DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – “Six games? I think six games is way too much,” said Hall of Fame defensive tackle Randy White about running back Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension that was announced on Friday.

According to the NFL, Elliott was suspended six games for a violation of the personal conduct policy.

During a conference call Friday morning, one of the advisors who helped review the case said the investigation into Elliott was thorough and comprehensive which provided substantial evidence that he used physical force against ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson.

Although Elliott was never charged in the case, a six-game suspension is baseline for domestic abuse accusations in the NFL.

Former players like White believe the NFL is going too far in its handling of the Elliott situation. “To me, I think they’re overstepping their boundaries a little bit… If the prosecutor up there said, ‘He didn’t do anything, he’s not doing anything… we’re not bringing charges,’ why is the NFL going in and doing their own investigation and try to go on a witch hunt and then say ‘okay, you’re out for six weeks…’ that ain’t right,” he said.

Former Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek says the suspension hurts the Cowboys but also believes the team can still do fine.

“I think this hurts the Cowboys, obviously. Anytime something like this does, it’ll hurt the Cowboys. They have to not worry about it, go out and not make mistakes, keep healthy… and they’re gonna be fine,” said Novacek.

Cowboys fans were quick to lament what the beginning of the season will look like without Elliott.

“It’s going to be a big loss. Big loss. He’s a very big impact,” said fan Dan May.

“I was totally surprised. It seems incredibly excessive. I thought if they did anything it might be two. But six for a case that police wouldn’t even charge him… I was stunned,” said fan Amy Wright.

Novacek had a message for Elliott about overcoming the ordeal.

“One of the things I’d probably say to him is every human on Earth makes mistakes. It’s not what that mistake is, it’s how you overcome that mistake. And the things that you can do from here on to be an incredible individual and people will look up to that more than anything you do on the field,” said Novacek.