KRLD App Of The Day


FRIDAY (2/5): Sports Illustrated

Just about every sports fan has had a subscription to Sports Illustrated at one time or another. Now, it has its own free app. It has the features you’d expect from the magazine, but with the online flavor to it. It has the news streams of the teams you follow. It sends you breaking sports news and video clips of your favorite sports. And, it’s free on iTunes and Android.


THURSDAY (2/4): Voice Keyboard Pro

This app can provide voice-to-text. But the app is able to translate what you write on the screen into multiple languages. It can speak 37 different languages by voice. It’s also able to translate into 91 languages by just the words in print. In some cases, this might help you learn a new language a few sentences at a time. Voice Keyboard Pro is a free app for now (regularly $10) on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (2/3): Poncho

If you can’t trust a cat to wake you up and give you the weather forecast to start your day, what hope is there? This is an app with an alarm clock that tells you what to expect when you head out to work or school that morning. It can tell you if it’s going to be a bad hair day. It even gives just the right song to help you head out the door. It’s brand new and free on iTunes.

TUESDAY (2/2): Service

It can be one of the biggest pains around when you have to call customer service at a business because of trouble. Maybe you got something defective or you’re having an issue with the cable company. You don’t have to fight the good fight yourself. Service is there to tag in for you. You let them know what happened and they go to work. Service is a free app and a free service on iTunes.

MONDAY (2/1): Recipes Cook Book

This is just what it sounds like. It’s a cooking app to help you store your favorite recipes. You can add your own recipes to the app. It also lets you make the conversions in order to half the recipe or double it. The app organizes the ingredients into a shopping list. It can even read you the recipe, if you can’t stare into the iPad or iPhone screen. Recipes Cook Book is 99 cents on iTunes.

FRIDAY (1/29): My Car Monitor

This is a way for you to keep a close eye on your wheels.  It’s able to keep track of the mileage on your car and when you should be taking it in for maintenance.  My Car Monitor also helps with the records of how much you pay for your maintenance.  It even has the ability to send out a distress signal if you need it in an emergency.  My Car Monitor is a free app for now on iTunes and a buck and a half on Android.

THURSDAY (1/28): Gotta Go

This one comes from the mind of Chelsea Handler.  It’s the perfect app if you need to escape from an uncomfortable situation, especially if you know you’ll need that escape valve before you get inTO that situation.  Gotta Go helps you with all kinds of reasons to get out.  You have a story, you come up with the reasons and set it up.  What time you need it to happen.  Text messages will come in at just the right time.  Maybe a phone call from the number you pick.  Then you can bolt.  Gotta Go is a free app on iTunes.  It’s from Chelsea Handler, you know it’s gotta be funny.

WEDNESDAY (1/27): Fotoffiti

It’s another app to help you do something with the pictures on your phone or iPad.  Yesterday’s app, we showed you how to turn them into pencil sketches.  Today, you can turn your favorite photos into graffiti sketches.  All different types of filters.  Different fonts to write text on your masterpiece.  It even has its own camera to shoot new pieces of graffiti art.  Fotoffiti is a free app for now on iTunes

TUESDAY (1/26): Sketch Mee

This app is an artistic app.  It lets you take whatever photos you have in your cellphone and then turn them into high quality pencil type sketches.  All you have to do is take one of those pictures.  It has all kinds of different settings to pick just the right colors and convert them.  Sketch Mee with 2 E’s is a free app for now.

FRIDAY (1/22): Know Me

This is a brand new video making app that lets you make videos of your videos or your photos on your phone.  Works like this.  You open the app.  Pick a photo on your phone, talk over what it is.  Pick the next one, talk over it, and keep going however long you want.  You turn your photos into a sort of slideshow video.  You personalize it with your voice.  You can even shoot a selfie video to introduce what it is that’s coming in the rest of the video.  Then feel free to share.  Get to Know Me, a brand new free app on iTunes

THURSDAY (1/21): Private Camera Pro

It does exactly what the title says.   It keeps your photos and videos private.  If someone gets a hold of your phone, they can’t go snooping around your photos, if you don’t want them to.  The pictures are password protected.  It also lets you transfer your photos through the Wi-Fi or with iCloud.  Private Camera Pro is a free app for now on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (1/20): Jack

It’s a messaging app that lets you control when your message is opened.  You can send text, a video, audio, whatever you want in your message.  The message goes right away to the person you send it to.  But they have to wait until YOU say it’s ok to open that message.  It could be minutes, hours, days or a certain date.  It will wait for that time you pick.  Talk about anticipation.  You better make sure that message is worth the wait.  Jack is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (1/19): ToonMatic

To some, the world seems like a cartoon.  Others seem to live comic book lives.  This app can help prove the point.  It can take whatever you want to shoot, and it comes looking like it’s animated.  It also lets you add other cartoon like effects to your video or still pictures.  ToonMatic is a free app for now on iTunes.

