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WEDNESDAY (5/24): Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners are everywhere and you can’t get enough of them at the 7-Eleven.  There’s now an app that does the same thing, if the real Fidget Spinner is giving you a case of tennis elbow.  Here’s the thing.  This is the most popular free app on iTunes right  now.  This is a game where you try to get as your Virtual Spinner to spin as much as it can.  There are rewards in the form of virtual coins to spend on faster Spinners.  Fidget Spinner is a free app on iTunes.  It has an in app purchase to get rid of ads.

TUESDAY (5/23): Easy Backup Pro

Our phones have our phone books in them.  A lot of us would be lost if we didn’t have a backup of every contact we have in the phone.  Starting over just isn’t an option.  Easy Backup Pro gives you peace of mind, if you ever have an accident with your phone and you don’t have it backed up into the cloud anywhere.  At least you can have your contacts in another place.  One taps saves them. You can also tap to keep them updated if you add more contacts or your contacts change their numbers.  You can export your list to Dropbox or other cloud solutions or simply to your email or an Excel spreadsheet.  It will also restore your contacts from the cloud as well.  Easy Backup Pro is a free app for now on iTunes.  It has an in-app subscription.

MONDAY (5/22): Brushstroke

This is an artistic app that can let you turn your photographs into paintings in just a single touch.  You can do all the edits to make the lighting just right..  The app lets you convert the photos into different painting styles.  Once you get just the right touch, you can even sign your masterpiece just like a real artist.  Here’s the difference with this app compared to any others.  It lets you print those photos on real canvas.  And you also can turn your videos into video paintings as well.  Brushstroke is $4 on iTunes.

FRIDAY (5/19): Google Assistant

Siri has some competition on your iPhone.  Google just released its version on iTunes this week.  The iPhone version doesn’t have ALL the features that you can find on an Android version, but it’s still useful if you need these features.  Google Assistant can make phone calls for you.  It can send text messages and emails.  You can access your Google calendar and make reminders.  Just ask it questions.  It has a little Alexa feel or Google Home.  Google Assistant is now available on iTunes

THURSDAY (5/18): Horizon Camera

Are you guilty of the crime of vertical video?  There’s nothing more irritating for some people to see videos posted where the shooter held the camera vertically.  You get the two bars on either side and the small video in the center strip.  You KNOW who you are. Horizon Camera is the answer to vertical videos.  The app will take whatever it is you shoot and put it into a horizontal frame while you’re shooting.  Better keep your subject inside that frame, because that’s what  you’re going to see.  You wouldn’t need this app if you would shoot video the RIGHT way.  The horizontal way.  It’s Horizon Camera.  It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.  It does have in app purchases.

WEDNESDAY (5/17): Appetence

Just what the world needed.  Another new dating app.  The whole reason for this app is to slow down the whole dating process.  Instead of the swipe right, then straight to it.  This app forces prospective daters to take it slow and actually have conversations.  It’s so slow, you have to talk before you get to see the other person’s photos.  It says the personality is the most important feature, not just the looks.  You converse for a period of time, and you have to get likes for the words that you say.  Appetence also has monitors to keep the bots at bay.  Appentence is a new free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (5/16): Windy

You can play on your smartphone. I’m not talking about the music you download from iTunes.  I’m talking about music, actual music.  You might have seen the piano keyboard app, or the drums app.  Those are kinda cool.  This app turns your iPhone into a wind instrument.  An actual wind instrument like a flute or a piccolo.  You actually blow into the microphone of your phone and you hold down on the keys on the screen.  You can turn a note flat or sharp by tilting  your phone.  The app can even teach you simple songs that you can play on the phone.  Windy is 3 bucks on iTunes.

MONDAY (5/15): Boomerang

Translation apps can work well sometimes.  Other times, the translation from one language isn’t exactly what you wanted.  You might have written something, had it translated, and the translation doesn’t look like anything you meant to say.  Instant laughter or insult.  Boomerang translates what it is you’re saying into more than 100 languages, but then it returns it to you to see how it worked. Say you want to say that you’re leaving the house and translate it into Chinese.  Boomerang translates the translation back into English to make sure you didn’t actually say that you’re sitting in the gutter of the house.  Or worse.  Boomerang is a free app on iTunes but it does have in app purchases.

FRIDAY (5/12): Easy Translation

This is one of those apps where the name tells you exactly what it does.  The app is able to translate from English to more than 30 different languages as you type.  If English isn’t your first language, you can also translate your home country’s language into 32 others including English.  All you have to do is type away and then click the button to translate.  Try it out.  You can also use the microphone for speech to text.  The app also has a function to let you copy your translation and put it into another program, like a social media message.  It also can read the translation back to you.  Easy Translation is a free app for now on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (5/11): Nugde For Change

This is a new app for the socially conscious on either side of an issue.  This app helps you with companies.  Do you want to do business with and support companies that don’t agree with some form of belief system that you have?  What are the company’s ethics.  The app helps you guide your money and resources away from companies that go against your personal belief systems.  The app starts with your own moral compass.  It’s an actual compass that you fill in, whichever direction you support.  Then it ranks businesses on different scales. Nudge for Change is a new free app on iTunes.  Android is coming soon.

