Movie Audiences Flock To "Angry Birds""The Angry Birds Movie" soared to $39 million in its debut weekend, knocking "Captain America: Civil War" off its first-place perch, while new adult comedies "Neighbors 2" and the "The Nice Guys" struggled to get their footing.
Viral Video: Longform Trailer For New Angry Birds MovieThis movie trailer is for a film that will likely be extremely silly. But it looks like it’s going to be fun. It’s the longform trailer for the new Angry Birds movie.
"The Angry Birds Movie" TrailerThe game might be a bit passé, but people still seem to be jazzed for "The Angry Birds Movie." It tells the origin of Red and why he's always so upset. It also shows when the birds met the pigs for the first time.
"Angry Birds" Movie TrailerRovio is the company behind Angry Birds. Every single version of it. Now, it’s making a film about those birds with a short temper.
Viral Video: What Is Angry Birds Go?Can't get enough Angry Birds? There's a teaser out for the newest Angry Birds game, and it might resemble another staple video game from your past.
Looking For Angry BirdsOutside of California, there is no greater market for video game development than Texas -- and the market in north Texas is hefty.
Wylie ISD Encourages Students To Use PhonesCell phones are banned from many classrooms, but a North Texas school district is not only welcoming the high-tech tool, they are encouraging students to use them during instruction.
Facebook's Top 25 Games From 2012Games can be both a welcome and an annoying diversion on Facebook, the world's most popular online social network.
"Angry Birds: Star Wars" Launching November 8"Angry Birds" and "Star Wars" are on a gaming collision course that is sure to please the fans on both sides. Rovio and Lucasfilm announced Monday that "Angry Birds: Star Wars" will launch worldwide on November 8.
Company Offers Chance To Fund Your App/Technology IdeaThink you’ve got an idea for the next best app? A North Texas business is willing to help you make it a reality. And who knows -- you just might strike it big.
New Game Launches "Angry Birds" Into SpaceThe mobile game "Angry Birds" has been downloaded 700 million times in about two years. Now, birds and pigs are heading into zero gravity.
New Game Launches "Angry Birds" Into Space"Angry Birds" is blasting into space! The popular mobile game is launching "Angry Birds Space," the fourth installment of the series, on March 22.