(CBSDFW.COM) – Don’t worry, it’s not you. It’s the music. Or lack thereof.

A tune of silence has made its way to the top 50 on the iTunes charts, but it was created and brought to the digital music store for a simple reason.

The 99-cent silent song “A a a a a Very Good Song,” which is just under 10 minutes long, is aimed at music-lovers who like to plug in their smartphones into a car or some sort of speaker, according to the Associated Press.

Normally, when someone plugs in their phone to a car to listen to music, the first song alphabetically plays by default, which can cause annoyances for some.

This “song” looks to provide listeners with some time to find their music of choice without having to have their ears blasted by possibly unwanted sound.

Samir Mezrahi is credited on iTunes with having created the top 50 hit.