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Shan and RJ

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  • Friday, January 13th
  • Degenerate + Jason Garrett's #FinishThisFight audio

    RJ gives his picks of the weekend, and the guys get their hands on some "exclusive" audio for the Cowboys' latest edition to their #FinishThisFight series - one from head coach Jason Garrett!
  • Crosstalk with Bill and Rookie in Wisconsin

    We dial up our buddies up in Wisconsin to get their thoughts and talk a little trash, and things get REALLY uncomfortable!
  • RJ Serenades Dak Prescott

    RJ went out to the Star to find out what Cowboys QB Dak Prescott thought of all of his tribute songs that he's done for him this season.
  • Mike Florio

    ProFootballTalk and Football Night in America's own joins the guys every Friday at 8:30 to give his thoughts on the divisional weekend of the NFL, why teams are leaning towards hiring so many younger head coaches, and plenty more NFL talk!
  • Comedian Godfrey

    One of our favorite comedians sits down in studio to explain why he wants to see a certain NFL QB get punched in the mouth this weekend, what he thinks of the Chris Brown/Soulja Boy beef, and plenty more!
  • Shaun O'Hara

    The NFL Network analyst and former offensive lineman joins the guys to give his thoughts on Cowboys/Packers, the dominance of the Dallas OLine, and what he thought of AT&T Stadium as a home-field advantage.
  • Better Call Chop

    Every Friday at 7:45, RJ Choppy helps Fan listeners get out of all the things they DON'T want to do!
  • Cowboys Predictions

    The guys make their predictions for how they think the Cowboys game will turn out when they take on the Packers on Sunday afternoon at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • Mailbox Thief and Concrete Karaoke

    Shan has to deal with someone who's been going through his mail, and Troy unintentionally sets up an acoustic studio in his own bedroom!
  • Bryan Broaddus

    Our resident X's and O's expert tells you where the Cowboys could find some success against the Packers on Sunday, and what they'll have to do on the defensive end to try to slow down Aaron Rodgers.
  • Who needs biggest postseason performance

    We look around the remaining 8 playoff teams and ask the question - which individual needs a big performance over the weekend to prove they deserve more credit than they get?
  • Hi Lo

    Mac Engel tries to go Mac-to-Mac in another edition of HI/LO!
  • Was Mac trolling by bringing up Romo?

    Mac Engel took some shots from members of the Fan yesterday regarding his article on Tony Romo, so we give him the chance to defend it and explain his thought process!
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • Roy Tries to Ban Cheese in North Texas

    Roy went out to his local grocery store to try to prevent people from buying cheese and supporting the Wisconsin folk who produce it!
  • Ian Rapoport

    The NFL Network insider joins Shan and RJ with talk on the latest news in the NFL, including an update on the Cowboys/Packers game that might prove to be an issue for the Cowboys.
  • Why it's wrong to hold out hope for Romo

    The guys discuss under what scenario Tony Romo might see the field this postseason outside of an injury, and RJ tries to explain why it's wrong to even hold out hope of seeing Tony Romo.
  • Mickey Fisher

    Our resident Star Insider joins the guys to make sure you didn't forget who the best team in the NFL was this regular season!
  • Dak and Dirk

    An incredible pair of articles was written on how Dak and Dirk both have drawn from their bi-racial experiences, and why they're actually helping them on the field and court.
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • RJ Choppy Therapy Sessions

    We go on the couch to see what RJ Choppy has learned about himself from his latest therapy sessions.
  • Dave Campo

    The former head coach of the Cowboys joins the guys with his thoughts on how the Cowboys stack up against the Packers heading into their Divisional weekend matchup.
  • Mac Engel's Buy or Sell

    Dak's playoff performance, Clemson's dynasty chances, the Mavs and Stars playoff hopes, and plenty more in Buy or Sell!
  • FAN-ily Feud

    RJ and Roy go up against Mac and Shan to see who comes out on top in another battle of FAN-ily Feud!
  • Was Alabama cheated?

    The Clemson Tigers pulled off a stunning upset to win the National Title, but did they do it with the whistle-swallowing help of some officials?
  • Monday, January 9th
  • RJ Declares Himself the Voice of the Metroplex

    During a segment where we debating Meryl Streep's Golden Globes comments, RJ made an outlandish statement that the guys could allow to slide.
  • Names for "Baby White"

    The soon-to-be father of the show explains some of the names that he and his wife have argued about whether or not to name their son.
  • Brad Sham

    The voice of the Boys gives his thoughts on the weekend of Wild Card action, and opines on the Cowboys next opponent - the Green Bay Packers.
  • HEADLINES - Giants lose edition

    The guys do a special edition of Headlines after the New York Giants get massacred by the Packers on the field, and skewered by the media off it.
  • Charles Davis

    The legendary player-turned-analyst joins Shan and RJ with his thoughts on the NFL playoffs and the big National Championship game tonight in College Football.
  • Cowboys/Packers First Look

    We dive into the Cowboys opponent for the Divisional round of the playoffs, including a major weapon that might not be available for them come Sunday.
  • Favorite Moments from WC Weekend

