By Mike Fisher

FRISCO (105.3 The Fan) – There’s a really sharp philosophy about business management that goes something like this:

If you ask a supervisor, “Why do you do it this way?’’ and the supervisor’s best answer is, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it’’ … Our business has a problem.

Which takes us to Football Businessman Dez Bryant pondering the same philosophical questions as they relate to his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

“It would be a great look,” Dez said today regarding his desire for Dallas to sign fading All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. ”Why not? We wanna win.”

“Why not?’’

Put it that way, and … well, it’s a heckuva question.

The Cowboys have already offered their response to Dez’ desire, as you know if you listened to last Sunday’s FISHNATO on 105.3 The Fan, when we reported that Cowboys bosses politely dismissed the Dez-Darrelle social-media exchanges as “player chatter.’’

The Cowboys are simply not moved to move here.

“Why not?’’

The scouting department can actually give you reasons. We’ll use our man Bryan Broaddus, who reports, “I watched him (on film). He can’t run anymore. There is no burst to take away those inside routes. Downfield was a problem, too.’’

Broaddus’ view is seemingly shared by other scouting minds in other NFL cities, which is why the four-time All-Pro Revis remains on the street.

“Not yet,” Bryant said today when asked if he’s heard back from Revis. “It’s still a hope. It’s still a chance.”

Dez’ view, by the way, is not meant as an indictment of Dallas’ present DBs. He raved about the new kids, saying, “Before it’s all said and done you guys are going to know their names. This is the best we’ve ever competed against one another. The defense has been on us, but we’ve been on them, too.’’

There is a part of Dez Bryant’s personality, honestly, that simply “likes’’ everybody. The old DBs. The young DBs. My Das. Your DBs.

But his Football Business question remains a sound one worth studying, philosophically:

“Why not?’’