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KRLD App Of The Day


WEDNESDAY (5/4): Giphy Keys

Some people like to use emojis in every message they send. Or in every tweet or Facebook post.  Some others prefer to use Gifs to get their message across.  This app lets you search for just the right gif when you need it instead of an emoji.

Giphy Keys is a brand new keyboard for your iPhone.  It came out yesterday.  It has a full search function with the keyboard. It’s easy to post straight into text messages, or Facebook posts or tweets.  Giphy Keys is a free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (5/3): Privates

This is a brand new messaging app where security seems to be the king.  It provides secure messages from sender to receiver and back again.  The app also won’t let anyone screenshot your conversation.  And it also has the self destruct that you see in Snapchat.  Privates lets you recall the messages that you sent to someone, if they haven’t read them already.  Just in case you drunk text someone at night.  Privates is a free app on iTunes

MONDAY (5/2): Selfiemoji

People love their emojis. Some can’t send one single text message without one of those little yellow faces on them. The regular old emoji app is fine, but if you want to put more of yourself into your messages, this one can help. It lets you put your own face into your emojis. Set up your own pictures and their emotions and then use them in your messages. Selfiemoji is a free app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (4/29): Wakeupper

Not everyone LIKES to get up to a blaring alarm clock every morning.  There are people that smash those things and go through them frequently.  This is a unique alarm clock for your iPhone.  The app doesn’t use an alarm.  It shows you different kinds of peaceful type videos to start your day.  You can choose from vacation videos, or nature, lifestyle, fashion, sports, or of course, funny cat videos.  Wakeupper is a free app for now on iTunes.

THURSDAY (4/28): Paribus

It’s a shopping app that can make sure you get the cheapest price on whatever you shop for.  When a store changes a price, and something you bought is all of a sudden cheaper, you get the money back.  It has deals with just about all the biggest of the box retailers. You do have to connect Paribus to your email to find out if it finds your stuff cheaper.  Paribus is a free app on iTunes and Android.  It takes a piece of your refund action, if it finds what you need.

WEDNESDAY (4/27): Secret Calculator Plus

Sometimes, you need a place to hide your stuff in somewhat plain sight.  This app looks like just an ordinary calculator on your smartphone.  Once you type in your password, you get access to your private albums for your secret pictures or videos.  It also has a private Internet browser that leaves no traces of where you go.  Plus, it’s also a pretty good calculator.  Secret Calcuator Plus is a free app for now on iTunes.  If you get it, you might be able to tell if your kids have secrets as well.

TUESDAY (4/26): Word Flow Keyboard

This is a brand new keyboard that you will want to include in your list of keyboard, right next to the emojis.  Microsoft just released this one for the iPhone.  What makes it special is the arc mode.  You can change the keyboard’s configuration into a QWERTY arc that lets you swipe type with just one hand.  You can hold the phone with one hand and let your thumb swipe the words you want to say.  It also has customizable backgrounds.  Word Flow keyboard.  One hand typing and you may never go back to the others again.

MONDAY (4/25): Offer Up

This is the app that’s giving Craigslist a run for its money.  If you haven’t seen this one before, Offer Up is a marketplace for you to buy and sell whatever you want to.  You can put whatever you have on the list in only about 30 seconds, tops. Then, it’s time to go shopping.  You can find almost anything you want.  Thousands of items that you can buy.  Offer Up is a free app on iTunes and Android

FRIDAY (4/22): Camera Unleashed Pro

There’s something about this app that’s different than other camera apps.  It comes with its own storage locker for the pictures you take.  You don’t fill up your phone with your photos.  They go straight to the cloud where you can look at them whenever you wish to.  It keeps you from filling your phone and using up hard drive space.  Camera Unleashed Pro is 99 cents on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (4/21): Over 40 Magnifying Glass

Let me start by saying this app isn’t just for people over the age of 40.  That print can just be actually small and that goes for anyone with great eyesight.  That’s why they call it fine print.  This app uses the camera to supersize what you’re looking at.  It also turns on the flashlight if you wish to brighten it as well.  Over 40 Magnifying Glass is a free app for now on iTunes.  It has in-app purchases.

WEDNESDAY (4/20): Live Cams

You might never get to travel the world.  Your passport might be completely unstamped.  But you can at least see what the world has to offer with the magic that are webcams.  This app lets you scroll through more than 4 thousand different cams from all over the planet.  Watch and see what the rest of the world has to offer.  You can actually use your own cameras to add to the list.  Live Cams is a free app for now on iTunes

TUESDAY (4/19): Like So

It has to be one of the worst fears around for some people.  That’s the fear of getting up in front of people to speak.  This is a dress rehearsal app for the time that you have to do just that.  What it does is, let’s you make your speech into the app.  It’ll help coach you, by helping you to get rid of the clutter and filler words that people will use to help their brains catch up.  Words like:  Like, or you know or ummm or okay or actually.  It’s natural, we all do it.  This can help train you to cut them back.  Like So is 99 cents on iTunes.

