State Health Department Identifies ‘HIV Clusters’ In DFW

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some in the Texas LGBT community are blaming social media and the influx of so-called ‘hook up apps’ for the number of growing HIV infection clusters identified in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, Houston, and San Antonio.

Brett Camp, the Texas regional director for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said technology can also be used to track HIV and AIDS cases. “They now have the ability to link how people were infected and if we’ve got somebody who is a ‘super-infector’.”

The volunteer LGBT group Impulse, which their website says is a “group dedicated to promoting healthier sexual lifestyles among gay men,” is urging everybody who uses the apps, both gay and straight, to be on alert.

Camp says times have changed and that lately there has been a lot of complacency in the LGBT community about HIV and AIDS. “Prevention efforts have not had the emphasis that they did for a very long time,” he said.

Last month, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) issued a health warning about the clusters and ongoing HIV transmission in the state. Health officials say the HIV clusters are “genetically similar” and range in size from 5 to 34 cases.


One Comment

  1. John Henrick says:

    So it’s not the people who are fornicating and taking part in orgies who are to blame for HIV, it’s social media. I get it, now, so I’ll stop using it in case I get HIV.

    1. Vari Grene says:

      Bingo!!! How can we expect people to act responsibly? It MUST be the social app’s fault – or Trump’s.

  2. A behavior problem on the part of the participants.

    1. the HIV infection was simply natures way of telling all of those sick, degenerate, sexually depraved gays to alter their ‘life-styles’ and return to normal ‘sex’ the way that nature intended. it was the incredible hubris of ‘scientific man’ to intervene and tell nature that it was wrong. who was wrong now???

    2. its so simple even a california liberal can remember it. Dont smuggle sausages, dont get AIDS!

  3. Yes, that’s’s the apps fault. It’s not that you are a moral less licentious zipper centric nitwit who couples with all the scrutiny of a wild dog…no, it’s the apps fault. Carry on nitwits.

  4. Craig Hobson says:

    That’s right, blame someone else for your behavior, typical proggie.

  5. Bill Redd says:

    Perverts blaming their perverted brothers and sisters in arms.

  6. Don McCoy says:

    “Some in the Texas LGBT community are blaming social media and the influx of so-called ‘hook up apps’ for the number of growing HIV infection clusters…

    Or…and this is just a crazy idea…it’s the fault of the PEOPLE who have unprotected sex!

  7. This is “the age of no self-responsibility” — unless you’re a straight, white, Christian conservative male in which case you’re pretty much responsible for everything bad. The inmates are running the institution.

  8. You get AIDS from Facebook? OMG! I’m logged in right now! I’d better log off and go bareback on my boyfriend’s a$$. That’s way safer.

  9. Dale Warren says:

    Persons who refuse to accept personal responsibility for their actions and who deny that consequences attach to behavior must have another party other than themselves to blame for their suffering. Such is a marker for a depraved, decadent, and decaying culture.

  10. As you sow, so shall ye reap. Looks like this statement is still true today. Hedonistic lifestyles have a cost that few consider before falling into its trap. LGBT community have fallen into their own wisdom, they’ve rejected natural affection for their own hearts’ desire.

  11. Jack Foobar says:

    Perhaps we should blame people that rupture blood vessels in each others anuses before blaming the Internet for a lethal biological plague.

  12. Henry Crum says:

    One man one woman for life is by far the best way to stop STD’s like AIDS. Traditional marriage is a healthier lifestyle. Statistics clearly show that.

  13. Doug Oritz says:

    They are absolutely correct. So, shut down the PC, close the phone app and go hang out at a public restroom where your kind lurk. A hook-up there is much, much safer.

    And it is not just HIV. There must be something causing you to be half brain-dead.

  14. Stehr Va says:

    No one is to blame but the idiot people out there, knowing what can happen, living this lifestyle and that includes both sides of the fence. Learn to face the consequences of your actions or else you will face the retribution heaped on you. I don’t care who you are or which way you go sleep around and you get exactly what you deserve and it ain’t good.

  15. Bryant James says:

    Lets see here. Who are the only people that get HIV. Either you use drugs and used a dirty needle, you got a prison tattoo where its not sanitary, or you have unprotected sex with multiple people, sometimes in the same night. Its not social media, unless you get on it it cant do anything (kind of like guns they cant do anything without a person using it). No the problem is that you decided to have unprotected sex, so when you catch a sexually transmitted disease you can only blame yourself. Ive been with alot of women, and unless i was in a relationship with them, I was always wrapping up. Now I am married, and dont have to worry about that anymore

  16. Barry Jaeger says:

    So you can get hiv from your computer?

  17. Other than dirty needles only one thing causes aids in gays and they know what it is. So the cure is known, cheap, and effective. Just cover your dong with rubber when you shove it in your husband’s rear. See, problem fixed for 50 cents each. Cheaper than viagra.

  18. All hook-up apps do is make it easier for reckless, irresponsible people to practice their reckless, irresponsible lifestyles. Ultimately, it’s the person who knowingly has unprotected sex when they know they have an STD or HIV that is responsible for the spread of those diseases.

  19. Since when, people gets STD using facebook or tweeter?Typical libs.idiots.

  20. Russia hacked their phones,computers and they got infected with the HIV virus.hahahah

  21. Disgusting, perverted behavior will be met with like responses from nature.

  22. Rick Morrow says:

    What is just stunning is that he Liberals value their privacy more than saving lives????? Which is completely INSANE. Aids continues to spread out of control. Yet, all the Liberals are concerned with is their privacy????? And you wonder why we call Liberals DITZES.

  23. Jon Fast says:

    Gee, its social media’s fault, its the apps fault. How about the LBGT community as a whole that wants to have unprotected sex?? Why not place the blame where it belongs on the person, not the inanimate object. But nooooo, its not our fault. Unprotected sex isn’t our fault either. SSDD in the LBGT world. No one wants to take responsibility to keep sex safe. How pathetic.

  24. John McElroy says:

    Let it run its natural course.

  25. The left hates BIG PHARMA and all the profit it makes.

    But deny them access to these life-saving drugs and they would literally scream bloody murder.

  26. HIV is an absolute hoax. If it was as infectious as they claim and incurable, most of the known world would be infected. It has remained confined to risk groups (gay men, intravenous drug users). The ailment that was killing young gay men in California in the late 70s and early 80s was because they were inhaling amyl nitrates or poppers. An HIV diagnosis from a blood test is ridiculously inaccurate. There is no standard and a positive diagnosis will vary based on the kit and lab the sample is sent to. It is a crime that this deception has been perpetrated on the world. My advice to all: Don’t ever willingly take an HIV test. They cannot force you!

  27. Be offended if you must.

    But scientists and the American pharmaceutical industry have effectively rescued gay men from their own destructive behavior; and by doing so, not only preserved their “culture”, but enabled it.

  28. Fred Bailey says:

    Silly me…I would have attributed it to sexual promiscuity…but what do I know?

  29. Unprotected sex is a personal choice. A deadly one.

  30. Andy Howe says:

    Guns don’t kill people. People using guns kill people.
    Social media doesn’t spread HIV. People with HIV using social media spread HIV.

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