KRLD App Of The Day


TUESDAY (11/24): All The Cooks Recipes

Thanksgiving Day is just two days away.  How close are you to having your menu finalized?  This app could be just what you need when you’re looking for just the right recipe to finish off your dinner.  Or it might be able to help you with the whole thing.  All The Cooks has more than 150 thousand recipes at your fingertips.  It’s also a social media as well.  You can ask for help, and someone in the group can answer your questions within a couple of minutes.  All the Cooks is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (11/23): Black Friday

This app includes everything you need to know for post-Thanksgiving shopping! Receive alerts for breaking Black Friday ad scans…view all the latest ad scans…and find the best deals early. It’s called Black Friday by Venture Media Labs and is available free on I-Tunes and Android.

FRIDAY (11/20): Project Gutenberg

Love to read? You’ll be reading non-stop for years with this app! It’s 40,000 books in one app. The app is free on iTunes.

THURSDAY (11/19): Trump Trump

Yesterday we brought you the app to take ALL things Kardashian off your Safari screen.  Today.  You can clean your life of everything Trump.  If you don’t want to see stories or anything about Donald Trump, this app will scrub it away just like a Kardashian.  It also blocks any website that has the name Trump in it.  Works on Facebook and Twitter, if you go to those sites through Safari, not through their own apps.  Trump Trump is 99 cents on iTunes.  You’ll be surfing Trump free in no time.

WEDNESDAY (11/18): K-Blocker

This might just be the most important and useful app on your iPhone or iPad.  The K Blocker can help you set up your own ‘Kardashian free zone’.  It can block any mention of any of those vile people from polluting your screen at any time.  You can surf your Safari browser confidently, knowing that you won’t be infested with and Instagram shots of Kylie Jenner, or any Twitter musings from Kim about how pregnancy is the worst thing ever.  The K Blocker is worth that 99 cent investment on iTunes

TUESDAY (11/17): YouNow

Live streaming apps have become the thing with Periscope and Meerkat.  This is the one that your kids are using.  YouNow lets you make different kinds of live streaming videos and broadcasts.  Some people are using this app to show off their talents.  Some have turned their videos into auditions for bigger things, like TV shows.  You can also watch others performing.  YouNow is a free app on iTunes and Android.  There are in app purchases, and you have to be over 13 to be part of this.

MONDAY (11/16): Perch

This is more of a business tool, because it allows you and your co-workers to constantly stay in touch, especially if you’re in different offices anywhere in the world. It’s a conference camera that you can set up somewhere in a room. When the app is running to the others on the Perch network, you are always streaming. It lets you have conversations with other co-workers whenever you wish. You can get rid of conference calls. Touch a portal to another office and you’re connected. If someone isn’t on your conference feed, you can invite them through a Share Link feature. It also won’t spy. It stays mute until it senses you’re ready to start talking to the camera. And it does not record the video. Perch is normally $10, but it’s free for now on iTunes.

FRIDAY (11/13): Firefox

The iPhone has been around for 8 years, but it’s never had Firefox on it.  There have been pretenders, but never the actual Firefox web browser.  That changed yesterday when Mozilla released the official Firefox app for iTunes.  It has exactly what you expect from Firefox on your PC.  It has a private browsing mode.  It also lets you log in to sync your Firefox across different computers and tablets.  Firefox.  It’s a free app now on iTunes

THURSDAY (11/12): Pay Finders

There are a lot of people that don’t carry any cash any more.  They may not even carry their credit cards either, because they’re paying for whatever they buy with Apple Pay.  This scans around the area where you are to find stores and vendors that take Apple Pay as a way to pay for their goods and services.  The app also can help you find those places through turn by turn directions.  You can use the app to keep track of which stores you’ve used your Apple Pay successfully.  Pay Finders is a free app now on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (11/11): Work Time

This is a simple desktop clock for your iPhone or your iPad.  You don’t have to just leave the iPad blank when you’re not using it.  You can keep it plugged in and have a desktop clock and calendar right at your fingertips.  That calendar can plot your life out for an entire year.  You can scroll through your appointments on that calendar.  Even has weather.  Work Time is a free app for now.

TUESDAY (11/10): Gallery Doctor

One of the toughest things to deal with on an iPhone with limited memory.  Which pictures to keep and which ones just need to go.  This is scans through your picture roll to find photos that are too dark, those that are fuzzy, lousy quality and duplicates.  It says it can even find your boring photos.  Once it shows you its diagnosis, you get to make the final decision:  do they stay or do they go?  You throw out what you don’t like.  Gallery Doctor is $3 on iTunes and free on Android

MONDAY (11/9): Unroll.Me

It’s a way to get your eyes off a bunch of spam email lists.  We’re talking unwanted sales pitches, newsletters and other spam.  The app helps you unsubscribe from those subscriptions that you don’t want.  The ones you want to keep, you can swipe up on them and they go into a central location.  Or keep them right where they are. Your choice. is a free app right now on iTunes.

