Blue-Haired Man Arrested After Peeing On Cruiser, Punching Cop

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police are investigating an attack on one of their own that happened in Downtown Dallas on Saturday afternoon as two officers tried to eat lunch.

Security camera footage appears to show a man get up from his table at Zenna Restaurant and walk outside. Once on the street, investigators said the suspect is seen urinating on the police car; then furiously punching the window and shattering the glass.

When the officers were informed of what was happening, the video shows them confronting the man as he walked back inside Zenna. After a few words, it appears that the suspect punches one of the officers in the face.

“That was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” said manager Johnny Ly. “I feel bad for them. They were probably here on their break time having lunch before they have to go back out to their beat for another 12 hours and this is what they have to deal with.”

After a brief struggle, the two officers were able to wrap up and restrain the man later identified as William Holmes, 27.

“If he’s going to punch a cop in the face, what’s he going to do in Joe Citizen?” questioned Mike Mata with the Dallas Police Association.

Mata, who is also a DPD patrol supervisor, said the video is an example of the unpredictable dangers officers now face every day on the job.

“Some individuals think it’s a war on cops and they’re going to play it out in the streets,” said Mata.

The displays of aggression toward officers and authority only limit the amount of people willing to wear the badge, according to Mata.

“Nobody signs a piece of paper when they become an officer that says, ‘I’m going to take a beating every day,’ ” said Mata.

He said it is why officers often seem so guarded to the public, they are always accessing their surroundings.

Ly said he hopes the two officers involved and others always feel welcome.

“Nobody would do what they do, putting their life in danger like that to make it safe for us,” said Ly.

The suspect is facing felony assault on an officer and criminal mischief.

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One Comment

  1. Dennis Shipp says:

    I hope he tries that in prison, where he is going. Maybe the dye in his hair made it to his brain. I LOVE the Dallas Police, I don’t care what blm has to say. If your in need of help, who shows up. Thank you DPD.

    1. Le Lewis says:

      Imprisonment does not mitigate ideology…Prisons are known for their ability to cultivate and foster anti-culture: How long can we afford lifetime sentencing…This ignorant thinking is costing our economy the utility of untapped potential. And for the record, I back the boys in Blue (some a see/claim as friends, however black live matter at the same time.

  2. John Wood says:

    They’re going to really like that blue hair when this putz hits the joint.

  3. Le Lewis says:

    My comment is simply, “the law of unintended consequence that is unique to Government effort. We are being manipulated by fear and the mongers have done it so long not even they can contain the effect of a divided house. A Lot of good folks supported the strong arm of the law until their children became victim…Some whites have lost the ability to defend against the abuse of law originally reserved for blacks…The anger is real and the bias protecting the few wrongdoers has spilled over to the Good guys. The public needs to see some real transparency in policing: our society is breaking down before our eyes…Even some kids justify telling lies to researchers in order to get ahead..the study is years old.

  4. Le Lewis says:

    *even they “cannot” contain”…We need deal with the “extranalities” of bad guiding/governing principle bias on greed…Mongers of fear have created systems dependent on captured systems perverted by profit as motive: American investors today, in my opinion need to be more engaged–too much of their money find home in the black holes of bad schemes.

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