Viral Video

Viral Video: Professional Line SitterAs long as people willing to wait in line for a week, you’ll have someone like this willing to take your money and do your sitting work for you.
Dude Perfect's Slip'N Slide FootballThe Dallas dudes from Dude Perfect are back with another killer video that has gone completely viral.
Honest Trailer For "Avengers: Age Of Ultron"So someone asked the people at Screen Junkies to do an Honest Trailer on The Avengers. They admit it. The Avengers broke Joss Whedon.
"Where Are U Now" By Arlington's PentatonixYou can never go wrong picking a viral video when Arlington’s Pentatonix has put one out. This one is called 'Where Are U Now'. The original featured Justin Bieber on vocals.
Man Killing Spider Sets Fire To Gas StationMost people hate spiders, but one man's fear of spiders got him into some real heat. It happened at a gas station in the Detroit area.
Baby Battles Bulldog For A WalkA little boy who's only 11 months old and just learned to walk...takes a very large bulldog on a walk. But the dog doesn't want to go.
"Angry Birds" Movie TrailerRovio is the company behind Angry Birds. Every single version of it. Now, it’s making a film about those birds with a short temper.
Charlie Brown & The Peanuts Gang Are BackThere’s a new Peanuts film coming out soon. They released the new trailer.
Movie Phone Super CallYesterday, we had 100 films choreographed to Uptown Funk. Today, dozens of films about one thing - talking on the telephone.
"Uptown Funk" Video MashupBruno Mars does the 'Uptown Funk' and someone brought out the dance moves from 100 of the greatest films ever. They merge into this thing that just works.
Wheel Of Musical ImpressionsJimmy Fallon and Ariana Grandé played one of the best games he does: Wheel of Musical Impressions.
Carpool Karaoke With Stevie WonderJames Corden has a winning feature on the Late Late Show. It shows off his true entertaining skills. The segment is called Carpool Karaoke.