KRLD App Of The Day


MONDAY (2/20): Basket Savings

This is a grocery shopping app for the times when you need to find the best prices for the items on your shopping list.  You use the app to run comparisons for those items.  It also looks at sales that aren’t advertised and coupons.  The Basket app community watches out for you, as you watch out for the community.  Basket is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (2/17): Pet First Aid

A vet isn’t always going to be around, or you might not need to go to the vet if there’s something not quite right with your pet. At least, not right away thanks to this app. It comes straight from the American Red Cross. It can give you advice on certain situations. It has videos and step-by-step instructions on what to expect. There’s a how-to guide for simple first aid. It’ll show you the proper way to give your dog or cat meds. It can handle a couple dozen situations of different kinds. The app also gives you a quick dial to your vet when it is time to bring in the professionals. Pet First Aid is a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (2/16): Confide

This is a messenger app that is full of high security features.  It has encryption from one end to the other of your messages.  One you read a message that you get, it’s gone for good.  You can’t screen shot it.  Confide gives all the features of other services, like voice and print and pictures.  It can go into your regular iMessage on your iPhone and it just works.  There’s a Plus version that lets you retrieve a message you send out.  But that costs extra.  Confide is a free app on iTunes and Android. It also has a desktop version as well. It has in-app purchases.


More and more people are getting involved in home improvement projects.  They want to do it themselves, all thanks to those DIY channels on cable.  DIYZ can guide you step by step through home improvement projects of all kinds.  It has written out instructions, pictures and videos.  Now, if you get a little confused about what you’re doing, there are experts that help guide through your project.  AND those calls are free for now.  DIYZ has hundreds of projects to work on in every room of the house, as well as outside the house.  Plus, there’s a shopping list where you can buy the tools you need.  Easy access all around.  DIYZ is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (2/14): Circle of 6

This is a personal safety app.  It is just what the title says, it’s a circle of 6.  You can add 6 names to yours.  If there’s a situation that makes you uncomfortable, you have 3 ways to edge your way out of that situation with any or all of your 6.  When you tap on the app, you can send a text message to them with your location. Or you can arrange a fake phone call to get out of your uncomfortable situation.  There’s also a chat function when you just want to talk.  It has 24 hour safety hotlines. Circle of 6 is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (2/13): Grill Time

Something for the griller in your family.  You know the one.  That person has an iron fist attached to the family grill. That person is the only one who can do it right.  This app can help show you that you TOO can be a grill master.  Pick the meat and how thick it is and how well you want it cooked.  The app shows you exactly how hot you should make the grill and how long you keep that meat on it.  It even lets you know when you should flip it to perfection.  Grill Time is the grilling sidekick and it costs $2 on iTunes.

FRIDAY (2/10): My SOS Family

In these days of fear for your safety, it’s nice to know that your safety is as close as your family.  This is an official SOS panic alarm app.  If something goes wrong, push the panic button and you send a signal to everyone in your circle: friends, family, co-workers.  There’s no limit to the number of people you can put in.  It also doesn’t have to be just to smartphones.  You can send alerts to landlines.  My SOS Family is a free app on iTunes and Android.  It has a subscription model.

THURSDAY (2/9): FaceApp

This is a photo editing app that does more than just change the shading and lighting of your selfie.  This app actually changes your face.  If you’re not smiling in the shot, the app can put a smile on your face.  If you want to see what you would look like when you gracefully get older.  It’s able to age you.  But it’s also able to edit out some of those lines and years to make you look younger.  Some of you might want to know what you would look like as someone of the opposite sex. Guys, the Face App can show you what you would look like as a woman.  FaceApp is a free app on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (2/8): Selfie X

It’s the scourge of the front facing camera when you try to post to social media.  You come out in reverse.  That’s just one problem with taking a selfie.  A lot of times, the front facing camera doesn’t have the highest quality that the main camera has.  Now you have a choice with this app.  Selfie X lets you take selfies with the rear facing camera and you don’t have to guess if you’re in the frame or not.  The app will guide you so you’re just in the right place.  It tells you if you need to turn the camera up or down or left or right.  When you hit the sweet spot with the aim, the app snaps the picture automatically.  Selfie X is a free app for now on iTunes.  It has in app purchases.

TUESDAY (2/7): Countable

Everyone needs a little civics lesson every now and then.  This is a way to let your voice be heard when you wants to talk to your representatives in Congress.  The app lets you send video messages straight to their inboxes.  It also sends you information on just what is going on in Congress at any specific time.  The makers say they want to make democracy work in the 21st century.  Countable is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (2/6): Table 8

There are a lot of real fancy restaurants in the Metroplex.  You might not have the lowdown on the best places to have a real nice dinner.  Table 8 gives you VIP access to some of those best places.  It provides recommendations on restaurants in the Dallas area.  It also helps you get hard to get reservations.  You can even book a month ahead.  You can browse by cuisine or restaurant.  It shows you a list of restaurants that can book your party.  Table 8 is a free app on iTunes and Google Play, but there is an annual membership fee.

TUESDAY (1/31): Get Human

Is there anything more frustrating than calling a business, only you get caught up in the phone tree.  You have to answer all these questions, in order to guide you to the proper department.  Now, you can cut through that automated digital clutter with this app.  It’s similar to the computer program, but it works.  It will show you what to do with all kinds of companies.  How to get to a human as quickly as possible.  What do you have to click through?  A bunch of zeroes?  Do you have to say something, like “agent”?  Get Human has an entire database of thousands of companies to save you time and get you connected with a person.  Get Human is a free app on iTunes and Android.


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