GREENVILLE  (CBSDFW) – Passengers taking a Megabus trip suffered through a long night and early morning, after the bus broke down in Hunt County.

About three dozen people waited overnight along the side of eastbound I-30 at Highway 34. The Megabus broke down around midnight, and a new bus didn’t rescue them until just past 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.

“Everyone was exhausted waiting,” says Diva Lacey, one of the passengers. “We were ready to go.”

The passengers were picked up from Grand Prairie and Dallas. The bus was stopping in other cities including Little Rock and Memphis.

Because of the delay from the breakdown, some of the Megabus passengers are missing work today in other cities. During the time they spent stranded, these people missed other transportation they needed to take to work.

“So today some people aren’t getting paid and their bosses are angry with them,” says Lacey.

The Megabus breakdown left passengers without air conditioning, so they spent a sweaty night and early morning. But Lacey says their long night was made easier by the kind community of Greenville.

“The police went to McDonalds and got us something to eat,” she says. “Some of the Walmart employees got some money together to get us some stuff like water and ice packs.”

In a statement Megabus has apologized for the inconvenience to its passengers, but there’s no word yet on what may have caused the breakdown.