MONDAY (4/18): Xpire

This is an app for anyone who wants to get a handle on their social media accounts.  It says it can shrink your digital footprint.  This app lets you use Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr, post what you want for a while.  Then when you tell it to, those posts disappear, they self-destruct.  You can also use the app to look into older posts and kill them too.  It also lets you get rid of followers that you don’t want.  Xpire is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (4/15): My

How many languages can you speak?  1? Maybe some high school Spanish?  Now you speak up to 80 languages with this app.  You speak into your phone and it can instantly translate into one of those other languages.  You can also edit the translations, if you’re smarter than what’s written on the screen.  You can then send the translations through e-mail, or social media.  Or you just send the translation through app.  My is a free app for now on iTunes

THURSDAY (4/14): Free Up Space

We’ve all seen the message coming across our phones.  Your hard drive is almost completely full.  You need to free up some space. Then what do we do?  We can only delete so many apps.  This app is an all in one way to clear out some of the clutter on your iPhone.  It’s able to make some adjustments to the size of the photos on your phone.  It’ll get rid of duplicate shots.  It can also compress the photos and videos so they don’t take up so much space.  Free Up Space is free for now on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (4/13): Ink Hunter

So maybe you’re thinking about getting a tattoo.  It’s not a smart decision if you have never gotten one before.  You are marking your body for the rest of life.  It’s not something you do lightly.  You could do a temporary tattoo, but that can be messy and it doesn’t really look real. This app lets you do a tattoo test drive.  See what a tatt would look like on the body part where you’re thinking about.  Maybe you’ll reinforce what you want.  Or it will talk you out of it.  Ink Hunter is a free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (4/12): Zip – The Question Answer App

Let’s say you’re on the horns of a dilemma.  You have a conundrum.  You need help figuring out the answer to a question.  You could talk to somebody or you can leave it to the court of public opinion.  All you have to do is ask your question in the app, put in a couple of answers and let that opinion move the needle one way or the other.  The winning and losing answers show up pretty quickly in minutes.  You can also put in your opinion on others’ issues.

Zip, The Question Answer App is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (4/11): Reddit

This app came out over the weekend and it’s already the number 1 app in the App Store.  It provides all the updates that you would see on the Reddit website.  All the news and trends that Reddit users love to talk about, they’re there.  This is the first time that a real Reddit app has been available.  It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (4/8): The Masters

It is the biggest golf tournament on the planet. Three days left, but it’s not too late to grab this one and enjoy more of the event from Augusta. It brings you more than you see on the TV from the tournament. It has streaming video from Amen Corner and a couple more holes. It shows analysis from the driving range. You can also follow your favorite players in real time with all kinds of statistics. Live scoring to stay on top of the whole field. The Masters, the official app of the tournament, is free on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (4/7): Threema

This is a messaging app for you, especially if you want your conversations to only be between you and the person you’re messaging.  It’s fully encrypted end to end so no one can go snooping around where they’re not welcome.  That includes group chats, and media files and your regular one on one messages.  It allows you to share your videos and pictures if you wish to.  You can even conduct online polls among your friends.  Threema is three bucks on iTunes, Android and Windows Phone.

WEDNESDAY (4/6): My Lawn

It’s time for homeowners to start fussing and worrying about making their lawns the show place.  Maybe get that subdivision award for nicest yard of the month.  It provides simple advice and timing for all your lawn maintenance.  It’s actually a yard action plan for the spring and summer.  When’s the best time to fertilize?  What about watering? It recommends different kinds of feeding and weeding treatments and when you should do them.  It even has live chat.  My Lawn is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (4/4): 9 Innings: 2016 Pro Baseball

The realistic simulation game is officially licensed with the Major League Baseball Players Association. It’s been updated for the 2016 season with the actual game schedule and the latest team line-ups and pitcher rotation. It uses the names, photos and data of real baseball players. The app is free to download on Apple and Android, but offers in-app purchases for extra items.

FRIDAY (4/1): Foodie

Ok, we get it.  No matter how we try to stop you, you’re going to take pictures of your food and you are going to post them on your social media.  We surrender.  IF you’re going to do that, at least, use the proper tools.  Don’t depend on your camera’s native app.  This app is meant to take pictures of food.  It has all the requisite filters to make your dinner look scrumpsh and it’s guaranteed to make your friends go “whoa”.  It even helps with that hard to reach, above shot.  That’s the angle you really want.  Foodie.  It’s an app that’s designed for food.  Free on iTunes.


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