KRLD App Of The Day


MONDAY (7/6): Twicer

When you shoot video, sometimes you’ll add your own soundtrack to the video shoot and it really doesn’t add anything to someone else’s enjoyment of what you shot.. This app lets you put a vocal soundtrack to your videos after the fact. After you get the chance to collect your thoughts and put them into a more cohesive unit. Just like you see with TV reporters when they add their vocal tracks to their video news stories, you can do the same thing with this one. It’s Twicer, a way to add commentary to the videos you shoot. It’s free on iTunes and on Android.

FRIDAY (7/3): Real Fireworks Artwork 4 in 1

Just in time for the Fourth of July, you don’t have to wait for that one day a year to see and hear real fireworks. Or as close as you can get with an app on your phone or tablet. Real Fireworks Artwork simulates the best you can see in fireworks. It doesn’t do much more than that, but then again, it doesn’t need to.

THURSDAY (7/2): Keep and Eye

An app I want to tell you about today is called Keep an Eye. This is a perfect app to keep your paranoia down to a reasonable level when you’re at work. It’s able to keep an eye out to make sure none of the nosy Nellies touches your computer when you step away from your desk for lunch or even to catch a cup of coffee. The only thing you have to do is download the app. Type a special website on your computer. Point your phone at the QR code it generates. That’s it. Now step away. It’ll tell you instantly if someone moves the mouse, punches a key, turns off your computer or physically picks it up. What you do after that is up to you, the app Keep an Eye is on iTunes and Android. Enjoy your lunch.

WEDNESDAY (7/1): Switch

You might compare this to Tinder, only you’re not looking for your special someone. You’re looking for your next special employer. This one stays on the DL, never know if the boss might sneak a peek over your shoulder. You put up a profile, you put in your resume that is blocked if your employer happens to have the same app. When a prospective employer likes what you have in a limited fashion, you get to swipe right and get in touch with each other about an opening. Switch, the job search app is free on iTunes.

TUESDAY (6/30): Fat Wallet

It’s an online shopping app that gives a little somethin’ somethin’ back to you, kinda like a Discover card. Fat Wallet has deals with more than 16 hundred stores all over the country. Yes, that includes the big names, too. It has all kinds of reward and coupons and deals. You might get 15 percent off something and 10 percent back. That’s how it works. It’s Fat Wallet. A free app on iTunes.

MONDAY (6/29): Disney GIF

I love everything Disney animation. Now you can put Disney in the middle of your text messages or your Facebook messages. It breaks down your mood and you can have multiple GIF’s attached to your messages. It also can break it down between Disney, PIXAR or even Star Wars. There are hundreds of these animated GIFs in this free app. It’s Disney GIF, and it’s free on iTunes

FRIDAY (6/26): React Mobile

This is a personal safety app. If you’re in trouble, and you can’t call 9-1-1, this app lets you let your friends and family know that you’re in trouble with the touch of a button. It has a feature called “Follow Me”, that sends your location so they can do just that, follow you. It also works with a little device that you can buy for $60. It’s called the React Sidekick. It can connect to your phone through Bluetooth if you’re in trouble and can’t reach your phone. React Mobile is a free app on iTunes, Android and Amazon.

THURSDAY (6/25): Mona

Nobody needs a personal shopper.  But it’s nice to have one.  Especially when you don’t have to pay for it.  Mona is your personal shopper when you want something, but you don’t want to pay full price for it.  Former Amazon workers put this one together. This app checks out all the sites that you tell it to when you want or need something and you’re looking for deals.  Mona is able to look at just about every shopping website that you can think of and some you can’t.  Mona puts them together in a list.  She also puts a top 20 list of things you want.  It’s Mona, it’s brand new on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (6/24): Binder

What’s the opposite of Tinder, the dating app? Kinder, the breakup app. IF you’re looking for love with Tinder, this app is a way to tell that person, you’re just not into them any more. It begins with a swipe to the right, then you provide Binder with the contact information. Binder will text that person AND call to do the deed that you can’t seem to yourself. It’s less than two weeks old now. It’s Binder, the breakup app. It’s free on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (6/23): Phraseboard Keyboard

We tend to say a lot of the same things, especially when we’re talking to friends or family. You might have a phrase or words that you use all the time. Only you might understand them. Or you’re answering the same questions, such as I’m coming home right now. Do you need anything when I’m out? Or call me now. Are you hungry? This app takes your favorite phrases and puts them together in one spot, so you can just click on them and the messenger prints it out for you on the screen. Useful for family, friends or even work. Phraseboard keyboard is normally $3, but it’s free right now on iTunes.