KRLD App Of The Day


WEDNESDAY (8/24): World Scan Pro

You can use your iPhone or iPad as a professional scanner.  It turns them into PDF’s.  It detects the edges and takes away shadows.  Then it adjusts the brightness and rotation so you get just the right shot for your documents.  It can fast scan multiple documents and get them all done in one shot.  It can also create PDF’s as well.  World Scan Pro.  It’s the be-all, end-all for iPhone scanners.  It’s free for now on iTunes.  3 bucks on Android

TUESDAY (8/23): Got It Homework Help

It’s early in the school year and you might not be dealing with the hard problems yet.  This app is there for you when you need it.  Got It has experts on hand to help you.  Now, they’re not going to do the homework for you.  Don’t bother snapping a picture of every problem. They want to nudge you in the right direction.  Take a picture of the math problem or physics issue or chemistry conundrum and send it in.  You get matched up with someone that can help guide you.  They have dozens of advisors  It’s a 10 minute training session.  They help you get unstuck.  Got It Homework Help is a free app on iTunes and Android

MONDAY (8/22): My Homework

It’s the start of the new school year.  So now’s the time to get good habits started with the homework that your kids will bring home this year.  This app can help keep track of your kids’ classes and assignments.  You can get homework reminders and get all the information from the teachers that are part of the app.  My Homework is a free app on iTunes and Android, and it has in-app purchases.

FRIDAY (8/19): Dallas Cowboys Official App

It comes with live videos and video on demand. It has all kinds of real time stats that pop up during the games, it also helps you keep track of the Cowboys on your fantasy football team as well.  You can see a complete list of Cowboys social media posts in one section.  The Dallas Cowboys official app is on all the platforms and it’s free.

THURSDAY (8/18):  Private Ninja Cam

This app is a kinda sneaky way to shoot a picture or take a video and make it look like you’re just surfing on the net.   It has a preview window that appears on the webpage and you can see what you’re shooting, but to others it just looks like an ordinary page.  It lets you shoot video, start and stop.  Private Ninja Cam is a free app for now.

WEDNESDAY (8/17): Duo

Google just got into the middle of the video chat wars, right next to Skype and Facetime.  Duo is a video chat app that lets you call anyone that has a cellphone with a video connection, if they have the app as well.  You can start your call with a tap of the icon, but you should be ready from the moment you hit it. The person you’re calling will see your face from that moment, not just when you answer the call.  Other apps just show your cover photo, then they get to see you.  Duo is a new free app on all the platforms

TUESDAY (8/16): Craves

This is a shopping app for just the right outfit, or pieces that you see that you want.  But you don’t want to pay a lot for them.  Craves helps you by finding what the celebs are wearing, but at a non-celebrity price tag.  You can also keep an eye on what your favorite designers or brands are doing.  You can just upload a photo of what you’re looking for.  Craves hunts for the best deals at the big retailers.  It’ll even tell you when the thing you want is on sale.  Craves is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (8/15): Grabr

There are different ways to shop. You can go to Amazon or one of the big box stores.  What if there’s something you want in some far off country and Amazon doesn’t have it.  Have someone grab it for you.  Grabr lets you request it from a person that’s going to that country.  That person can pick it up and safely deliver it to you.  You pay for the item, you set up a reward for the person that brought it back.  You might even get different people that are willing to help.  You get to choose.  You can also use the app to be on the other side and pick up something from where you’re going and get paid.  Grabr is a free app on iTunes

FRIDAY (8/12): Go Vision for Pokemon Go

You know how quickly these specialized Pokemon Go apps can disappear.  Grab this one while you can.  Go Vision is an alert system.  When others find a particularly tough Pokemon, they can post where they found it and you can go looking there too.  Since they can come and go, you’ll know when the Pokemon appeared and where.  You can keep track of which Pokemon you find and put a pin in it.  It also keeps track of Pokestops and gyms where you can battle it out.

Go Vision for Pokemon Go is a free app for now on iTunes.

