August Skamenca

It's August

No, it’s not quite August on the calendar just yet, but that’s not what this is about. Please allow me one final note about this past week’s trip to New Orleans:   I simply would not […]


Eye on the Gulf: Live Coverage Coming From New Orleans (Audio)

On tonight’s show, I revealed we’ll be taking the Nightly News Roundup to New Orleans next week as the crisis in the gulf reaches Day 100.  CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca joined me to talk […]


Texas Border Community Fearful of Drug War Violence (Audio)

CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca traveled to Zapata County, Texas, where Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez has said he fears for his own life as the violence on the south side of the Rio Grande intensifies.  Audio […]


Tonight at 7pm: Obama Pushes Immigration Reform, This is the Day "Pre-Existing" Becomes Meaningless, and more…

A huge day for huge stories and we’ll once again delve into as many as possible during my two hours with you on the radio. At 7:05: President Obama’s outline for immigration reform.   So far, […]


Tonight at 7pm: Welcome to the Oily Hurricane Season, More Stimulus?, and more…

There are some huge stories in the headlines today and we’ll go in-depth on as many of them as possible tonight.  I’ll be adding to the agenda throughout the afternoon, but some of the big […]


Report from South Texas Ahead of Alex (Audio)

CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca (pictured) checked in from South Padre Island ahead of Tropical Storm Alex, which is expected to become a Hurricane before it makes landfall.  Listen here: – Scott Braddock