Baby Boomers

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Jobs Report: Retiring Baby Boomers Entering Job Market

The Baby Boomer population will increase dramatically over the next 25 years, which means more retirees will be joining the job market.



Methodist Dallas Hosting Free Event For Baby Boomers

Coming up on Saturday, June 20, Methodist Dallas Medical Center is hosting a free, interactive event to teach Baby Boomers fun ways to live a healthy lifestyle.



Elderly Citizens Are Calling The Streets Home

As the baby boom generation ages we can expect the number of elderly homeless people on the streets to rise.

CBS 11–04/15/2015

An Intensive Care Unit patient is comforted by her daughter. (credit: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Trustees Say Medicare Exhausted In 2026

The government says Medicare’s giant hospital trust will not be exhausted until 2026, while the date that Social Security will exhaust its trust fund is unchanged at 2033.


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DFW Doctor Talks Offices, Baby Boomers, TV

Dr. Crystal Foster talks about some of the latest medical headlines including a new study about germs in the workplace, the overall health of Baby Boomers, and why men shouldn’t watch television.


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Tips For Saving Money On Summer Vacation

Even though it’s only March, it is definitely not too early to start thinking about (and saving for) that big summer vacation.


Information on Alzheimers deaths. (credit: Alzheimer’s Association)

Husband Suffering From Alzheimer’s, Wife Reflects On The Disease

Every 69 seconds another patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.


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Plano Considers Paramedic ‘House Call’ Program

Emergency officials in Plano are starting to rethink the way they operate their 911 services and the chief believes the answer could be paramedics who make ‘house calls’.


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Families Urge Action As U.S. Drafts Alzheimer’s Plan

Dementia is poised to skyrocket as the baby boomers age — and it’s a budget-busting disease for Medicare, Medicaid and families. Now the Obama administration is developing the first National Alzheimer’s Plan.


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Baby Boomers Will Be Spending Billions To Counter Aging

Baby boomers heading into retirement age are providing a 70 million-member strong market for companies, entrepreneurs and cosmetic surgeons eager to capitalize on their “forever young” mindset.