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Golden Anniversary Of Top 40 Radio Format Launch

Fifty years this month, May 5, 1965, Boss Radio 93 KHJ in Los Angeles hard launched its Top 40 format on the 930 AM frequency.

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Perot - Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley 3D

Thunderstorms are in the forecast the rest of this week. If you love this time of year because of the bumpy skies, JD Ryan is Around Town with a storm chasers dream.


(credit: Joel Thomas/CBS 11 News)

Social Experiment Reveals Risk Of Child Abduction

This social experiment is a reminder of just how vulnerable children can be to strangers. A cute dog is used to entice kids at a park. Does it work?


(credit: Christof Koepsel/Getty Images)

Councilman Leaves Mic On During Bathroom Break

When you excuse yourself from a city council meeting to use the restroom, it’s important to turn off your wireless mic. When you don’t, the meeting in progress gets derailed.



Storms and Big Rains Ahead

After a nice start to May (just in time for the weekend) we are getting ready to return to that wet weather that so characterized April. The high pressure that set over the top of […]