KRLD App Of The Day


FRIDAY (1/19): Sweatcoin

If you can’t be convinced to get your exercise on for the sake of your health, this is an app that’s perfectly willing to bribe you. This is the epitome of sweat equity. When you go walking with this app on, it counts your steps and pays you in sweatcoins. It’s not Bitcoin, but it’s close. It’s a virtual currency. For every thousand steps that you take, you earn 95 cents in those sweatcoins. There’s a limit on how many sweatcoins you earn. And you don’t earn any unless you’re outside walking. It uses your GPS to make sure you’re getting around the area. When you accumulate enough of them, you can trade those sweatcoins for fitness equipment, or gift cards, or workout classes. Here’s something: 2 for 1. Have the app on while you’re playing Pokémon GO! Sweatcoin is one of the hottest apps going. It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (1/18): Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

We’re going home grown with this app today. It’s Stock Show time and there’s a way to get all the information about the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo with this app. It’ll help you get around the area. It has a full-on schedule, so you can make your plans to see all the events of the day. It’s a great way to set up where you want to be and when so you don’t miss anything. There are parking maps and a full list of all the events and a checklist of all the winning entries. The perfect companion piece to your day at the Stock Show. Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (1/17): Yummly

This is an app featured at the recent CES in Las Vegas. It’s a recipes app that can help guide you through some intricate ideas for your family dinner. It has more than a million different recipes, collected from all sorts of cooking websites and smaller blogs. It also lets you save your favorites into a separate file so you don’t lose a great recipe when you discover one. It has recommendations that might be just what you want. It also comes with tutorial videos to show you new techniques. Think of it as your sidekick in the kitchen. Yummly. It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (1/16): Places Around

This is a guiding app. It can find where you are show places that are around where you are. It’s able to search out everything from places to eat to places to get gas. It has locations for the closest ATM to you. This is a great app to help you find new surprises near to where you live. OR you can use the app to explore some place that you’re visiting. This app also lets you find out more information about the places around you. There are 40 different categories of places around you. It also has the ability to find the place around by using your voice. You don’t have to type in the app. Speak what you want. It also has deals from the places. Places Around is $2 on iTunes.

MONDAY (1/15): Google Arts & Culture

If you can’t travel to all the great museums in the world for a little culture, bring the museums of the world to you through this app. It has the power of Google and it’s working with 12 hundred different kinds of arts and museums all over the world. It allows you to see the great and not so great of the greatest treasures. Pictures, videos and virtual reality of everything those museums have to offer. You can catalog your favorites by color or artist or when they came from. It also lets you take guided tours of the museums. If you’re in a museum, it has a recognition feature to show you more about the works you’re seeing in person. Google Arts & Culture is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (1/12): Texture

You don’t have to give up on reading your favorite magazines, just because they take up a ton of space. Think of Texture as a Kindle for magazines. It gives you online versions of more than 200 different big name magazines at your fingertips. These are full issues every month or every week. There are all the biggies, like Time, People, Wired, Consumer Reports, Bon Appetit and Men’s Health. You can choose which ones you want to be able to read cover to cover. There is a monthly subscription fee, but it’s lower than the cost of just a couple of the magazines on the store shelves, and you get hundreds more. Texture is a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (1/11): Smile Selfie

People do love taking them some selfies, but how many times do you look at what you shoot and you throw away the shot, because you didn’t smile for the camera. This app stops that. No more frowns, turn ‘em upside down. No more sad faces. No more DUCK FACES! If you want to use this app for your selfies, you better be showing some teeth or a grin. Otherwise, it won’t take the picture. It uses an algorithm to figure out when you’re smiling. When you do, it shoots. You don’t even have to press a button. It knows when you’re happy and smiley. Three auto-selfies at a time with Smile Selfie. A free app for now on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (1/10): Key Ring Reward Cards

You might have an entire keychain filled with the cards that you use to get discounts and points from retailers and grocery stores. This app lets you digitize all of them onto your smartphone. Loading them is quick and simple. Just scan and go to the next one. You can organize them alphabetically. And when it’s time to scan at the register, you just find the card in the app and there’s the barcode right there. It also provides you with weekly store ads and coupons. You can even use it to make shopping lists. The best of this is, you never have to fill your wallet or keychain with the actual cards. Key Ring Reward Cards is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (1/9): Booster Fuels

You may never have to pump your own gas again with this app. This product is available in only two areas of the country right now, but one of those two areas is right here in Dallas Fort Worth. Booster Fuels delivers gasoline to you. You touch the app. You park your car on a parking lot, not a garage. You let the Booster Fuels person know where you parked in the app. Leave the gas door open. Booster Fuels comes by and fills your tank. You pay for the gas. Same day delivery is free. You can even tell Booster what part of the day you want them to come by. Booster Fuel is a free app on iTunes and Android. You pay for the gas that you use.

MONDAY (1/8): Robo Killer

Spam calls are filling everyone’s smartphones. The spammers don’t care about Do Not Call lists or anything. They just use multiple fake numbers and automatic dialers. Now, you have a weapon against them with this app. It’s just what its name says. It’s a robocall killer. It’s able to identify and block hundreds of thousands of fake calls that come in. It takes a bot to beat a bot. Here’s the thing. It uses Answer Bots to just frustrate the calls that have real people on the line. You can waste THEIR time, like they waste yours. Robo Killer says it will cut your spam calls by 90 percent within a month. Robo Killer is a free app on iTunes. It does have a subscription model.

