Concern Over Stings As Supply Of Allergy Shots DropThe company that draws venom from the insects to make the allergy shots closed it's plant due to contamination problems.
Thousands Of Honeybees Move Into Dallas Omni HotelThe roof of the Omni has just become home to swarms of rescued honeybees.
K&C And The Killer BeeWe were on our way home when suddenly a bee started buzzing in the back window!
A Busy Summer For Those In The Bee BusinessIt’s been a busy summer for those in the bee business. The owner of Bee Safe Bee & Wasp Removal said, “This is a year that we've had more business than we've had in our last 20 years.”
Agitated Bee Hive Roars To Life, Thousands Swarm, Kill PetBehind a well-kept home in South Fort Worth, danger had been lurking for more than a decade — and the family never knew.