Borta's Blog: Why I'm Becoming My MotherI recently had one of those moments, when I was talking to my now-teenage daughter about going to Six Flags unsupervised, and I realized that I have officially become my mother.
Borta Blog: Death Of The Dial ToneI’ve always known that there would be aspects of my childhood to which my children would be completely unable to relate. "What's a dial tone?" my son asked.
Borta Blog: MOM = ATMIn these final hours before Thanksgiving, I have to admit I’m feeling just a bit guilty.
Borta: The Lesson My Son Taught Me, TwiceThree years ago, my son taught me a lesson that I thought would stay with me forever. I guess it didn’t stick too well, because last week I had to learn it all over again.
Borta: This Ain't RatatouilleI have a couple of friends who, each day this month, are posting to their Facebook pages another thing about which they’re thankful.
My Son Is Responsible For Every Grey HairFor weeks our son, who turns 15 tomorrow, has pestered us to allow him to go to one of those giant “house of horrors” places with his new high school friends.
Borta Blog: The Perils Of A Working MomAny mom who works outside the home knows how challenging it can be to balance work and family. I’m fortunate to have a lot of help getting my kids to and from their activities.
An Open Letter To Road ConstructionDear TxDOT (or whichever entity is responsible for finishing the seemingly never-ending construction on our North Texas roads), Please, please, please, please, pretty please hurry up and finish.