screen shot 2017 05 18 at 8 21 42 am 911 Recording Released In Deadly Richardson Road Rage

Richardson road rage (Chopper11)

RICHARDSON (CBS11)When someone shot 27-year-old Robert Klikus in what police call an act of deadly road rage in Richardson on May 18, Hitalo Villa was there to help.

Villa called 911 and jumped into action. “I’m on my way to work… but I’ve got a vehicle… I noticed the guy is driving or a woman… and she’s kinda asleep or passed out in the vehicle… it’s still moving,” he said during the 911 call.

Villa broke the window, hurting his hand and managed to grab the steering wheel and forced Klikus’ car into a pole.

Police believe that two drivers got into an argument.

One of them pulled a gun when they reached a stoplight and shot Klikus.

“Is he awake?” said the 911 operator.

Villa replied, “No, he’s bleeding from the head and I can’t tell why he’s bleeding.”

Villa believes Klikus took his last breath as he tried he tried to save him.

Police say the suspect’s vehicle – a white, four-door 2012 Toyota Camry – was last seen headed east on Arapaho near Highway 75.

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(credit: Richardson Police Department)

Investigators have asked for records from the NTTA to figure out where the victim’s car had traveled that morning and in the days prior.

A search warrant revealed two knives and a glass pipe were found in Klikus’ car.

It’s not known how or if they relate to the shooting.

The warrant also revealed police also found a shell casing on the frontage road belonging to a .380 caliber gun.