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KRLD App Of The Day


FRIDAY (4/18): Microsoft Remote Desktop iTunes | Android

This can be a lifesaver if you want to access your home computer or maybe your work machine on your tablet or iPhone. This app lets you connect to that PC from anywhere with an Internet connection. It’s also a secure connection so you can look at your home data without worrying about anyone looking in. Microsoft Remote Desktop. It’s Microsoft teaming up with Apple.

WEDNESDAY (4/16): Roadtrippers

 It’s an app to take with you when you’re on a roadie across the state or across the country. It’s a road map app plus. Road Trippers will send you off to your final destination in the most direct route, or you can stop and explore America on the way. It has access to 200 thousand different places around the country. There’s diners and campgrounds. Tourist attractions – both interesting and novel. Think biggest ball of twine attractions. Or Hollywood movie locations. 

TUESDAY (4/15): Calendars 5

This one might be one of the best calendar apps around for the business person. The app can make your appointments, all you have to do is tell it to. If you say, meet someone at a certain meeting spot, the app loads it into your calendar. It also doesn’t need Internet access to work on your jobs and appointments. It also let you set up appointments that are ongoing, say every week. It also works with Google Calendar. 

MONDAY (4/14): Entrain

One of the hardest things about traveling a long distance: Jetlag. This app works with your circadian clock to get your body and mind acclimated to the new time zones. It’ll tell you when you should be in the light… bright indoor, low indoor or bright outdoor… and when you should find a dark place.

FRIDAY (4/11):  Carousel

Dropbox just came out with this one. It lets you organize and share all the photos you have on your iPhone or Android phone and make some sense of them all. Once you start using it, every time you take a photo, a copy of it goes into Dropbox. Plus, it’ll run through your photos to put them in order by date and group them together just like Picasa does for Google. Downside, you take a lot of photos, you could fill up your free Dropbox pretty quickly, so you might not want to keep in there too long. The new app is Carousel.

THURSDAY (4/10): Double Player for Music

 The couple who listens together doesn’t fight about the music they listen to. This app can save a whole lot of fights when you are in a place where you both want to listen to music privately, but you only have one smartphone or tablet to listen to and one set of earbuds. Double Player lets you control two different music players on the same device. Say one of you wants to listen to Let It Go for the thousandth time and the other wants to chill with jazz. One ear gets Frozen, the other gets Richard Elliott. Détente in the earbuds. Double Player for Music with Headphones Pro.

WEDNESDAY (4/9): Pushbullet

You’ve heard of push notifications. Guarantee you use them on your cellphone to check your emails. Pushbullet connects your cellphone or tablet with your computer at home. It can send just about anything on that home computer through the Wifi into your portable device. That’s pictures, any files or notes. It also works the other way as well.

TUESDAY (4/8): Isis Mobile Wallet

It’s a step closer to the digital world with no actual money. Before you get this, if your cellphone doesn’t have Near Field Communication, you’ll need to get a case. A lot of Android phones already have it. NFC lets you swipe your phone against a scanner to pay for something. You set up your accounts into Isis and you can pay directly from your credit or debit card. No need for that foldin’ money. This app supports American Express, Wells and Chase right now, but other cards are coming soon. This is still rolling out, and more stores will start to accept it.

WEDNESDAY (4/2): At Bat

Baseball season just started and this one is for the baseball fan in all of us. It’s a free app that lets you check in on your favorite Major League baseball teams. You can get the team news and scores for free. Or you can get the entire season and get into the video libraries for a fee. You’ll be able to stream games live or you can listen to the radio broadcasts of any team. MLB.COM At Bat. It’s a free app.