By Jeff Paul

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Missing since Friday, former Dallas Cowboys running back Lincoln Coleman was found safe on Tuesday morning, according to Dallas Police.

Investigators were worried about his diminished mental capacity and his need for medical help.

Coleman’s agent and friend of 15 years, Christopher Randolph, said Coleman had parked his car at a church three blocks from his house.

lincoln coleman Former Dallas Cowboy Lincoln Coleman Found Safe After Forgetting Where He Parked

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Lincoln Coleman (photo courtesy: Facebook)

He said Coleman could not figure out where he left his car or how to get home.

Randolph said on Tuesday at about 4 a.m., Coleman returned home but was confused about what happened.

“We were worried about him freezing. Obviously him getting jumped, mugged you know? Car stolen,” said Randolph. “He’s a big man and he can take care of himself, but when he’s in that condition, you don’t know what he’s thinking or you’re thinking someone can take advantage of him.”

He said the incident was due to a combination of dementia, bipolar disorder and all the concussions he suffered during his career as an NFL running back.

“Sometimes when he has bad days, he just wanders off. He gets confused and then he gets frustrated and that kind of exacerbates itself into a problem where he just doesn’t know where to go, he gets lost so to speak,” said Randolph.

Coleman was awarded a settlement with the NFL due to his injuries.

The claim is filed but the payment is still pending.

Randolph said Coleman needs the funds to help pay for continuous care, supervision and medicine.

Comments (16)
  1. Bruce Keener says:

    If :
    “Sometimes when he has bad days, he just wonders off. He gets confused and then he gets frustrated and that kind of exacerbates itself into a problem where he just doesn’t know where to go, he gets lost so to speak,” ”

    …..should he be DRIVING a car??

  2. “We were worried about him freezing. ” jeez a low of 62 overnight in Dallas…. should only take a few minutes for the frostbite to take hold… **bangs head**

  3. He’s also black, so his IQ to begin with was a fraction of normal humans.

  4. Donald Katty says:

    Bruce keener made a good post…you should learn from him so you don’t make posts like this.

  5. Shouldn’t he wear a device he can push a button for help? Or have a bracelet with contact info? Something to that effect?

  6. No wonder after voluntarily banging their heads to stone wall for years.

    1. Junne, some people just like cable, and do not want to switch to Direct TV….

  7. Dan Meyers says:

    Is there a reason this article didn’t mention that Lincoln is only 48. Unbelievable. High school then college football, a few years as a pro. A few bucks in his pocket. Then what? You lose your mind at 48 and cant even enjoy your money or your past. Lincoln and many others didn’t know but we know now that ANY amount of trauma from the neck up causes CTE. Any parent who allows their boy to play tackle football is abusing their child. Sending out a child to a field to suffer intentionally inflicted brain damage. There is 100 percent risk of exposure to brain damage. If that is not the classic definition of child abuse, what is?” Not my words – those of Dr. Bennet Omalu, MD, MBA, MPH, CPE, DABP-AP, CP – UC Davis Health

  8. Larry Payne says:

    You KNOW there’s a problem and decide to NOT post a caregiver for him… nice

  9. roycerson says:

    People like that get killed by cops. Glad that didn’t happen.

  10. Jim Lively says:

    Three things come to mind here.

    1. Should not be driving.
    2. Should not be driving.

    Lincoln Coleman I can excuse. His family, I can not.

  11. chrismireya says:

    I am glad that he is safe. Such debilitating mental conditions can be difficult for families — especially if they are acute and early stage. I hope and pray that Mr. Coleman will be safeguarded by his family and friends henceforth. They might look into a med-alert bracelet or, in the very least, cellular location tags for his vehicle, keys, wallet and cell phone.

  12. Jeff Wilson says:

    He was missing since Friday and only found on Tuesday? Something doesn’t sound right.

  13. Bob Suyak says:

    Doesn’t seem like he can take of himself.

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