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KRLD App Of The Day


FRIDAY (4/24): My Idol

This might be the hottest app ever where most people have to fish around, because they can’t understand the directions. It’s an app from a Chinese developer and the instructions are in Chinese. What it does is, it turns your selfie into a cartoon. The instructions are pretty easy to get through with a little experimentation. OR you can go through a website to help you.

The app maker insists there’s a full English language version coming. You might want to jump on this one though. The American version is called My Idol. It’s free on iTunes.

THURSDAY (4/23): Facetune

If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, maybe it’s good enough for the rest. People are going to take selfies. They’re going to put them through the Instagram filters or other filters to make sure they look the best they can be. Facetune can do a Photoshop to your face and you don’t have to spend hundreds on Photoshop. Some swipes here, a touchup there. You can have that perfect skin you might not have. Your teeth and eyes can be whiter and brighter. You can have that soft focus that all the Hollywood biggies get. It’s Facetune, $4 on iTunes and Android.

WEDNESDAY (4/22): Clear

We hear stories all the time about how people lose jobs because they said something or did something stupid on social media years ago, or last week. This app is brand new. It can help you clear your past of all your stupid posts, maybe some photos you wished you never posted. This is still in Beta right now. When it’s ready it says it will look at your social media, flag some posts that might be questionable and let you decide if you want them gone. Clear is a free app on iTunes.

TUESDAY (4/21): None

This is a brand new game is making a lot of the players crazy. The problem is: No one seems to know what it’s about. It’s a riddle game that gives you almost no instructions at all. What you get? A black screen and a keyboard. The first question: What is None? It doesn’t tell you what you’re going for. It does have 50 levels before you finish. It’s None. A mystery riddle game on iTunes, Android, and Windows Phone.

MONDAY (4/20): Hooks

You can’t always keep track of everything you want to keep up with. Sometimes, you just need some help and updates brought to you, instead of constantly searching for them. Hooks sends you notifications for just about everything you are interested in. It has more than 100 different things to choose from. Sports scores, concerts, weather, movies, instant messages. You can set up your own alerts as well. It’s Hooks, Alerts for Everything and it’s free on iTunes.

FRIDAY (4/17): Google Handwriting Input

Just because you have a smartphone, that doesn’t mean you should forget your writing roots. The pen. This app can take your handwriting or printing and turn it into words that you would see if you typed it on a keyboard. You can use a stylus or your finger to draw the words on the screen. It even lets you draw and see if it can turn your drawing into Emojis. Tablet or Android phone, it works. It’s Google Handwriting Input. A free app on Android.

WEDNESDAY (4/15): Lyve

It’s one of the most frustrating things about dealing with iCloud. Your 5 gig can get eaten alive by saving all your photos and videos so you can see them on any of your devices. Lyve is a free service. It takes all your photos from all your devices and puts them all together. That means you can look at everything you took in one location. It has all the editing tools you expect in a photo app. It also can organize your pictures across platforms. A little iOS here, a little Android there, maybe a hint of Amazon. The app is Lyve. It’s free on all the platforms.

TUESDAY (4/14): Pulse Point

This is what you might call an app to save lives. It has one purpose, to let you use what you learned in your CPR training class at the push of a button. IF you are trained in it, the app will alert you when there’s someone close to you who is need of CPR, and the ambulance is further away than you are. When you’re having a heart attack, seconds can make the difference. Most people that trained in CPR say they would help a stranger at the drop of a hat. IT also tells you where the nearest defibrillator is. Pulse Point. It’s a free app on iTunes and on Android.

MONDAY (4/13): Flynx

There’s one thing that be frustrating about working on your smartphone or tablet. It’s really inconvenient or difficult to multitask. Switching screens isn’t that easy. It’s also tough when you want to have more than one window open to the Internet. Flynx might be for you. This is an Android app, no iTunes yet on it. The app will let you load up what pages you want in the background while you move onto another page. Then it’s really easy to switch between pages thanks to the icons at the top of the screen. The app also lets you save the pages to read later if you want to read them offline. It’s Flynx and it’s a free app on Android.

FRIDAY (4/10): Mophie Space

What this does is reorganize your filing cabinet on your phone. It’s part of a combo pack from Mophie. It takes your files; your photos, videos, music and puts them into different collections. It makes them easier to find and easier to get to. It also lets you send those files to your PC or Mac without the necessity of connecting your phone or iPad to the computer. You don’t have to sync it. If you’re getting to where you don’t have any room, now you can have an external drive connected to it. That’s the Mophie Space Pack. It’s $150 and gives you an extra 128 GB to store more stuff. Mophie Space. The app is free.

THURSDAY (4/9): Kumu Wellness

This is a fitness app that actually sets you up with a personal trainer to work with you. They call it a Wellness Coach. You get to stay in contact with that coach as you work through your goals. There’s text messages, send pictures. You can even set up monthly video chats with your coach. The app also has different kinds of activity monitors to help you keep up with what you want to accomplish. It’s the personal service that makes this one different. The app is free. There is a $20 monthly charge for the service. It’s on iTunes.

WEDNESDAY (4/8): Roadside America

A lot of people miss out on what America has to offer when they fly somewhere for their vacation. The one way to see the country and really see the country: Road trip. This app lets you see all the quirky and interesting highlights that you would miss if you’re more interested in the destination. We’re talking world’s biggest ball of twine or a funeral museum. That type stuff. It has 10 thousand different attractions all over the US and Canada. The app will help you plan your trip. Roadside America is $2.99, but you can get everything for $6. It’s on iTunes

TUESDAY (4/7): Gas Guru

It is a frustrating thing, especially when you’re in an area that you don’t know real well. You’re looking for the best deal on the price of a gallon of gas. Right when you fill up, turn the corner and there it is even cheaper. Some stations can be 10, 15, 20 cents more expensive in the same area. Gas Guru lets you make the comparison between pump prices on an easy to read map. It’ll tell you the last time a station changed its prices and a lot more. This is an app from the Yellow Pages. Gas Guru is a free app on iTunes and Android.

MONDAY (4/6): Vapor Chat

This messaging app gives you total control over what you’re saying and what someone else sees. When you use the app to send out text or pictures, you can wipe it from your phone and their phone with the swipe of a finger. You can also set each picture or message to self destruct if you choose. Free on iTunes and soon on Android.

FRIDAY (4/3): Camoji

When a simple Emoji just isn’t good enough for what you want to say. Now you can say it with an actual Camera Emoji. The app lets you use the camera on your phone to shoot a two second video and you turn it into a Gif file. Then you can send that to any of your friends on Facebook Messenger. You can actually speed up your camoji or slow it down. You can put it through filters, too. It’s Camoji. It’s free on iTunes. There are in-app purchases too.