Coppell ISD Considers Letting School Cops Carry AR-15s

By MaryAnn Martinez

COPPELL (CBSDFW.COM) – The Coppell Independent School District is considering allowing police officers to carry rifles inside schools as a deterrent to trouble.

After a school year that included allegations of rape and an actual robbery at Coppell High School, the city’s police department decided to ask the district if the officers assigned to schools could AR-15 rifles inside schools. And they’re considering it.

“I hate to think about officers with rifles walking around our schools, but if it’s going to help stop an attack, faster and more effectively, then sure,” said Ellen Bunte, who has a third grader at Coppell ISD. “When people are coming into our schools, it’s not people that are coming in with handguns. They’re usually using assault rifles. I think we should better equip our officers with the correct weapon to help protect our kids.”

Coppell police are only assigned to high schools and three middle schools in the district. Many parents say school shootings, like the one in San Bernardino, California in April, are a sad reality.

“Every time I drop my daughter off at school I wonder… is this the last time I’ll see her,” said Coppell ISD parent Nicole Sladovnik.

Coppell police say the rifles would be locked an office, but would be easier to get to in case a shooter came on campus. Currently, officers keep rifles in their police units outside the school.

Of approved, Coppell ISD will join Wylie, McKinney, Frisco, Southlake, Allen, Carrollton, Lewisville, Flower Mound and Farmersville where rifles are already carried.


One Comment

  1. Ron Parker says:

    I think having a gun on campus is a good idea. Whether it’s a handgun or an assault rifle. However it it’s needed, being locked up makes it relatively useless. A rifle is good for distance accuracy. You can get as much firepower from a handgun.

    Besides, being locked up isn’t going to keep the kids from getting to them. I don’t know about kids now, but by the time I was in the 6th grade, I could pick any lock I could find. Since there are a lot of shows on TV now that describe how to do it, I don’t think it would be as secure as it needs to be.

    Just three weeks ago, I explained how the lock’s internals worked to a nurse who had locked the drug cart’s keys inside it. Within 10 minutes it was unlocked.

    It’s not much more difficult to figure out an electronic combination lock. Kids have access to cameras all the time. Even fingerprint scanners have been shown to be easily gotten around.

    1. Guy Kelley says:

      You are and thouse like you are the very reason why I am glad my children no long go to H.S. You are dangerous and ignorant, with your thinking that cops are there to protect. Protect themselves from who ? It turns out they are doing nothing more that protecting themselves.

      Cop are dangerous and unpredictable, just like a rabid dog and are not fit to be on a school campus, EVER !

  2. Guy Kelley says:

    I wonder how long will it befor they are used and if so will that use be against a student that has done nothing more than make a cop afraid, who panics and shoots first then ask questions second. Just like the recent P. Castillo shooting.

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