Weekends On The Fan

Mavs Completely Different This Time Around

Fast-forward two years later, it seems as though Cuban and Donnie Nelson have overthought every move they’ve made and the product has suffered because of it.


Five Things You Will See At UFC 156

Frankie Edgar is going to lose his 3rd straight title fight. I just don’t see how Edgar is going to be able to match Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo’s speed.


UFC’s Daniel Cormier Not Taking Opponent Lightly

Daniel Cormier is not taking his opponent lightly in Saturday night’s final Strikeforce fight card in Oklahoma City, even if few insiders know very little about him.


3 Reasons Mayo Might Spoil

Sure he’s had back-to-back 30 point nights before, back in his rookie season, the one he referred to as “the good year,” he did it.


Upset Because I’m Not Upset About Cowboys

This quite possibly could be the saddest thing I’ve said in my 31-years of Cowboys fandom, I’ve gotten used to coping with these kinds of losses.


UFC’s Jones & Sonnen To Meet In One Of Biggest All-Time Fights

What Jon Jones had no interest in doing this past Labor Day weekend will become a reality for him next April, and the build up to it will play out in front of a national television audience.


Cowboys: A Failure Of Leadership

By now, Cowboys fans are probably sick of the prognosticators, former coaches, players, talk show hosts and analysts calling the team dumb after the way they ended in Baltimore.


Bonnar A Historic Underdog In UFC 153 Main Event Vs. Silva

Bonnar will take on UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, and he will do it in Silva’s back yard.


UFC 153: Anderson Silva Is The Best Ever

Anderson Silva is everything that you want a fighter to be. He is a well-rounded fighter with a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu to go with the best stand up in all of MMA.


Why There Is No Joy In Texasville

We should be happy we were in first place in the AL West for 178 days this year. We should be happy our team had four straight winning seasons for the first time ever in franchise history.


The Break Up Continues, And Other Wild Stuff

I brought the Josh Hamilton break up theory to light before the season began, in fact immediately after the Sherlock’s incident, and let me rewind to show how close to right I have been.


Jon Jones Returns To UFC After Month Long Controversy

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has had a rough month.