KRLD App Of The Day


WEDNESDAY (8/16): PicsArt

This is one of the top rated picture editors in the iTunes Store.  It has a whole lot of features, like the ability to turn your photos into a collage.  It has hundreds of templates for just that.  It’s also a picture editor with lots of templates and filters.  Just for grins, you can turn your pictures into stickers or clipart that you can use in your messages. PicsArt also has a camera to let you use brushes and other tools for your editing.  So many features in one little app.  PicsArt is a free app on iTunes. It has in-app purchases.

TUESDAY (8/15): Socratic

Parents.  Let’s face it.  Sometimes, your kids homework is something that you can’t solve because you don’t understand it.  Nothing embarrassing about that.  Everyone needs help sometime.  Socratic can be that help, because it’s staffed by an A.I. that can help your student understand.  All you have to do is take a picture of the homework question or the math equation, send it in.  Then you get the help you need through videos or step by step help or an explanation.  It’s like having your own tutor.  It covers just about every segment in a child’s classroom day.  Socratic is a 5 star free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (8/14): Eclipse Megamovie Mobile

One week from today, the country will be engrossed in watching the moon’s go between the Sun and the Earth.  This is the first all US eclipse in a hundred years. A lot of people are going to want to capture the eclipse on video, but that’s dangerous for your camera just as it is for your eyes.  This app comes from UC Berkeley.  It’s specially designed for next Monday. All kinds of special directions to make sure that you can get your video and protect your eyes and the phone camera.  You will need a special external lens to make it happen.  The eclipse only lasts 2 minutes 40 seconds.  You’ll take a series of pictures of it. The makers also want you to send your photos to them, so they can use them to study the Sun’s corona.  You could help science with Eclipse Megamovie Mobile.  A free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (8/11): World Recipes

If you’re feeling particularly international with your cooking at home, you can travel the world with this app.  It gives you six different recipes every day as suggestions from different areas of the world.  There’s everything from African, South American, Southeast Asian and just about any culture you can think of.  You can search by name, the ingredients and if it’s a healthy dish.  It also provides you a way to put together a shopping list for your dish.  World Recipes is a free app for now on iTunes.

THURSDAY (8/10): Plant Snap

This might be something that everyone has asked, “What’s that plant?”.  It could be because it’s such a gorgeous looking piece of greenery or maybe you’re wondering if it’s something you shouldn’t touch.  Plant Snap lets you take a picture of a plant or flower or tree.  Once the app sees what it is, it searches the database and can let you know what it is.  It has more than 300 thousand different species in that database right now and it keeps adding 50 thousand more a month.  Plant Snap is $4 on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (8/9): Eclipse Safari

The solar eclipse is coming up in just a week and a half on August 21.  This app gives you just about anything you need to know about it.  It comes from the minds at and Sky Safari.  You get a countdown timer to the event.  It has ongoing news about the eclipse and an interactive map to follow it along as it crosses the country.  It has a shadow tracker to follow along and live updates and a viewing guide.  Best of all, you don’t need to put together any kind of viewing contraption.  It will be live streamed on the app as it happens.  Eclipse Safari is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (8/8): iStudiez Pro

School is starting up in just the next couple of weeks for most schools.  This is a studying app to keep your kids honest and help them grow in those studies.  The app is a schedule organizer.  You can enter all the details of all your classes and teachers.  There’s another area where you can keep track of the homework and your assignments.  iStudiez Pro also keeps track of your grades.  It also incorporates to your Apple Watch if you have one.  iStudiez Pro is $3 on iTunes and for Windows.  Never too early to start getting ready for school.

MONDAY (8/7): Homee On Demand

This is an on demand app to help you with maintenance on your house.  It connects you with experts here in the Metroplex.  That’s electrical, H-V-A-C, plumbing and handymen of all kinds.  All you have to do is tell the app what you need and it will match you up with professionals that are listed near you.  The app gives you the opportunity to choose which one you want and the approximate cost of the job and materials.  The job’s done, you pay through the app.  No muss, no fuss.  The app also vets all the professionals that are part of the Homee on Demand app.  Homee on Demand is a free app on iTunes and Android.  You pay for the cost of the repair people.

