KRLD App Of The Day


THURSDAY (9/29): 250 Apps in 1 – Appbundle 2

Oh sure, anyone can download an app and have one app that does one thing.  This is one app that gives you 250 different things that you can do.  It has a bunch of utility apps, like a flashlight and tip calculator and alarm clock, even a BMI calculator.  It has game apps, all sorts of camera apps and filters.  There’s a candle light, fingerprint scanner, a guitar tuner, stroke light, and facial recognition.  250 different apps in 1.  App Bundle 2 is a free app on iTunes.  It has in-app purchases.

WEDNESDAY (9/28): Ruler

You might need to measure something for some reason.  You don’t have a ruler handy, let alone carry a tape measure with you.  This is a virtual tape measure.  You put your phone down at one end of a place, put your finger there, then you drag it along the edge of the object.  Right now Ruler is a free app on iTunes

TUESDAY (9/27): Sit With Us

One of the toughest things that can happen to a child in school is lunchtime, and you don’t have anyone to sit with at lunchtime.  This is an app for kids to meet friends, especially if they’re not in the popular crowd or maybe they’re new to the school.  Sit With Us has ambassadors at schools all over the country.  Sit With Us is a free social networking app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (9/26): Re-Think

This is an app that Shark Tank featured on Friday.  Basically, it lets you check yourself before you wreck yourself.  This app is supposed to help in the height against cyber-bullying.  It watches what you’re saying and uses algorithms to try to stop you from saying something mean to someone else.  Re-Think might prevent you from making a mistake you can’t take that.  It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (9/23): Musically

This is one of the hottest apps in the App Stores, and if you haven’t heard of it, your kids definitely have.  This is a music video making app that can turn you into a video star.  Or at least a star in your friends’ eyes.  You just pick the songs that you want to sing along to.  You can lip sync to your favorite artists.  When you’re ready to edit, that’s where the magic continues.   You can add all kinds of filters to your music video, and then share away. is a free app on iTunes and Android.  It has in-app purchases

THURSDAY (9/22): Family Locator

This is just what it sounds like.  It’s a way to make sure that you and the rest of the family stay together and in contact.  You can set up certain circles that only your family can be part of.  You can let your parents or kids know where you are at all times.  It also has a messaging system just for your family or the people you include in your circle.  Have all the circles you want and put whomever you want into them.  Family Locator is a free app on iTunes.  There is a subscription model to it.

WEDNESDAY (9/21): Jib Jab

You’ve seen the funny Jib Jab videos.  They always show up at Christmas time when your friends make themselves Dancing Elves.  Or when they get political and right songs about the candidates.  Now you can make yourself a GIF with a Jib Jab animation.  Then you show them off to your friends on social media.  More than a thousand GIFs are there at your fingertips.  Jib Jab is a free app on iTunes and Android, but you do have to spend $3 for a membership.

TUESDAY (9/20): Google Trips

This is one a lot of people have been waiting for.  Google goes beyond Google Maps for this app.  It helps to arrange your trip into one location, so you don’t have to go fumbling around for details.  The app pulls together your reservations that you’ve put into your GMAIL account.  It organizes what you want to do into different dates with activities.  The app puts all your reservations together.  It also works the plans you make for every day of your vacation.  The app also lets you know if you’re pretty close to some attractions you might have thought of.  Google Trips is brand new on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (9/19): AfterCam

This is a camera app that won’t let you miss out on something important that you anticipate. It also doesn’t force you to hang onto a long video, when you can hand pick the element that you really want to save. Get rid of the unimportant parts of the video and pull out the still pictures of what you want to save. Or just save the highlights of the video and not have to sit through all the balls and strikes. Just the good parts. AfterCam is $2 on iTunes.

FRIDAY (9/16): 1 Second Every Day

This app lets you share your life in snippets.  1 Second at a time.  You shoot a video of some aspect of your life, but it’s only 1 second worth.  Talk about a perspective. What’s the most important second of your day.  The app lets you collect those seconds, so after a year, you have a little over 6 minutes of a video.  A stitch in time. The app maker has done it for 5 years.  1 Second Every Day is 5 bucks on iTunes.  Free with in app purchases on Android

THURSDAY (9/15): Action Movie FX

This one lets you add big time movie special effects to your movies.  This is an app of the year for Apple.  What’s new with the app now is:  Star Wars.  You can add all kinds of different Star Wars effects to what you shoot.  A lightsaber fight, Vader’s Revenge.  Some special effects from The Force Awakens, including BB-8.   Action Movie FX is a free app on iTunes.  It has in-app purchases.

WEDNESDAY (9/14): Disney Stickers

The new iOS 10 came out yesterday.  With it, comes the chance to enhance your iMessage experience.  You can add stickers of different kinds to the people that you message.  There are a bunch of Disney characters that animate and move inside the message, everything from Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.  This could be a lot of fun.  Disney Stickers is a new app on iTunes for iOS-10.  It’s $2.

TUESDAY (9/13): Cardboard Camera

Anyone that has an Android has already seen this since it’s GOOGLE cardboard and Android is a Google product.  This app lets you take 3-D, panoramic pictures that anyone can see with a Google Cardboard viewer.  It’s like seeing a virtual reality photo.  The app adds depth to your photos to give them that 3-D feel.  Cardboard Camera, the way to send VR photos is now a free app on iTunes.  It’s still on Android too

MONDAY (9/12): Adblock Fast

Ad blockers are all over the internet, different kinds to make your websurfing faster. The problem with other ad blockers is that they really don’t work too well. This one goes through your Safari web browser in the settings of your iPhone. It helps to free up your speed and your bandwidth. Adblock Fast is 99 cents on iTunes.

