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  1. lil dove says:

    I have been eating in and out since 1957 when I was just a kid. This was at the Baldwin Park location. Which is a icon of a place .At the age of five I could eat two cheese burgers and frys and yet manage a shake too. Now I ‘m in love with grilled cheese animal style w/ extra cheese. Your food a has always been tops with me. I thank you for all those great burgers. and excellent service too There will never be a another like you guys.

    1. jonathan says:

      I grew up in Baldwin Park. I think we moved there in about 1949. That was the place to be in high school with your car washed and waxed. I went away and came back to find them everywhere. I think the second was in La Puente. The fries are tops. I like CarlsJr gualcamole burger better tho, sorry.

    2. jonathan says:

      East Dutch Street. Class of 62

  2. glenda says:

    Please put one in Greenville, Tx. The entire county shops in Greenville. They were the best place to eat in Ca.

  3. barbie c. says:

    hi my n name is barbie
    was born in los angles ca
    love in out the best food ever
    please put one in denton or lewisville

    1. j says:

      so move back to L.A if you want one. What was your reason for moving out here in the first place? I welcome all of the old traditional mom and pop operations, cowboy and saloon culture, farming, ranching etc, etc. NOT CVS, Starbucks, and now In n Out? We left southern california to escape this exact reason. Good thing we are way out in the North East Texas area.

      1. Niel J says:

        Note to Texans, don’t fear In-N-Out Burger. That’s a fine California export (good burgers). If Cali starts shippin’ you their politicians, you’d have plenty to fear.

      2. whatnow? says:

        why is everyone griping at everyone about where they come from? why would you ask someone why they moved to texas? you moved here. i have lived in texas my whole life and if anyone wants to come here for whatever reason i say welcome all. Why is about being from certain states? Whatever happened to being one nation? Be proud to be an american among other americans. Damn, grow up!

  4. Rel Woh says:

    So they sell hamburgers, big deal!

    1. big dog says:

      be happy.. they create JOBS you idiots

      1. Merele says:

        Yeah, really good minimum wage jobs slinging grease. That may qualify as a career in Socal, but in Texas we expect a little more, you idiot. Rightbackatcha!

      2. jim from mckinney says:

        Merele.. its 10.25 an hour. not minimum wage. All texas is is stubborn ignorance with a one sided view of the world.
        Get over yourselves.. your not special.
        bless your heart, and rightbakatcha

      3. 5hours says:

        Create jobs for who? Illegal aliens that take their paychecks, cash them, stuff most of it into an envelope and send it back to Mexico, Guatemala or El Salvador?

        It’s another burger place – who cares. As far as I’m concerned, Whataburger is far superior to any other franchise that has made its way into Texas from other states.

      4. dwayne says:

        yea for mexicans. i have’nt been too one of these in-out burgar joints but i be willing to bet anybody if an when i do get to a in an out burgar joint, the first person i see is a wet/back

      5. Cotton Barney says:

        Dwayne, we finally got into the In ‘n Out Burger in Allen at about midnight several weekends ago. We wanted to see what the hype was about. At that time of the night, our wait in the drive-through was only 5 cars ahead of us!

        I can assure you, we will go back at our earliest convenience. The food was extremely good and very moderately priced. The people working there did not “appear” to be illegal. They were very, very pleasant and had smiles on their faces and in their voices.

  5. BigTex says:

    lol fattys that love fast food if you took 20 mins to make your own hamburger you wouldnt go to one of these places again

  6. J says:

    OH Great!! Thanks a lot southern california for following us out here. Just think, we left liberal California to escape everything that has that southern california image. Yes, even In n out, and I ate it every other day. Please do not bring any more southern california lifestyle’s to Texas. I actually thought Texas was going to have absolutly no CVS, starbucks, etc. either. Boy was I let down, but not disappointed. We would never go back to San Diego. Infested with liberalism and transplants from out of state that think they can get away with anything!