THURSDAY (8/11): Sphere

Social media can be a pain on your smartphone or tablet.  Facebook is on the third page, Twitter’s on the second, Instagram swipe to 6 and don’t get me started where Pinterest is.  Sphere lets you have all your social media pages on one app.  It has all of them in one place.  Sphere carries apps for 20 different social media sites. All the biggies, plus AOL and Dropbox and some you may have heard of.  Sphere is a free app for now on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (8/10): Gipper

This app comes out just in time for high school football season.  Or volleyball season or any other school season.  This app is a video sharing app for parents to show off their kids to the world.  It lets you share sports highlights with grandma on the other side of the country, or anyone else on the web.  It’s good for seeking out highlights that others have posted.  You can comment and Like them.  It works with any high school or any sport.  Gipper even has a slo-mo feature.  Gipper is a free app on iTunes. Android’s coming soon.

TUESDAY (8/9): Passmaster 1 Password Manager

These are sprouting up everywhere.  It’s a smart thing to do to have a password manager to keep control of your passwords and have them all in one secure place.  It’s protected by a single password that only you know.  It can keep your passwords safe and secure and encrypted.  PassMaster #1 Password Manager is a free app for now on iTunes

MONDAY (8/8): Tunemoji

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to express yourself with smiley or frowny animated faces. Sometimes, an “emoji” won’t cut it.  You can express your thoughts with a tune.  They’re basically musical moji.  Someone tells you that they’re upset with you for something you didn’t do.  Tell them to Let It Go.  Or hit ‘em in the text with a Taylor Swift.  Or a Rihanna. Tunemoji is a free app on iTunes.

FRIDAY (8/5): Disney Mix

This is from the minds at Disney, so you know it’s geared toward kids and the family.  There aren’t any shortage of chat apps.  They’re almost everywhere.  This one is geared to the youngest chatters.  Disney Mix is for more than just chatting. Kids can play games together.  They can make share stickers with each other and create their own avatar to ID themselves.  This is a kids’ app.  It’s Disney Mix.  A new free app on iTunes and Android

THURSDAY (8/4): Artisto

We talked about Prisma before for editing photos.  Now, you can do the same thing to your videos with this app.  This new app lets you put Instagram type photos onto your videos.  Clear them up, make them brighter.  One filter can make your video look like animation.  Maybe you want a more artsy feel to them.  This app is fast.  It only takes a couple of seconds.  It’s called Artisto, a video editing app.  It’s free on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (8/3): Cinemute

How embarrassing is it when you’re at the movies and you forgot to silence your cellphone.  You don’t need all those people shh’ing you and throwing popcorn at your head.  Cinemute will automatically put your phone on mute when you’re at the theatre.  It somehow knows what theatres are near you and when you go in one, it automatically puts your phone on silent.  When you leave the building, your phone comes back on.  It even asks if you enjoyed the movie.  Cinemute is 99 cents on Android.

TUESDAY (8/2) PokeFit

A Pokémon Go Fitness Tracker.  This app goes right alongside your game of Pokemon Go.  You fire up the game and you get a dashboard in the upper left hand corner of Pokémon Go.  It shows you how many calories you burn, the distance you’re walking and how much it’s affecting your phone’s battery.  Or you can turn on the app on its own and see the rest of the statistics that it’s watching out for.  Step count, maps, how much data you’ve used up hunting for those monsters.

MONDAY (8/1): NBC Olympics

Zika fears, threats, unhealthy conditions.  They’re all sub-stories.  The 2016 Olympics starts this week in Rio.  This is the official app to stay in touch with everything that deals with the 2016 Games.  It has live streaming schedules, real time results and a complete coverage package of every member of Team USA.  It enhances the TV coverage with a 2nd screen companion feature to the Games when you watch on TV.  NBC Olympics is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (7/30): Prisma

An app I want to tell you about today is called Prisma. This is a new app for your photo library. You can keep your pictures as photos. Perhaps, you have a more artistic think in mind. This app can turn your pictures into something that looks like a professional artist painted it instead. It has different styles that you can try out. Think of it as a Snapchat filter with an artsy style to it. 30 styles. Prisma is a free app on iTunes and on Android.

