KRLD App Of The Day


THURSDAY (7/30): Angry Birds 2

The Birds have had a dozen different games since the original Angry Birds 6 years ago. The original has had almost a billion downloads. They’ve been in space, in different seasons, in sports games, Transformers, Star Wars twice, and racers. Today’s the day for the official sequel. It has new powers for the birds, but the basics are the same. The pigs have stolen the eggs and the birds are really ticked off. It’s Angry Birds 2 and it’s brand new today on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (7/29): Better Fonts Pro

Ever noticed that you get one font on your phone for your text messages or anything else. Kinda dull. This app lets you do what you can with your PC. Change up fonts into something a little more interesting. You can use the app to write upside down, or write in emojis. There are 115 different fonts to choose from. And it works on just about anything where you would write messages. Facebook, Twitter, text messages, Instagram, pretty much anywhere. Your friends will want to know where you got it. You tell them it’s Better Fonts Pro and you got it free for now on iTunes

TUESDAY (7/28): Tindog

People have tried Match and Tinder and lots of other dating apps to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Let’s just add one more to the mix. It’s called Tindog. It’s just what it sounds like, a Tinder app for dogs, and their people. The whole thing is laid out like a way for your dog to find another special dog or someone to play with at the dog park, but if you happen to meet someone that’s compatible with you. Well, that’s all the better. And you know that the other person loves dogs, too. BONUS. You don’t sign up for the app. You sign up your dog. Name, age, gender breed. It already has more than a hundred thousand people and dogs swiping right and left. Join in. It’s Tindog, a Tinder for dogs. It’s free on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (7/27): Phone Doctor Plus

This is an app for anyone who wants to have more control over what their phone is doing, or at least think they do. It works through 27 different functions of your phone to show you how everything is working. Is it running up to specs? It can predict how long your battery will last and help you extend the life of your battery. It runs tests on the microphone, speaker and earphones to make sure it’s all up to snuff. Phone Doctor Plus. It’s free right now on iTunes. >

FRIDAY (7/24): Jet

This is a brand new online shopping service. They’re looking to take on Amazon head to head. It’s kind of like a Sam’s Club of online shopping. You have to pay 50 dollars a year, but you do get some great deals. Prices that even less expensive than Amazon. It says you can save upwards of 20 percent on what you buy. You get more savings when you buy more than one thing and fill your shopping cart with more stuff. There are even more ways, such as opting out of returning some things. You know you want them, so do that and keep them. Jet is brand new and it’s on iTunes and Android

THURSDAY (7/23): Spark Camera

It’s an app that lets you create HD videos wherever you want to. It’s also an easy editing software built right in. All you have to do. Hold your finger on the screen when you want to record, take it off when you want to stop. Do it again, make another clip. The vids can run about 45 seconds. You can then edit them together, add music from your music library and make the finishing touches. It records 720P video. Spark Camera is on special right now. Free on iTunes

WEDNESDAY (7/22): Blush No More

Sometimes, it takes a little icebreaker to get a conversation going in a public setting. You can only sit around and talk about the weather for so long. This app is one of those that provides you with questions that can start a conversation, or you could even it into some kind of game. The app breaks down the types of questions depending on what situation you’re in. It could be a party at the job or with clients. Maybe dinner party conversation. The app even gives you a chance to read others’ body language to see if they’re even interested in the topics. You might say, “if you could make up any company policy, what would it be?” Blush No More is a free app on iTunes and Android.

TUESDAY (7/21): Facetune

We are a selfie lovin’ society, so why not embrace that to put your best face forward. Facetune lets you do some edits on your selfies. As the app says, makes you look your Hollywood best. You don’t have to spend hundreds on Photoshop. Facetune corrects all the flaws that show up on your shots. Facetune is on special for $0.99 cents now on iTunes and $4 on Android.

MONDAY (7/20): Brickshots

Really, is there anything better than Lego? Anyone can take a selfie on their smartphone and show it off. Put it on Facebook. This app can help you turn that selfie into a Lego work of art. It’s still very new, which means not too many people have it and you can be the first one on your block to. Brickshots takes your pictures and converts them into Lego art. It gives you exactly what you need to build your own you out of Legos. What colors you need, how many bricks. It gives you the brick by brick call of building your Lego photo. Brickshots is a free app on iTunes and Android.

FRIDAY (7/17): Flipagram

This is another of those apps that you might be learning about today, but your kids know all about it. Flipagram lets you make video stories out of your photos and your music. All you have to do is grab up whatever you have in your camera roll, or your Instagram, Facebook. Then you can add all kinds of filters and wipes and text. You can also narrate your tale. Flipagram has a huge social community as well with celebs. It’s Flipagram. It’s free on iTunes, Android and Windows Phone.

THURSDAY (7/16): Tadaa SLR

We don’t need to buy cameras any longer because the cameras in our phones are convenient and they take really sharp pictures when we’re on vacation or at home. But, some people are still stuck in the mindset that an SLR is the way to go. Hello, best of both worlds. This app lets you shoot just like you would with an SLR. Take the picture then work the focus and it’s finished. Tadaa SLR is free right now on iTunes.