’t be US citizens, Liberal judges really got this one wrong. By the way, if you had children overseas, none of the world’s nations would grant them citizenship by birth location.

    I’m looking forward to more of these crimes being prosecuted. It’s about time. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, to over the next three years require every voter to prove their citizenship. Start with the A’s and 36 months later end with the Z’s. Also provide proof of where you reside. When you move have a transfer process that takes you off the past voter rolls.

  205. Guy Gadbous says:

    Hope this happens more often!

  206. Willy Wilcox says:

    She can take her kids to Mexico with her when she goes. When they are 18, they can return if they are citizens. She is the only one responsible for breaking up her family.

    1. They won’t be going anyway for nearly a decade. For the next 8 years taxpayers will be paying her living expenses as well as paying to raise her children.

  207. Doubtless one of many such cases. People seeking a job is understandable if illegal. But people voting illegally is just plain wrong and a distortion of American democracy. Her crime imposes a problem for her family – committing a felony always does.

  208. TOO BAD, SO SAD – SEE YA!!!

  209. Every time an illegal vote is cast, some legal US citizen’s LEGAL vote is cancelled out. That is the very definition of voter disenfranchisement, a flagrant violation of civil rights. I never hear liberal politicians or the news media who back them (like this bunch) shed a tear about that.

    1. That’s because liberal politicians and The Media™ who back them don’t shed tears; They have non to shed because they are pure evil.

  210. Carl Ball says:

    don’t cry for me argentina! you broke the law not once for crossing but probably several biannual voting chances! as for her kids leave the or take them! we get stuck with them for your crimes! it’s been a eacked out 40 years with these people!

  211. Few million more to go. Should probably invest in prisons.

  212. Ohhhhhh ITS NOT FAIR!!! Her poor kids!! Let me tell you, these criminals are UNFIT PARENTS and the kids deserve better than this! Learn the law, ANY immigrant cant be deported, no other crime required!

  213. Before the Holy Righteous Hebrew God Almighty, breaking civil law is violating HIS law. When HE approves of civil law that settles the matter. I am guilty of exceeding the speed limit on freeways but not for several years. The performance of the auto in question is the reason. I am guilty of that sin. Her guilt is more important to Federal and State law. This is the Law of the Land.

  214. We’re finally starting to get progress on taking on illegals and the crimes they commit, including voter fraud.

  215. This has happened all over our country!!! Her and how many million more!!

  216. But wait….the dems said there was no voter fraud!

  217. I wonder who she voted for.

  218. Are they acknowledging that requiring voter ID could have prevented this? That’s a good start.

  219. jasonn13 says:

    One down and about three million more to go.

  220. I’m a big Trump supporter. If this woman knowingly committed voter fraud then she is guilty. I just have two issues with this. The first is that maybe she really thought she was allowed to vote because she had a green card. The article did say that she openly told the authorities that she had already been voting in another county perhaps while living there. She didn’t try to hide that. And that her honesty about her previous voting is what prompted the authorities to begin an investigation. I know the jury decided that she was guilty, however many people have been convicted in the past even though they were later proven to be innocent. However, we have to accept the verdict as it stands. The next issue is the sentence of 8 years in prison. This is unbelievable!!!!!! This to me is much more of a crime than her committing voter fraud! 1 year sentence would be much more appropriate and fair for voting just 1 time during each election period. The evidence said that she had voted in previous elections. Not that she had voted many times during each election. Also, she was here legally as she does have a green card. My heart goes out to her. I just think this sentence is much too harsh for her crime. Really unbelievably harsh. Hillary Clinton and so many others have committed agregious crimes and walk freely among us, yet this poor woman gets 8 long years for her crime of voting 1 time illegally in the past few elections.

  221. Just because you didn’t see that red light you ran, doesn’t mean you’re innocent. If you’re attempting to vote in another country, of which you are not a citizen, you had better learn the rules. Guilty, and properly sentenced.

  222. George Ennis says:

    i do agree that the sentence is a little extreme, but she knowingly voted knowing she was not a citizen, but obama told them to if you will remember right. this is a case of why the democrats do not want voter id and proof of citizenship. this is their voter base. as the investigation goes in deeper i think they will find this is much more common in democratic cities and that trump is absolutely right about the voter fraud. i say maybe 1 year and deported, but if the children are not citizens then they should be deported as well. why do people have a problem with broken families, they do it to theirselves and i have no pity for it.

  223. Where will the children go while she is in prison for 8 years? Where is the outrage for the children while she’s in prison?

    1. Using the children is wrong, she committed a crime, and should have known better. According to you parents with children should not be sentenced to prison. Where do you draw the line? This is how liberals work to tug at our heart strings; playing the poor children excuse. They did it when all those children were crossing the border over the last couple years.

  224. I live in El Paso, TX and whenever I vote, city or state or federal I have to show my voter registration card PLUS my driver’s license. And that is not racist to ask for photo ID. If the woman was allowed to vote 5 times at 5 different locations then voting places are NOT doing their jobs.

  225. Voter ID laws would have saved her from herself. So all you progressives out there don’t complain when these illegal aliens get caught voting and get deported. We could have saved them from themselves with voter ID laws.

Comments are closed.

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