KRLD App Of The Day


FRIDAY (12/2) Santa’s Magic Phone Call & Text

When you’re trying to keep the magic and the spirit of Christmas alive for your kids, you can use their own favorite technology to do just that.  You can have Santa Claus call your child when you wish him to.  This app gets you a direct line to the North Pole.  It helps when they can record their own video of telling Santa what they want for Christmas.  You can skip the mall Santa and go straight to the source.  This one, you gotta check out.  Santa’s Magic Phone Call & Text is a free app on iTunes and Android.  There are in-app purchases.

THURSDAY (12/1) Runister

This is an app that will pay you to go for a run.  That’s it.  You put in your miles, you get a healthy lifestyle and it pays you money.  It’s like a fitness tracker, but it also bribes you to keep putting in the work.  You’ll collect points for every kilometer you run. Those points add up to money back.  The basic Runister gives you all kinds of statistics from your workout.  Runister Plus is a subscription service.  That’s the one that gives you money back.  Runister is a free app with In App Purchases on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (11/30) Giftster

It’s the age old question among adults during Christmas time.  “What do you want?”  “I don’t know, what do you want?”  Now you can take the guesswork out of everything.  Giftster is the app that you can share with your family and friends.  It’s like a wedding registry.  You put in the stuff that you would really like.  Other family or friends do the same.  There’s no more guesswork. You can see what Uncle Frank wants, look at what your sister really needs.  It’s a private sharing gift sharing group.  You can invite whomever you want to join in.  It even lets you do a Secret Santa thing.  Giftster is a free app on iTunes, Amazon and Android

TUESDAY (11/29) Charity Miles

Today is Giving Tuesday.  And there’s a way to help your favorite charity the high tech way.  Plus,  you get something for yourself and that’s a good workout.  This app tracks how many miles you walk, run, ride within your workout.  Every mile you go, big name sponsors donate money to charity in your name.  The overall amount of money the app raises could be millions.  The challenge goes through the end of May next year.  They work with 40 different charities.  Download it, get moving and get to making some money.  Charity Miles is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (11/28) Frenzy for Flash Sales

Today’s App of the Day is called  Frenzy for Flash Sales.  It’s Cyber Monday and everyone’s scouring the Internet on the hunt for bargains for Christmas.  This is a brand new app to keep you up to the minute on what stores are putting out the best prices in a flash.  It even has a countdown clock on the offers to let you know how much time you have to take advantage of the specials.  This app comes from the website Shopify.  Frenzy for Flash Sales is a new app on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (11/23) BFAdsNet

Black Friday 2016 Ad Scans.  There are a lot of apps in the app stores to find Black Friday ads and specials and instant deals.  This app makes the grade today because it landed on Consumer Reports list of the best Black Friday apps.  BF has all kinds of breaking news about Black Friday sales.  It lets you do some comparison shopping among all the big box stores.  It lets you know when those Black Friday deals are going on right that minute.  You can use it to make your shopping lists for Christmas gifts or for yourself.  BF is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (11/22) Photomyne

This is an app to scan all your old photos a bunch at a time and then store them all at once.  You can also scan your photos one at a time.  It lets you scan thousands of pictures in no time and it’s a smart scan.  If you have your photos in an album, scan each page in one shot.  It then detects each picture and crops them down to save each picture.  Photomyne is 99 cents on iTunes or Android.  It has a subscription cloud service that can cost up to 24 dollars a year. OR you could just put your pictures in Google Photos, which is free.

FRIDAY (11/18) Instructables

For the craftsman on the go, our favorite DIY website has finally released their first ever iOS app (an Android version is in the works). Instructables offers plans to build everything from a simple new coffee table to a chair made out of tennis balls.

THURSDAY (11/17) K Blocker

Never again do you have to be tormented anything Kardashian.  The only reason this app exists is to clear your phone and tablet from anything remotely mentioning that family.  You can make all of them from Kylie, Khloe, Kris, Kim, Kourtney or any of the rest of the pathetic self-centered swine disappear from your web browsing.  Anything that has a Kardashian keyword disappears from your browser.  Even if they’re “Kardashian-adjacent”, they’re gone. It’s not perfect…. Yet.  Give it time. The K Blocker is a free app on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (11/16) Google PhotoScan

It’s a brand new app from the minds at Google.  You can take photos with the camera on your phone.  You can now scan all your old school print pictures without worrying about the glare that your camera might pick up in the background.  The app lets you scan those old photos and you don’t even have to take them out of their frames.  It also crops the edges thanks to its edge detection abilities.  PhotoScan lets you capture those moments quick and easy.  IF you have Google Photos open, it automatically saves into your account.  Google PhotoScan, It’s a brand new free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (11/15) Burner

You know the situation. You meet someone who doesn’t seem right and you decide it’s ok to never see that person again, but you don’t want to be rude.  You’re selling something on Craigslist and you don’t want to give out your real phone number.  Or you’re buying something online and you don’t want to get phone spammed at home.

