KRLD App Of The Day


FRIDAY (1/30): Paper Keyboard

You don’t have to use the cramped keyboard on the iPhone. This app lets you type on a piece of paper and the letters transfer to your phone. First you actually print a PDF of the keyboard on a regular sheet of paper. You put your phone on the paper and the camera scans the paper. Touch the letters on the paper, they show up on your phone. You can write letters, send chats, type anything with your fingers on the letters on that paper. It’s the Paper Keyboard, it’s free on iTunes. There are games that are purchases in the app, too.

THURSDAY (1/29): Pplkpr

Which of your friends annoys you the most? Which one brightens your day? Which one just bores you to tears? You take this app and a heart rate monitor, like a FitBit or a Polar. Combine the two and the app can run it down for you through your social media. It checks out what your heart rate does when you read or write to your friends and then runs it through some processes to read your emotions. The app is free, you have to provide your own heart monitor. It’s People Keeper. It’s free on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (1/28): Funny Or Die Weather

There are lots of weather apps out there. They all pretty much do the same thing. This does too. It has a nice clean interface. Tells you the weather forecast for however many cities you want. Here’s the difference: it’s from the minds of Will Farrell and the Funny or Die team. It adds a whole bunch of funny factoids to the weather forecast that you’re seeing. Did you know that the humidity of water is really high? Funny or Die Weather is a new free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (1/27): iFixit

This is for the DO IT YOURSELF you. The app has a few thousand different guides to show you how to repair your own stuff. It comes with instructions to take you with each step to possibly save yourself from the Geek Squad guys. It has manuals for everything from fixing laptops, cellphones, a Playstation. You can even possibly fix up a Harley. The app is iFixit. It’s free on iTunes, Android and Windows Phone.

MONDAY (1/26):White Album

It’s like old school photography with an instamatic. Remember those? It’s not the instant gratification of a regular smartphone. What this app does is, it lets you take a roll of 24 pictures. You can shoot the picture and then wait. Once you take all 24 pictures and you get to see them when they’re delivered. Yes, delivered. The photos are actual photos on paper and everything. You see what you shot when they’re delivered to your door. Just try to put a digital picture on your refrigerator. It’s the White Album app. It’s free on iTunes.

FRIDAY (1/23): Invisible Boyfriend

This might be the most embarrassing or pathetic app you can have. If your family is getting on your nerves because you don’t have someone special in your life, give them what THEY want, even if it’s not what you want. The invisible girlfriend. You’ll be able to basically build your own girlfriend and you’ll have all the trappings of a relationship that you can show others. Text messages. You send her one, she sends one right back, emails, pictures and eventually voicemails. Even a handwritten postcard. All to prove that you met someone. Of course, you can’t share them in real life. The invisible girlfriend or boyfriend app isn’t cheap. It’ll run you $25 a month to keep up the deception.

THURSDAY (1/22): Khan Academy Android | iTunes

This is a learning app that can take you back to school to learn what you might have missed in high school or even college. Khan Academy just upgraded its app, brand new for the iPad. You can learn anything from bio, chem, art history, math, science, computing. Every single course is there now. It’s a complete education and it’s absolutely free. This is your shot. Take it. It’s Khan Academy. It’s free. On iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (1/21): Grokker

This is an entire fitness website with lots of videos that you can use to workout, destress and cook yourself some interesting good for you meals. The Grokker site has more than 3 thousand videos to pick and choose from. It also connects up with the iPhone Health app to keep things straight and find out how you’re doing with calorie burning. The app is Grokker, it’s free on iTunes. The website Grokker has a monthly fee.

TUESDAY (1/20): Video Compressor

One thing about shooting video on your smartphone or tablet. The files are just so darn big. It makes them difficult to send in an email, if that’s what you want to do. You have to cut them into bite-sized pieces that you don’t know if you’re going to be able to put them back together properly. Video compressor does just that. It compresses your video down from the 1080P that’s native, down to a 720P or VGA. The video quality might be lower, but you’re saving a ton of space. 720P which is high-def is 70 percent smaller of a file. VGA cuts 80% and Low res, saves 99%. Video Compressor is free on iTunes.

MONDAY (1/19): Lovely Handwritten Cards

When’s the last time you sat down to handwrite a card to someone important? E-cards are everywhere or Facebook messages. This app actually lets you kinda cheat the system. It has 6 different categories. You add a photo of some kind. You actually write on your iPad screen or iPhone screen to write out your message. It prints in your handwriting. You send it, through e-mail. Who needs stamps? The app is Lovely Handwritten Cards. It’s brand new and it’s free. There are in app purchases for more card templates on iTunes.