(CBSDFW.COM) – Last week, my wife and I went to WinStar in Thackerville OK to see the Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton. We were not disappointed at all and had a blast. Now I am not a professional music critic by any means, but this concert was just plain fantastic.

Miller and Frampton met years ago in London and have been friends and colleagues since the late 1960s when Miller’s band was getting started and Frampton was playing for Humble Pie, a British blues band. Frampton, 67, took the stage first and played for about 90 minutes. He played all of his great songs and he played his newest single, “I Saved A Bird”, about his real life experience of saving an American Coot who had flown into the window of his house and with some professional advice saved the bird’s life. He also played a guitar toward the end (I believe it was on “Do You Feel Like I Do”) that he lost in South America around 1980 that later showed up and was returned to him recently after more than 30 years . He sounded great and his backup musicians were superb. And he has a marvelous sense of humor!

Miller, 73, and his band started around 9:15 p.m. and played almost a full two hours. Like Frampton, he played all of the major hits that made him famous. Miller (along with Boz Scaggs) attended my high school in Dallas: St. Mark’s School Of Texas. He and Scaggs formed a blues band called “The Marksmen” (which is the name for all men who attend and graduate from St. Mark’s). His band was active in the San Francisco music scene and would play at the legendary Fillmore Hall. On stage at the concert, he and Frampton played some blues tunes together by such artists as Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson. One great story he told was when he was in New York years ago and stopped by a music store to see about buying a guitar. The prices inside the store were more than he could afford at the time as he only had $200. As he was walking out, he noticed a container with guitars just sort of stuffed in it with a note that said: “Your choice… $200.” Well that did it and he got his guitar and if I remember correctly, he played it at the concert!

There is a lot more I could include in this blog but we will leave it as is. Bottom line: this was one of the best concerts we have ever been to and if you can go see them somewhere, please do so. Next year will be the band’s 50th anniversary and Miller told the crowd to “stay tuned”.

We will leave with the song that helped launch his career… one he dedicated to our fine men and women in uniform serving our country. Here they are from 1968… “Living In the USA”.