DALLAS (CBS11) – After a final day of interviewing the seven finalists to become the next Dallas Police Chief, Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax must now select who among them to hire.

A variety of community groups praised all of the candidates as being qualified to run DPD, but some of those who interviewed the candidates said they disagreed sharply over their favorites.

Pastor Omar Jahwar said after interviewing the seven finalists for next Dallas Police Chief, he and eight other people on their panel got into a debate over the merits of each candidate. “It was very heated. It was great. It was all in love and great taste, but we are fiercely serious about who we want to lead Dallas.”

Jahwar, whose organization Urban Specialists, fights poverty and violence, wouldn’t identify his favorites among the four candidates from out of state and the three internal candidates.

He said while he’s not opposed to someone new to the department, “My personal preference, I would rather have a person from the inside who would rise to the occasion. Because I just think if they have a historical contest, the content won’t be so overwhelming.”

Hector Flores of LULAC also interviewed the finalists. “There would be no learning curve for an internal, local candidate. I think that’s the advantage of such, they know the community,” said Flores.

Flores praised Deputy Chief Malik Aziz, Assistant Chief Gary Tittle, and Deputy Chief Rick Watson — all of DPD. “It’s a really tight race. A lot of people really like Malik Aziz. A lot of people like Rick. A lot of people like Tittle.”

He said he also liked the Deputy Chief of the Detroit Police Department Renee Hall and Carmen Best, Deputy Chief of the Seattle Police Department. “Ms. Best was definitely the best.”

Flores said he liked Chief Hall’s and Chief Best’s presentations.

Michel Moore, First Assistant Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and Luther Reynolds, Assistant Chief of the Montgomery county, Maryland Police Department are also finalists.

A panelist who interviewed the candidates from the group Mothers Against Police Brutality, John Fullinwider said he believes the four external candidates are stronger because they would bring a fresh perspective into the department.

The City Manager previously told CBS11 he wanted to decide who he was going to hire in the next ten to 14 days, and that he hopes the new chief can start in late August or early September.