MONDAY (1/18): Gif Keyboard

This is an extra keyboard for your iPhone that lets you find just the right Gif to enhance your messages.  It plays those animated gifs right in your messages.  There are millions to choose from to show just what it is you’re looking to say.  It works with just about all the available messaging networks and those social networks you like.  Gif Keyboard is a free app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (1/15): Red Camera

It’s another camera app, but this one lets you use some filters that give you pictures some retro type filters.  There are 50 in all that you can choose from.  Sepia tone, black and white, single color.  It’s more about the editing than anything else.  Red Camera is $3 on iTunes and Android.  It has in-app purchases as well.

THURSDAY (1/14): Sickweather

It’s the cold and flu season.  This app is a community app of users trying to figure out what are the hot zones for illness in  your city.  It’s able to put together alerts if you go into an area that has a lot of sick people.  The community watches out for everything from colds and flu to whooping cough. Any kind of disease, you’ll know about it.  Sickweather is a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (1/13): Videolicious

You’re not getting the full use of the video camera on your smartphone?  This app can help.  It’s like having a full professional TV production studio in the palm of your hand.  It can help you pull together all the elements that you would want in video.  You can incorporate and edit in music and pictures and even interviews.  It has full editing abilities.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be putting together your videos in minutes.  Videolicious, it’s a free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (1/12): Lottery Pool Boss

You put up 1 and a half billion dollars in a single lottery game, you’ll have a lot of companies that want to pool their money and spend more on the game.  It’s going on everywhere.  The one thing you want to do is make sure that everyone who is taking part is there.  And those who aren’t, aren’t.  You don’t want any lawsuits.  This app can keep all the facts and players straight.  Who’s in and who’s out and who paid.  It keeps track of everyone and names each pool game.  Lottery Pool Boss.  It’s just in time for tomorrow.  It’s free on Android.

MONDAY (1/11): Peach

Peach is a brand new messaging app.  There’s really nothing too much different than any other messaging app, except it lets you type in certain words.  They’re magic words.  Type in GIF and the Giphy app opens to help you with the perfect one.  Type in SHOUT turns on the all-caps with emojis.  Song shares your music, whatever it is you’re listening to.  Peach is a brand new free chat app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (1/8): Food Me

Who says Tinder has to have all the swiping fun?  It can have the dating world.  FoodMe is a way to order up take out with a swipe of your finger.  You set up what kind of food you want, how much you want to pay and what dish you’re looking for.  The app shows you an entire meal, with pictures, that you can order and have delivered to your door.  It shows you the whole cost, including tax and tip.  Food Me is a free app on iTunes and Android.

THURSDAY (1/7): Find & Save

This app is for serious shoppers.  Not for the faint of heart.  It’s a coupon queen’s dream.  It’s perfect for the Cash King.  This app does different things.  You get alerts about places near you where you can shop and then earn money back.  You can get weekly ads to find the best places to get cash back.  There’s also a way to put your receipts in and get money back and unlock other offers as well. The app works with more than 500 stores; like Wally World, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy and CVS.  Find & Save is a free app on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (1/6): Selfie Stick

Ok, there’s no avoiding it.  Your phone is there for you to take selfies.  You don’t have to have one of those irritating sticks.  They’re not allowed in a lot of tourist areas anyway.  This app is just what you think it is.  It’s a virtual selfie stick.  You can take selfies without stretching out your arms.  You just have to lean it against something, line up the shot you want.  You can even use the back cam to get the better shot.  The app tells you when you’re in the frame.  Tilt your head, 3 seconds later, it takes the picture.  Selfie Stick is a new free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (1/5): Soma

There are a number of chat apps.  They’ll send texts or audio messages.  Soma lets you hold free video or audio conference calls with up to 4 other people anywhere in the world at the same time.  Perfect for meetings.  You can also use the app for one on one calls, just like Facetime.  The Soma app also lets you send private text messages.  There’s also no record of those messages.  They’re deleted after 7 days if they’re not read.  Once the other person reads the message, it disappears for good as well.  It even has its own emoji keyboard, if you need them to express what you want to say.  The app is Soma.  It’s a free app on iTunes and Android

MONDAY (1/4): Great Little Place

When you go some place more than once on vacation,  you tend to NOT want to see the same places over and over.  You might want to see some little jewels that aren’t on any tourist guides.  Some little restaurant that only the locals know about.  Or a fascinating museum that is off the beaten path.  This also goes for your hometown, when out of town company is coming in.  Great Little Place is filled with just that, great little places that not everyone knows about.  It might have that little bit of charm that could make an evening.  Great Little Place City Guide is a free app on iTunes.