WEDNESDAY (5/10): Great Courses Plus

Your learning doesn’t have to end when you get your degree from high school or college.  This is an education app.  It has more than 8 thousand videos, college level classes and lectures.  It says you can learn everything about anything.  You can pick and choose what you wish to learn straight to your phone or tablet.  There’s just about every possible topic you can imagine.  Names like Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and other experts in their fields.  You can even download those videos and watch them at your convenience.  Great Courses Plus is a free app on iTunes and Android.   It costs 20 dollars a month for a subscription.

TUESDAY (5/9): LastPass Password Manager

Everyone should have a password manager, especially if you’re one that likes to use the word PASSWORD as your password. It’s one way to make sure that you keep all your passwords in a safe place that only you know. There are several different brands of these apps. They all pretty much do the same thing. They can be a secure vault for the passwords that you have for every online account that you have. It can also generate strong passwords that hackers would find too difficult to get into. They want easier targets. Lastpass can also log you into those sites quickly as well. So instead of needing to remember dozens of different passwords, you just need to remember one. This one. The code to get into your personal Lastpass vault. Lastpass is a free app on iTunes and Android. It has a subscription model for the premium version.

MONDAY (5/8): Pop Dot Comics

This is an app that help you turn your photos into something that looks like the classic Sunday comic strips.  It changes the pictures into drawings with the thick black lines on the outside. The primary type colors and of course, the dots.  Remember how the Sunday comics would have big dots of color.  You can turn your pictures into one of those.  Or make it look like a classic comic with a whole film noir kind of feel.  Black and white or a version that has muted tones, kinda what you see in the movie Sin City.  Pop Dot Comics.  It’s a free app for now on iTunes.

FRIDAY (5/5): Adobe Photoshop Fix

This is one of the most popular photo apps, but it might be new to you. You have probably heard of Adobe Photoshop. The full program can run into the thousands of dollars for professionals. But for us amateurs that don’t need all those fancy features on our smartphones or tablets, this will do just fine. The price is right too. It still has a lot of tools that you can use to spiff up your pictures, so they look professional. You can take out stuff that you don’t want showing up in a shot. Put in others. Change the focus, the filters. Smooth things out. Make them lighter or darker. If you need more than this, you should be a professional photographer. For the rest of us, Adobe Photoshop Fix is plenty. It’s free on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (5/4): Filmborn

There are purists in the photography world that swear by the quality of pictures taken with cameras and real film.  This app can help fake that through the use of certain filters.   Filmborn gives you the feel of pictures taken with Kodak film or Fuji film.  It comes with a whole slew of presets that give your shots a certain look.  It also has a curves tool that lets you have a little more control of the light and shadow in your shots.  It’s a bridge between the 20th century and the 21st way of shooting photos.  Filmborn is a free app on iTunes.  It also has in-app purchases to open up more features.

WEDNESDAY (5/3): Anylist

This is an organization app to help you come up with your grocery lists.  It can also help you keep your recipes together.  Anylist is good for any kind of list, it doesn’t have to be at a grocery store.

You start with a blank slate and starting adding the ingredients you need to fill out your list.  It even incorporates Siri into the mix if you need her to.  The app then separates whatever you add into different categories, if you need them to.  The app has a history list as well, just in case you want to repeat what you already had in there before.  Anylist is a free app on iTunes.  It also has an optional in-app purchase to open up more features.

TUESDAY (5/2): Burner

There might be times where you don’t want someone knowing your real phone number.  Maybe it’s someone you’re not sure of and you’re going on a Tinder date.  Maybe you’re trying to separate your business calls from your personal line.  Or perhaps, you’re hiding from someone and you just can’t afford for them to know your real number.  Whatever reason.  You’ve heard of burner phones.  This app gives you a burner telephone number.  It also has Nomorobo to keep you from getting flooded with spam calls.  It gives you a second telephone number that you can discard when you want to.  Burner is a free app on iTunes and Android.  It’s free to try for a week, but then you have to pay for the subscription.

MONDAY (5/1): Toon Camera

This is a photography app that can turn your life into an animated masterpiece.  It’s a camera app that lets you shoot pictures and videos as if they’re cartoons.  Think something similar to the aHa video Take on Me, but with better animation.  It can also convert your current pictures and videos into animation as well.  There are different types of animations to choose from… from simple pencil sketches to full on inked cartoons.  Toon Camera is a free app for now on iTunes.

FRIDAY (4/28): Is It Good?

