KRLD App Of The Day


WEDNESDAY (10/22): Horizon

No longer do we have to suffer through seeing your videos with the big black bars on either side of the frame. This app can stop that. You can go ahead and shoot whichever way you wish to. The app will correct the orientation of the video and play it horizontally, the way it’s supposed to. So it totally fills the screen with no black bars. It’s a miracle app.

TUESDAY (10/21): Simpsons World

This is brand new on the FX Now app that you can download right now. Fox moved the reruns of the Simpsons to the F-X-X network, but you don’t have to wait til they come on TV. This app lets you watch every single Simpsons episode whenever you feel like it. The app will also add new episodes after they air on Fox. Every single Simpsons at the push of an app. The app is FX Now, it’s free on all the platforms.

MONDAY (10/20): Snowball

We have so many different places where we chat with our friends. It could be Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Text messages. It’s tough to keep them all straight and you could miss something. Snowball is able to put all those social networks into one place. A sort of clearinghouse so you don’t miss a message. All of them show up in one box.

FRIDAY (10/17): Angry Birds Transformers

More than meets the eye or the slingshot. This one launched yesterday. It’s the latest birds game from Rovio. The Eggspark is responsible for turning the eggs into robots. Those robots are tearing through the pigs’ island. Time for our heroes, the Autobirds to stop. Red bird is Optimus Prime and the other birds are the other Autobirds. The pigs are now the Deceptihogs.

THURSDAY (10/16): Comixchat

This one’s just silly, but it could be fun. You can find all sorts of different apps for chat with your friends. Comixchat at least does something with your conversations to make them interesting looking. It turns your chats into comic. They’re hand-drawn as you chat. The app is able to tell what mood the chat is in, and it draws your chat as you type.

WEDNESDAY (10/15): Yovo

This week we saw how someone managed to grab up Snapchat pictures and videos and post them on a website by the thousands. Snapchat promised that anything we sent would disappear into the ozone after 10 seconds. They didn’t count on screenshots or websites that let you save Snapchats. Here comes Yovo. It adds something to a Snapchat type picture or video. If someone tries to grab the shot, they get a picture that looks like it’s taken through vertical blinds. It has a flickering filter, you can’t see it with the naked eye, but when someone tries to freeze frame a picture, there are the blinds.

TUESDAY (10/14): FareScout

We’re getting to that make or break time of year as we start looking for any price that might be affordable to book our Thanksgiving and Christmas trips. It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty. This app might make it a little easier. What it does is look through millions of airfares, past and present. You can find out when’s the primo time to book your trip out of town. It also lets you know IF that flight is ever going to get any cheaper. Do you book now or play the game and wait. It’s a prediction app, not a booking app.