FRIDAY (11/6): Camera 51

This is a camera app to help you take the perfect picture.  The app scans through the lens of what you want to shoot.  It’s able to tell you where you should frame the picture so it’s just right.  It has auto framing. An auto-selfie mode. It can tell you if there’s something extra in the shot, that you wouldn’t want in it.  Camera 51 is a free app on iTunes and Android

THURSDAY (11/5): NewsOn

This is for the news junkie in all of us.  You can get your local news here on KRLD or CBS 11 through CBS  If you’re from out of town, and you want to catch up on the TV news in your hometown, this could be the app for you.  It has local TV broadcasts from almost 120 different stations in 90 different cities.  They have about 3 quarters of the country covered.  The newscasts are stockpiled for 48 hours.  You can also skip to different segments in the newscast.  NewsOn is a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (11/4): Paper Keyboard

Now you can stop complaining about how your fingers can type quickly on your iPhone keyboard, or how you constantly hit wrong letters.  This app lets you take an ordinary sheet of paper and print a keyboard on it.  Put your phone in the special place for it.  Your iPhone actually sees where you put your fingers on that paper and it types what you’re writing.  Paper Keyboard is free for now on iTunes.

TUESDAY (11/3): Parking + GPS Locations

We’re about to hit that time of year, where it’s easy to lose your way.  It could mean you walking around aimlessly trying to find an answer.  I’m talking, of course, about the crowded mall.  Or Cowboys Stadium.  This app can help you pinpoint your car’s location when you leave it in a big parking lot.  When you need to get back to your car after a busy day at the mall, this app gives you everything you need to find your ride.  It has direction arrows that guide you. It also can help keep you straight when you park at a parking meter and you want to make sure you don’t get a ticket.  Parking + GPS Locations is a free app right now on iTunes.

MONDAY (11/2): Over

There comes a time when a selfie just won’t cut it.  We want more.  This lets you add something to the photo.  Words, illustrations and lots of different things.  Add that to the selfie and post it to your social media.  It has 300 different fonts, more than 800 pictures to add to your pictures.  Over is 4 bucks on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (10/29): Nextdoor

One thing about living in big cities.  You can lose the whole concept of the neighborhood.  Do you know your neighbors?  Ever talked to them?  What about a neighborhood watch?  This app lets you put combine social media with your subdivision.  It lets you talk to your neighbors about things going on in your neighborhood.  Put together a crime watch program.  Make recommendations about pet sitters or babysitters.  It lets you talk about possible burglars in the area.  It lets you talk.  Think of it as a National Night Out every day online.  Nextdoor, a free app on iTunes and Android

WEDNESDAY (10/28): Translate Voice

This is a translator app.  You don’t have to type in what you want translated.  You can now speak into the microphone.  The app then translates into any one of 80 different languages.  It has every language you can imagine, including 2 different Frenches and 3 different Spanishes. The app is good enough that it will recognize your voice.  It uses Nuance’s speech recognition software to hear what you’re saying.  It’s free for now on iTunes

TUESDAY (10/27): The No App

Bullying might be down in schools all over the country, but it is still a huge problem.  The message to this app is simple. No. No more bullying, no more harassment.  The app makes a video record of the person that is bothering your child.  That video goes straight to the police and the principal’s office.

It has a big red help button.  IF that button is pressed, you as parents get an email and a text message to show you exactly where your child is.

MONDAY (10/26): Wallet Guard

This allows you to keep the contents of your wallet in a secure place on your iPhone or iPad.  This is a great alternative, if your wallet is ever stolen and you have to recreate your IDs and credit cards.  Use the app to take front and back pictures of your driver license and all the cards in the wallet.  It also helps you with all your reward cards, so you can use this app instead of digging through the cards to find the right one to scan.  Wallet Guard is a free app for now on iTunes.

FRIDAY (10/23): Boomerang

It’s from Instagram. But you don’t have to have an Instagram account to use the app. The app is simple as it shoots a burst of photos and turns them into a short video that plays forward and backward – in a continuous loop. You can also share them on social media. It’s called Boomerang. It’s free and available on I-Tunes and Android.

THURSDAY (10/22): Instasnoop

And it’s just that! It allows you to search and look at people’s photos on Instagram without the chance of accidentally liking it. You can also look at your network and see who’s following you and more. The woman who created the app says she did so after accidentally “liking” her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s picture. It’s called Instasnoop. It’s free and on I-Tunes.