That’s when you use the Burner app to give out a fake number.  It’s not your real number, it’s a burner number that you can drop at a moment’s notice.  You have complete control, if you want someone to be able to contact you or not.  Burner is a free app on iTunes and Android.  There are in app purchases  and a monthly fee.

MONDAY (11/14) Signal

For some people, this is the time when they want total privacy when it comes to their personal communications with their friends.  Signal is an app that encrypts those conversations totally.  It lets you communicate with your friends and family, open up chat rooms.  Even the company behind Signal doesn’t get to see or keep any part of your messages. It also allows you phone calls as well.  Signal is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (11/11) SnipSnap Coupon App

Say what you will about people who use coupons, they’re passionate about it. Almost militant. Worst thing that can happen, you’re at a grocery store ready to check out and you forget all of your coupons that you’ve been snipping for weeks. This lets you forget the scissors and not worry about forgetting anything at home. You take a picture of your coupon at home. The app converts it into a coupon fit for an iPhone. You can shoot photos of lots of coupons at once and they’re all organized in the app. SnipSnap, you’re ready to shop. SnipSnap Coupon App is a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (11/10) Maple Match

We’ve talked about how many people said they’re thinking about moving to Canada in the new Trump administration.  It’s not easy, but it can be done.  One way to help is to have a close relationship with a Canadian.  Maple Match is a dating app for Americans to find their true red maple leaf match.  This is a serious dating app.  There’s no swiping involved.  It uses your interests to find matches based on people with similar interests north of the border.  Maple Match is a free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (11/8): Voter

Today is election day, and even after 600 days of a campaign, there are people that are still on the fence about the proper choice for them.  Voter is an app that asks you a few questions.  It wants to find out your thoughts and beliefs on the issues that are important to you.  The app looks through public records and coordinates which candidates are the ones that most closely reach out to yours.  It shows the results as a percentage, which person is closest to you.  Voter also shows you your polling place, hours and what to bring with you.  Voter is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (11/7): Hype

It’s a new way to shoot live video to your friends and family.  Once you turn on the camera, all your contacts know what you’re doing and they can join you in whatever adventure you’re sharing.  This app also lets you add pictures and other videos and music straight into the live video.  It has all the other feature Facebook Live has.  Like replaying your video when you’re finished.  You can share it on Twitter.  And it has backgrounds you can put inside.  Hype is new and it’s on iTunes.

FRIDAY (11/4): Amazon Rapids

This is a brand new app from Amazon.  It’s a reading app to bring short stories to your young kids.  It brings them in a style that they’re accustomed to.  Kids are used to seeing messages with word balloons in text message format.  Amazon Rapids brings those stories in that same form.  The characters actually talk to each other.  There are hundreds of stories and more to come.  There’s even a way to have the app read to them.  Amazon Rapids is a free app on iTunes, Android and Kindle, but it has a subscription model with a monthly fee.

THURSDAY (11/3): Boomerang

People just love to use GIFs in their conversations. Now you can make your own gif’s based on yourself.  It works like this.  You find what it is you want to make a gif out of.  It could be you with the selfie camera, just make sure there’s motion of some kind, not a still shot.  The app shoots a burst of 10 pictures back to back and then converts them to a video, then it loops them.  Then share to your heart’s content.  Boomerang is a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (11/2): Epicurious

This is a brand new version of a real popular cooking and recipes app. It gives you access to at least 35,000 different kinds of recipes from lots of different cookbooks and publishers. It also provides video step by step tutorials to help you make dinner with the help of professionals right there with you. It adds new videos and recipes every single day. There’s a recipe box to store your favorites and the app helps you work up a shopping list so you have every ingredient you need. Epicurious. Re-designed and free on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (11/1): Eventurist

This is a travel arrangements app.  Its purpose is to help you find the best travel flight prices and travel advice, when you want to go somewhere that’s having a special event.  Maybe you want to go to Carnival in Rio or to a great festival in Mexico. Or maybe you just want to see Coachella.  The app has suggestions for great trips all over the world.  It breaks it down by event or by country.  Then it sets you up with the best flights and hotel rates it can find. Eventurist a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (10/31) Track & Treat

This app gets to you just in time. If you’re letting your kids go Trick or Treating through the neighborhood by themselves, this app can give you a bit of piece of mind. You can keep track of where they’re going through the GPS. They show up on a little map on your screen. Plus, the app says it lets you know when they’re headed back home, so you can plan your raid on their candy. Track & Treat is a free app this Halloween on Android.

