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Some kids are relaxing this spring break week, but one North Texas teen is working to make a wish come true and bring Taylor Swift to sing at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

The Japanese tradition of folding paper cranes goes back to the 1700’s. The crane represents a powerful symbol of loyalty, beauty and strength, and anyone who has the patience and commitment to fold 1000 paper origami cranes will have their deepest wish granted.

Thus, The Lucy Project was born, spearheaded by one very driven and caring Fort Worth teenager.

“I am going to send them to Taylor Swift and my wish is that she will come and sing for the patients at Cook Children’s” said Lucy Ariola of The Lucy Project.

Lucy is 16 years old and came up with this idea all by herself as a way to give something very special to the kids at Cook Children’s Medical Center.

the lucy project e1489791772511 The Lucy Project

(photo credit: The Lucy Project)

“My husband and I are very proud of Lucy. We thought ‘why don’t we do something small,’ and she said ‘no I think I am going to have a celebrity concert and I think I am going to ask Taylor Swift,’ “said Lucy’s mom Kristen Ariola.

The folks at Cook Children’s Medical Center are very excited at the possibility of Taylor Swift coming to visit in Fort Worth.

“What kid is going to fold a thousand (paper) cranes over their spring break and give up their free time to get Taylor Swift to come here for our patients,” said Geraldine Williams, Director of Community Programs for Cook Children’s Medical Center.

JD Ryan is at Cook Children’s Medical Center with The Lucy Project… Around Town!

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