KRLD App Of The Day



THURSDAY (11/20): Slated

This might be an app to lead the way toward one language. Or at least get us all understanding each other without a language barrier. Slated actually translates what you’re saying to someone right then and there. It can speak 80 different languages right now. Say you want to talk who speaks Japanese or Spanish. You type it, it translates it while you’re typing. And you can then read what your friend is saying, if that friend only speaks French or another language. It works in just about every messaging app.

WEDNESDAY (11/19): Shopular

We’re right in the beginning of the shopping season. We’re looking for whatever bargains we can find. This app has a dual purpose. It can help you with finding deals for Black Friday. It’s also a coupon site that can give you discounts all year long. Coupons are updated every single day. And they’re for the big name stores like Costco, Starbucks, Old Navy and Best Buy. Plus weekly ads with coupons for Walmart and Target.

TUESDAY (11/18): Black Friday Shopping | DealNews

By special request, we’re looking at a few apps for Black Friday. Never too early to start looking for deals on whatever you want to buy, maybe get a head start on Black Friday. Venture Media Labs has one called Black Friday Shopping. It goes through all the ads from the big retailers to show you what to expect. It’s clearinghouse for the sales. You can also find something similar on the Deal News app. Again, it checks all the big retailers. You will be set with either app and you’ll have your master plan, you’ll know where to go and what’s the best deal.

MONDAY (11/17): PetMatch

f you’re looking for a new family member. It’s like a dating sites for dogs or cats. Do you have an image in your mind about what your ideal pet would look like? If you have a photo, you can use it in the app and it does the rest. The app uses facial recognition software. It finds pets near where you live that you can adopt right away. Then it can help you connect with the adoption agency.

FRIDAY (11/14): Living Earth

This is an app for you to see a 3D simulation of the planet where we live. It can map out different kinds of cloud patterns. When there’s a superstorm, a hurricane, you can see what it looks like. Weather fans can see maps and forecasts for thousands of cities. You can even turn the app the other way out to space. See stars and constellations. Oh, it’s also an alarm clock with whatever music you wish.

THURSDAY (11/13): StarMap 3D

The movie Interstellar showcases our interest in exploring the galaxy and the final frontier. This app can help you in your search for knowledge. It’s a portable atlas for the stars. You can use your phone’s compass and the gyroscope to find different planets, satellites and star clusters. It also can find things closer to home in our own Earth’s orbit, like artificial satellites. That includes the space station.

WEDNESDAY (11/12): Lyve App

People take a lot of pictures on different devices. It’s kinda hard to keep up to date with all of them. Those devices don’t always speak to each other either. Lyve is able to pull these together, organize them and put them together in a central place. Remember Picasa? Similar to that. Lyve does it automatically, too. The Lyve App is free on every platform, including Windows and the Mac OS, too.

TUESDAY (11/11): Swype

Anyone who has an Android phone knows how cool it is to be able to SWIPE your finger along the keyboard to be able to type out words. No more individual hunt and peck necessary. SWYPE is now available for the iPhone. It supports 21 languages. You can even change the keyboard into other versions, if you don’t like the whole QWERTY thing.

MONDAY (11/10): Brushstrokes

This app is for the art lover that you might not even know that you are. It is able to take your photos and turn into works of art, paintings in all kinds of styles. It’s sort of a high fancy form of Instagram editing, but it’s turning them into artwork. You can then show off your skills in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Brushstroke isn’t free yet. It runs about 3 bucks on iTunes.

FRIDAY (11/7): Microsoft Office

Nope, I’m not kidding. Microsoft just released an Office app for the iPad and iPhone. People have been waiting for this one for awhile. Now it has the added bonus that the basic stuff most people would do, is free. That’s Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. These are the real deals. You can create, view and edit documents. It will look the same when you look at them on a PC as you do on the iPad. It also works with Dropbox to share. The Word and PowerPoint apps are free for the basic on iTunes. Or you can upgrade with an Office 365 subscription.