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The Dangers Of Social Media

Social media can be a dangerous place for trusting and vulnerable teenagers. This video shows just how easy it is for pedophiles to prey on teen girls without much effort.


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If Car Commercials Were Honest

What if car salesmen were brutally honest with you when trying to make a sale? This video explores how that conversation might go.


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A ‘Space Jam 2’ Teaser?

Blake Griffin faces off against Marvin the Martian in an extraterrestrial dunk contest. Is it a prelude to a second “Space Jam” movie?



Teens React To Cecil The Lion’s Death

Cecil the Lion’s death has dominated headlines, after the South African cat was killed by a hunter last month. But how do today’s teens view the lion’s death?



Lost Audio Of Chris Farley As Shrek

Mike Myers brought a Scottish brogue to the voice of Shrek in all the Shrek films, but he actually replaced someone.



Elders React To ‘Batman V Superman’

A group of experienced movie viewers were asked to react to the latest “Batman V Superman” trailer. Did they like it? You might be surprised.


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Trailer Released For ‘Deadpool’ Starring Ryan Reynolds

This isn’t your standard superhero movie. “Deadpool,” starring Ryan Reynolds, is the R-rated story of Wade Wilson, who volunteers for a genetic experimentation program that gives him superpowers.


Gishwhes 1

World’s Greatest Scavenger Hunt

Remember when you’d have a scavenger hunt as a kid? Well take that excitement and think globally. That is the idea behind GISHWHES.


Summer's Hottest Concert Tours

‘Uptown Funk’ Performed By Movies

Bruno Mars is quite the performer, but this rendition of “Uptown Funk” certainly has more star power. One super fan recreated the hit song by splicing together 280 movie clips.


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Google Visually Translates ‘La Bamba’

You’ve likely sung the words to “La Bamba” before, but do you have any idea what the words mean? Using their Translate app, the folks at Google show you just what you’ve been singing.


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1,000 Musicians Perform Foo Fighters Song Simultaneously

A group of 1,000 musicians made a plea to Foo Fighters lead Dave Grohl, asking him to come to Cesena, Italy. They did so by performing “Learn To Fly” — all at the same time.


A math teacher uses a white board to explain a sum to students. (credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

‘SportsCenter’ For Teachers

What if teachers were revered like athletes? Comedy duo Key & Peele created a parody of ESPN’s popular SportsCenter program — but for teachers.