100 Degrees

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100 Degree Heat Almost Here for DFW

We have come close to 100 degrees officially at DFW the past few days, but have yet to get there. ┬áThat changes tomorrow. But this year is the slowest start to our 100 degree weather […]


The hot noonday sun shines through power lines. (credit: Gerard Burkhart/AFP/Getty Images)

Possible Triple-Digit Heat In The North Texas Forecast

There’s a chance North Texas could see its first dose of triple-digit heat this year. According to the CBS 11 Storm Team, a summertime high pressure ridge will build over the Metroplex this week, bringing highs up to 100-degrees.


The sun shines over towers carrying electical lines. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

100 Degree Streak Could End Today

We might not reach 100 degrees in DFW today. But it will still be hot and miserable.



Midwest Heat Wave Expected To Persist

The high temperatures gripping much of the Midwest are nearly certain to persist through the week, and will soon spread to the East Coast.