Gavin & Chris

A G-Bag Throwdown: Gavin vs Mickey

Mickey Spagnola joins the G-Bag Nation everyday to talk Cowboys, but Monday was special. When the topic of a possible Jason Hatcher extension came up, the gloves came off.


Grandma Bacsik’s Thanksgiving Turkey Dressing

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side? Mine is dressing, but not cornbread dressing or white bread dressing. The best dressing you’ll ever eat is my Grandma’s.


Why Cowboys Offense Is Offensive: Romo Is Old

I think it’s very possible that the consistent action of defending Romo against unrealistic criticism for close to a decade has conditioned his supporters to now not be able to evaluate the possibility that this is a time for realistic criticism.


Bacsik & Cavanaugh’s Pre-Show Antics

Most radio professionals sit quietly, preparing for their show to begin. That’s not G-Bag’s style.


Cavanaugh Rocks The Air Drums

New School’s Troy Hughes peered in and captured Jeff Cavanaugh banging out some air drums during the G-Bag Nation opening theme song.


Is This The Reason The Ratliff Reality Stinks?

When it is all over we may very well have a legal opinion and settlement that defines who was in the right, who was in the wrong and to what extent. But this is what I believe is the real reason things went crazy.


VIDEO: Mike Bacsik Does Zumba

Mike Bacsik shows off his Zumba skills. Watch the video here!


G-Bag Nation Tailgate Tour: Cowboys Pregame Rally Song

The G-Bag Nation hit the tailgate scene at AT&T Stadium prior to Sunday night’s game with the Redskins. One Cowboys diehard threw down this lyrical gem.


Why UT’s Brown Will Coach Beyond This Year, Regardless Of Red River Result

Every other program that takes itself seriously as a national power would have fired Brown by now. Most observers at this point feel like it’s one if not two years past due.


Love Him Or Hate Him, It’s Time To Find Romo’s Replacement

This isn’t a “get Romo out of town” blog. I’m a Romo fan. But this is the year to draft Tony Romo’s eventual replacement as the Cowboys QB.


ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 08: Quarterback Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys calls out while in the huddle in the first half against the New York Giants on September 8, 2013 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Cowboys Defense Is Only A Part Of The Problem, Romo Is The Rest

After blogging and debating the merits of Tony Romo’s fourth quarter stats on 105.3 The Fan with many of you today, I was interested in testing my theory further.


Romo Has Great 4th Qtr Stats, Doesn’t Make Him ‘Clutch’

His stats are amazing but the results aren’t. How can both things be true? It’s my theory that he caves under pressure, and I decided to look at every 4th quarter from the 8-8 2012 season to test it.