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Ship Snow Yo

Shipping Boston snow to other parts of the country.


The Dallas Horseshoe Project

The Dallas Horseshoe Project is a $798 million design-build roadway construction project by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to improve traffic flow through the heart of downtown Dallas. Aptly dubbed the “Horseshoe project” due to its U shape.


The Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Law enforcement officers across North Texas are on the hunt for people with outstanding warrants and unpaid tickets. Click here to find out if your name is on the list. Dallas fines can be paid at


Drive Texas

TxDOT Highway Conditions


Cracking Down On Car Insurance Fraud

National Insurance Crime Bureau is warning drivers about scams designed to cash in on your car insurance policy.


Texans With Character – Homeless Signs Artist

A link to Willie Baronet’s blog, featured on CBS 11’s Texans With Character, February 13.


United Way Dallas

For 90 years, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has invested in the most effective local programs that work to create opportunities and change lives forever. We unite donors and volunteers with organizations who are producing real results in the areas of education, financial stability, and health.


Lifeline Program

The Lifeline Program is a federal program which provides support to telecommunications companies that in turn offer discounts to millions of eligible consumers.


1965 MLK Speech At UCLA Released

From the archives of the UCLA Communications Studies Department.


Airport Delays

A quick look at airport delays in Texas and across the country.


Become A “Layaway Angel”

You can contribute any amount which will go directly towards helping to pay off holiday gifts purchased on layaway.