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(Photos: Lego Americana Road Show, JD Ryan)

The Lego Americana Road Show

This Memorial Day weekend a very special Americana Road show opens in Frisco. JD Ryan is Around Town with a co-host named Austin for this story

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Photo courtesy VisitEnnis.org and National Polka Festival

National Polka Festival

The sounds of polka music and the smell of Kolaches will be flowing in Ennis this weekend. JD Ryan is Around Town with a Polka preview!


EOT MishMash

Mish Mash Machine

Matt Thomas speaks with Mario Latham, video game developer and CEO of Mish Mash Machine of Frisco, Texas.


Perot - Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley 3D

Thunderstorms are in the forecast the rest of this week. If you love this time of year because of the bumpy skies, JD Ryan is Around Town with a storm chasers dream.


Mainstay Farm

Mainstay Farm

If you’re looking for a place to take the family and just unplug from the city for a day…JD Ryan is Around Town with an easy day trip that will bring out the country boy or girl in you.


(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

‘Hololens’ Fills Your Room With Holograms

If Microsoft is able to pull this off and make it work for everyone, our lives will change with this. It’s called Hololens and it could make your computer fill your room with holograms.



Your Teen Can Win $5,000 From All State

Calling all teens (ages 16-19) the Allstate Insurance Company wants to hear your ideas for making the roads safer. Allstate is bringing safe driving awareness to Dallas teens by hosting a Teen Safe Driving Video Contest that calls for teens to create a compelling 60-second video that promotes safe driving habits!




KRLD’s Matt Thomas speaks with Christina Carlisle of NTEC, a business accelerator for startups that is located in Frisco.


Image Courtesy Badgers BBQ

Badgers BBQ

Barbeque is of course a Texas tradition. JD Ryan is Around Town at a North Texas Barbeque spot with a new tradition of taking care of the heroes among us.


(credit: AP Graphics)

App Of The Day: Pet First Aid

The Red Cross has a whole litany of apps to get your ready for any natural disaster. There’s the tornado app, emergency app, first aid and hurricane. That’s all well and good for you. But what about man’s best friend?


(credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Sesame Street: The Aveggies

Our Viral Video There’s a face of evil lurking. It’s up to the Aveggies to bring the criminal to justice.


Photo Credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

App Of The Day: My Idol

This might be the hottest app ever where most people have to fish around, because they can’t understand the directions.