We have all kinds of apps that will show you what kinds of restaurants are close to where you.  Those are great when you’re in another city and you don’t know the area, and you don’t really care where you eat.  Is It Good takes it to a new level.  You use the app and let it know where you are.  It will find places that are really good or really bad to avoid.  You can also add your own ratings to the service after you have dinner.  You don’t have to go skimming through Yelp or Google Reviews to find other reviews.  This one rates food places, clubs, grocery stores, or just about anything else.  Is It Good is a free app for now on iTunes.

THURSDAY (4/27): Paper Keyboard

Some people just can’t stand using the keys on the iPhone keyboard.  This app can help solve that.  It projects a keyboard on a sheet of paper.  You can type on the paper, and it shows up on the screen of the phone.  You print the keyboard on the sheet of paper.  The app uses the front facing camera on the phone to detect where your fingers are tapping.  It does whatever you need a keyboard to do and you just type on the sheet of paper.  IF you’re a programmer, it can even help you code.  Paper Keyboard is 99 cents on iTunes.  It also has in-app purchases.

WEDNESDAY (4/26): Ada

It’s your personal health companion.  You now have someone to talk to when you’re not feeling well.  This app can actually help you figure out what’s wrong with you.  Just tell it what your symptoms or conditions are.  This app will listen to what ails ya:  everything from skin issues to the flu and if you have an issue sleeping.  Ada hears all and can make recommendations, just for you.  Ada – Your personal health companion is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (4/25): Hooked

The smartphone or tablet is a great place to read incredible short stories, but you don’t have to worry about downloading a book app to do it.  These short stories are drama in real life.  The stories come out of text messages from one person to another, and then they’re turned into story form.  You can turn your own text messages into a storyline or read someone else’s.  It even lets you use the features to do some play-acting and portray different characters.  Hooked is a free app on iTunes and Android.  It has in app purchases and a subscription model.

MONDAY (4/24): Vanido

They say the Internet or the apps can teach you anything.  Have you ever wanted to learn to sing properly?  Vanido is an app that says it can teach you how to sing and improve your ear.  This app gives you free singing lessons every day.  You get to learn something new to help train your ear. The app starts by testing your vocal range to start.  Vanido sends you three new lessons every day. It has everything you need to learn proper singing techniques. This app is a challenge to your commitment.  Do you really want to learn? You need to work every day.  Vanido is a new free app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (4/21): Wingman

This is a brand new dating app, just came out this week.  Here’s the thing.  The name of the app is Wingman.  That means it’s NOT a dating app for you.  It’s for you to help set up your friends.  This is more like a app to play matchmaker.  You have the app.  You work it to find dates for her, or him.  The single person doesn’t get to create the profile.  Their friends do.   You put together the profile for your friend.  You set things up.  You get the turn downs instead of the single friend, but it doesn’t hurt you.  So, Cupid, get to work.  Wingman is a brand new free app on iTunes.  Android is coming soon.

THURSDAY (4/20): Family Link

Google put together this app to help parents have a little bit more control over their kids and what they’re doing with their phones.  You’re the parent, you’re supposed to be in charge here.  Family Link lets you decide if certain apps are appropriate for Junior.   It also lets you watch over how much time your kids are spending in some other apps.  It can let you set a time when it’s lights out on their smartphones.  Family Link is a parenting app for the 21st century child with a smartphone.  It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (4/19): 5 Miles

This is a buying and selling app, kinda like Craigslist.  5 miles is just what it sounds like.  It has a radius for your stuff and for you to buy stuff.  5 miles in any direction.  This app has already done a billion in sales with 10 million members. You can search all kinds of ads for whatever you wish to buy.  But it’s not just that.  You can also use this app to look for people that are providing services like mowing services or cleaning services.  They describe it as an online garage sale, all within 5 miles of you.  5 miles is a free app.  The transactions are all free as well to buy.  It’s on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (4/18): TrueCaller

There’s a real problem for our cellphones now.  Spam calls.  We used to call them robocalls or solicitors.  This app is able to identify and block these kinds of calls before the phone even rings.  The app says it has more than 3 billion spam phone numbers and more are added every day thanks to help from users.  It also has a supersized caller ID function.  You can enter any phone number and look up the name and any contact information for that phone number.  TrueCaller is a free app on iTunes, Android and Windows Phone.  It has a subscription model and in-app purchases.

