KATY, Texas (AP) — A school district west of Houston will pay more than $750,000 to its superintendent who’s resigning at the end of the year in the wake of allegations that he was a bully as a teenager.

Details of a contract released Friday by the Katy school district show Superintendent Lance Hindt will receive two years of pay upon his departure Jan. 1. He had announced his resignation a day earlier.

At least two people have described Hindt as a bully during his middle and high school years. One of them, a circuit court judge in Alabama, has said Hindt was a “vicious bully.”

Hindt has denied the claims but says he did “dumb things” prior to a religious awakening.

The school board his hired a law firm to represent Hindt against claims that it describes as defamatory.

Hindt was the superintendent of Allen ISD in North Texas but left in 2016.

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  1. Bill Thomas says:

    Why is Hindt being forced out of his job now for things he did 40 years ago? This action does not take into account that teenage boys often do mistreat each other, even to the point of bullying. Further, it does not take into account the possibility that Lindt changed his behavior in the FORTY YEARS since junior high school. That’s similar to continuing to punish an ex-con by refusing to hire or rent an apartment to him even though his crime and prison sentence are long in the past.

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