WEDNESDAY (10/21): Wagespot

It’s designed to help you have the upper hand while negotiating a salary….or just be nosy about what others make. The data is organized by ZIP code, industry, job title, gender and age. WageSpot only recently launched…so the data — submitted by users — is still trickling in. Again, it’s called Wagespot and it’s free on I-Tunes and Android.

TUESDAY (10/20): Star Wars

The Star Wars app is is your official mobile connection to a galaxy far, far away. You’ll get breaking news, social media updates – learn about special events and more. You can even take and share a Star Wars selfie and get Star Wars themed weather. It’s called the Star Wars app, from Disney, is free and available on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (10/19): Ice Cream

No, it’s NOT about Blue Bell! It’s actually an app that helps you manage those trillion-plus photos you have in your phone. To quote the makers: “We tell you how much space you can free up. And then help you Free Up Space in a super simple way, in just a couple minutes. Use the extra space for more photos, videos, apps or whatever you like.” The Ice Cream app is free and available on i-Tunes.

FRIDAY (10/16): Social Media All In One

It’s a one stop shop for everything you need in the world of social media.  You can log into just about any of your accounts.  And then you can access them all from the same app.  Everything from Facebook and Twitter to Google Plus, Pinterest and Reddit.  You don’t have to jump between apps. They’re all here.  Social Media All in One is free for now on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (10/14): Burner

There could be times where you have to give someone your phone number, but you don’t really want them knowing your real phone number.  Burner lets you set up burner numbers that are real, assigned to you.  But they can disappear quickly.  This is perfect for leaving a contact number for someone on Craigslist.  A guy you’re not interested in seeing more than once, car dealers or any other salesperson.  The burner number connects to your real phone, but the caller doesn’t have your real number.  Burner is a free app on iTunes and Android.  And there are in app purchases.

TUESDAY (10/13): Calec – Secret Photo and Video Vault

These apps have been in the news recently.  This is another one to use yourself, or look on your kids’ iPhone to see if it’s there.  It’s made to look like an ordinary calculator and it works like one.  But once you enter the passcode, it becomes a side vault for your secret photos and videos.  Calc – Secret Photo and Video Vault Pro is 99 cents on iTunes

FRIDAY (10/9): Psych Outwit Your Friends

This is one of Ellen Degeneres’s favorite games and she had her tech team put it together as an app.  It’s a party game. Different categories.  Each player makes up a fake answer to trivia questions.  One of the is the real answer.  The other object is to be so convincing that other players believe YOU have the right answer with what you say.  Psych Outwit Your Friends is a free app on iTunes and Android.  But there are in app purchases to get rid of ads and other card packs.

THURSDAY (10/8): Takoo

This is a photography app with something extra.  What it does is, it lets you add audio to a picture that you take.  There are a couple of ways you can do it.  Take a picture of something or someone.  Hit the microphone and you have 15 seconds to say what you want about that picture.  Or you can go the other way.  Record an audio, then add the picture to it.  You can take a picture with the camera or use one in your camera roll.  Then share away on your social media.  Takoo, it’s free on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (10/7): Scratch

An app I want to tell you about today is called Scratch.  This is a brand new shopping app.  Scratch helps you with your online purchases.  It’s your own personal shopper for the stuff you want to get, but don’t want to leave your jammies to get it.  They have real live shoppers combing through the Internet for exactly what they think you might like.  You send them a message, give them some guidelines and let them send you ideas for whatever gift you want to buy.   It’s Scratch.  A free app on iTunes.  Android is coming soon.

TUESDAY (10/6): Anonymous Alerts

This app is getting a lot of attention because more schools are getting directly involved in it. The app is a way for you or your kids to let the authorities know when there’s something wrong. Something like bullies, or cyber-bullies. Perhaps some abuse going on in the home. Gangs. The best part about it: you don’t have to have your ID known by anyone. It’s completely anonymous. It also has a GPS notifier, so if your kids are in immediate trouble, they can get help right away. It’s a free app on iTunes.

MONDAY (10/5): Document Manager Pro

This app puts an entirely new browser on your phone, but it does more than look at websites. It is also a video player. That video player lets you play videos that you see on the net, but you can also then download those videos and watch them later offline. The document manager gives you control over documents from just about every format. It also lets you convert those documents to PDFs, if that makes life easier for you. Document Manager Pro is on iTunes.

FRIDAY (10/2): Kibo

If you happen to have a lot of eyes that watch what you might say in a text message, or WhatsApp or Facebook or Twitter, this app can hide those messages so the only one who can read what you really say is the person you send it to.  It’s a keyboard.  You type on it, then hit the LOCK button at the bottom.  When that lock button is hit, your message becomes something else, something generic.  The person at the other end is the only one who can translate it into what you really said.  Kibo is a free app on iTunes and Android.


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