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Happy Hour… With Mom?!

I realize there’s a major upside to having kids when you’re young. They seem to actually ENJOY hanging out with you as they grow up. So these kids of mine totally surprise me.

CBS 11–08/13/2013

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SMU Hosts Engineering Camp

Greg Needel said that it is his job to inspire students to see the fun side of his favorite subject — especially girls, who notoriously shy away from science and math careers.


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TvTracy’s Turn: The Meaning Of Life

I believe I have an answer to the question plaguing me lately. “What is the meaning of life?” Before I share my answer, I must share some beautiful reflections posted on Facebook.


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Last-Minute, Head-Turning, Life-Changing Miracle

I’ve been in social media hiding for 3 weeks now, fearing my blabber-mouth tendencies would totally screw things up.


Gina Miller Dress

Real Botox Diaries: Invest In A Good Dress

Gina Miller and Tracy Kornet offer a tip for the fashion conscious. This time, Gina shares her story of why it helps to invest in a good dress, even if it means paying more than you’d like.


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Success Magazine Chief’s Lessons For Success

I met Susan Kane at a power breakfast with our mutual colleague and strategist Tony Jeary.


CBS 11's Jeff Jamison and I,  hoping our abs will look like my nephew's Flat Stanley after 12 weeks of consistent exercise!
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TVTracy’s Turn: Whose Body Is Better?

Now that I have your attention, I’ll rephrase that: Whose body WILL be better come May?

CBS 11–02/22/2013

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Tracy Kornet: Nothing Like The Grammy’s To Inspire The Music Lover In Us

Whether you’re just a fan or trying to make it in the music business, we have an exclusive interview tonight after the Grammy’s you won’t want to miss.



Tracy Kornet & Jeff Jamison: Webcam What’s Up!

Tracy Kornet and Jeff Jamison discuss the upcoming weekend’s events.


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TVTracy’s Turn: Dream Big

I have no regrets about encouraging my kids to aim high with their education. Other than love, discipline and security, helping our kids dream big should be a parent’s top job.



TVTracy’s Turn: Strategies For Staying Sane

I was recently asked to share some of what’s fueled my family and career decisions these 19 years in television news, and I included some of my strategies for staying sane.


Tracy and Jeff - CBS 11

Webcam What’s Up: New Year’s Goals

CBS 11 News anchor Tracy Kornet and CBS 11 News meteorologist Jeff Jamison chat about their New Year’s Resolutions! Check out the entire video here!