    1. Martha My Dear says:

      I hate to break it to you, but to native Texans you’re part of the problem, Kemosabe. IH-10 runs both ways. Adios.

  7. T says:


  8. Crisis says:

    To The Manager At In& Out By Greenville I Need To Put 2 Son’s Out There To Work When Will The Application Be Out To Apply??I Might Want Toget A Job Myself There Also Even If It’s Part Time Jobs Now are Hard To Find !!

  9. Jane says:

    When I moved to TX 10 years ago, I loved the fact that it was so different than the midwestern town I left. I loved Whataburger and Taco Cabana, precisely because they were Texas and we didn’t have them back home. It saddens me to think that so many newcomers want to change Texas into what they left, rather than embrace the people, culture and businesses that make us what we are. If we let this happen, Texas will not be Texas any more.

    1. 5hours says:

      Jane, that is mainly in the big metro areas like Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and Houston. Texas is a HUGE state with countless small counties and small towns that have been left untouched. Don’t despair! there is still plenty of ‘Texas’ left in Texas.

    2. Joseph says:

      Jane are you saying also that you wish that chains based in Texas never had spread to other parts of the country ,, companies such as , Whole Foods, J.C. Pennys, 7-Eleven, Neiman Marcus, Rent A Center, The Men’s Wearhouse to name just a few.

    3. yousodumb says:

      thats the dumbest thing i have ever read in my life. seriously its just a resteraunt! get over yourself, nothing in texas is changing..sheesh..

  10. jimbo says:

    Texas sucks balls

    1. freeta goodholm says:

      Jimbo’s nickname is Texas.

  11. Bry says:

    Make sure you request WELL DONE! The last one I had in L.A. was RAW!

  12. Crisis says:

    getting Paid @ 10.25 an hr is not bad I’m still trying to here from in & out burger I Apply for & still have not heard anything yet lol & I’m one that got caught up in the Economy Sept.2008 lol

    1. dwayne says:


      1. crisis says:

        At Dwayne What Does This Have Todo Wt One >>>> YOU SEE ONE MEXICAN YOU AN THE REST OF AMERICANS CAN FORGET WORKING THERE CAUSE THAY ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE AN IF THEY DO, THEY’LL GET THE CUSIN TO TAKE THAT PLACE. THIS IS HAPPENING ALL OVER TEXAS AN WE ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN. ( So You Tell Me What Makes You Think Am A Mexican As To Conclued This I’m An American & What Does This Job Has Todo Wt Races Since You Are Putting It Out There Dwayne Who Are You To Judge & The Fact Of One Person As Your Self Can Speak Of Among One Self Because Of You Mention>>>> ONE MEXICAN YOU AN THE REST OF AMERICANS CAN FORGET WORKING THERE ( Do Actually Have Any Sense)?? It’ All Draw Down To Your Background History Not Your Race!! So If Your Hired You Get Hired & If You Don’t Oh Well Better Luck Next Time Go Happy!!

  13. Michael T says:

    I always crave a burger and fries after several hours of doing the old “in and out’.

  14. Brandon says:

    california sucks, texas sucks, blah blah blah. did anyone notice that in n out sucks too? if you don’t like it don’t go there . problem solved. you are welcome.

  15. janellley says:

    texans calm down and stop hating if anything we are upgrading this state!!!

    1. Bry says:

      In and Out is upgrading the state of Texas??? LOL, Whataburger is Texas grown but you don’t see them in California. I have had both. In and Out was NOT all that great, it was raw but had a good concept, that’s all. I prefer quality over a dog and pony show.

      1. courtney says:

        haha feel free to keep your hippies bs their movin down south cause y’all are broke out their in cali lmao NO ONE WILL EVER TOP WHATABURGER IN TEXAS

  16. Randall Stephens says:

    I try to find LOCALLY owned businesses to fill my needs first of all. It keeps the dollars in our own city and state.

