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DFW Doctor On Induction & Autism, Sleep & Diet

Dr. Crystal Foster is back with a look at the latest health headlines, including a possible link between induction and autism, and how food can help or hurt your nightly sleep.


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Stephanie’s Day Celebrates 10th Anniversary

CBS 11 and TXA 21 are proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Stephanie’s Day, a special event designed to help families of children with autism.


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Rollerblading Across America For Autism

Brian Patrick is a man on a mission to raise awareness for autism, one mile at a time. He is rollerblading across the country to spread his message and educate others.


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Students With Autism Lead Toward STEM Majors

A study has found that students with autism chose majors in science, technology, engineering and math — the so-called STEM majors — at higher rates than students without the condition.


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Texans With Character: Emma’s House

Emma’s House in Irving provides a place for teens and young adults with developmental disabilities — too old for daycare — to have fun and receive supervision.


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Study Links Increased Autism Risk With Air Pollution

Whether you’re in Dallas or Fort Worth, you’ve seen the haze. It’s worse in the summer and more noticeable when you’re looking at downtown buildings — but the dirty air may be more than an eyesore.



TTYM: Stephen A. Smith Said What?? And People Like Mike Vick

Stephen, Please! ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith came under fire Thursday for using a racial slur on Thursday’s edition of First Take.  The comment happened during a discussion of whether or not Kobe Bryant will play in […]


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Parents Win Insurance Fight For Autistic Son

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Hayden Neuman is talking, laughing and being a 7 year old. It’s far from where he was more than three years ago. “He was literally speechless,” says his mother Melissa Neuman […]


A 4-year-old autistic boy undergoing intensive therapy. (credit: Getty Images/David Silverman/Newsmakers)

UNT Opens Special Autism Center

The University of North Texas in Denton is opening the doors to a new facility aimed at helping families overcome the challenges associated with autism.


A 4-year-old autistic boy undergoing intensive therapy. (credit: Getty Images/David Silverman/Newsmakers)

Study Links Autism To Father’s Age

A new report in a medical journal says that it is the age of the father at the time of conception, not the age of the mother, that can raise the risk of autism in a child.



Autism Research Needs Teeth

The U.T. Health Science Center is asking for help in better understanding what causes autism.


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Online Survey Offers Quick Autism Diagnosis

When you suspect that your child might have autism, getting answers as fast as possible can be crucial. Now, there may be a way to unlock the mystery in just minutes.