Airport Security

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Private Program Lets Travelers “Fly” Through Airport Security

Some private companies and the government are now trying to make the flying process easier for qualified flyers.

CBS 11–08/14/2013

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Texas, California, Florida Sites Get Customs Program

Six locations in Texas, California and Florida are going to be taking part in a pilot program designed to reduce the time people have to wait while entering the country by having the sponsoring organization help pay the costs of additional border officers.


Knives, scissors and other banned items recovered at airport security checkpoints by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are shown. (credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Feds Delay Policy To Allow Small Knives On Planes

A new policy allowing passengers to carry small knives on planes was put on hold by federal officials on Monday.


A man uses an iris recognition scanner. (credit: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Iris Scan = Shorter Wait In Airport Security Line

It sounds like something out of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, but if you’re willing to pay a fee and get your iris scanned, you can jump to the front of the security line at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


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CBS 11 Investigation Leads To New TSA Legislation

One of the most powerful senators in the country is taking action after watching a CBS 11 investigation.


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What You Won’t Be Taking In Your Airport Carryon Bag

Pies… yes, snow globes… no. As you, or someone you know, prepare to head out for the holiday you should know a few of the little known rules concerning what you can take on an airplane with you and what you should leave at home.


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TSA To Expand Testing For Swift Airport Security Checks

The TSA plans to expand a test program that pre-screens some travelers who volunteer extra information about themselves in exchange for swifter trips through airport security.


A TSA agent waits for passengers to pass through a magnetometer at Los Angeles International Airport on November 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

DFW Airport Testing Low-Hassle Security Checks

The long lines, taking off your shoes and body scans – they’re all necessary hassles of airport security. Now, the future of flying could allow travelers to skip that process and head straight to the gate.


DFW International Airport Terminal E

TV Show’s Truck Causes Scare At DFW Airport

Security at DFW Airport shut down a terminal for about an hour Sunday and briefly detained a stuntman who left a truck containing an automatic weapon, a pistol and pyrotechnic equipment unattended, airport spokesman David Magana said.


Several American Airlines MD-80 aircrafts at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. (credit: Rick Gershon/Getty Images)

AA Flight Canceled After “Security Event” At DFW Airport

An American Airlines flight bound for Washington D.C. from DFW Airport was canceled Wednesday before ever leaving the ground. It happened after a “security event” occurred and two men were removed from the plane.


A woman is checked by a full body scanner at the airport. (credit: Getty Images/Fabian Bimmer/AFP)

No More Body Image Details With TSA Screenings

Security screeners at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will no longer see full body image outlines when passengers go through scanning machines.


A TSA agent waits for passengers to pass through a magnetometer at Los Angeles International Airport on November 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

Gov’t To Test Risk-Based Airport Screening At DFW

The TSA will test a program to pre-screen a small group of select air travelers, including some at DFW Int’l Airport, who volunteer more personal information about themselves so they can be vetted to get faster screening at airport checkpoints.