"Once the warranty is out, I plan to tinker with the engine of this one."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Desmond At The Texas Theatre

“I like it best at night with the windows down. Sounds almost like the car is breathing.” – Desmond and his Audi A3


"Something needs replacing? I replace it with a rare or uncommon part."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Andy At Keller’s Drive-In

“That’s Charley, short for Charlotte. She’s an adoption.” – Andy and his BMW 355i Coupe


"It had six miles on it when I bought it."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Brian At The State Fair Of Texas

“I have a ton of cup holders, at least four, yet no cruise control.” – Brian and his Nissan Versa


"It always smells like stale coffee in here."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Erica At The Dallas World Aquarium

“I’m always the person who loses their car in the parking lot.” – Erica and her Scion XD Release Series