THURSDAY (12/31): 24me

You’re committed to your resolution this year. You’re going to get more organized. This app might just be the cog that keeps the wheels moving. It’s a personal assistant. The app coordinates and controls your notes and calendars and stuff you need to get done. It also works with Apple Watch. The app also can generate a list of your tasks. It can sync up all the different online calendars that you have spread out your tasks to. 24me is a free app on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (12/30): Yarn

Chat and Messages are getting more and more complex.  Used to be just words.  Then shortened words.  Then initials.  Bring on Emojis.  Now, there’s Yarn.  It lets you enhance your Facebook messages with video clips from famous movies and TV shows.  It’s searchable by words and phrases or even lyrics to find the right short video.  Yarn is a free app on iTunes and Android.  Right now, it only works on Facebook Messenger, but it will expand outward.

TUESDAY (12/29): Service

This is a new app that can help you with one of the most frustrating facts of life.  Dealing with customer service of any kind.  If nothing else, it’s nice to have someone ELSE handling the complaints.  You don’t have to spend all that time on hold just waiting for that company to just ignore you.  You fill out the contact form in a minute, and the Service takes over.  Service, it’s a free app.

MONDAY (12/28): Basket Savings

Say you’re not committed to one particular brand of grocery store and you don’t have a lot of stuff to get. This app lets you put in your shopping list to see which stores have the products at the cheapest prices. It’s a kind of Waze of grocery shopping as people will share the prices they see at the stores with the best prices. Basket Savings is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (12/18): Speak Emoji

This could be one of the sillier apps on your iPhone, but then again, you might use it all the time.  It’s a voice to emoji translator.  Emojis are the language that a lot of teens are speaking in all the time on their text messages or social media posts.  Just talk into the app and the words are translated into emoji characters.  Speak Emoji.  A free silly app on iTunes and Android

THURSDAY (12/17): Force Block

This is an app that you put on your Chrome browser.  It can keep those evil doers from the Dark Side from ruining the Force Awakens before you get a chance to see it. This is a short term solution, provided you use Chrome to do your web surfing.  Force Block will stop any spoilers from showing up on your screen until you are ready to see them.  It looks for several key phrases that will cause it to block the content behind the post.  It also has the ability to unblock something, if you find out the app is too good at what it does.   Force Block. Know that you can live your life without having the film spoiled for you.

WEDNESDAY (12/16): Translate Voice PRO

Bet you didn’t know that you can speak more than 30 languages.  The only thing you need is this app and a smartphone.  You talk into it and it translates what you say into any of 33 different languages.  It can also handle it when someone speaks a foreign language into your system.  It’s a free app for now on iTunes

TUESDAY (12/15): Find Eat Drink

Yes, there are a bajillion restaurant apps. So why should you download Find. Eat.Drink.? Well, unlike the majority of those apps, Find. Eat. Drink. is actually curated by people who know a thing or two. Instead of angry customers who didn’t get the extra bacon they asked for, Find. Eat. Drink. is run by chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers. It’s  free on itunes.

THURSDAY (12/10): Redy Gym Log

Get a jump-start on your New Years’ resolution. Redy Gym Log is a workout tracker that you can customize. You can keeps records of your workouts, add notes and even share your progress online. It’s called Redy Gym Log and you can find it on Android. Redy Gym Log is free but offers in-app purchases. Find it on Android.

WEDNESDAY (12/9): Sleep Talk Recorder

Yes, yes, I know. You don’t snore.  You don’t talk in your sleep.   Yes, you do.  Lots of people do.  Aren’t you curious what it is you’re saying when you’re out like a light?  Plug your phone in, set up the app.  It turns on when it hears you start to yap in your sleep.  You can share it if you dare.  Sleep Talk Recorder is 99 cents on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (12/8): Acapella

This is the app that’s blazing through your kids’ schools right now.  It gives you the chance to make videos like Pentatonix.  You pick a layout, choose a tune that you just have to make.  Sing all the parts and then share the videos.  It has a metronome built in, so you can keep the time.  Acapella, sing the parts and all of a sudden, you’re in a boy band.  Or a girl band.  It’s free for now on iTunes and Android.  It has in app purchases.

MONDAY (12/7): Paribus

Anyone that has the Walmart app knows that you can get money back if you buy something there, and if it goes on sale, you get the difference.  Now more stores are doing this.  This is an app that’s keeps that kind of information flowing.  It works with all kinds of different stores. You don’t have to worry about staking your claim to the discounted price.  The app does it for you.  You sign in with your email.  The app watches what you buy and how much you paid.  Then it keeps watching to see if it drops.  Then you can grab the difference.  Paribus is a free app on iTunes.

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