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Charges Dropped Against Miss Black Texas In Commerce Arrest

carmen ponder 1 Charges Dropped Against Miss Black Texas In Commerce Arrest

Carmen Ponder, Miss Black Texas 2016. (credit: Carmen Ponder/Facebook)

COMMERCE (CBSDFW.COM/AP)Charges have been dropped against Miss Black Texas 2016 a day after an East Texas police chief was cleared of wrongdoing in her arrest.

Prosecutors cited lack of evidence Tuesday in the May 20 arrest of Carmen Ponder for evading arrest.

The 23-year-old college student initially said Commerce police Chief Kerry Crews was a white driver who allegedly made racial and sexist comments to her after a traffic-related dispute.

Authorities later determined a store parking-lot confrontation, after Ponder passed a vehicle, involved another white man teaching his daughter to drive.

Commerce officials Monday said a review found no wrongdoing by Crews.

Officials say Crews was off-duty, in plainclothes and in the store when he learned of the dispute. Ponder was arrested after allegedly walking away as the chief asked her to remain.

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One Comment

  1. Mark Sonntag says:

    We will see if Miss Ponder also withdraws her lawsuit. At the time this first hit the news, I followed a link in a comment section of a WFAA news article and verified that she had an outstanding warrant with Arlington, (driving w/o plates fine about $450). I’m sure she paid this ASAP in order to prevent further ramifications while suing Commerce. It does explain her failure to provide ID when the Chief was trying to resolve the issue. She would have gone to jail for the outstanding warrant. Could such a happening endanger her title as Miss Black Texas? It would give her every reason to play the race card and scream bloody murder. This way, all the powers that be, (including the pageant officials), will back off and let sleeping dogs lie). It will be nice day when the Press doesn’t go into a feeding frenzy, like goldfish at the FW zoo, when someone screams racism.

    1. I don’t understand how you could have gotten all that from this article? She was arrested  that night and spent 24 hours in jail. When they processed her arrest they should have seen she had an outstanding warrant. I don’t see where you could know this is a Press feeding frenzy, or she’s screaming “bloody murder” playing the “race card”. All we know at this point is the  city hired an attorney that agreed with the city. If she’d have hired an attorney and he’d agreed with her would that mean the police chief is guilty? This article only says that the city dropped the charges on her due to “lack of evidence”, which means they don’t think she should have been arrested either. If anything it should bolster her suit against the city.

  2. Mark Sonntag says:

    I didn’t get all that from THIS article. Yes, I am engaging in speculative reasoning at times, however, my grammar shows clearly when I am doing this. The fact that she had an outstanding warrant, I learned the day WFAA first carried the story. A reader in the comment section provided a link to the Arlington outstanding warrants page on the city website. I followed the link, and found her warrant there. This is the only piece of information that was not available from articles that covered this story. I am sure that during her arrest, the Police did take note of the warrant. Since she was already in custody, there was no reason to book her for the outstanding warrant. My point is that, she had reason to disobey the lawful orders of an officer, who while in plainclothes, did show her his police ID, to provide her own ID. Had she done so, she would have been arrested for the outstanding warrant (SOP in Texas). She claims she was arrested for failure to apologize, this sounds rather far-fetched to me. Especially considering the chief was not the other driver and having her apologize to himself would make no sense. However, what seems like a distinct possibility (Speculation alert), is that the Chief might have tried to get the parties to apologize as part of a de-escalation process. Barring this, since a complaint had been made to him, by the other party, it would seem that asking Miss Ponder for her ID would be SOP.
    Following other articles that have come out over the last several weeks, it is known that the Chief was not involved in the original altercation, but got called in by one of the parties. (It is now known that the other party was a Commerce School Board member). It is known that Miss Ponder accused the Chief of being the other party and called for him to be fired. If you think through her statements and the subtle way they have changed as the story broke, a neutral observer, such as myself, might doubt her veracity: hence my speculations as to her possible motives and my belief that she is playing the race card to dig herself out of a hole that she was at least partially responsible in creating in the first place.

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