DFW Adventure Park

Sat.: 9 a.m.-6 p.m
Sun.: 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
13055 Cleveland Gibbs Rd.
Roanoke, Texas
Details, Reviews & Directions

Looking for some real adventure this summer? Skip Six Flags and test your mettle at DFW Adventure Park. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, a school or church field trip, or just a great time with friends, DFW Adventure Park has a variety of outdoor challenges ranging from spirited to extreme! The park has several exciting activities to choose from.

dfw men running Guide To DFW Adventure Park

(credit: DFW Adventure Park)


Whether you’re a rookie or a tournament-level professional, paintball is one of the most popular extreme sports in the nation. DFW Adventure Park makes sure it’s fun for everyone. Each participant is grouped with others of the same skill level (unless you come with your own teams, of course). There’s also a referee to oversee your game so you can focus on having fun instead watching out for your sly kid brother who never seems to know he was out.

Infrared Combat Laser tag isn’t just for kids anymore. While laser tag is a common game available at indoor gaming facilities, DFW Adventure Park has an outdoor version that might be a better choice for those who are afraid of the slight sting of your traditional paintball.
Zip LinesThe zip lines tour, located in Roanoke, Texas, since 2004, has a series of zip lines ranging from 100 to 350 feet (with longer ones coming soon). You’ll glide from tree to tree soaring 50 to 60 feet above the surface through the beautiful Roanoke wilderness.
dfw kids Guide To DFW Adventure Park

(credit: DFW Adventure Park)

Wilderness Challenge Course

One of the most popular options for corporate retreats, the Wilderness Challenge Course is a deep-woods training program. The challenges seem a lot like games at first, but they’re actually a form of action learning that helps cultivate leaders while developing team moral. Companies who’ve participated note that this type of retreat helps sharpen certain critical skills their employees use daily at work.

Airsoft SessionsAirsoft is similar to laser tag or paintball, but in this more realistic version of combat sport, participants use replica guns to fire small non-metallic pellets. This military-style tactical game, a favorite of more extreme hobbyists, is only held once a month.
Other ActivitiesIn addition to these extreme group activities, DFW Adventure Park has activities like a motocross track and an ATV club. There’s also camping available for school and church groups. Check out their website for exciting theme events, like last January’s “Battle of Bastogne 2011.”
Fun for the Family?DFW Adventure Park isn’t just for daredevils and risk-takers; it can also be fun for the whole family. While the age limits vary from game to game, this is a good family destination if you have older children or teens (check the park’s website for details on age limits for individual activities). The park’s rules put safety above all else and prohibit things like drinking, drugs, and loud or excessive profanity.One of the things locals and travelers alike enjoy about the park is the low pricing for several hours of fun. If you’re an out-of-towner, there are hotels within five miles of the park, but if you decide to stay outside of Roanoke, DFW Adventure Park is well worth the drive.

Heather Barnett is a freelance blogger who has written for DFW City-Guide SheKnows.com. She is an expert on all things family and travel.
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    Typo in “Wilderness Challenge–“moral” should be “morale.”

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