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Rockwall Heath Fight Cell Phone Video

Girl Says School Fight Caught On Camera Started By Bully

A fight captured on cell phone video between two Rockwall-Heath High students was the result of bullying, says one of the participants.

CBS 11–10/18/2012

Montana Lance 2

Judge Dismisses Lewisville ISD Bullying Lawsuit

A judge dismissed a lawsuit Tuesday against Lewisville ISD over the suicide of 9 year old Montana Lance.


Montana Lance

Judge Dismisses Campus Suicide Case Against Lewisville ISD

In a summary judgment, a federal judge has ruled in favor of the Lewisville Independent School District and dismissed a lawsuit filed by the parents of a 9-year-old boy who committed suicide on campus.


(credit: SABAH ARAR/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Stop Bullying’ School Tour In North Texas

School districts are getting serious about bullying, and a school tour is traveling through North Texas on Tuesday to teach kids about self-respect and kindness.


Debbie Lance

Family Mourns Death Of Anti-Bullying Crusader

The Lancey family is coping after Debbie Lance’s death. It comes two and a half years after their son, Montana, hung himself at his elementary school in The Colony.


Anti Bullying Program

Program Teaches To Use Words To Stop Bullying

A martial arts center in Hurst is training kids to how to stop bullies with words and verbal skills rather than violence.


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Fort Worth ISD Fights Bullying: “It’s Not Okay”

School districts across North Texas are stepping up initiatives aimed at curbing bullying. The Fort Worth ISD wants to everyone to know that bullying hurts more than just students.


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Keller ISD Not Wasting Time In Bullying Battle

A new state bill is aimed at getting schools to intervene in the bullying problem. But some school districts, like the Keller ISD, have already started to stand against bullying.


North Texan and now Oklahoma State University student Jennifer Long. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Local Student Makes Collegiate Choice To Avoid Bullies

Bullying is so devastating that some students will do almost anything just to get away from it. CBS 11 News talked to one young North Texas woman who made her college choice because of her middle and high school experiences.


The shadows of children playing are cast on a brick wall. (credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Big Brothers Big Sisters Stands Against Bullying

Hundreds of organizations across Texas are aimed at stopping bullying, but Big Brothers Big Sisters has been doing something to help children socially, emotionally and academically for over 100 years.



Parents Start Anti-Bullying Campaign After Teen Daughter’s Suicide

A couple uses the death of their teen daughter to fight against bullying.



Experts Talk Social Media & Bullying

Social media can be a powerful tool, bringing groups of people from around the world together for a common goal. But the same support system can be used to bully, as well.