FRIDAY (8/4): iTranslate Converse

This is an upgrade to the original iTranslate.  This app is about as close as you can get right now to instant vocal translation.  There’s a secret to making sure it translate the voice accurately.  When you’re in a place where you need to translate something instantly, you turn your phone upside down so the microphone is at the top of the phone.  It picks up the voices better.  The app can hear the language that the other person is speaking and figures out what language it is.  iTranslate Converse can instantly translate 38 languages. It even can save the conversations for you with text transcripts and audio transcripts.  iTranslate Converse is a free app on iTunes.  Android is coming soon.  It has in-app purchases.

THURSDAY (8/3): Google Earth

The minds at Google have run this app through a major upgrade.  It had been on the chopping block for iOS 11, because it ran on 32 bit and iOS 11 won’t allow that.  It has to be 64 bit. Google Earth is more than just a map app that shows you the globe and some interesting things.  The app is much more 3D.  It has knowledge cards.  When you zoom into a location, like a major city.  It reaches down and shows you some of the more interesting sites and landmarks.  It even lets you snap pictures from the app and send them as postcards to your friends and family.  Explore all you like.  Maybe even let Google Earth take you somewhere.  Google Earth 9.  It’s an all new Earth, all improved and free on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (8/2): The Photo Cookbook

This app is for people that want a little extra help putting together recipes.  This breaks the cooking process down to the ingredients.  It uses pictures of everything and every method of putting together the dish.  There’s an expert chef.  Pictures of everything that shows you every step you need.  You get more than 80 different recipes to start.  They can all be made in less than 30 minutes. Then you can buy more recipes in the app.  Your app could be filled with 600 recipes if you get them all.  The Photo Cookbook is a free app for now on iTunes.  It has in app purchases.

TUESDAY (8/1): Plotagraph

This is a photo editor with a little bit of a difference.  Sometimes, that’s all it needs to stand out.  It lets you make some edits to your pictures. But it also lets you put just a hint of animation in some strategic areas of the photo.  It makes the picture look like a photo that moves, just a little.  Again, you only make the edit in a certain area, not the whole thing.  Once you get it just right, you can share it with your friends on social media and see if they notice the differences.  Plotagraph is $5 on iTunes.

MONDAY (7/31): LetGo

You don’t have to use Craigslist to sell your stuff or buy someone else’s. This app is a clearinghouse. It’s the 21st century classifieds.  You put up something that you want to sell, the A.I. puts into the right category and titles the item.  The app also shows you the deals that are close to you.  It also has a chat function to let you talk to the seller or buyer to find out more details about what’s for sale.  That means you don’t have to give out your phone number, if you’re not comfortable about it. LetGo is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (7/28): Stickify

This one can add a little zest for your messages through iMessage.  So this one goes iPhone to iPhone.  There are all kinds of sticker packages in the App Store that you can plunk down your 99 cents.  And they’re cute.  They add a little zest to the messages that you send.  This app lets you create your own stickers with the photos on your camera roll.  Pick a pic.  Draw the shape that you want the sticker to be in.  Boom.  You’re done. Put it into your message.  Simple as that.  You can use a photo in the camera roll or just take one of what you’re seeing right now.  Stickify is a silly little free app on iTunes.

THURSDAY (7/27): Gloomlogue

This is a photo app. But the filters are a little different. The app lets you turn your pictures into something more arty. They’re called “gloom paints”. Your pictures will have a texture to them that’s unlike any other picture editing program. It has 50 different filters that are based more on film than anything else. More than 50 mirror effects and 3 dozen light effects. You can even draw on them with different palettes. You’ll love the effects on your pictures. Gloomlogue is a free app on iTunes and $1 on Windows.

