Crane Crashes Heading To Remove Confederate Statue

UPDATED: September 11, 2017 3:10 PM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials said that a crane that was on its way to remove the Robert E. Lee statue at Lee Park in Dallas was involved in a crash that killed one person.

According to officials, a semi-truck collided with the crane at SM Wright Freeway and Linfield Avenue.

The victim who died and was the man who was driving the semi, has been identified as Darrell Murray, 66, of Duncanville.



d64f089333a742f6b8454c9e9544824b Crane Crashes Heading To Remove Confederate Statue

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Dallas police responded to the accident just before 8:20 p.m. on Sunday. Officials said that the crane had just arrived in Dallas from Houston at around 7:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Officials said that the crane had a left-turn arrow and was turning westbound on Linfield Avenue off of the freeway. The semi-truck ran through the light as it was going south on the freeway and collided with the crane.

The crane driver did not suffer any serious injuries, according to officials.

Dallas police were on the scene to conduct an investigation. There has been no word yet as to how this crash might affect the timeframe of the statue removal.

Officers were stationed around the statue on Sunday afternoon, waiting for the crane to arrive.

The Dallas City Council voted to remove the statue on Wednesday. The removal was delayed on Friday due to the city not having the necessary equipment.

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One Comment

  1. Maybe between the difficulties unfastening the statue, the restraining order, the crane not being available and now this, could it all be a sign from above that is saying that the statue should stay put.

  2. Andy Howe says:

    So they were bringing the crane from Houston to Dallas as quickly as they could to remove this statue. I guess removing this statue that has been there for 75 years or more is of greater importance than what is going on in Houston and the gulf area. People are homeless; massive devastation. But removing this statue is the priority?

  3. WHY are we removing our history… good or bad? Are we THAT fragile? Look, everyone gets “offended” at something. This whole history revisionism is insane!

    1. Read a book. You’ve heard of them…books?

      1. Lee Jenkins says:

        No, you try reading a book other than your “Progressive” liberal nonsense and you might find that the not-so Civil War was about a whole lot more than slavery. But, that would require some effort and some thinking on your part, and I’m sure you’re not really into that sort of thing.

  4. So thanks to the petulant progressive bedwetters a person is dead now. Awesome job morons.

  5. Don Stickney says:

    I’ll make a prediction now: Once that statue is removed, you’ll see the levels of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, drug abuse, crime, alcoholism, teen pregnancy and just about every other social ill that hits (and stays with) black neighborhoods the hardest will PLUMMET!
    Just kidding. Nothing’s going to change. Community ‘leaders’ barking up the wrong tree again, looking for an easy way out of their neighborhood problems.

  6. Cheaper just to use a dab of C4 to bring the statues down. Don’t need no stinking crane.

  7. Cristu Doulo says:

    Black Lives Matter and the rest of the anti-confederate clowns are actually socialist marxist front organizations.

    regardless of whether you are black or white, when you understand that issue, then you’ll understand the problem is not about skin color, the KKK or confederate monuments.

  8. Lee Jenkins says:

    That’s okay; after the revolution we’ll put ’em back up.

  9. Muster Ham says:

    Every statue that comes down should be replaced with one of Trump. Problem solved.

  10. Quote by George Orwell: “The most effective way to destroy people is ……/7076-the-most-effective-way-to-destroy-people-is-to-d…
    George Orwell — ‘The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.’

    Another one…”Seek the old paths.” Translation is Learn your history!

  11. Antifa anarchists claim they have no leader, just a vast nothing guiding them. There is no such creature on this earth.
    You listen to these people talk about destroying and disrupting but are clueless about who is directing you. “We have no leader!” Bull droppings.

    This economy will collapse in due time and it is those who think they rule the earth and believe they are destined to rule forever, believe that you are stupid cattle and subhuman. You, according to them, are nothing but cattle and not human and they are the True Ones. No names! Go “study to show yourselves approved…”

    Understand this! They who despise you are using you and “They” do not want this slave economy destroyed, they just want complete control over you and your children and they seem to be on the verge of success but it will be smacked from their greedy grasp when they try to buy food with their stinking gold or Digital Coins, etc. They lose and Freedom will ring out in Jubilee Victory over these evil slavemasters.

  12. Casey Myers says:

    ***There has been no word yet as to how this crash might affect the timeframe of the statue removal***. Someone died and the writer of this article is worried about the time frame???

  13. I have never in my life of 79 years seen such stupidity in America as we are now witnessing. I used to think that only heathens such as ISIS Muslims destroyed historical statues. Seems the left wing progressive loons have regressed to a even more idiotic stage of mentality.

  14. Joe Boltonn says:

    Jennifer Lawrence and Kirk Cameron disagree on what Caused the crash…

  15. This is what happens when you give away valuable real estate to Texas.

    Texas for Texans!

  16. Again if Robert bothers some take him off the horse and put Janis Joplin Barnabas Collins and Angelique from Dark shadows or hell me on the horse and you can change the name to horse park. These liberal idiots are making me sick. Odd thing I used to be one of them. I have seen the light and the common sense.

  17. Dale Warren says:

    Let’s borrow some excuses from Hillary Rodham Clinton, to wit, the Russians colluded, misoginy is to blame (if women had been driving, it wouldn’t have happened) Comey is to blame, Trump appealed to White Supremacists, it was the result of an internet video, Neo-Nazis cause it to happen, ad nauseam.

  18. Way to go Dallas. Somebody’s father, grandfather, brother, uncle would be alive today if not for the insanity of trying to erase history. Instead, a man’s life was erased for an ideology hell bent on keeping our nation divided for political expediency.

  19. Rich Owens says:

    How much is it costing the city (it’s citizens) to remove these statues? And had to bring a crane from Houston?! No crane in all of DFW available?

    1. Rich the closest crane is now in Kansas. It is extremely heavy but to appease a few sad folks whom it upsets It will end up at way over a million and a life and a torn up crane and semi.. It is a sad world we live in. Mayor Rawlings is the biggest joke I have ever seen. This should be put to vote by the citizens. Not the lame city council!

  20. Apparently the crane should be put in the museum…

  21. Now we know how God feels about these removals.

  22. Now “dere bees some real Karma for ya’, yo!

  23. Democrats secede.

    Democrats start war and kill U.S. citizens.

    Democrats lose war.

    Democrats erect statues to their dead war heroes.

    Democrats remove the statues of dead Democrats, killing a Republican truck driver, after shooting Republicans on ball field.

    And Democrats resist the ‘Party of Death’ label?

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