KRLD App Of The Day


FRIDAY (2/27): Instapray

There are times when you need support. Just to know that there’s someone else there. This is a simple social networking app. It does one thing. It brings people together to pray for each other. Big groups, small ones. You can share with others. Post your needs and get prayer from all over the world. There’s also the social aspect that allows you to make friends with others. It all starts with your hands clasped on the app. It’s Instapray and it’s free on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (2/26): LifeLine Response

This is a security app to help give you peace of mind, if you have to out alone at night. Or if you’re in a situation where you might not be comfortable. It’s a pretty easy app to get adjusted to. You open the app, you hold your finger on the screen until you get to where you need to. Lift your finger off before you want to. The app calls the cops and sends them to where the GPS says you are. The app is free on iTunes and Android and the monitoring is free for the first six weeks. Then it’s $10 per year. Small price for security.

WEDNESDAY (2/25): Scholly

This is the #1 app on the Apple App Store and that says a lot about it. It also says a lot about the power of the TV show, Shark Tank that has Mark Cuban on it. They featured Scholly on Friday’s episode. Scholly is a unique app that helps you find scholarships to college. There are thousands and thousands of scholarships that virtually no one knows about. This app pulls them altogether to fit who you are, and what major you want to study. Scholly is a $.99 investment in your college future on iTunes and Android.


This is a new Maps app right now on Android. It brings a collection when you don’t have a connection. You get the maps you need when you’re going somewhere. Then you can get your turn by turn directions. It has public transportation and walking directions all on one screen. Here also has 3D maps for malls and airports all over the country. It’s Here and it’s free on Android.

FRIDAY (2/20): Phone Tracker

There’s something a little Big Brothery about this app, but it’s one that has to have full permission from all parties. What it does is, just what the name says, it tracks someone else’s smartphone. You can watch where someone else is going or where they have been for a full 24 hours. Keep track of your kids, or your co-workers, or your friends. You can know where your spouse is during the day, are they sneaking off work to go to a baseball game?

THURSDAY (2/19): Flipp

Some people get the Sunday paper ONLY to see the pages of sales papers and weekly ads for the specials at the stores. Now you can go back to reading the paper for the comic strips and sports. Flipp has all the Sunday ads right there in one app. It also helps you with a new feature. It lets you dig through the pages and put together shopping lists. That way you can hit the stores right away. It also can help you comparison shop. Is that sale at Walmart the best price even with the ad? This app covers 400 different stores. It’s free on iTunes and Android. You might never look at the Sunday paper the same way again.

WEDNESDAY (2/18): Confide

hink of Confide as a real Snapchat as a messenger app. This one destroys the messages that you send, once they’re seen. But when you first look at them, they’re just bars across the screen. You have to actively swipe your finger across the screen to be able to see the message a word or line at a time. Once you read it, it’s gone. Because you have to swipe to see the message, you can’t screenshot it to save it somewhere. If you use text to speech, the words disappear as soon as they’re said, so you better listen carefully. They call this totally off the record messaging. It’s Confide. Free on iTunes and Android

TUESDAY (2/17): On Second Thought

This might be the messaging app that everyone waited for. It could save you the embarrassment of sending that drunk text. Or that angry text, because right now, once you hit send, it’s gone. On Second Thought lets you have a cooling off period before the text actually gets sent to that person. You can have it on a time delay, so it stays in the waiting bin for up to a minute. That way you can think about it, and recall it or cancel if you’re not quite ready.

MONDAY (2/16): Mama Bear

It’s a nickname that that woman who went after the carjacker when he slammed into her car. It’s also a parenting protection app. Mama Bear is a family app for parents to watch out for their kids. It helps to keep track of where they are. The app can let you know when your kids get to where they’re supposed to go, like school or back home from a trip. Kids can also send a quick note to ask you to come get them. Or an emergency button. You can also see if they’re speeding when they’re driving. You’re not spying on them. You’re watching out for them. You’re parenting. Mama Bear is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (2/13): SNL

It’s the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live. Now, one thing about SNL: There are a lot of seasons that aren’t as strong as others. But you have a show that has lasted for 40 years. It has made superstars starting with Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. This is an app that will waste a lot of your time and bandwidth because it has thousands and thousands of sketches. It even comes with a free SNL Emoji keyboard, just because. Happy 40th SNL. Thanks for the free app on iTunes.