WEDNESDAY (7/26): Smithsonian Eclipse 2017

Next month, the United States is getting a coast to coast of the moon passing between the Earth and the Sun.  It’s the first time in a century that a solar eclipse has been exclusively ours and will criss cross the U-S.  This app will help guide you through an education about this event.  It will also have a live NASA stream of it, since we won’t get the completely full eclipse here in north Texas.  It has all kinds of factoids about the event.  You don’t have to live in Portland, Oregon to get the bennies.  Smithsonian Eclipse 2017 is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (7/25): The Good World

You don’t have to deal with companies that don’t meet your approval on a more personal level.  This is an app that can help you find places to spend your money, where you know that money would actually go to doing something good.  These businesses in this app have a commitment to doing good deeds for their communities and the world.  They’re socially responsible type companies.  It could be anything from an eating place that only uses food from local businesses.  Or if you want to buy clothes that you know are made here in the United States.  IF there’s a conscience to the company, this app knows it.  This Good World is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (7/24): Carrot Weather 

There are a lot of weather apps that you can put on your phone and they do an adequate job of telling you the facts and figures and what to expect out of the day.  Standard stuff.  Carrot takes a little further with a side order of snarky.  The app gives you what you need for your day. Hourly forecasts and daily.  It also has more than 4 thousand different kinds of dialogue to give you editorial comments about the day and what you’re going to be facing.  Such as “70 degrees and nice.  Make the most of this pleasant weather that I generated for you.  Or else.  Just a way to lighten the weather day.  Carrot Weather is newly redesigned.  It’s $4 on iTunes and it has in-app purchases.

FRIDAY (7/21): Apple Clips

This is a fun video making app.  You shoot video clips that you can send off to your friends.  You don’t have to worry about timelines, but each clip runs about 5 seconds and you can put them together. Here’s the thing.  You get other tricks to add to your videos.  There are speech bubbles, comic book type filters and other animations.  Oh, you can also add music soundtracks as well. This will showcase your creativity.  AND now you can add Disney animations and Pixar clips.  Apple Clips is a free app on iTunes

THURSDAY (7/20): EmojiCam

It’s never too late to get into the world of emojis.  This app provides you with ways to incorporate emojis into your photos.  You can use the camera or just dig through our camera roll and put emojis where they’re just needed.  Enhance your pictures with them.  There’s all kind of editing tools to help the picture look just right.  EmojiCam is a silly app, but it gets 5 stars and it’s free on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (7/19): Keyring Rewards Cards

This one has been out there for awhile, but you might not know about it. Your wallet or your keychain might be full of different kinds of reward cards. You know what it’s like when you’re in the checkout line and you’re trying to find the right card.
Now, you can put those cards back in the filing cabinet in the house. You only need to scan the app when you go to your favorite stores. There’s no more forgetting that one card you need. This app even can provide you with the weekly ads that your stores have every week. The app scans on most scanners at stores because it comes up with the bar code for that store. You can also build shopping lists when you’re on a mission to restock the house. It also has a remote cloud backup. Keyring Reward Cards is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (7/18): Pigment

This is an adult coloring book and it’s one of the best in the app store.  This app lets you go back to the days of your childhood when the only thing you need is a good set of crayons and a sharpener to keep those colors in the lines.  The app lets you fully color each picture with more than 20 different kinds of pencils and markers and you can even paint, if you want to.  Pigment is a realistic depiction of coloring with crayons or brushes and it has more than two thousand pictures to color. You will never run out. Pigment is a free app on iTunes and Android.  It has an in-app purchase.

MONDAY (7/17): Paintkeep

This app can help you get creative with your photos.  It lets you take your pictures and turn into them into works of art.  10 different filters to start and another level of pencil sketches.  There’s a way to see your photos in watercolors or sketches.  Paintkeep also has 17 different ways to give your photo painting just the right border or frame.  It even lets you sign your piece of art.  Paintkeep is a free app on iTunes.  It has an in-app purchase.

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