KRLD App Of The Day


MONDAY (3/30): YouNow

There’s been this rash of apps that let you stream whatever it is you’re doing. There’s Meerkat, there’s Periscope. Both of them work on Twitter. The one your kids use is this one. You can look through what others are broadcasting, share those. Make friends through them. You get to become fans of some others as they go live. You Now is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (3/27): Periscope

The streaming video app Meerkat drew all the attention at South by Southwest a couple of weeks back. There’s all this controversy. Twitter didn’t want Meerkat to do well, because it bought a competing app that did the same thing. Now, it’s brand new and ready for prime time. The app is called Periscope. Just like Meerkat, it lets you run a live stream from your phone or tablet to your Twitter followers. The difference here: Periscope lets your followers make comments that show up on your screen. You don’t have to stream to everyone, you can choose certain people on your list. Periscope is free on iTunes.

THURSDAY (3/26): Mobile Passport

One of the best things for world travelers is something called Global Entry. Now there’s something that might be able to give you another fast pass through customs. It lets you send in your customs declaration info straight to the Customs service. That lets you skip the long lines when you come back into the US. You fill it out, and send it in when you land at the airport. When you get to that long line, you get to show your passport and the receipt. Right now, it works in Atlanta, Seattle and Miami. But they’re adding more airports. Mobile Passport is free on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (3/25): Halftone 2

It’s a dream a lot of kids had growing up. To be drawn into a comic book. Halftone 2 takes your photos and incorporates them into a comic book. You do it all. Choose the layout for the page. You put your photos through the filters. Then you get to add your sounds and word balloons. It’s really kinda cool to see your adventures turned into adventures. They can be like a comic book or a cartoon.

TUESDAY (3/24): Next Issue

The app gives you unlimited access to more than 140 magazines covering all kinds of interests — cooking, fashion, sports, entertainment, news. You can read current issues as well as back issues. The app is free and comes with a 30-day trial. After that, plans start around $10 a month. There’s no commitment, and you can cancel anytime. The Next Issue app is available on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (3/23): Word Lens

It translates printed words from one language to another with your smartphone’s video camera — and you don’t have be connected to the internet. You could use it to read a menu in Chinese, a sign in Spanish, whatever you want to translate. Point your camera at the words, and the app changes the translated text right before your eyes. Word Lens is free for now and is available on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (3/20): NCAA March Madness Live

This app lets you watch every single game in the tournament. You log in with your TV provider and that unlocks the screen for every tip to every buzzer. Your bracket might be busted to smithereens already, but the app lets you still make picks for the rest of the tournament. It also lets you know about upsets, close games and you can set it up for information on your favorite teams. NCAA March Madness Live is free on all the platforms.

THURSDAY (3/19): Haystack Business Card Reader

This might be the app that lets you get rid of that stack of business cards from your office. First, in the app, when you get someone else’s card, you can scan it into the app so it’s there for good. It also can update contact information when that person changes a phone number or address. Haystack also lets you create your own virtual business card in about 30 seconds. Your contact info and you can email it or text it to someone that you meet. Haystack Business Card Reader is free on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (3/18): blippar

We’re using our smartphone cameras for more than just taking selfies any more. We’re using them to find out more about the world around us, thanks to picture recognition software. Blippar is a new app. You scan something, a page or a product and Blippar brings up pages of information, just like a Google search would. It’s constantly adding new pages. It’s brand new, it’s Blippar, free on iTunes, Android and Windows Phone.