By J.D. Miles

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – A 24-year-old woman was found floating in the swimming pool of a fitness center where friends said that she had been possibly living for more than two weeks.

Jamila Hashim is on life support at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Grapevine. A gym member discovered her body in the pool on Sunday morning. Hashim worked in the spa section at the popular Life Time Fitness location in Colleyville.

Hashim’s friends said that she was having trouble finding a place to live. She had possibly been staying at the gym and inside of her car in the parking lot. But how Hashim managed to live there undetected, and how the incident happened, are all still unanswered questions.

Gym members are also expressing concerns that the pool was never closed, nor were they notified about the incident.

“Very strange,” said Life Time Fitness member Ann Martiens.

“But you have shower facilities and all of that, so I could see,” said member Cindi Aldi.

“And it’s open 24 hours a day,” added Martiens.

hashim Woman Possibly Living At Life Time Fitness Found Nearly Drowned In Pool

(credit: Hashim Family)

Hashim’s parents arrived in Texas from overseas on Tuesday night. Officials with the Colleyville Police Department do not suspect foul play. They are calling this an “accidental drowning.” Hashim is not likely to survive.

Authorities could not confirm that Hashim had been living at the Colleyville fitness center, but some of her clothes were found and removed from the building.

“This area doesn’t attract usually people that would do something like that,” said Martiens.

Life Time Fitness sent CBS 11 News a statement which simply read, “Out of respect for the family, we’re unable to comment.”

“It’s disturbing, but given everything that I hear every day,” Aldi said, “I’m not shocked anymore.”

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  1. “This area doesn’t attract usually people that would do something like that,”…that has GOT to be one of the dumbest responses I have EVER read…apparently the area attracts homeless fitness workers….among others…

  2. Since gyms have alarm systems that get set at night when the place is closed, I would like to know how she “possibly” lived there for two weeks before they found her floating in the pool on a Sunday morning when the place opened up? Sounds like one or more employees were complicit in this but that’s probably because I am skeptical of the things I see reported in the news. Oh, I’m sorry, it was open 24-hours a day. So now the question is, ‘and the staff didn’t notice?’ Guess they are there just to take your money because they certainly are not checking membership or the well being of their members.

  3. Septua Jes says:


  4. 💁🏿 be freeloadin, umhmmmm, gnomesayin.

  5. so sad. no telling what was going on in her life that she felt she had to live in a lifetime fitness. maybe no other place to go. sounds better than living in your car.

  6. Condolences to her family and friends. What a sad occurrence.

  7. I was appalled at the ignorance and lack of empathy of the two women who commented on this story and very disappointed in CBSDFW for including these comments in this tragic news report! Colleyville doesn’t typically attract these “kinds” of people?!!! Obviously, these two women did not know her and their comments were invalid and should never have been included in this report. I am a member of Lifetime and frequently visit the spa and always looked forward to seeing Jamila’s beautiful smile. She was one of the sweetest, kindest and most professional women I know and it is a loss to everyone who knew her. Shame on CBSDFW for giving these women with their ridiculous, insensitive comments airtime!!!!!

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