MONDAY (4/17): Takl

It can be tough to find people to do the small jobs around the house.  Find the right cleaning person.  Find the right gardener or lawn mowing service.  Find the right handyman.  You know, the jobs you don’t want to do. This app is a clearinghouse for them.  It brings you together with those professionals.  The app makers vet those professionals throughout the Metroplex.  The app provides the connection for help that is already pre-priced and ready for work.  Takl on demand home services is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (4/14): Red Cross Tornado

Put this one right next to the Red Cross’s First Aid app on that first page of apps.  The Red Cross put together this app to keep you informed of the weather in your area, even if you can’t be by your television or radio.  It has audio warnings any time there is bad weather near you.  There’s a siren that goes off when you have a tornado warning in any of the locations you want it to watch.  It has instructions on what you should do in the event of severe weather.  The app teaches you how to put together an emergency kit.  You have one of those, don’t you?  The Red Cross Tornado app can save lives.  It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (4/13): Instamosaic

This is one of our favorite photo apps.  You know what a mosaic is.  It’s a large artwork that’s made by piecing together smaller items.  This app can make a mosaic photo for you out of your other photos.  You select a picture that you want to make into a mosaic.  It searches through your photo library to find just the right pictures to use.  The colors in them will be used together with others to create the mosaic bigger picture.  Instamosaic is 3 bucks on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (4/12): First Aid by the American Red Cross

This is one of those important apps that you should keep near or on your first page of apps.  This is the official version of a first aid app that can show you how to handle emergencies of all kinds.  It has step by step instructions on everything from handling burns to heart attacks or all sorts of health issues.  It also has video tutorials as well and animations.  First Aid by the Red Cross is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (4/11): Camcorder – Record VHS Home Movies

The 90s aren’t retro.  They’re vintage.  Remember the look of 90s videotapes?  You can shoot video and have it come out just like it would have in the 80s or the 90s.  All you have to do is upload the video into the app and pick out your filters.  The app transforms the video with that retro look.  It can even have the time and datestamp like the old cameras used to have.  The colors are a little washed out, but that gives it that 90s feeling.  Lots of pastel looking shades.  It’s really a trip to see your videos like this.  Camcorder is a free app on iTunes, Android and Amazon systems.

MONDAY (4/10): Relight

It’s one of the worst things that happen to that perfect photo that you take.  The lighting is totally wrong.  This app can help fix it.  It has 8 different ways to help correct the bad lighting in your shots.  There are 50 different things you can do to enhance the light, bring out the colors in low light or use some bold lighting.  Relight is a free app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (4/7): Clips

Apple has developed this app for people to do some easy editing on their videos. You can shoot a video and then add some funny effects to your videos. Shoot a live video. Mute the sounds, add some other sounds. Edit the length of the clips, move them around. You can also add animation and captions and emojis. You’re a professional director with this app. Clips is a free app on iTunes.

THURSDAY (4/6): Purely Vegan

This is a specialty recipes app.  If you’ve never tried the vegan lifestyle or if you’re interested in finding new vegan recipes.  This app provides some simple recipes and everything on it is vegan.  It has almost 5 dozen recipes overall.  They cover every meal of the day, including snacks..  The app also provides a primer on what the lifestyle is and the nutrition you’ll find in the ingredients.  Purely Vegan is a new app and it’s adding more recipes all the time.  It’s 2 bucks on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (4/5): Sprinkles

No, this is not an app for cupcakes.  It just has the same name as the other place.  Microsoft came up with the Sprinkles app for iTunes.  It wanted to come up with an app that kinda does what you can do with Snapchat. Only you don’t have to have Snapchat to do it.   Sprinkles lets you have some fun with your photos.  You take a picture and you can add all kind of silly stickers or captions to the photo.  It’s able to tell where you and adjust the stickers to suit the scenery.  Then share it online through your Messenger or your social media.  There’s all kinds of stickers like animals or hats.  You can also use the app to see what celebrity you might look like. Sprinkles is brand new and it’s a free app on iTunes

TUESDAY (4/4): Slo Mo Video

Anyone can shoot video in regular motion. Slow motion is an art form in itself. This app lets you shoot slow motion videos. It’s also a great way to make certain edits to the regular speed videos that you’re shooting as well. You can open existing videos or shoot brand new. It also lets you only shoot certain parts of the video in slow motion. There’s a speed mode setting to make it run in normal time. Slo Mo Video is a free app on iTunes. It does have an in-app purchase.

MONDAY (4/3): Memoji

Ever wonder what you would look like as a human emoji?  Now you can.  This is a new app that can apply emoji effects to the photos you take of yourself.  IF you want to see yourself with the tongue sticking out emoji, use it.  The app applies the drawings to your face.  It also lets you turn your memojis into GIF’s and then send them in messages to your friends or put on your social media.  MEmoji is a free app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (3/31): Callblock

This is a new app that lets you block telemarketers from calling you.  It’s becoming more and more of a problem as these spam callers are ignoring the Do Not Call Lists.  At last count, they’re junk dialing 148 million numbers a day.  When the phone rings, and it’s a telemarketer or a political call or a robocall, the app will block them if you need to.  You have complete control as well, if you want to unblock a number that’s mistaken as a telemarketer.  Callblock is a free app, but there is a subscription service to it.  It’s on iTunes.

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