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KRLD App Of The Day


WEDNESDAY (8/19): Nudge

Fitness tracking apps are some of the hottest apps on the market. People love keeping track of their fitness through iPhone apps and fitness trackers like the Fitbit. Nudge is a single app that can put all those under one umbrella. It gathers up all the data so you can check out how healthy you’re living. It’s new, it’s free.

TUESDAY (8/18): Ignore No More

This app has made the news lately, so it has to be here. A Texas mom came up with this one to stay one step ahead of her own kids. This app gives YOU the parents a little control over your kids smartphones. If you find they’re ignoring you when you call or text them, you can lock their phones so they can’t use them at all until you’re ready to unlock them. Your kid can’t take it off their phones, yet. If they manage to, parents get an e-mail to tell them. This app does NOT get in the way if they need to call an ICE contact or 9-1-1. They have to call you to get unlocked.

MONDAY (8/17): Fast Customer

Customer service has been in a spotlight lately especially with what happened to customers with Comcast.  Fast customer is an app that help you negotiate those companies that like to use phone trees. How many times can you say “agent”?  It manages to get through the prompts.  Then it’ll ring your phone as soon as a human gets on the line to help you.   You can go about your business and let the app deal with the frustration.

FRIDAY: Hanx Writer

This is kinda spectacular. Tom Hanks came up with this one. It’s brand new. He’s a nut for old typewriters, collects them. This app turns your onscreen keyboard into an old fashioned typewriter, complete with the sounds and feels of an old fashioned typewriter. Talk about confusing the kids. They won’t know what to do with the arm on the left to move the page up. The Hanx writer from Tom Hanks is free. The classic one is there, and you can spend your money to buy other typewriters.

WEDNESDAY (8/13): Peel

No one said you have to have just one remote for your cable or satellite box. This app turns your phone or tablet into one as well. The app has been around on Android for awhile, but it’s back on iTunes now as well. It can control your Direct TV or Dish Network boxes through your home Wi-Fi. Peel also shows you a guide of what’s on at the current time and can help you search for your favorite type of programs. Peel also lets you control the DVR attached to the box.

TUESDAY (8/12): Stumble Upon

Sometimes you need some help to find just the right place to look on the Internet. It’s such a vast place. You just put in what interests you and you can find all kinds of websites and pictures and videos. It’s there to find the best of the web for what you like. Stumble Upon is a free app.

MONDAY (8/11): Starmaker

Now you can turn yourself into a music star and shoot your own music videos. Plus, if you couldn’t hold a tune in a shopping cart, you can also Auto-Tune your singing. You get a selection of dozens of songs that you can sing along to. It even lets you shoot your own music videos while you’re at it. It’s a karaoke with Auto-Tune and video wrapped up in one StarMaker: Sing + Video + Auto-Tune is free on iTunes and Android,

FRIDAY (8/8): Night Cam – Low Light Photo Camera

Have you tried to take pictures in low light or at night and they come out all grainy? The camera in the iPhone or iPad just isn’t all that great at them unless it gets some help. It has an interface that allows you to get long exposure time and help you catch clear images in low light. As the app says in the App store, it just works. Night Cam – Low Light Photo Camera is free right now on iTunes.

THURSDAY (8/7): AppZapp Pro

People love discovering new applications to put on their smartphones or tablets. This app is kind of a clearing house for the latest apps and updates to other popular apps that you might already have on your device. It has more than 2 million users that recommend different kinds of them. It helps dissect ¾ of a million apps in all. It also can show you when apps have drops in their price tags. App Zapp Pro is free on iTunes and Android

WEDNESDAY (8/6): HT Professional Recorder

Sometimes, you need to have a recorder of some kind to get all the details out of that company meeting or maybe a lecture or class. This recorder lets you record anything from a large lecture hall to an intimate setting. It lets you edit once you’re done, too. You can also multi-task on your iPad or iPhone while it continues to record. HT Recorder.


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