  17. Steffie says:

    Yeah! Finally!! I was living in Santa Maria Ca. and really miss one of the greatest burgers I had ever had.
    Welcome to Texas In –N-Out Burgers!!!

  18. Jim Anderson says:

    Right off the bat, Wendys and Braums are better than IN-N-OUT , any day.
    The absolute worst fries I ever had are the IN-N-OUT fries. They must be made from some kind of paste or something. The meat was pretty dry..the onions were excellent, the bun was not that great. Overall, I am ‘disappointed’.. I really was hoping they would be as good as the media was raving about. oh well.

    1. dwayne says:

      jim your hemmorroids was acting up that day, it was’nt the burgar, it was your BUTT?

  19. Harold says:

    Anybody who has ever even been thru Cali knows FATBURGER is by far the best burger!!!!!! For all you uninformed idiots running your necks about low wage mexicans taking the jobs, I’m from Phoenix where we had our first in/out 6+ years ago and now have several and they opened in generally well off neighborhoods with opening paying more than $2 usually closer to $3 above minimum wage where plenty mostly all of young anglos doned that gay hat not mexicans. I don’t want the mexican encrouching, but AMERICA get it right and get your own hustle up, not your HATE mexicans come here and clean up because we have left so much meat fall off the table. Get in where you fit in……that’s all the mexican has done, Americans who hate just get ran over!! I’m a PROUD AMERICAN!!

  20. TBornman says:

    The reason why it is called In-N-Out is goes it goes In-N-Out. I complete believe they allowed them in Texas. Now I dont know what to expect when I come home. Still much rather eat at Whataburger, Tommy’s burger, or Pops on 183 in Fort Worth(now that the best burger; thats coming from someone who travels the world)

  21. Whiteknight says:

    Just what the world needed, another choke and puke heart destroying garbage joint.

  22. STARR says:

    People remember freedom of speech. So what if people like In-N-Out Burger, more power to them. If you don’t like them, keep your comments to yourself. The water doesn’t flow the same for everyone. Be nice. If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all. For you Mexican haters, Mexicans are the ones that clean up after you. Remember, what goes around comes around, so stop hating…..You all have a very nice day. By the way, I am also proud to be an American but without your kind of hate!

  23. yousodumb says:

    anyways you’re not even a real Texan so what are you worried about?!?

  24. adolf eiccman says:

    I am a sixth generation Texan who lives in Calafornia for business and i am here to report that inn and out is good but whataburger is better. Also they have a secret menu…order things animal style…google it!

    1. Charles says:

      I have never seen an In N out, but for me, Whataburger is terrible. Bland. Nearly all of the standard hamburger joints no longer make a good burger. Hardees in the south is very good. But now I am in Texas, I have not found a burger place that makes me really want to go back.

  25. WD says:

    We will happily take your burgers but you can keep your MoonBat Liberal politics out West
    in your morally&financially bankrupt state.

  26. bkomah says:

    one coming to rockwall tx its going up now

    1. Cotton Barney says:

      I am really happy to hear that!! They will get some of my business!

  27. NowYouKnow says:

    So what makes them so good? Seared on a super hot flat top or open flame? Luke warm or fire hot? Grilled bun or cold bun? Thick melted american cheese or cold cheese whiz? What’s the deal? Like Steak ‘N Shake, Smash Burger, Five Guys or something gloppy weird? Tell us — if you know anything.

  28. Mike Merryman says:

    For a real old-style burger, try ordering them with ketchup and extra grilled onion only with the lettuce and tomato and dressing on the side. You get a really hot burger and a nice salad on the side to go with it.

    And ask for one of the
    IN n OUT
    bumpers stickers!!!

  29. pelon says:

    need one in san antonio texas

  30. John says:

    In-N-Out is OVER RATED!!! Burger Street and Whatabuger is much better!!!!! For reall!!!

  31. COURTNEY says:


  32. Thomas says:

    Sorry my fellow Texans, but Whataburger is NOT that good. In-N-Out is much better.

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