FRIDAY (10/28): Dead Yourself

Halloween means it’s ok to have a spooky app on your phone and turn your friends into Walkers from The Walking Dead.  You take a picture of yourself or someone else.  Add the filters and they are transformed into something Rick or Darryl might want to stick a knife in.  Look, Mom, I’m a zombie.  Dead Yourself is a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (10/27): Whilo

As we’re getting closer to Christmas and Christmas shopping, for some it’s also harder and harder to find just the right gift for some of your friends.  Whilo is like a wedding gift registry.  Only it’s your own Christmas gift registry.  You can make life easier for your friends and family by showing them what you would like for Christmas.  No guesswork on their part.  Whilo is a new free app on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (10/26): Delfie

You can guess what the “elfie” is in this app.  The D stands for…. dog.  Yup, it’s an app that lets you take the perfect dog selfies.  The app comes with a noisemaker to get your dog’s attention.  He looks to the camera, and you hit click.  The app comes with 28 different sounds to make your dog look up at the camera.  It even lets you record some of your own, if you know what sounds your dog likes to hear.  You can then edit to your desires with all kinds of frames or stickers.  Delfie is $2 on iTunes.

TUESDAY (10/25): Pulse Point | Pulse Point AED

There are two apps in today’s App of the Day, because they’re connected.  And both of them could save lives.  If you have a heart condition, seconds can make the difference if you have a heart attack.  You need to find someone who’s trained in CPR quickly.  It’s a database of people near you that have their training and can come at a moment’s notice to help.  You can also be a hero to help others near you.  The second app shows the locations of the nearest automated external defibrilator.  Pulse Point.  A free app on iTunes and Android.  It could save your life.  Or you could save someone else’s.

MONDAY (10/24): Visionn

So much of the time, so many people are using their smartphones to take pictures and videos.  Then we depend on Instagram or another program to work up just the right filter.  This app lets you take your videos and animates them like cartoons as you shoot them. Or take your photos and put different filters on them  It has 10 different filters to start… make you look like you’re in a graphic novel or an oil painting. Visionn with two N’s is $4 on iTunes.

THURSDAY (10/20): Feelca Daylight

An app I want to tell you about today is called Feelca Daylight. It’s a blast from the past. It takes you back to the days of taking pictures with an old fashioned camera. Would you like 24 exposures or a full 36? This is the full experience. You take 24 or 36 pictures before you get to see them. The app also lets you put captions underneath the photos as well. Feelca is a free app for now on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (10/19): Know Your Stuff

One thing a lot of people forget to do is take a real inventory of all their belongings in their home.  It’s vital for your homeowners or renters’ insurance.  This home inventory can help you if you have some kind of loss.  Know Your Stuff is that home inventory list.  You can record all your big ticket and smaller items, with photos and video to prove what you’ve lost in that disaster.  Do it now, while everything is quiet. Know Your Stuff is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (10/18): Sphere

You can have all your social media apps in one place and you don’t have to have 20 different apps on the phone.  Sphere collects them all together in one place:  everything from Instagram and Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  Sphere is a free app on iTunes

MONDAY (10/17): Ringtone

This is just what it sounds like.  It’s an app to let you make your own ringtones.  You can use your own music and go from there.  Or the app lets you record up to 40 seconds from the microphone to create the ringtone.  There’s no limit to the amount of ringtones or text message tones you can make.  Ringtone. It’s spelled R-N-G-T-N.  And it’s free for now on iTunes.

FRIDAY (10/14): Tribe

This is a group type messaging app.  But it takes Facetiming to another level.  You can send 15 second messages to one or a bunch of your contacts.  Tribe also lets you have your messages be closed captioned so you can keep the sound down and see what your friends or family are saying in their video messages.  It even has a way to book an Uber so you can go to your friends.  Tribe, it’s a free app on iTunes and Android.


The Stars open the regular season tonight against Anaheim.  So it’s the best time to get the NHL app.  It lets you personalize the app to your favorite team, be it the Stars or any  other team in the NHL.  It’s your scoreboard and video highlights.  You can watch games on your tablet or smartphone and listen to radio broadcasts as well.  NHL, the official app for pro hockey is free on iTunes and Android.  It has in-app purchases.


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