FRIDAY (9/9): Camera 7 

One of the features of the new iPhone 7PLUS is the dual camera.  It comes with the regular camera and then a telephoto lens camera.  Now, you can use your regular iPhone to do it with software.  This app has different focal lengths that you can use at the same time.  It allows you to zoom in from 2x to 4x with a pinch.  Camera 7.  It might save you the cost of a new iPhone 7, if that’s why you’d buy it.  It’s free for now on iTunes.

THURSDAY (9/8): Basket

This is a grocery shopping app for people who care about what the prices are of the food they buy.  This app lets you comparison price shop for everyday type products at grocery stores.  It scans everywhere to find things that might be on sale, but no one knows about it.  You get help from other shoppers and you pay it forward when you find specials, too.  It’s kinda like a Waze for grocery stores. Join in, and keep the bills low.  Basket is a free app on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (9/7): Ghostery

This day and time, we want to be as safe and secure with our privacy as possible.  This app is a browser for you to use to look at the Internet.  It actually gives you some control over what information you let websites see.  It keeps your data safely hidden away from trackers.  Ghostery lets you wipe your phone or computer from the cookies that websites like to put down.  Ghostery is a free app on iTunes, Android and it’s a Chrome extension for your PC

TUESDAY (9/6): Politics

This one is for the political junkies that just can’t enough information about the 2016 political races from the White House on down.  It has all the latest info on both campaigns.  It runs down with push notifications on anything that’s breaking or even interesting.  The debate schedules, debate live streams.  It also has connections and hookups to content depending on your political party of choice.   All Politics is free on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (9/2): Mic’d

This is a new voice recording app that has an extremely easy interface. You fire up the app and you see a red dot in the center of the screen. That’s what you hit when you want to record something. It’s also the pause and stop button. This app also connects up to your Apple Watch as well. You can actually talk to the Watch and tell it when to start and stop recording. It’s the simplicity itself. Mic’d is a free app for now on iTunes

THURSDAY (9/1): Indeed

This is an app for those people that need a job, or if you’re looking for a change from the grind you’re in right now.  It’s a job search engine with 180 million people online using it around the world.  It lists jobs from 5 dozen different countries.  It uses your GPS to find jobs that are right there where you live. Indeed has a network of resumes that you can put on file for just the right job to come along.  Indeed is a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (8/31): Vidme

This is an app with a clearing house for viral type videos of all types.  But you can also upload your own videos to the app to see if they go viral themselves.  The front page has a whole assortment of videos looking to go viral at some point.  You can also vote on what you see and send another video to the viral level.   Vidme is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (8/30):

Sometimes, you just need a good laugh and the office clown isn’t available.  Laughly does one thing and it does it well.  It brings you stand up comedy routines.  It has more than 400 of them at the ready when you need a little comic relief. There’s everyone from Kevin Hart to Louie CK to Amy Schumer.  All the class A listers. is a free app on iTunes and Android.  And there is an in-app purchase to go commercial free.


The state liquor control board needs help to make sure bars and stores that serve alcohol aren’t serving to kids that are underage.  This app is a way for you do something when you see something.  The app shows every single place in Texas that is legally selling alcohol.  You can search them all.  You can report in when you see something wrong.  That’s not just letting the state know when kids are buying it.  You can report just about anything like bar fights, prostitution or bartenders that keep serving up drinks to drunks.  TABC is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (8/26): Sweatcoin

You know how companies will give you challenges to take so many steps every day.  You might be competing against other branches or other employees, but you get to steppin’, you might be able to win pride or bonuses for so many steps every day.  ANYthing to get you moving.  Sweatcoin does the same thing, only it bribes you.  This one is brand new.  It gives your rewards for every step you take.  It turns into its own version of currency that you can trade for real stuff. Like clothes or a standing deskSweatcoin monitors your GPS to make sure you’re actually moving and not just swinging your legs.  Sweatcoin is brand new, it’s free and it’s on iTunes.

THURSDAY (8/25): Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This is the ultimate in home improvement inspiration.  A lot of people get that inspiration from photos of what other people do.  Houzz has more than 11 million different interiors and exteriors of homes.  It also has a million experts in different areas of home improvement.  And it’ll show you some great items to shop for.  Houzz Interior Design Ideas is a free app on iTunes and Android

WEDNESDAY (8/24): World Scan Pro

You can use your iPhone or iPad as a professional scanner.  It turns them into PDF’s.  It detects the edges and takes away shadows.  Then it adjusts the brightness and rotation so you get just the right shot for your documents.  It can fast scan multiple documents and get them all done in one shot.  It can also create PDF’s as well.  World Scan Pro.  It’s the be-all, end-all for iPhone scanners.  It’s free for now on iTunes.  3 bucks on Android

TUESDAY (8/23): Got It Homework Help

It’s early in the school year and you might not be dealing with the hard problems yet.  This app is there for you when you need it.  Got It has experts on hand to help you.  Now, they’re not going to do the homework for you.  Don’t bother snapping a picture of every problem. They want to nudge you in the right direction.  Take a picture of the math problem or physics issue or chemistry conundrum and send it in.  You get matched up with someone that can help guide you.  They have dozens of advisors  It’s a 10 minute training session.  They help you get unstuck.  Got It Homework Help is a free app on iTunes and Android

MONDAY (8/22): My Homework

It’s the start of the new school year.  So now’s the time to get good habits started with the homework that your kids will bring home this year.  This app can help keep track of your kids’ classes and assignments.  You can get homework reminders and get all the information from the teachers that are part of the app.  My Homework is a free app on iTunes and Android, and it has in-app purchases.

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