THURSDAY (7/29): Microsoft Pix

This may end up as one of the best picture taking apps in the App Store.  It’s definitely one of the easiest picture apps.  This one is brand new.  It just came out yesterday.  When you shoot a shot with Pix, it will actually shoot a mini burst, like a short video.  The app combines the best of the pictures and edits 3 of them together into the best possible shot.  You can even keep the short video section.  It also lets you shoot video.  Be the first on your block, Microsoft Fix is a free app on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (7/28): Where To Go

This is a great app for you when you travel, especially if you’re in an area where you don’t know where anything is.  The app uses your GPS to tell you what’s near you.  It tells you where to go.  Spin the wheel.  It’ll show you restaurants.  It even breaks down the kind of food that you might want.  More than 500 presets in 12 different categories, like grocery stores, and transportation, health and medical and education.  Where To Go is a free app for now on iTunes

TUESDAY (7/26): Hopper

This is a travel app that does more than just give advice.  It can actually help to save you money on your travel.  This app watches over the costs of flights that you’re interested in and it will let you know when the prices are just the right time to buy. It will tell you the second you should make your reservations and bust out the credit card.  It also shows you when the prices are about to rise.  Hopper is rated one of the most life changing apps of the year.  It’s a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (7/25): Go Go Maps

Let’s face it.  You gotta catch ‘em all on your Pokémon Go. And you might just need some help doing that.  This app can help you with some things.  It’s a complete map that shows you where the Pokestops and Gyms are in your area.  It uses information from other Pokémon players to help you guide your way.  You can then add to it.  Go Go Maps.  It’s a free app on iTunes

FRIDAY (7/22): 1Blocker

You might not want pop up ads getting in the way of your looking through websites.  1Blocker is one of the top ad blocking apps on the market.  It comes with 38 thousand blockers to start and you can make changes as you wish.  You can even let some websites show you their ads, if you’re feeling magnanimous.  You just flip a switch and you’re surfing ad-free.  And faster because you don’t have to wait for the ads.   1Blocker is a free app on iTunes.  It has in app purchases.

THURSDAY (7/21): Swiftmoji

People love their emoji and this one will fill your screen with them.  It’s an emoji predictor to find just the right little emoticon for the thoughts or words that you’re putting out there.  You type in something, a word… a phrase… Swiftmoji starts digging through all those emojis to find the right one to punctuate what you want to say.  Swiftmoji is a brand new app, it just came out yesterday and it’s free on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (7/20): Like That Decor

You see something at the furniture store and you don’t like the super high price tag for it.  This app lets you do some comparison shopping at online sites and competing stores.  Take a picture of what you want.  Like That Décor searches through thousands of different store catalogs to find exactly what you’re looking for, everything from Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen to Ashley or Crate and Barrel.

TUESDAY (7/19): Poke Radar

This might be the app that saves you and your family from the endless hunt for Pokémon Go.  It’s the second most popular app in the App Store right now.  It’s an assistant that helps you find all the different Pokémon that you’re missing from your Pokédex.  It takes a village so you get help from other Pokémon Go players to help you locate them.  Need a Pikachu?  It’s there.  You can also contribute to the cause by uploading where you find the hard to find.  Poké Radar.  It’s a free app on iTunes.

MONDAY (7/18): Darby

You might have seen some of your friends using Facebook Live to show video of what they’re doing now.  Same thing for Periscope or even the ill-fated Meerkat.  Remember that one?  Darby takes it to a more specialized focus.  This app is one that lets you follow How To makers as they stream their specialties.  It could be crafters, or party planners, gardeners, beauty experts.  This is a brand new app. Ask questions of the experts.  It’s Darby.  A free DIY app on iTune

FRIDAY (7/15) Scanner & Translator

These apps are amazing. You take any document or page. Put your camera on it. It automatically translates that sign or instruction into a foreign language.  This one is able to translate into 90 different language.  Once you get the translation, you can have the app read it to you.  It recognizes 70 different languages as well, so you can see what that sign says in another lingo.  Scanner and Translator is a free app for now on iTunes


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