FRIDAY (1/5): Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

We’re giving you another app to help keep you on your straight and narrow New Year’s resolution to get in shape. You should be able to find 7 minutes in your day to get a workout in. This app can help. It comes with almost two dozen workouts. Each one is a little different than the other. It also has 72 different separate exercises that you can sprinkle in for a little variety. It helps to create your own workout schedule and keeps you on it. The app even works with your iPhone Health app as well and can help you save your progress and save it to your computer. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout is a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (1/4): Free Prints

I know, it’s a surprise. A lot of people use their iPhones as cameras. You can see the pictures on your screen as soon as you take them. But, there’s still something cool about the old school way of looking at photos. This app lets you experience those pictures on actual photographic paper. Free Prints lets you order 85 prints from your camera roll or your Instagram or your other social media every single month. That’s a thousand prints a year. The prints are 4 by 6. Other sized prints do cost some money. Send off your order and your pictures will be at your door in a few days. You pay for shipping. Free Prints is a free app for now. Then it becomes $2 on iTunes and it’s free on Android.

WEDNESDAY (1/3): VisuCaller

This is an app for your iPhone to dial phone numbers. Right now, you can dial a number that pops up on a website or a message. VisuCaller takes it the next step. It can identify telephone numbers and dial them by just scanning a phone number that’s written on a piece of paper. You just have to put the viewfinder over the number and scan it. That means you can take a printed business card and dial the number on it. VisuCaller is a free app for now on iTunes. It has in app purchases.

TUESDAY (1/2): 8 Fit

This is an app for those of you who checked the box “exercise more” on your New Year’s resolutions chart. You don’t have to spend money on a gym membership. This app is a helper when you want to keep track of your fitness goals. It has all kinds of workout videos from professional instructors. There are nutrition plans and guides to help you with the diet part of your resolution. New Year’s resolutions are easy to give up, but this might help keep you on your straight and narrow. 8 Fit is a free app on iTunes and Android. It has in app purchases.

FRIDAY (12/29): Gif Me! Camera

People love to use gifs to enhance their instant messages or for their online conversations. Now, you don’t have to go searching for the perfect gif to accent what you want to say. This little app lets you make your own gifs with your camera or you can import your own videos in order to make them. Add some filters for flavoring and speed them up or slow them down. You can put whatever you want onto your gifs, like animations or words. Then post away wherever want to. Gif Me! Camera is a free app for now on iTunes, Android or for your Windows phone.

THURSDAY (12/28): Haven

This is the app that Edward Snowden came up with as a detection tool for your stuff. It’s part of the Guardian Project. He says the app is there to make sure that no one disturbs your personal space or your belongings. The app utilizes the sensors that are already part of your smartphone. It makes use of the accelerometer to sense if there’s motion or vibration. The camera keeps an eye out. Sound from the microphone. It has the light sensor to see if there’s a change in the lighting in the room. Haven can run on an old phone, so you don’t need to use the one that you have in your pocket. You’ll be alerted through text or to a secure website. Haven is a free app only on Android.

WEDNESDAY (12/27): Smithsonian Earth

Our App today is Smithsonian Earth. This is something for the nature lover in you. It comes from the minds at the Smithsonian Channel. You can watch all sorts of nature videos or wildlife documentaries. All you like, unlimited streaming. It also shows you some of the most fascinating videos of the most exciting places on Earth. Everything from sea turtle rescues to the hunters of Africa. You can watch them on any browser or your smartphone or tablet. They add new videos all the time and they come in 4K. Smithsonian Earth is a free app, but it does have a subscription service of 4 dollars a month after a 30-day free trial. It’s on all the platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Android.

TUESDAY (12/26): Multi Translate

Our App today is Multi Translate. This is a professional translation app. You can just speak into the app and it will automatically translate it verbally and by text into any of three languages. The app also has another cool function, if you’re in a foreign country and you can’t understand what the signs say on a particular building street or book.
You put your camera on it and the app translates it into English or other language that you need it. The app can also take your voice to text and then translate it for use in your text messaging program. It has support for more than 100 written languages and more than two dozen spoken. Multi Translate is a 13 dollars on iTunes. It has in-app purchases.

FRIDAY (12/22): Blue

Blue is a different kind of weather app. It won’t tell you much as far as weather figures. It only does weather forecasting and it does it by colors and numbers. The hotter it’s going to be, the pinker and redder the screen is going to be. Colder tends to lean towards blue and purple. And there are greens, yellows and oranges in the middle. Blue shows you a 7 day forecast with those colors or you can narrow it down to hourly forecasts. One swipe and you can see what the current conditions are, old school. With numbers and words. The app only provides weather for the place where you are right now. Want a new forecast? Go to another place. Blue is a free app for now on iTunes.

THURSDAY (12/21): Superimpose

Sometimes, you want to show off a picture of the one that you caught but let it get away.  OR if you don’t like the background of that perfect shot you have with your special someone, you can change that background to another place.  This app lets you change the foreground and background of a picture.  Put yourself in front of the Golden Gate or the Eiffel Tower.  It’s an artsy app that lets you create your work of art and you can share with your friends.  Superimpose is a free app for now on iTunes and 99 cents on Android.

WEDNESDAY (12/20): Signal

Signal is a private messaging app. And when they say private, they mean absolutely private. Signal is one of those apps that lets you exchange messages, videos and multiple chats and keep your privacy. The messages are encrypted from the time they leave your phone until the person on the other end sees them. It uses your cellphone number like What’s App does. It also has the ability to make phone calls and video calls and you don’t have to pay for the privilege. That goes anywhere in the world. The difference is the privacy. It keeps Big Brother from snooping around you. Signal is a free app on iTunes and Android.






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