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Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Talk About RezoningThe Frisco ISD Board of Trustees held a workshop tonight to address rezoning students at 16 schools across the city.
Stuff Your Holiday Stockings With Pringles-Scented CandlesNo need for vanilla, or warm sugar cookie candle's, bring in the holiday smells with a Pringle's "Pigs In A Blanket" scented candle.
Fellow Muslim Student Defends 'Clock Kid's' Former High SchoolA Muslim who went to Irving's MacArthur High School is defending the school from discrimination claims.
Denton Council Approves Buc-ee's Incentives On A 5-2 VoteCity council members in Denton debated for hours Wednesday night before finally approving an economic development package that will allow Buc-ee's to build a new travel center along I-35E.
Increased Security After Racist Threat At Boles Junior High Scrawled on a bathroom wall, a racist threat has Arlington ISD increasing security at Boles Junior High.
Top Scams To Look Out For This Holiday SeasonThe holiday season is in full swing and that means scammers are out looking to cash in.
Top 5 "Worst Toys" Of The Holiday SeasonSince 1973 the organization, W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc.), has identified toys with the potential to cause injuries and even death.
Dallas Has Plan To Deal With Illegal DumpingDallas has 62 illegal dumping sites in mostly Southern parts of the city.
AISD School To See More Security After Written ThreatArlington Police have determined there is no credible threat to the school.
Lawyers Argue Charges Against Texas Attorney General Should Be DroppedThe judge says he will decide what to do with the indictments as early as next Monday or a week or two later.
Tarrant County Sheriff Defends Deputy Swept Away By Rushing WaterTarrant County's Sheriff is coming to the defense of a deputy who risked her life to save another.
Texas Trooper Fired, Allegedly Propositioned Driver For SexA Texas trooper was fired after being accused of stopping a driver for speeding and offering her $300 to have sex with him.
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