    The guys sift through their favorite and least enjoyable moments of the Wild Card weekend in the NFL.
  • Friday, January 6th
  • Kate Beckinsale

    While Beckinsale has faced foes on-screen, she took time to go one-on-one with THE FAN's Troy Hughes to discuss her latest movie
  • Mack Brown

    Shan, RJ and Mac spoke with the legendary Longhorn head coach to get his thoughts on the college football playoff, players forgoing their bowl games, and plenty more!
  • Erik Griffin

    The comedian and star of Workaholics joins the guys with a few stories on him partying with Justin Bieber, what he thinks of the NFL playoffs, and plenty more!
  • Therapy with RJ

    RJ Choppy went to another therapy session, and we recap it to try to see if we can help out our f***ed up friend.
  • George Eads

    The star of CSI and CBS's new show - MacGyver - Belton's own joins the guys to have some laughs and share his experience in the Hollywood life.
  • Kanga-Roy and the Mavs

    Kanga-Roy went out to the Mavs game to get some thoughts on Australia's national treasure - Andrew Bogut!
  • Mike Florio

    Profootballtalk's Mike Florio discusses the latest issues around the NFL - Gregory's suspension, the Wild Card weekend of action, and plenty more!
  • Better Call Chop

    Fans submit their issues, and RJ Choppy is here to help you fix em!  He'll stoop to the lowest levels of morality just to get your out of your problems - it's "Better Call Chop"!
  • Thursday, January 5th
  • Celebrating National Whipped Cream Day

    Roy went out to try to pull off a little bit to celebrate National Whipped Cream Day...the plan?  To get another grown man to spray whipped cream into his mouth!
  • Hi Lo

    Hi Lo returns as RJ Choppy tries to retake his throne, Shan looks for his first win of the new year, and Mac Engel tries to play spoiler to the entire party!
  • Dak Stories from Dak Himself

    Dak retells some stories that you might not have heard from his youth, including how his mother once gave the finger to Nick Saban!
  • Bryan Broaddus

    Our resident insider joins the guys and picks his Cowboys' MVP for the season, how their candidates stack up against the rest of the leagues', and what the newest Cowboys' signee could add to their playoff push.
  • Facebook Live

    Our new Thursday at 7:45 segment where we spy on our listeners Facebook status updates, and give our thoughts on what people think is worthy of social media attention.
  • Cowboys - Super Bowl or Bust?

    Shan says the Cowboys do not need to make the Super Bowl, or even win a playoff game, for the season to be considered a success...Do you agree?
  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • BeanBoozled Bet Payoff

    Shan has to play a game of BeanBoozled after losing a bet, and you can see all of his reactions on our 105.3 the Fan Facebook page!
  • Mac's Leaf Problem + Browns apology letter

    Mac has an issue with his neighbor regarding the leaves that are infiltrating his property, and the guys got their hands on the letter the Browns sent as an apology to their fan base.
  • What Are You Sick Of?

    Our listeners vent on all the things that were driving this crazy this holiday season, including one man dealing with a "lazy" wife, another taking issue with a talking head, and plenty more complains from Fan Fans!
  • Ian Rapoport

    The NFL insider brings you the latest on the Cowboys and Randy Gregory, his thoughts on the Wild Card playoff picture, and plenty more NFL news!
  • Does Jerry Deserve Credit?

    Mac Engel contends that Jerry Jones isn't getting his just due for the work he did to put this season together, but Shan asks the question - Who's most responsible for this years' team's success?
  • Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Jerry Jones

    The owner and GM of the Cowboys joins the guys to celebrate a first-round bye, and provide updates on all the key injuries the team is currently dealing with - Mo Claiborne, Demarcus Lawrence, La'el Collins and more!
  • Lane Kiffin - the running joke

    Lane Kiffin continues to be the biggest joke of college football, and the story got funnier yesterday after Alabama announced he would not be the team's coordinator in the National Championship game.
  • Vacation Stories

    All the guys are back from the holiday break, and that means they all have stories from their fantastic vacations!
  • Protect This House

    In our new weekly segment, we dive into all the troubles that arise from taking care of the homes we live in.
  • Who do you want the Cowboys to face?

    Shan and RJ are back, and they debate who they'd want the Cowboys to face in the divisional round of the playoffs.
  • The Jerry Jones Show

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones updates Shan & RJ on the latest Cowboys news, injuries and hopes for the playoffs. 
  • Monday, January 2nd
  • Are You Better?

    Is Kevin better than the fine celebrities that were born on this day?  We find out in "Are You Better?"
  • Jason Garrett

    The head coach of the Cowboys reflects on the decision to give Tony Romo a little game action, and what the team's schedule will look like with the bye.
  • Brad Sham

    The voice of the Boys joins Kevin and Cory to give his thoughts on the team's regular season finale, and what they have to look forward to next week in the Divisional round of the playoffs.
  • Moral Compass

    K&C brings one of their staples into play, as Cory is contemplating taking someone up on an offer that may or may not have been legitimate.
  • Did You Get Enough Romo?

    The Cowboys showcased Romo for a flash on Sunday...Was it enough for your liking?  Kevin and Cory discuss that and more surrounding the Cowboys' all-time touchdown leader.

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