UPDATED: May 16, 2018  4:25 PMBy MaryAnn Martinez

UPDATE: At Margaret King’s funeral on Wednesday, a niece from Atlanta showed up after finding out about her aunt’s death the day before on Facebook.

DENTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – An Air Force veteran will likely be buried with no family at her gravesite.

Margaret King died several months ago, but the university where she worked held off burying her, hoping they would find her family.

Months after her death, neither UNT or police have been able to track down any family.

margaret king Air Force Veteran To Be Buried Wednesday With No Known Family There

Margaret Rosa King (University of North Texas)

She served three years in the Air Force in the 70s. King will have full military honors when she’s buried here at DFW National Cemetery on Wednesday. The only people expected to attend is a small group from the University of North Texas where she worked as a custodian.

While much remains unknown about Margaret King, what is for sure is she was very well educated.

“She put down on her application that her hobby was her education,” said her supervisor at UNT, David Barkenhagen.

The 67-year-old had two associates degrees, a bachelors degree and three masters degrees. UNT says she was working on a graduate degree in interdisciplinary studies at the time of her death.

Back in September, she was found unresponsive in a parking lot on campus. The medical examiners says she died of natural causes. Her supervisor here at UNT describes her as professional, hard working and very private. She never talked about her family, barely mentioned her military service and did mention that she went to church, but didn’t say where.

Her funeral is planned for Wednesday, May 16 at 11:30 a.m. at DFW National Cemetery.

All veterans, even those who are homeless or don’t have families get a free burial so long as they qualify and were honorably discharged. At DFW National Cemetery, those who don’t have families get a monthly visit from the Patriot Guard riders.

“They’re not forgotten. No matter what. It’s just saying thank you for your service…whatever happened on their life, the country has not forgotten they’ve done for us, for our freedom,” said John Spruyt, assistant director of the cemetery.

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  1. Margaret Rosa King, born 1950, 68 years old. Last know address: 5729 Christy Ln, Haltom City, TX 76137, last known phone number: 817-788-1491.
    Last known relatives:

    Name Age Birth Year
    Cheryl Denise McIntosh 60 1957
    Exonia Vontay King 40 1978
    Margaret R King 68 1950
    Bennie Lee King 76 1941
    Bernice P King 93 1924
    John H King 28 1989
    John W King 93 1924
    Kenneth Vaughn King 33 1984
    Sylvia R King 64 1954
    Wanda Vernell King 58 1959

    Exonia Vontay King (her relative), lives at 4050 Gatwick Ct #1205, Fort Worth, TX 76155, (214) 641-9121.
    Cheryl Denise McIntosh (her relative), lives at 9602 County Road 2400, Quinlan, TX 75474,
    (214) 450-8464.

    Why do they not READ THIS? Her relatives took 5 minutes to find on the Internet.

    1. have you reached out to relatives with phone numbers and share info?

  2. how can i get more information on this, my wife will be attending on behalf of Mission 22!

  3. It wasn’t a small group. I was there this morning. Probably 200 people. Maybe more. We veterans take care of our own.

  4. Jon Schminky says:

    I heard about this from a fellow Veteran that was asking for anyone in the area to attend if they could. I am in Dallas from Washington State on business and attended with many other Veterans, active Duty and others who wanted to ensure she was not alone. I was absolutely stunned by how many people attended her funeral today. It was a wonderful respectful event I will cherish for years to come. She has a family now…all of us! Thanks for posting the story and getting the word out.

  5. Robin Bohls says:

    Those that serve or have served would have never let her be alone to be buried….and they didn’t. Thank you all for your service….<3

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